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The First Doctor - From a painting by Anneke Wills

First Doctor

William Hartnell

ST12From EternityShort Story
ST3The Longest Story in the WorldShort Story
ST6The ExilesShort Story
CC38Quinnis2 episodes
ST9Bide-A-WeeShort Story
ST18The GiftShort Story
ST20Childhood LivingShort Story
ST23Life from LifelessnessShort Story
ST24Indian SummerShort Story
DWMUrrozdineeShort Story
DWMEchoes of Future PastShort Story
ST26Losing the AudienceShort Story
ST27The Price of ConvictionShort Story
A66The Sons of the CrabShort Story
A66The Lost OnesShort Story
A66The Monsters from EarthShort Story
A66The Lair of the Zarbi SupremoShort Story
TEL01Time and RelativeNovella
ST6AshShort Story
DWMOperation ProteusComic
1100,000 BC4 episodes
DWMPlaytimeShort Story
2The Daleks7 episodes
3Inside the Spaceship2 episodes
4Marco Polo7 episodes
MA12The Sorcerer's ApprenticeNovel
ST21The Ruins of TimeShort Story
ST25Tell Me You Love MeShort Story
5The Keys of Marinus6 episodes
6The Aztecs4 episodes
ST19The Mother RoadShort Story
ST23Room for ImprovementShort Story
7The Sensorites6 episodes
CC15The Transit of Venus2 episodes
8The Reign of Terror6 episodes
CC09Here There Be Monsters2 episodes
LS09aFarewell Great Macedon6 episodes
LS09bThe Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance? episodes
TITANThe Masters of LuxorScript Book
BBCP25City at World's EndNovel
ST1The Last DaysShort Story
ST3Nothing at the End of the LaneShort Story
ST6Mire and ClayShort Story
DWMWho Discovered America? Short Story
DWMRennigan's RecordShort Story
BBCP09The Witch HuntersNovel
ST9The Thief of SherwoodShort Story
ST15The Duke's FollyShort Story
9Planet of Giants3 episodes
BBCP75The Time Travellers Novel
10The Dalek Invasion of Earth6 episodes
MA03Venusian LullabyNovel
DEC1The Book of ShadowsShort Story
ST18Set in StoneShort Story
DEC2The Nine-Day-QueenShort Story
ST4The True and Indisputable Facts in the Case of the Ram's SkullShort Story
ST5A Long NightShort Story
11The Rescue2 episodes
ST2Romans CutawayShort Story
12The Romans4 episodes
BBCP66The Eleventh TigerNovel
13The Web Planet6 episodes
CC46The Rocket Men2 episodes
14The Crusade4 episodes
15The Space Museum4 episodes
MA28The PlottersNovel
ST14Every DayShort Story
16The Chase6 episodes
DWMA Religious ExperienceComic
17The Time Meddler4 episodes
DWMAre You Listening?Comic
CC01Frostfire2 episodes
CC27The Suffering4 episodes
MA16The Empire of GlassNovel
ST8Corridors of PowerShort Story
ST11The Schoolboy's StoryShort Story
18Galaxy 44 episodes
19Dalek Cutaway1 episode
ST3Planet of the BunnoidsShort Story
ST17MarsShort Story
ST23The Long Step BackwardShort Story
ST25Snowman in ManhattanShort Story
20The Myth Makers4 episodes
ST10Scribbles in ChalkShort Story
21The Daleks' Master Plan12 episodes
CC13Home Truths2 episodes
CC21The Drowned World2 episodes
CC33The Guardian of the Solar System2 episodes
ST5The Little Drummer BoyShort Story
ST6AshShort Story
ST7Katarina in the UnderworldShort Story
ST16Making HistoryShort Story
ST16Waiting for JeremyShort Story
DWMRosesShort Story

-- The events in The Five Doctors would take place here --

CC40The Perpetual Bonds2 episodes
CC44The Cold Equations2 episodes
22The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve4 episodes
23The Ark4 episodes
24The Celestial Toymaker4 episodes
25The Gunfighters4 episodes
ST264 Carlysle StreetShort Story
DEC1The Golden DoorShort Story
BBCP39Bunker SoldiersNovel
CC05Mother Russia2 episodes
CC45Tales From the Vault2 episodes
26The Savages4 episodes
MA19The Man in the Velvet MaskNovel
DEC3Tarnished ImageShort Story
ST1There are Fairies at the Bottom of the GardenShort Story
ST28NtRUsioNsShort Story
27The War Machines4 episodes
ST11The Rag and Bone Man's StoryShort Story
A66Peril in MechanistriaShort Story
A66The Fishmen of KandalingaShort Story
---Doctor Who and the Invasion From SpaceNovella
TVCThe Klepton ParasitesComic
TVCThe Therovian QuestComic
TVCThe Hijackers of ThraxComic
TVCOn the Web PlanetComic
TVCThe Gyros InjusticeComic
TVCPrisoners of GritogComic
TVCChallenge of the PiperComic
TVCMoon LandingComic
TVCTime in ReverseComic
TVCPrisoners of the KleptonsComic
TVCThe Caterpillar MenComic
TVCThe Ordeals of DemeterComic
TVCEnter: The Go-RayComic
TVCShark BaitComic
TVCA Christmas StoryComic
TVCThe Didus ExpeditionComic
TVCSpace Station Z-7Comic
TVCPlague of the Black ScorpiComic
TVCThe Trodos TyrannyComic
TVCThe Secret of GeminoComic
TVCGuests of King NeptuneComic
TVCThe Gaze of the GorgonComic
TVCThe Haunted PlanetComic
TVCThe Hunters of ZeroxComic
TVCThe Underwater RobotComic
TVCDeadly VesselComic
TVCKingdom of the AnimalsComic
TVCReturn of the TrodsComic
TVCThe Galaxy GamesComic
TVCThe ExperimentersComic
A67The Cloud ExilesShort Story
A67The Sons of GrekkShort Story
A67Terror on TiroShort Story
A67Mission for DuhComic
A67The Devil Birds of CorboShort Story
A67The Plathings of FoShort Story
A67Justice of the GlaciansShort Story
A67Ten Fathom PiratesShort Story
DWMCambridge PrevisitedShort Story
28The Smugglers4 episodes
DWMFood For ThoughtComic
BBCP54Ten Little AliensNovel
ST4Five Card DrawShort Story
ST14The Feast of Seven... Eight (and Nine)Short Story
DWMThe MeetingShort Story
BBCP09The Witch Hunters (Epilogue)Novel
ST19The Three PathsShort Story
29The Tenth Planet4 episodes

Illustration by Kurt Lewis

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine
TV Comic

The Splintered Gates
Short Trips: Companions
Short Trips: Companions

Curriculum Vitae
Short Trips: Companions

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Spotlight on Marco Polo

The Second Doctor - From a painting by Anneke Wills

Second Doctor

Patrick Troughton

30The Power of the Daleks6 episodes
ST17PlutoShort Story
MA13Invasion of the Cat-PeopleNovel
BBCP02The Murder GameNovel
BBCP47Dying in the SunNovel
A68The Sour NoteShort Story
A68The Dream MastersShort Story
A68The Tests of TrefusComic
A68The Word of AsiriesShort Story
A68The Only a Matter of TimeShort Story
A68Planet of BonesShort Story
A68When Starlight Grows ColdShort Story
A68World Without NightComic
A68H.M.S. TARDISShort Story
A68The King of Golden DeathShort Story
ST18The FeastShort Story
31The Highlanders4 episodes
32The Underwater Menace4 episodes
33The Moonbase4 episodes
34The Macra Terror4 episodes
A69Freedom by FireComic
BBCP06The RoundheadsNovel
ST27The Slave WarShort Story
CC17Resistance2 episodes
CC18aThe Three Companions [Polly's Story]12 episodes
CC41The Forbidden Time2 episodes
35The Faceless Ones6 episodes
36The Evil of the Daleks7 episodes
37The Tomb of the Cybermen4 episodes
CC10The Great Space Elevator2 episodes
ST10The Age of AmbitionShort Story
ST13The Last EmperorShort Story
ST20The LostShort Story
A69Lords of the GalaxyShort Story
A69Follow the PhantomsShort Story
A69Masterminds of SpaceShort Story
A69The Celestial ToyshopShort Story
A69Valley of DragonShort Story
A69Planet of NowhereShort Story
A69Atoms InfiniteComic
A69Happy as QueegShort Story
A69World of IceShort Story
A69The Microton MenShort Story
A69Death to MuflShort Story
BBCP32Heart of TARDISNovel
38The Abominable Snowmen6 episodes
39The Ice Warriors6 episodes
BBCP14Dreams of EmpireNovel
BBCP55Combat RockNovel
ST6Face-PainterShort Story
ST7The Astronomer's ApprenticeShort Story
ST11The Farmer's StoryShort Story
ST18Saint Nicholas' BoneShort Story
ST27On a PedestalShort Story
40The Enemy of the World6 episodes
41The Web of Fear6 episodes
ST19Father FigureShort Story
DWMBringer of DarknessComic
ST25The Cutty WrenShort Story
MA26Twilight of the GodsNovel
MA32The Dark PathNovel
CC28The Emperor of Eternity2 episodes
ST12ScreamagerShort Story
42Fury from the Deep6 episodes
ST4Twin PiquesShort Story
ST18The RevolutionariesShort Story
ST23Across Silent SeasShort Story
ST25The Christmas PresenceShort Story
ST26One Step Forward, Two Steps BackShort Story
43The Wheel in Space6 episodes
CC02Fear of the Daleks2 episodes
44The Dominators5 episodes
45The Mind Robber5 episodes
46The Invasion8 episodes
ST16UndercurrentShort Story
DEC3Aliens and PredatorsShort Story
ST2uPVCShort Story
BBCP61The Colony of LiesNovel
BBCP69The Indestructible ManNovel
TEL05Foreign DevilsNovella
ST21The Avant GuardianShort Story
47The Krotons4 episodes
DWMLand of the BlindComic
ST9One Small Step...Short Story
ST26HomeworkShort Story
CC47The Memory Cheats2 episodes
48The Seeds of Death6 episodes
ST26Lepidoptery for BeginnersShort Story
DEC2Vortex of FearShort Story
BBCP24The Final SanctionNovel
ST3Please Shut the GateShort Story
ST4Constant CompanionShort Story
ST14Goodwill Towards MenShort Story
ST15That Which Went AwayShort Story
ST17MercuryShort Story
CC22The Glorious Revolution2 episodes
CC34Echoes of Grey2 episodes
CC45Tales From the Vault2 episodes
LS10aPrison in Space? episodes
49The Space Pirates6 episodes
MA10The MenagerieNovel
A70The Dragons of KekokroShort Story
A70The Singing CrystalsShort Story
A70The Vampire PlantsComic
A70The Mystery of the Marie CelesteShort Story
A70Grip of IceShort Story
A70Man FridayShort Story
A70Slaves of ShranShort Story
A70The Robot KingComic
A70Run the GauntletShort Story
A70A Thousand and One DoorsShort Story
DEC1Fallen AngelShort Story
ST16Visiting HoursShort Story
50The War Games10 episodes

Season 6B
ST1War CrimesShort Story
BBCP74World GameNovel
ST23The Time EaterShort Story

-- The events in The Two Doctors would take place here --

CC06Helicon Prime2 episodes
ST24All of BeyondShort Story
ST9That Time I Nearly Destroyed the World whilst Looking for a DressShort Story
ST1Mother's Little HelperShort Story
ST2Scientific AdviserShort Story
ST3ReunionShort Story
ST8DustShort Story
ST11The Steward's StoryShort Story
ST24GolemShort Story
ST28Blue Road DanceShort Story
TVCThe ExtortionersComic
TVCThe Trodos AmbushComic
TVCThe Doctor Strikes BackComic
TVCThe ZombiesComic
TVCMaster of the SpidersComic
TVCThe ExterminatorComic
TVCJungle AdventuresComic
TVCAttack of the DaleksComic
TVCPursued by the TrodsComic
TVCThe Monsters from the PastComic
TVCThe TARDIS WorshippersComic
TVCSpace War TwoComic
TVCEgyptian EscapadeComic
TVCThe Coming of the CybermenComic
TVCThe Faithful Rocket PackComic
TVCFlower PowerComic
TVCThe WitchesComic
TVCThe Sabre Toothed GorillasComic
TVCThe Cyber EmpireComic
TVCThe DyronsComic
TVCReturn of the WitchesComic
TVCDr. Who and the Space PiratesComic
TVCCar of the CenturyComic
TVCThe JokersComic
TVCThe Time MuseumComic
TVCThe ElectrodesComic
TVCInvasion of the QuarksComic
TVCThe Killer WaspsComic
TVCIce Cape TerrorComic
TVCJungle of DoomComic
TVCFather TimeComic
TVCMartha the Mechanical HousemaidComic
TVCThe DuellistsComic
TVCDeath RaceComic
TVCTest FlightComic
TVCEskimo JoeComic
TVCPerils at 60 FathomsComic
TVCThe ChampionComic
TVCThe EntertainerComic
TVCOperation WurlitzerComic
ST14The Man Who (Nearly) Killed ChristmasShort Story
TVCAction in ExileComic
TVCThe Mark of TerrorComic
TVCThe BrotherhoodComic
TVCThe Night Walkers Comic

Illustration by Kurt Lewis

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine
TV Comic

The Missing Adventures #18

Do You Dream in Colour?
Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas
Mondas Passing
Short Trips

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The Third Doctor - From a painting by Anneke Wills

Third Doctor

Jon Pertwee

51Spearhead from Space4 episodes
TVCThe Arkwood ExperimentsComic
TVCThe Multi-MobileComic
52Doctor Who and the Silurians7 episodes
DEC1The Straw that Broke the Camel's BackShort Story
CC07Old Soldiers2 episodes
CC29Shadow of the Past2 episodes
TVCThe Metal EatersComic
TVCThe Fishmen of CarpanthaComic
TVCAssassin From SpaceComic
TVCDoctor Who and the Rocks from VenusComic
53The Ambassadors of Death7 episodes
A71The Mind ExtractorsShort Story
A71Soldiers From ZoltaShort Story
A71The Ghouls of GrestonpeyShort Story
A71Caught in the WebShort Story
A71Invaders InvisibleShort Story
A71The Dark PlanetShort Story
A71Caverns of HorrorShort Story
A71A Universe Called FredShort Story
54Inferno7 episodes
ST4Still LivesShort Story
DEC1Prisoners of the SunShort Story
ST14First ChristmasShort Story
MA21The Eye of the GiantNovel
CC03The Blue Tooth4 episodes
MA24The Scales of InjusticeNovel
BBCP01The Devil Goblins from NeptuneNovel
TVCDoctor Who and the RobotComic
TVCTrial by FireComic
TVCThe Kingdom BuildersComic
ST18Danse MacabreShort Story
55Terror of the Autons4 episodes
A73Dark IntrudersShort Story
A73War in the AbyssShort Story
A73Hunt to the DeathShort Story
A73Doorway t0 NowhereShort Story
A73The ClawShort Story
A73Saucer of FateShort Story
A73The Phaser AliensShort Story
CC42The Sentinels of the New Dawn2 episodes
56The Mind of Evil6 episodes
BBCP63Deadly ReunionNovel
ST14Christmas TruceShort Story
57The Claws of Axos4 episodes
CC11The Doll of Death2 episodes
CC22aThe Mists of Time1 episode
ST18The Thousand Years of ChristmasShort Story
DWMChange of MindComic
58Colony in Space6 episodes
ST5The Tip of the MindShort Story
59The Dæmons5 episodes
ST1Degrees of TruthShort Story
ST1FreedomShort Story
ST15AngelShort Story
CC18The Magician's Oath2 episodes
CC35Find and Replace2 episodes
CC45Tales From the Vault2 episodes
60Day of the Daleks4 episodes
61The Curse of Peladon4 episodes
ST25The Somerton FetchShort Story
BBCP07The Face of the EnemyNovel
ST2Honest LivingShort Story
ST23SpoilsportShort Story
DWMThe Man in the Ion MaskComic
ST4The SwitchingShort Story
62The Sea Devils6 episodes
63The Mutants6 episodes
ST12The Touch of the NurazhShort Story
TVAGemini PlanComic
TVAThe Vogan SlavesComic
TVAThe Celluloid MidasComic
TVAThe Plant MasterComic
TVAThe Eternal PresentComic
TVAThe Planet of the DaleksComic
TVAA Stitch in TimeComic
TVAThe Enemy From NowhereComic
TVAThe UgrakksComic
TVARide to NowhereComic
TVAZeron InvasionComic
ST3Countdown to TV ActionShort Story
TVADeadly ChoiceComic
TVAWho is the StrangerComic
64The Time Monster6 episodes
ST16MorphologyShort Story
DEC2Where the Heart IsShort Story
A74Listen--The Stars!Short Story
A74Out of the Green MistShort Story
A74The Time ThiefComic
A74The Fathom TrapShort Story
A74Menace of the MolagsShort Story
A74Talons of TerrorShort Story
A74Old Father SaturnShort Story
A74Galactic GansterShort Story
ST25JigsawShort Story
DWMTarget PracticeComic
65The Three Doctors4 episodes
BBCP19The Wages of SinNovel
A75The House That Jack BuiltShort Story
A75Revenge of the PhantomsShort Story
A75Dead on ArrivalComic
A75Fugitive From ChanceShort Story
A75After the RevolutionComic
A75The Battle WithinShort Story
ST6Losing Track of TimeShort Story
ST8Deep StretchShort Story
66Carnival of Monsters4 episodes
BBCP56The Suns of CareshNovel
ST27Rock StarShort Story
CC48The Many Deaths of Jo Grant2 episodes
67Frontier in Space6 episodes
68Planet of the Daleks6 episodes
ST5Hidden TalentShort Story
MA09Dancing the CodeNovel
BBCP28Last of the GadereneNovel
ST20EchoesShort Story
MA27Speed of FlightNovel
ST19The Bad GuyShort Story
DEC3...And Eternity in an HourShort Story
ST11The Seismologist's Story Short Story
ST9Come Friendly Bombs...Short Story
ST13/Carpenter/Butterfly/Baronet/Short Story
ST22Hide and SeekShort Story
69The Green Death6 episodes
ST24She KnewShort Story
ST23Midnight in the Cafe of the Black MadonaShort Story
CC18aThe Three Companions [The Brigadier's Story]12 episodes
CC23The Prisoner of Peladon2 episodes
TVAThe Glen of SleepingComic
TVAThe Threat From BeneathComic
TVAkcaB to the SunComic
TVASecret of the TowerComic
TVAThe LabyrinthComic
TVAThe Spoilers Comic
TVAThe VortexComic
TVAThe Unheard VoiceComic
TVAThe Hungry PlanetComic
TVCChildren of the Evil EyeComic
TVCThe AmateurComic
TVCThe DisintegratorComic
TVCIs Anyone There?Comic
TVCSize ControlComic
TVCThe MagicianComic
TVCThe Metal EatersComic
TVCLords of the EtherComic
TVCThe WanderersComic
ST25Faithful Friends: Part 1Short Story
ST20Dream DevilsShort Story
70The Time Warrior4 episodes
TVAPerils of ParisComic
TVAWho's Who?Comic
RD3The Paradise of Death5 episodes
A75Before the LegendShort Story
A75Scorched EarthShort Story
A75The Time ThiefShort Story
71Invasion of the Dinosaurs6 episodes
ST26NumbShort Story
72Death to the Daleks4 episodes
ST17NeptuneShort Story
ST11The Dead Man's StoryShort Story
ST17SednaShort Story
RD4The Ghosts of N-Space6 episodes
73The Monster of Peladon6 episodes
ST28LinkShort Story
ST19Separation DayShort Story
ST10PrimitivesShort Story
ST6The Discourse of FliesShort Story
ST28Generation GapShort Story
BBCP52Amorality TaleNovel
BBCP71Island of DeathNovel
ST18The Lampblack WarsShort Story
ST7An Overture Too EarlyShort Story
74Planet of the Spiders6 episodes
ST20Ancient WhispersShort Story

Illustration by Kurt Lewis

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine
Countdown/TV Action
TV Comic

The Ultimate Adventure
Stage Play

Who Killed Kennedy?

The Killing Stone
Daemos Rising

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0. The Coup
1. Time Heals
2. Snake Head
3. The Longest Night
4. The Wasting

  1. Auton
  2. Auton 2: Sentinel
  3. Auton 3: Awakening

  1. The Zero Imperative
  2. The Devil of Winterborne
  3. Unnatural Selection
  4. Ghosts of Winterborne

The Fourth Doctor - From a painting by Anneke Wills

Fourth Doctor

Tom Baker

75Robot4 episodes
TVCDeath FlowerComic
76The Ark in Space4 episodes
77The Sontaran Experiment2 episodes
78Genesis of the Daleks6 episodes
MA31A Device of DeathNovel
79Revenge of the Cybermen4 episodes
ST23NanomorphosisShort Story
DWMBlack DestinyComic
ST9To Kill a Nandi BearShort Story
ST16The Last BroadcastShort Story
ST23The Dragons of PragueShort Story
A76A New LifeShort Story
A76The Hospitality on HankusShort Story
A76The Psychic JungleComic
A76The Sinister SpongeShort Story
A76Neuronic NightmareComic
A76Avast ThereShort Story
A76The MissionShort Story
A77War on AquaticaShort Story
A77Cyclone TerrorShort Story
A77Time SnatchShort Story
A77The Body SnatcherComic
A77Eye-Spiders of PergrossShort Story
A77Detour to DiamedesShort Story
A77Double TroubleShort Story
A77Menace on MetalupiterComic
A77Secret of the Bald PlanetShort Story
80Terror of the Zygons4 episodes
81Planet of Evil4 episodes
ST11The Republican's StoryShort Story
ST1RightsShort Story
ST9All Done With MirrorsShort Story
82Pyramids of Mars4 episodes
DEC1Scarab of DeathShort Story
ST14Ships That PassShort Story
DEC1The Duke of DominoesShort Story
ST12Categorical ImperativeShort Story
ST13Observer EffectShort Story
83The Android Invasion4 episodes
84The Brain of Morbius4 episodes
TVCReturn of the DaleksComic
TVCThe WreckersComic
TVCThe Emperor's SkyComic
TVCThe Sinister SeaComic
TVCWoden's WarriorComic
TVCThe Space GhostComic
TVCThe Dalek RevengeComic
TVCTreasure TrailsComic
TVCHubert's FollyComic
TVCMind SnatchComic
TVCThe HoaxersComic
TVCThe Tansbury ExperimentComic
TVCThe Mutant StrainComic
TVCDouble TroubleComic
85The Seeds of Doom6 episodes
MA11System ShockNovel
86The Masque of Mandragora4 episodes
RD1The Pescatons2 episodes
A78The Sleeping BeastShort Story
A78The Sands of TymusShort Story
A78The Rival RobotsComic
A78A New LifeShort Story
A78The TraitorComic
A78The Sea of FacesShort Story
ST8EternityShort Story
ST3The Android Maker of Calderon IVShort Story
TVCJackals of SpaceComic
DWMThe Naked FlameComic
ST1Old FlamesShort Story
87The Hand of Fear4 episodes
88The Deadly Assassin4 episodes
TEL04Ghost ShipNovella
ST18Ode to JoyShort Story
TVCThe False PlanetComic
TVCThe Fire FeedersComic
TVCKling DynastyComic
TVCThe Sky WarriorComic
BBCP22Millennium ShockNovel
DEC3UNITed We FallShort Story
ST10The Northern HeightsShort Story
ST13The Baron Wastes Short Story
ST17EarthShort Story
ST18CallahuancaShort Story
ST20Direct ActionShort Story
ST24My HeroShort Story
ST24In Case of EmergenciesShort Story
ST25The Nobility of FaithShort Story
ST26MutinyShort Story
ST28Only ConnectShort Story
89The Face of Evil4 episodes
90The Robots of Death4 episodes
BBCP15Last Man RunningNovel
BBCP27Corpse MarkerNovel
BBCP46Psi-ence FictionNovel
BBCP70Match of the DayNovel
ST2One Bad AppleShort Story
ST11The Bushranger's StoryShort Story
ST14It's a Lovely Day TomorrowShort Story
ST16The Sooner the BetterShort Story
ST18The Prodigal SunShort Story
DWMRest and Re-CreationComic
91The Talons of Weng-Chiang6 episodes
A79Famine on Planet XShort Story
A79The Planet of DustShort Story
A79Terror on TantalogusShort Story
A79The PowerComic
A79FlashbackShort Story
A79Emsone's CastleComic
A79Crocodiles in the MistShort Story
TVCThe OrbComic
TVCThe MutantsComic
TVCThe Evil's MouthComic
TVCThe Aqua-CityComic
BBCP08Eye of HeavenNovel
ST19The Very Last Picture ShowShort Story
ST26StanleyShort Story
CC08The Catalyst2 episodes
CC12Empathy Games2 episodes
92Horror of Fang Rock4 episodes
ST25Dear Grand Uncle PeterShort Story
93The Invisible Enemy4 episodes
DEC2Crimson DawnShort Story
94Image of the Fendahl4 episodes
ST7The Brain of SocratesShort Story
ST10The DestroyersShort Story
ST23The Dogs of WarShort Story
95The Sun Makers4 episodes
96Underworld4 episodes
DEC2People of the TreesShort Story
CC30The Time Vampire2 episodes
97The Invasion of Time6 episodes
HN1The Stuff of Nightmares1 episode
HN2The Dead Shoes1 episode
HN3The Circus of Doom1 episode
HN4A Sting in the Tale1 episode
HN5Hive of Horror1 episode
DQ1The Relics of Time1 episode
DQ2The Demon of Paris1 episode
DQ3A Shard of Ice1 episode
DQ4Starfall1 episode
DQ5Sepulchre1 episode
TVCThe Snow DevilsComic
TVCThe Space GardenComic
TVCThe Eerie ManorComic
TVCGuardian of the TombComic
TVCThe Image MakersComic
ST24AttachmentsShort Story
ST24Plight of the MonkrahShort Story
ST24PuppeteerShort Story
DEC3TimevaultShort Story
ST6The FearShort Story
ST26Machine TimeShort Story
98The Ribos Operation4 episodes
DWMThe Seventh SegmentComic
BBCP29Tomb of ValdemarNovel
99The Pirate Planet4 episodes
100The Stones of Blood4 episodes
MA25The Shadow of Weng-ChiangNovel
BBCP32Heart of TARDISNovel
A80X-Rani and the Ugly MutantsShort Story
A80Light FantasticShort Story
A80Terror on XaboiComic
A80Reluctant WarriorsShort Story
A80The WeaponComic
A80Return of the ElectridsShort Story
A80The Sleeping GuardiansShort Story
CC43Ferril's Folly2 episodes
CC45Tales From the Vault2 episodes
101The Androids of Tara4 episodes
ST24The Glarn StrategyShort Story
102The Power of Kroll4 episodes
103The Armageddon Factor6 episodes
ST27Good Queen, Bad Queen, I Queen, You QueenShort Story
ST15Suitors, Inc.Short Story
ST23Life from LifelessnessShort Story
CC20The Stealers From Saiph2 episodes
104Destiny of the Daleks4 episodes
ST5The Lying Old Witch in the WardrobeShort Story
ST25All Snug in Their BedsShort Story
105City of Death4 episodes
ST23The End of NowShort Story
106The Creature from the Pit4 episodes
MA06The Romance of CrimeNovel
MA20The English Way of DeathNovel
ST2Return of the Spiders Short Story
ST3Special Occasions 1Short Story
ST3Special Occasions 2Short Story
ST14The Little ThingsShort Story
ST3Special Occasions 3Short Story
ST3Special Occasions 4Short Story
ST14The Clanging Chimes of DoomShort Story
ST14Present TenseShort Story
107Nightmare of Eden4 episodes
CC04The Beautiful People4 episodes
108The Horns of Nimon4 episodes
ST1GlassShort Story
A81Colony of DeathShort Story
A81Alien Mind GamesShort Story
A81A Midsummer's NightmareShort Story
A81Every Dog Has His DayComic
A81The Voton TerrorShort Story
A81Seet Flower of UtheShort Story
ST8Doing TimeShort Story
MA33The Well-Mannered WarNovel
BBCP35Festival of DeathNovel
CC24The Pyralis Effect2 episodes
DWMThe Iron LegionComic
DWMCity of the DamnedComic
DWMK9's Finest HourComic
DWMThe Star BeastComic
DWMThe Dogs of DoomComic
DWMThe Time WitchComic
DWMDragon's ClawComic
DWMThe CollectorComic
DWMDreamers of DeathComic
DWMStarbeast IIComic
DWMThe Life BringerComic
DWMWar of the WordsComic
DWMThe DealComic
DWMEnd of the LineComic
DWMThe Freefall WarriorsComic
DWMJunkyard DemonsComic
DWMJunkyard Demons IIComic
DWMNeutron KnightsComic
ST19Into the Silent LandShort Story
ST28BreadcrumbsShort Story
109The Leisure Hive 4 episodes
ST4I Was a Monster!!!Short Story
ST20CheckpointShort Story
110Meglos4 episodes
111Full Circle4 episodes
112State of Decay4 episodes
A82ConundrumShort Story
ST8O, DarknessShort Story
CC36The Invasion of E-Space2 episodes
113Warriors' Gate4 episodes
114The Keeper of Traken4 episodes
A82Inter-Galactic CatShort Story
A82Planet of ParadiseShort Story
A82Plague WorldComic
A82Just a Small ProblemShort Story
ST6MauritzShort Story
115Logopolis4 episodes

Illustration by Kurt Lewis

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine
TV Comic

Exploration Earth
Part 3: The Time Machine

Harry Sullivan's War
The Companions of Doctor Who
The Man From DOCTO(R)
Short Trips: Companions
A Boy's Tale
Short Trips: Companions
Jealous, Possessive
Short Trips: Zodiac
Kept Safe and Sound
Short Trips: Companions

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The Mahogany Murderers
The Companion Chronicles
1.1 The Bloodless Soldier
1.2 The Bellova Devil
1.3 The Spirit Trap
1.4 The Similarity Engine
2.1 Litefoot and Sanders
2.2 The Necropolis Express
2.3 The Theatre of Dreams
2.4 The Ruthven Inheritance
3.1 Dead Men's Tales
3.2 The Man at the End of
       the Garden
3.3 Swan Song
3.4 Chronoclasm

  1. The Choice
  2. The Search

Kaldor City
Spin-off Series

Sarah Jane Smith and K-9

K-9 and Company
A Girl's Best Friend
Decalog 2: Lost Properties
The Sow in Rut
More Short Trips
Balloon Debate
Short Trips: Companions
Moving On
Decalog 3: Consequences

1.1 Comeback
1.2 The TAO Connection
1.3 Test of Nerve
1.4 Ghost Town
1.5 Mirror,Signal,Manoeuvre
2.1 Buried Secrets
2.2 Snow Blind
2.3 Fatal Consequences
2.4 Dreamland

DWSchool Reunion1 episode
01Invasion of the Bane1 episode
02Revenge of the Slitheen2 episodes
03Eye of the Gorgon2 episodes
04Warriors of Kudlak2 episodes
A01The Glittering StormAudio
A02The Thirteenth StoneAudio
05Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?2 episodes
06The Lost Boy2 episodes
DWThe Stolen Earth / Journey's End2 episodes
07The Last Sontaran2 episodes
08The Day of the Clown2 episodes
09Secrets of the Stars2 episodes
10The Mark of the Berserker2 episodes
A03The Ghost HouseAudio
A04The Time CapsuleAudio
11The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith2 episodes
12Enemy of the Bane2 episodes
S1Comic Relief Special1 episode
13Prisoner of the Judoon2 episodes
14The Mad Woman in the Attic2 episodes
15The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith2 episodes
16The Eternity Trap2 episodes
A05The White WolfAudio
A06The Shadow PeopleAudio
17Mona Lisa's Revenge2 episodes
18The Gift2 episodes
19The Nightmare Man2 episodes
20The Vault of Secrets2 episodes
21Death to the Doctor2 episodes
22The Empty Planet2 episodes
23Lost in Time2 episodes
24Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith2 episodes

The Fifth Doctor - From a painting by Anneke Wills

Fifth Doctor

Peter Davison

116Castrovalva4 episodes
ST6The Comet's TailShort Story
ST21ResonanceShort Story
MA29Cold FusionNovel
ST9The ImmortalsShort Story
117Four to Doomsday4 episodes
A83On the Planet IsopterusComic
118Kinda4 episodes
ST20First BornShort Story
119The Visitation4 episodes
BBCP26Divided LoyaltiesNovel
A82The Key of VagaShort Story
A82Planet of FearShort Story
120Black Orchid2 episodes
ST14In the TARDIS: Christmas DayShort Story
ST5Hearts of StoneShort Story
CC14The Darkening Eye2 episodes
121Earthshock4 episodes
ST19The WakeShort Story
122Time-Flight4 episodes
BBCP65Empire of DeathNovel
ST6Long TermShort Story
ST13Artificial IntelligenceShort Story
DEC2Lonely DaysShort Story
BF04Land of the Dead4 episodes
DEC3Past ReckoningShort Story
BF10Winter for the Adept4 episodes
BF15The Mutant Phase4 episodes
BF26Primeval4 episodes
ST1The Parliament of RatsShort Story
ST2The Eternity ContractShort Story
BF34Spare Parts4 episodes
ST7ConfabulaShort Story
BF44Creatures of Beauty4 episodes
ST12Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of LifeShort Story
BF66The Game6 episodes
ST15The 57thShort Story
ST17SaturnShort Story
ST18The Church of Saint SebastianShort Story
BF91Circular Time [Spring, Summer, Autumn]4 episodes
DWMThe Tides of TimeComic
DWMStars Fell on StockbridgeComic
DWMThe Stockbridge HorrorComic
DWMLunar LagoonComic
DWM4-Dimensional VistasComic
DWMThe ModeratorComic
ST23Suspension and DisbeliefShort Story
BF93Renaissance of the Daleks4 episodes
BF103aReturn to the Web Planet1 episode
ST27God Send Me Well to KeepShort Story
ST28TweakerShort Story
BF107The Haunting of Thomas Brewster4 episodes
CC18aThe Three Companions [Brewster's Story]12 episodes
BF110The Boy That Time Forgot4 episodes
BF113Time Reef3 episodes
BF113aA Perfect World1 episode
BF127Castle of Fear4 episodes
BF128The Eternal Summer4 episodes
BF129Plague of the Daleks4 episodes
BF142The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories4 episodes
123Arc of Infinity4 episodes
BF47Omega4 episodes
BBCP58Fear of the DarkNovel
DEC1Lackaday ExpressShort Story
BBCP13Zeta MajorNovel
MA22The Sands of TimeNovel
A83Danger Down BelowShort Story
A83The God MachineShort Story
A83The Armageddon CrysalisShort Story
A83The HavenShort Story
A83The PenaltyShort Story
A83Night Flight to NowhereShort Story
ST6Soul MateShort Story
ST8No ExitShort Story
ST27Goths and RobbersShort Story
ST23Men of the EarthShort Story
124Snakedance4 episodes
DWMBlood InvocationComic
MA01Goth OperaNovel
125Mawdryn Undead4 episodes
126Terminus4 episodes
127Enlightenment4 episodes
CC27aFreakshow2 episodes
BF136Cobwebs4 episodes
BF137The Whispering Forest4 episodes
BF138The Cradle of the Snake4 episodes
BF146Heroes of Sontar4 episodes
BF147Kiss of Death4 episodes
BF148Rat Trap4 episodes
128The King's Demons2 episodes
ST20Falling From Xi'anShort Story
ST28GudokShort Story
MA04The Crystal BucephalusNovel
129The Five DoctorsTV-Movie
ST14LilyShort Story
BF01The Sirens of Time4 episodes
ST5QualiaShort Story
ST10Lant LandShort Story
ST11The Assassin's StoryShort Story
ST19The Velvet DarkShort Story
CC25Ringpullworld2 episodes
130Warriors of the Deep4 episodes
BBCP20Deep BlueNovel
131The Awakening2 episodes
BBCP37The King of TerrorNovel
A84The Oxaqua IncidentShort Story
A84Winter on MesiqueShort Story
A84Class 4 RenegadeShort Story
A84The NemertinesShort Story
A84FungusShort Story
DWMThe Lunar StrangersComic
132Frontios4 episodes
ST19Life After QuethShort Story
ST25Keeping it RealShort Story
BFE1Excelis Dawns2 episodes
A84The Creation of CamelotShort Story
---Time Crash1 episode
ST18RomeShort Story
ST14Last Minute ShoppingShort Story
133Resurrection of the Daleks2 episodes
MA17Lords of the StormNovel
A84The Volcanis DealShort Story
DEC3ZeitgeistShort Story
BF02Phantasmagoria4 episodes
BF20Loups-Garoux4 episodes
BF76Singularity4 episodes
BBCP34Imperial MoonNovel
ST9White Man's BurdenShort Story
ST10ObservationShort Story
ST12FlashpointShort Story
ST16One Wednesday AfternoonShort Story
ST18Comforts of HomeShort Story
ST24The Misadventure of Mark ThorneShort Story
ST24PiecemealShort Story
ST25Do You Believe in the Krampus?Short Story
ST26One Step Forward, Two Steps BackShort Story
134Planet of Fire4 episodes
ST4Five Card DrawShort Story
ST8Light at the End of the TunnelShort Story
ST19Black and WhiteShort Story
ST20The Church of FootballShort Story
ST23Leap SecondShort Story
ST2Hot IceShort Story
BF08Red Dawn4 episodes
BF95Exotron3 episodes
BF95aUrban Myths1 episode
BBCP03The Ultimate TreasureNovel
ST3A Town Called EternityShort Story
ST5The Canvey AngelsShort Story
ST14Never Seen CairoShort Story
ST16A Life in the DayShort Story
BF24The Eye of the Scorpion4 episodes
BF38The Church and the Crown4 episodes
DWM3No Place Like Home1 episode
BF41Nekromanteia4 episodes
TEL14Blood and HopeNovella
BF56The Axis of Insanity4 episodes
ST9Graham Dilley Saves the WorldShort Story
BF59The Roof of the World4 episodes
ST11The Gangster's StoryShort Story
BF69Three's a Crowd 4 episodes
BF71The Council of Nicaea4 episodes
BF81The Kingmaker4 episodes
DWM6The Veiled Leopard2 episodes
BF87The Gathering2 episodes
ST24There's Something About MaryShort Story
DWM7Cuddlesome1 episode
BF142aThe Four Doctors1 episode
BF99Son of the Dragon4 episodes
BF102The Mind's Eye3 episodes
ST25Far Away in a MangerShort Story
BF104The Bride of Peladon4 episodes
BF102aMission of the Viyrans1 episode
ST28MethuselahShort Story
BF117The Judgement of Isskar4 episodes
BF118The Destroyer of Delights4 episodes
BF119The Chaos Pool4 episodes
DWMThe Curse of the ScarabComic
DEC1FascinationShort Story
BBCP43Superior BeingsNovel
CC39Peri and the Piscon Paradox2 episodes
135The Caves of Androzani4 episodes
BF91Circular Time [Winter]4 episodes

Illustration by Kurt Lewis

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine

Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma
The Companions of Doctor Who

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The Sixth Doctor - From a painting by Anneke Wills

Sixth Doctor

Colin Baker

136The Twin Dilemma4 episodes
ST28See No EvilShort Story
137Attack of the Cybermen2 episodes
ST12Trapped!Short Story
138Vengeance on Varos2 episodes
ST15Telling TalesShort Story
BBCP31Grave MatterNovel
ST2/DRKMoon GraffitiAudio
TEL08Shell ShockNovella
MA30Burning HeartNovel
ST8HouseShort Story
139The Mark of the Rani2 episodes
140The Two Doctors3 episodes
A85Battle PlanetShort Story
A85Day of the DragonShort Story
A85The Real HerewardShort Story
A85The Deadly WeedShort Story
A85Vorton's RevengeShort Story
A85The Time SaversShort Story
A85The Mystery of the RingsShort Story
ST20Old BoysShort Story
BBCP59Blue BoxNovel
A85Battle PlanetComic
BF48Davros2 episodes
BF77aCryptobiosis1 episode
ST10The Reproductive CycleShort Story
ST25The Stars Our ContaminationShort Story
141Timelash2 episodes
BF90Year of the Pig4 episodes
DEC2TimeshareShort Story
ST3Turnabout is Fair PlayShort Story
142Revelation of the Daleks2 episodes
ST23Gold and Black OozeShort Story
ST8The Ruins of HeavenShort Story
ST10A Star is RebornShort Story
LS01The Nightmare Fair4 episodes
X02The Ultimate EvilNovel
LS02Mission to Magnus4 episodes
LS03Leviathan4 episodes
LS04The Hollows of Time4 episodes
LS05Paradise 54 episodes
LS06Point of Entry4 episodes
LS07The Song of Megaptera4 episodes
LS08The Macros4 episodes
RD2Slipback6 episodes
A86The Fellowship of QuanShort Story
A86Time WakeShort Story
A86InterfaceShort Story
A86Beauty and the BeastShort Story
A86RetributionShort Story
A86Davarrk's ExperimentShort Story
A86The Radio WavesShort Story
BF03Whispers of Terror4 episodes
BF150Recorded Time and Other Stories4 episodes
BF35...ish4 episodes
BF86The Reaping2 episodes
MA05State of ChangeNovel
BBCP51Palace of the Red Sun Novel
ST9CHAOSShort Story
DWMThe Shape-Shifter Comic
DWMPolly the GlotComic
DWMOnce Upon a Time-Lord...Comic
DWMKane's Story / Abel's Story / Warriors' Story / Frobisher's StoryComic
DWMExodus / Revelation / GenesisComic
DWMNature of the BeastComic
DWMTime BombComic
DWMSalad DazeComic
DWMProfit of DoomComic
DWMThe GiftComic
DWMWorld ShapersComic

-- The events in The Mysterious Planet would take place here --

ST4The StabberShort Story
ST23Strange AttractorShort Story
DWMEmperor of the DaleksComic
DWMUp Above the GodsComic

-- The events in Mindwarp would take place here --

143The Trial of a Time Lord
    The Mysterious Planet4 episodes
    Mindwarp4 episodes
    Terror of the Vervoids4 episodes
    The Ultimate Foe2 episodes
MA08Time of Your LifeNovel
MA23Killing GroundNovel
BF51The Wormery4 episodes
ST27The Spindle of NecessityShort Story
BFE2Excelis Rising1 episode
BF33½The Maltese Penguin1 episode
BBCP12Mission: ImpracticalNovel
BF14The Holy Terror4 episodes
ST13The Last EmperorShort Story
DWMThe Age of ChaosComic
DWM2The Ratings War1 episode
ST14Christmas SpecialShort Story
ST16The Terror of the DarknessShort Story
ST26Loose ChangeShort Story
ST20Incongruous DetailsShort Story
ST26Defining Patern: Linking MaterialShort Story
ST26The Book of My LifeShort Story
ST3Gone too SoonShort Story
DEC1The Golden DoorShort Story
ST1/DRKWish You Were HereShort Story
ST6Whiskey and WaterShort Story
ST6The Death of MeShort Story
ST7Teach Yourself Ballroom DancingShort Story
ST11The Inquisitor's StoryShort Story
ST13OutsourcingShort Story
ST21Gone FishingShort Story
ST21Walkin' City BluesShort Story
ST21Certificate of DestructionShort Story
ST21The Earwig ArchipelagoShort Story
BF64aHer Final Flight2 episodes
CC39Peri and the Piscon Paradox2 episodes
BF94I.D.3 episodes
BF94aUrgent Calls1 episode
ST24There's Something About MaryShort Story
BF06The Marian Conspiracy4 episodes
BF01The Sirens of Time4 episodes
BF09The Spectre of Lanyon Moor4 episodes
BF11The Apocalypse Element4 episodes
BF22Bloodtide4 episodes
ST22The Eighth Wonder of the WorldShort Story
BF23Project: Twilight4 episodes
BF37The Sandman4 episodes
ST17JupiterShort Story
BF40Jubilee 4 episodes
BF43Doctor Who and the Pirates4 episodes
ST20Old BoysShort Story
BBCi02Real Time 6 episodes
BF45Project: Lazarus4 episodes
BF57Arrangements for War4 episodes
ST9MortlakeShort Story
ST11The Diplomat's StoryShort Story
BF60Medicinal Purposes4 episodes
ST18Christmas on the MoonShort Story
BF78Pier Pressure4 episodes
BF84The Nowhere Place4 episodes
BF1001004 episodes
BF108Assassin in the Limelight4 episodes
BF143The Crimes of Thomas Brewster4 episodes
BF144The Feast of Axos4 episodes
BF145Industrial Evolution4 episodes
ST25The CrackersShort Story
CC37A Town Called Fortune2 episodes
ST18She Won't Be HomeShort Story
BBCP41The Shadow in the GlassNovel
ST14Water's EdgeShort Story
BF105The Condemned4 episodes
BF111The Doomwood Curse4 episodes
BF114Brotherhood of the Daleks4 episodes
BF116aReturn of the Krotons1 episode
BF116The Raincloud Man4 episodes
BF124Patient Zero4 episodes
BF125Paper Cuts4 episodes
BF126Blue Forgotten Planet4 episodes
BF133City of Spires4 episodes
CC31Night's Black Agents2 episodes
BF134The Wreck of the Titan4 episodes
BF135Legend of the Cybermen4 episodes
BF142aThe Four Doctors1 episode
BBCP04Business UnusualNovel
ST22The Best Joke I Ever ToldShort Story
DEC3FegovyShort Story
ST25Dr CadabraShort Story
MA15Millennial RitesNovel

-- The events in Terror of the Vervoids would take place here --

BBCP38The Quantum ArchangelNovel
BF27The One Doctor4 episodes
BF65The Juggernauts4 episodes
BF68Catch-17824 episodes
ST9The Man Who Wouldn't Give UpShort Story
ST10Mortal ThoughtsShort Story
ST18Home FiresShort Story
ST16Sold OutShort Story
ST20Old BoysShort Story
BBCP48Instruments of DarknessNovel
BF73Thicker Than Water4 episodes
BF97The Wishing Beast3 episodes
BF97aThe Vanity Box1 episode
ST24The Eyes Have ItShort Story
ST19Curtain CallShort Story
BBCP72Spiral ScratchNovel

Illustration by Kurt Lewis

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine

A Fix With Sontarans
Fixing a Hole
Short Trips: Past Tense

The Ultimate Adventure
Stage Play
Face Value
Short Trips and Side Steps

Missing, Part One:
Business as Usual

More Short Trips
Missing, Part Two:
Message in a Bottle

More Short Trips

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  1. Summoned by Shadows
  2. More Than a Messiah
  3. In Memory Alone
  4. The Terror Game
  5. The Last Mission
  6. Breach of Peace
  7. Eye of the Beholder

The Seventh Doctor - From a painting by Anneke Wills

Seventh Doctor

Sylvester McCoy

144Time and the Rani4 episodes
BF70Unregenerate!4 episodes
BF85Red4 episodes
145Paradise Towers4 episodes
ST2524 Crawford StreetShort Story
DWMPlastic MilleniumComic
ST4The Invertebrates of DoomShort Story
ST13Daisy ChainShort Story
BF39Bang-Bang-A-Boom!4 episodes
BF46Flip-Flop4 episodes
146Delta and the Bannermen3 episodes
ST17UranusShort Story
ST28DriftwoodShort Story
BF12The Fires of Vulcan4 episodes
ST2Special WeaponsShort Story
147Dragonfire3 episodes
ST10EchoShort Story
ST14A Yuletide TaleShort Story
148Remembrance of the Daleks4 episodes
ST2uPVCShort Story
ST9Ante BellumShort Story
ST11The Ghost's StoryShort Story
ST26The Devil Like a BearShort Story
149The Happiness Patrol3 episodes
150Silver Nemesis3 episodes
ST22Private InvestigationsShort Story
ST25Christmas EverydayShort Story
ST26The Tide and TimeShort Story
ST26One Card for the CuriousShort Story
DWMSeaside RendezvousComic
151The Greatest Show in the Galaxy4 episodes
ST10A Rose By Any Other NameShort Story
152Battlefield4 episodes
ST23Fable FusionShort Story
BBCP49Relative DementiasNovel
ST25But Once a YearShort Story
153Ghost Light3 episodes
154The Curse of Fenric4 episodes
BBCP10The Hollow MenNovel
ST7Hymn of the CityShort Story
ST12Last RitesShort Story
ST18The Anchorite's EchoShort Story
ST26SéanceShort Story
155Survival3 episodes
TEL02Citadel of DreamsNovella
ST1Stop the PigeonShort Story
ST1Ace of HeartsShort Story
ST3MonstersShort Story
BBCP05Illegal AlienNovel
BBCP23Storm HarvestNovel
BF07The Genocide Machine4 episodes
BBCP33Prime TimeNovel
BBCP60Loving the AlienNovel
BBCP68The Algebra of IceNovel
BBCP76Atom Bomb BluesNovel
BF21Dust Breeding4 episodes
BF25Colditz4 episodes
BF36The Rapture4 episodes
BF58The Harvest4 episodes
ST12These Things Take TimeShort Story
ST16The Heroine, the Hero and the MegalomaniacShort Story
BF67Dreamtime4 episodes
ST16Six Impossible Things Before BreakfastShort Story
BF74Live 344 episodes
ST18PresenceShort Story
BF79Night Thoughts4 episodes
DWM6The Veiled Leopard2 episodes
BF142aThe Four Doctors1 episode
BF82The Settling4 episodes
BF89No Man's Land4 episodes
ST22Natalie's DiaryShort Story
BF92Nocturne4 episodes
ST22The ReportShort Story
BF106The Dark Husband4 episodes
BF115Forty-Five4 episodes
BF120The Magic Mousetrap4 episodes
BF121Enemy of the Daleks4 episodes
BF122The Angel of Scutari4 episodes
BF139Project: Destiny4 episodes
BF140A Death in the Family4 episodes
BF141Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge4 episodes
NA01Timewyrm: GenesysNovel
NA02Timewyrm: ExodusNovel
NA03Timewyrm: ApocalypseNovel
NA04Timewyrm: RevelationNovel
NA05Cat's Cradle: Time's CrucibleNovel
ST20Log 384Short Story
ST24There's Something About MaryShort Story
DWMA Cold Day in HellComic
DWMThe Crossroads of timeComic
DWMClaws of the KlathiComic
DWMCulture ShockComic
DWMPlanet of the DeadComic
DWMEchoes of the MogorComic
DWMTime and TideComic
DWMFollow that TARDIS!Comic
DWMInvaders from GantacComic
DHTime BombComic
DWMNemesis of the DaleksComic
DWMStairway to HeavenComic
HKOnce in a LifetimeComic
HK/DWMHunger From the End of TimeComic
HKWar WorldComic
HKTechnical HitchComic
HKA Switch in TimeComic
HKThe SentinelComic
HKWho's That GirlComic
HKThe Enlightenment of Ly-Chee the WiseComic
DWMDoctor ConquererComic
DWMFellow TravellersComic
DWMDarkness Falling / Distractions / The Mark of MandragoraComic
DWMParty AnimalsComic
DWMThe Chameleon FactorComic
DWMUnder PressureComic
DWMThe Good SoldierComic
DWMA Glitch in TimeComic
DWMEvening's EmpireComic
DWMThe GriefComic
NA06Cat's Cradle: WarheadNovel
NA07Cat's Cradle: Witch MarkNovel
DWMCat LitterComic
BF05The Fearmonger4 episodes
BBCP36Independence DayNovel
ST23Sunday Afternoon, 848,988 ADShort Story
ST26Closing the AccountShort Story
NA09Love And WarNovel
DWMYounger and WiserComic
DEC1PlaybackShort Story
NA11The Highest ScienceNovel
DWMEmperor of the DaleksComic
NA12The Pit Novel
DEC3Continuity Errors Short Story
NA14Lucifer RisingNovel
NA15White DarknessNovel
DWMThe Last WordComic
NA19Blood HeatNovel
DWMFinal GenesisComic
NA20The Dimension RidersNovel
NA21The Left-Handed HummingbirdNovel
NA23No FutureNovel
DWMTime and Time AgainComic
NA24Tragedy DayNovel
NA26Theatre of WarNovel
NA27All-Consuming FireNovel
DEC2Question Mark PyjamasShort Story
BF13The Shadow of the Scourge4 episodes
ST4Virgin LandsShort Story
BF42The Dark Flame4 episodes
CC16The Prisoner's Dilemma2 episodes
ST8Cold WarShort Story
NA28Blood HarvestNovel
NA29Strange EnglandNovel
NA30First FrontierNovel
NA31St Anthony's FireNovel
NA32Falls the ShadowNovel
ST14Last ChristmasShort Story
ST14SpookasemShort Story
ST18Nobody's GiftShort Story
ST19UtopiaShort Story
ST20TestamentShort Story
NA35Set PieceNovel
NA36Infinite RequiemNovel
DEC2The Trials of TaraShort Story
ST9Of the Mermaid and JupiterShort Story
ST16How You Get ThereShort Story
NA38Human NatureNovel
ST16LarkspurShort Story
CC26Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code2 episodes
NA39Original SinNovel
NA40Sky Pirates!Novel
NA42Toy SoldiersNovel
NA43Head GamesNovel
NA44The Also PeopleNovel
NA46Just WarNovel
NA49Death and DiplomacyNovel
NA50Happy EndingsNovel
NA52Christmas on a Rational PlanetNovel
NA53Return of the Living DadNovel
MA29Cold FusionNovel
ST13The Nuclear OptionShort Story
ST13AnteusShort Story
NA54The Death of ArtNovel
NA55Damaged GoodsNovel
NA56So Vile a SinNovel
NA57Bad TherapyNovel
NA58Eternity WeepsNovel
ST15Too Rich For My BloodShort Story
ST10The Southwell Park MermaidShort Story
NA59The Room With No DoorsNovel
BF01The Sirens of Time4 episodes
BBCP45Bullet TimeNovel
ST13Culture WarShort Story
DWMUninvited GuestComic
DWM1Last of the Titans1 episode
BBCi01Death Comes to Time5 episodes
DWMGround ZeroComic
BFE3Excelis Decays1 episode
TEL13Companion PieceNovella
BF45Project: Lazarus4 episodes
BF49Master4 episodes
BF90aReturn of the Daleks1 episode
BF96Valhalla4 episodes
BF149Robophobia4 episodes
BF151The Doomsday Quatrain4 episodes
BF152House of Blue Fire4 episodes
BF98Frozen Time4 episodes
ST26The Celestial Harmony EngineShort Story
ST27Peaceable KingdomShort Story
ST27Clean-up on Aisle TwoShort Story
BF109The Death Collectors3 episodes
BF109aSpider's Shadow1 episode
ST28Policy to InvadeShort Story
BF112Kingdom of Silver3 episodes
BF112aKeepsake1 episode
BF130A Thousand Tiny Wings4 episodes
BF131Klein's Story1 episode
BF131aSurvival of the Fittest3 episodes
BF132The Architects of History4 episodes
ST11The Tramp's StoryShort Story
ST8MonitorShort Story
ST8Inmate 280Short Story
ST13SeparationShort Story
ST14Perfect PresentShort Story
ST21The Hunting of the Slook Short Story
ST23OmegamorphosisShort Story
ST26Twilight's EndShort Story
ST5Notre Dame du TempsShort Story

Illustration by Kurt Lewis

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine
The Incredible Hulk Presents
Death's Head

Dimensions in Time

Search Out Science
Search Out Space

Time Rift

Faithful Friends: Part 2
Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas

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  1. Republica
  2. Island of Lost Souls
  3. Prosperity Island
  4. The Left Hand of Darkness
  5. The Other Side
  6. Guest for the Night
  7. Ghosts
  8. Only Human
  9. Punchline

The Eighth Doctor - From a painting by Anneke Wills

Eighth Doctor

Paul McGann

156Doctor WhoTV-Movie
BBC801The Eight DoctorsNovel
ST27One Fateful KnightShort Story
ST27From Little AcornsShort Story
ST1Model Train SetShort Story
ST7The Glass PrincessShort Story
ST2TotemShort Story
ST21Second ContactShort Story
ST21DS Al FineShort Story
ST28Transmission EndsShort Story
NA61The Dying DaysNovel
BF123The Company of Friends [Benny's Story]1 episode
ST13Thinking WarriorShort Story
ST13The EtherealShort Story
ST14...Be ForgotShort Story
ST18Not in my BackyardShort Story
RTDescendance Comic
BBCi03Shada6 episodes
ST11The Time Lord's StoryShort Story
ST11The Juror's StoryShort Story
ST15Seven Deadly SinsShort Story
ST18The Long MidwinterShort Story
ST20Dear JohnShort Story
BF123The Company of Friends [Mary's Story]1 episode
BF153The Silver Turk4 episodes
BF16Storm Warning4 episodes
BF17Sword of Orion4 episodes
ST11Repercussions...Short Story
ST12Best SellerShort Story
BF18The Stones of Venice4 episodes
BF19Minuet in Hell4 episodes
ST8A Good LifeShort Story
ST17VenusShort Story
ST18Be good for Goodness' SakeShort Story
BF28Invaders From Mars4 episodes
BF29The Chimes of Midnight4 episodes
ST23War in a Time of PeaceShort Story
ST24You Had Me at Verify User Name and PasswordShort Story
ST25They FellShort Story
ST25Faithful Friends: Part 3Short Story
ST28Doctor Who and the Adaptation of DeathShort Story
DWM4Living Legend1 episode
BF30Seasons of Fear4 episodes
ST23Lady of the SnowsShort Story
BF31Embrace the Darkness4 episodes
CC32Solitaire2 episodes
ST16The Heroine, the Hero and the MegalomaniacShort Story
BF32The Time of the Daleks4 episodes
ST5Apocrypha BipediumShort Story
BF33Neverland2 episodes
BF50Zagreus3 episodes
BF52Scherzo4 episodes
BF53The Creed of the Kromon4 episodes
BF54Natural History of Fear4 episodes
BF55The Twilight Kingdom4 episodes
BF61Faith Stealer4 episodes
BF62The Last4 episodes
BF63Caerdroia4 episodes
BF64The Next Life6 episodes
BF72Terror Firma4 episodes
ST16Round Trip: Before MidnightShort Story
ST16Round Trip: After MidnightShort Story
BF75Scaredy Cat4 episodes
BF77Other Lives4 episodes
BF80Time Works4 episodes
BF83Something Inside4 episodes
BF88Memory Lane4 episodes
ST24Salva MeaShort Story
BF101Absolution4 episodes
BF103The Girl Who Never Was4 episodes
ST24The Sorrows of ViennaShort Story
ST20ForgottenShort Story
BBC701Blood of the Daleks2 episodes
BBC702Horror of Glam Rock1 episode
BBC703Immortal Beloved1 episode
BBC704Phobos1 episode
BBC705No More Lies1 episode
BBC706Human Resources2 episodes
ST24Remain in LightShort Story
ST25Decorative PurposeShort Story
BBC707Dead London1 episode
BBC708Max Warp1 episode
BBC709Brave New Town1 episode
ST26The Great EscapesShort Story
BBC710The Skull of Sobek1 episode
BBC711Grand Theft Cosmos1 episode
BBC712The Zygon Who Fell to Earth1 episode
BBC713Sisters of the Flame / The Vengeance of Morbius2 episodes
BBC714Orbis2 episodes
BBC715Hothouse2 episodes
BBC716The Beast of Orlok2 episodes
BBC717Wirrn Dawn2 episodes
BBC718The Scapegoat2 episodes
BBC719The Cannibalists2 episodes
BBC720The Eight Truths / Worldwide Web4 episodes
BBC721Death in Blackpool2 episodes
BF129An Earthly Child1 episode
BF142aThe Four Doctors1 episode
BBC722Situation Vacant2 episodes
BBC723Nevermore2 episodes
BBC724The Book of Kells2 episodes
BBC725Deimos / The Resurrection of Mars4 episodes
BBC726Relative Dimensions2 episodes
BBC727Prisoner of the Sun2 episodes
BBC728Lucie Miller / To the Death4 episodes
DWMEnd GameComic
DWMThe KeepComic
DWMA Matter of Life and DeathComic
DWMFire and BrimstoneComic
DWMBy Hook or By CrookComic
DWMTooth and ClawComic
DWMThe Final ChapterComic
ST10SyntaxShort Story
DWMHappy DeathdayComic
DWMThe FallenComic
DWMUnnatural Born KillersComic
DWMThe Road to HellComic
DWMTV Action!Comic
DWMThe Company of ThievesComic
DWMThe Glorious DeadComic
DWMThe Autonomy BugComic
BF123The Company of Friends [Izzy's Story]1 episode
DWMBeautiful FreaksComic
DWMThe Way of All FleshComic
DWMChildren of the RevolutionComic
DWMMe and My ShadowsComic
DWMWhere Nobody Knows Your NameComic
DWMDoctor Who and the Nightmare GameComic
DWMThe Power of ThouerisComic
DWMThe Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled JackComic
DWMThe Land of Happy EndingsComic
DWMBad BloodComic
DWMSins of the FatherComic
DWMThe FloodComic
TEL06Rip TideNovella
TEL12Eye of the TygerNovella
BBC802Vampire ScienceNovel
BBC803The BodysnatchersNovel
ST2/E&BDead TimeAudio
BBC805War of the DaleksNovel
BBC806Alien BodiesNovel
BBC808Option LockNovel
ST1/E&BThe People's TempleShort Story
ST3The Queen of ErosShort Story
BBC809Longest DayNovel
BBC810Legacy of the DaleksNovel
BBC811Dreamstone MoonNovel
BBC812Seeing INovel
BBC813Placebo EffectNovel
BBC814Vanderdeken's ChildrenNovel
BBC815The Scarlet EmpressNovel
BBC816The Janus ConjunctionNovel
BBC818The Face-EaterNovel
ST2Femme FataleShort Story
BBC819The TaintNovel
BBC821Revolution ManNovel
BBC823Unnatural HistoryNovel
BBC824Autumn MistNovel
BBC825Interference: Book OneNovel
BBC826Interference: Book TwoNovel
BBC827The Blue AngelNovel
BBC828The Taking of Planet 5Novel
BBC829Frontier WorldsNovel
BBC830Parallel 59Novel
ST4Growing HigherShort Story
BBC831The Shadows of AvalonNovel
BBC832The Fall of YquatineNovel
BBC834The Space AgeNovel
BBC835The Banquo LegacyNovel
BBC836The Ancestor CellNovel
BBC837The BurningNovel
ST14EvergreenShort Story
BBC838Casualties of WarNovel
BBC839The Turing TestNovel
ST7MordieuShort Story
BBC841Father TimeNovel
BBC842Escape VelocityNovel
BBCP73Fear ItselfNovel
BBC844Vanishing PointNovel
BBC845Eater of WaspsNovel
BBC846The Year of Intelligent TigersNovel
BBC847The Slow EmpireNovel
BBC848Dark ProgenyNovel
BBC849The City of the DeadNovel
BF123The Company of Friends [Fitz's Story]1 episode
BBC850Grimm RealityNovel
BBC851The Adventuress of Henrietta StreetNovel
BBC852Mad Dogs and EnglishmenNovel
BBC855Trading FuturesNovel
BBC856The Book of the StillNovel
BBC857The Crooked WorldNovel
TEL10Fallen GodsNovella
BBC858History 101Novel
BBC859Camera ObscuraNovel
ST5Notre Dame du TempsShort Story
BBC860Time ZeroNovel
BBC861The Infinity RaceNovel
BBC862The Domino EffectNovel
BBC863Reckless EngineeringNovel
BBC864The Last ResortNovel
BBC866Emotional ChemistryNovel
BBC867Sometime Never...Novel
BBC869The Tomorrow WindowsNovel
BBC870The Sleep of ReasonNovel
BBC871The Deadstone MemorialNovel
BBC872To the SlaughterNovel
BBC873The Gallifrey ChroniclesNovel
ST6Gazing VoidShort Story
ST8Reversal of FortuneShort Story
ST9Far From HomeShort Story
ST10JonahShort Story
ST19The Wickerwork ManShort Story
ST22Museum PeaceShort Story
ST24OsskahShort Story
ST25For the Man Who Has EverythingShort Story
ST27EpilogueShort Story
ST28LonelyShort Story
ST28NettlesShort Story
ST10The EndShort Story
---The Night of the Doctor1 episode

Illustration by Kurt Lewis

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine
Radio Times

Short Trips: Life Science

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1.1 Weapon of Choice
1.2 Square One
1.3 The Inquiry
1.4 A Blind Eye
2.1 Lies
2.2 Spirit
2.3 Pandora
2.4 Insurgency
2.5 Imperiatrix
3.1 Fractures
3.2 Warfare
3.3 Appropriation
3.4 Mindbomb
3.5 Panacea

Faction Paradox
Spin-off Series

Comic Books

The War Doctor

War Doctor

John Hurt

The Ninth Doctor

Ninth Doctor

Christopher Eccleston

DWAWhat I did on my Christmas Holidays by Sally SparrowShort Story
157Rose1 episode
158The End of the World1 episode
159The Unquiet Dead1 episode
A2005Doctor VS DoctorShort Story
160Aliens of London / World War Three2 episodes
DWMThe Love InvasionComic
A2005Mr. NobodyComic
BBCN01The Clockwise ManNovel
BBCN02The Monsters InsideNovel
BBCN03 Winner Takes AllNovel
A2005The Masks of MakassarShort Story
A2005Pitter-PatterShort Story
DWMArt Attack!Comic
DWMThe Cruel SeaComic
161Dalek1 episode
162The Long Game1 episode
163Father's Day1 episode
DWMA Groatsworth of WitComic
164The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances2 episodes
BBCN04The Deviant StrainNovel
BBCN05Only HumanNovel
165Boom Town1 episode
BBCN06The Stealers of DreamsNovel
166Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways2 episodes

Illustration by Kurt Lewis

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine

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The Tenth Doctor

Tenth Doctor

David Tennant

---Children in Need Special1 episode
167The Christmas Invasion1 episode
---Attack of the Graske1 episode
SB2007Once Upon a TimeShort Story
DWMThe Bethrotal of SontarComic
DWMThe LodgerComic
168New Earth1 episode
DWAMWhich Switch?Comic
BITGrowing Terror / Hyperstar Rising / Death Race Five Billion / The Macrobe Menace / The Hunt of Doom / Reunion of FearComic
BITThe Glutonoid MenaceComic
DWAMMirror ImageComic
A2007Down the Rabbit HoleComic
169Tooth and Claw1 episode
DWAMUnder the VolcanoComic
DWMThe FuturistsComic
DWMInterstellar OverdriveComic
BBCN07The Stone RoseNovel
BBCN08The Feast of the DrownedNovel
BBCN09The Resurrection CasketNovel
BBCQR1I am a DalekNovel
170School Reunion1 episode
171The Girl in The Fireplace1 episode
DWMThe Green-Eyed MonsterComic
172Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel2 episodes
SB2007Cuckoo-SpitShort Story
SB2007The Cat Came BlackShort Story
SB2007Opera of Doom!Comic
SB2007Gravestone HouseShort Story
SB2007UntitledShort Story
SB2007No One DiedShort Story
173The Idiot's Lantern1 episode
BBCN10The Nightmare of Black IslandNovel
DWAMThe Germ WarComic
174The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit2 episodes
BBCN11The Art of DestructionNovel
BBCN12The Price of ParadiseNovel
DWAMA Delicate OperationComic
DWAMBlood and TearsComic
DWAMBizarre ZeroComic
DWAMSave the Humans!Comic
DWAMBat Attack!Comic
DWAMThe Battle of Reading GaolComic
DWAMSmarts BombComic
DWAMPinball WizardComic
DWAMGangsters' Paradise / Heads You LoseComic
DWAMA Date to Remember / SnowflakesComic
175Love & Monsters1 episode
176Fear Her1 episode
177Army of Ghosts / Doomsday2 episodes
178The Runaway Bride1 episode
SB2007Corner of the EyeShort Story
DWMWarkeeper's CrownComic
DWAMThe Hunters / CliffhangerComic
DWAM13 O'ClockComic
DWAMGreen FingersComic
DWAMThe Snag FindersComic
BITThe Power of the Cybermen / Drones of Doom / Enemy Mine / Time of the CybermenComic
BITBeneath the Skin / The Sky Below / Beyond the Sea / Lonely PlanetComic
BITPlague PanicComic
TIMESDeep and Dreamless SleepShort Story
179Smith and Jones 1 episode
180The Shakespeare Code1 episode
181Gridlock1 episode
182Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks2 episodes
TTDWThe Infinite Quest1 episode
183The Lazarus Experiment1 episode
DWMThe Woman Who Sold the WorldComic
DWMBus StopComic
DWMThe FirstComic
DWMDeath to the DoctorComic
DWMUniversal MonstersComic
DWMHotel HistoriaComic
DWMThe Widow's CurseComic
DWAMThe Skrawn InheritanceComic
DWAMThe Green, The Bad and the UglyComic
DWAMMinus Seven WondersComic
DWAMThe Last SoldierComic
DWAMSigns of LifeComic
DWAMCold WarComic
DWAMWaste NotComic
DWAMA Klytode ChristmasComic
BITExhausting EvilComic
BITWrath of the Warrior / The Screaming Prison / Force and Fury / Warrior's RevengeComic
BITHead Start / Jewel of the Vile / Dock, Stocks, and Barrel / End GameComic
BITThe Millenium Blag / Second Wave / Operation Lock-Up / Crime After TimeComic
BITHouse PestsComic
BITMinor Trouble / Inhuman Sacrifice / Crimes and PunishmentsComic
184421 episode
BBCQR2Made of SteelNovel
BBCN13Sting of the ZygonsNovel
BBCN14The Last DodoNovel
BBCN15Wooden HeartNovel
185Human Nature / The Family of Blood2 episodes
BBCN16Forever AutumnNovel
BBCN17Sick BuildingNovel
BBCN19Wishing WellNovel
BBCN20The Pirate LoopNovel
BBCQR3Revenge of the JudoonNovel
BBCN22Martha in the MirrorNovel
BBCN23Snowglobe 7Novel
BBCN24The Many HandsNovel
IDWAgent ProvocateurComic
IDWThe Whispering GalleryComic
IDWBlack Death White LifeComic
186Blink1 episode
A2008Myth MakerComic
A2008The Planet that WeptShort Story
A2008Swarm EnemiesComic
SB2008Cats and DogsShort Story
SB2008The Body BankShort Story
SB2008The Box Under the TreeShort Story
SB2008Zombie MotelShort Story
SB2008The Iron CircleShort Story
SB2008Kiss of LifeShort Story
SB2008Deep WaterShort Story
187Utopia / The Sounds of Drums / Last of the Time Lords3 episodes
BBCN28The Story of MarthaNovel
---Time Crash1 episode
188Voyage of the Damned1 episode
BBCThe FrozenShort Story
TELEGThe Hopes and Fears of All YearsShort Story
DWAMThe Monster UpstairsComic
DWAMHot MetalComic
DWAMThe Halls of SacrificeComic
DWAMThe Old Kings of SkarabComic
DWAMThe Stone MonkeyComic
DWAMEvery Dog Has its DayComic
DWAMThe Poison PlanetComic
DWAMThe Great MordilloComic
BITThe Diamonds of Sartor / Quarsian Mission / Android of DeathComic
BITBlooms of DoomComic
BITDusty Death / Cold Assassin / Designs of the DustComic
BITThe Creative SparkComic
189Partners in Crime1 episode
190The Fires of Pompeii1 episode
IDWCold-Blooded WarComic
191Planet of the Ood1 episode
BBCN25The Doctor TrapNovel
BBCN26Shining DarknessNovel
BBCN27Ghosts of IndiaNovel
BITThe Black Sea / Sting of the Serpent / Attack of the Rats / The Zantraan InvasionComic
BITPawns of the Zenith / Swarm of the Zenith / Prey of the Zenith / Lair of the ZenithComic
BITThe Time Stealer / School of the Dead / Ghosts From the Past / The Battle for TimeComic
192The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky2 episodes
193The Doctor's Daughter1 episode
BBC1Pest Control1 episode
BBC2The Forever Trap1 episode
BBC3The Nemonite Invasion1 episode
BBCThe Lonely ComputerShort Story
194The Unicorn and the Wasp1 episode
195Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead2 episodes
DWAMNightmare on the BoulevardComic
DWAMThe Continuity CapComic
DWAMThe Black Hole Gang Comic
DWAMCitizen's ArrestComic
DWAMThe Lavender Hil BlobComic
DWAMShark BaitComic
DWAMAttack of the Mange Mites!Comic
DWAMBy Order of the BonemendersComic
DWAMThe Alice in Wonderland CircuitComic
DWAMWashed Away!Comic
DWAMTitanoleum TouristsComic
DWAMThe Man in the MoonComic
DWAMTime FliesComic
DWAMThe Giant's RingComic
DWAMFrosty the SnowdemonComic
A2009The Greatest Mall in the UniverseComic
A2009Once Upon A TimeShort Story
A2009The Time SicknessComic
A2009Most Beautiful MusicShort Story
A2009Death DiscoComic
SB2009Hello, Children EverywhereShort Story
SB2009Grand Theft PlanetShort Story
SB2009ColdShort Story
SB2009Bing BongShort Story
SB2009Island of the SirensShort Story
SB2009Hold Your HorsesShort Story
SB2009The PupletShort Story
SB2009The Immortal EmperorComic
BBCN29Beautiful ChaosNovel
196Midnight1 episode
197Turn Left1 episode
198The Stolen Earth / Journey's End2 episodes
DWMThe Time of My LifeComic
---Music of the Spheres1 episode
IDWThe ForgottenComic
BBCNumber One, Gallows Gate RoadShort Story
199The Next Doctor 1 episode
DL01The Dust of AgesNovel
DL02The Graves of MordaneNovel
DL03The Colour of DarknessNovel
DL04The Deoths of DespairNovel
DL05The Vampire of ParisNovel
DL06The Game of DeathNovel
DL07The Planet of OblivionNovel
DL08The Pictures of EmptinessNovel
DL09The Art of WarNovel
DL10The End of TimeNovel
BBCN30The EyelessNovel
BBC4The Rising Night1 episode
BBCQR4The Sontaran GamesNovel
BBCN31Judgement of the JudoonNovel
BBCN32The Slitheen ExcursionNovel
BBCN33Prisoner of the DaleksNovel
DWMThe Stockbridge ChildComic
DWMMortal BelovedComic
DWMThe Age of IceComic
DWMThe Deep HereafterComic
DWMGhosts of the Northern LineComic
DWMThe Crimson HandComic
BITDa Vinci's Robots / Metal ManiaComic
BITAbout Last Night / Dark Side of the MoonComic
DWAMThe Chromosome ConnectionComic
DWAMThe Aquarius ConditionComic
DWAMGlum CultureComic
DWAMThe Great Rain RobberyComic
DWAMThe Parrian ProposalComic
DWAMHitching PointComic
DWAMStore WarsComic
DWAMThe SubmarinersComic
DWAMThe Greed of the GavulavComic
DWAMThe Secret ArmyComic
DWAMThe Silver BulletComic
DWAMThe InvisiblesComic
DWAMGood Old DaysComic
DWAMThe Abomination GamesComic
DWAMThe Crystal PalaceComic
DWAMThe Spirit of AshgarComic
DWAMMonster IdolComic
DWAMThe Slakken CatComic
DWAMCode FreezeComic
DWAMHear No EvilComic
DWAMTerror in the TARDISComic
DWAMThe Ball and Chain GangComic
DWAMThe Memory CollectiveComic
DWAMThe Blue Star BombComic
DWAMThe Flight of the GiurgeaxComic
DWAMThe Genius TrapComic
DWAMThe Rising TideComic
DWAMSweet DreamsComic
DWAMShasow of the VapidComic
DWAMSnake's AliveComic
DWAMThe Sparkling PlanetComic
DWAMThe Curse of VladulaComic
DWAMPhoto FinishComic
DWAMBrain DeadComic
DWAMFoot SoldiersComic
DWAMBad WolfieComic
DWAMCity of LightComic
DWAMThe Guardian of MurcherComic
DWAMNight of the Burnt ToastComic
DWAMThe Ghost FactoryComic
DWAMHighway RobberyComic
DWAMOne Careful OwnerComic
DWAMThe Garden RebellionComic
DWAMThe Goats of Christmas PastComic
BBC5The Day of the Troll1 episode
BBC6The Last Voyage1 episode
BBC7Dead Air1 episode
200Planet of the Dead1 episode
IDWThe Time MachinationComic
IDWRoom with a Déjà ViewComic
IDWSilver ScreamComic
IDWThe FugitiveComic
IDWDon't Step on the GrassComic
A2010The Vortex CodeComic
A2010Health and SafetyComic
SB2010Total Eclipse of the HeartShort Story
SB2010The End of the RainbowShort Story
SB2010Scared StiffShort Story
SB2010Space VikingsComic
SB2010Bennelong PointShort Story
SB2010The Shape on the ChairShort Story
SB2010Knock KnockShort Story
SB2010Haldenmor FugueShort Story
BBCN34The Taking of Chelsea 426Novel
BBCN36The Krillitane StormNovel
SJAThe Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith2 episodes
---Dreamland1 episode
BBCQR5Code of the KrillitanesNovel
201The Waters of Mars1 episode
202The End of Time2 episodes

Illustration by Kurt Lewis

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine
Doctor Who Adventures
Battles in Time
IDW Publishing
Writers' Comics

Short Stories

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The Eleventh Doctor

Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith

203The Eleventh Hour1 episode
---Meanwhile in the TARDIS, Part 11 episode
204The Beast Below1 episode
205Victory of the Daleks1 episode
BBCN37Apollo 23Novel
BBCN38Night of the HumansNovel
BBCN39The Forgotten ArmyNovel
BBC8The Runaway Train1 episode
BBC9The Ring of Steel1 episode
BBC10The Jade Pyramid1 episode
BBC11The Gemini Contagion1 episode
BBC12The Hounds of Artemis1 episode
206The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone2 episodes
---Meanwhile in the TARDIS, Part 21 episode
DWMPlanet BollywoodComic
DWMThe Golden OnesComic
DWMThe Professor, The Queen and the BookshopComic
DWMThe Screams of DeathComic
DWMDo Not Go Gentle Into That Good NightComic
DWMForever DreamingComic
DWMThe Child of TimeComic
DWMChains of OlympusComic
207The Vampires of Venice1 episode
BBCN40Nuclear TimeNovel
BBCN41The King's DragonNovel
BBCN42The Glamour ChaseNovel
BBCN43The Coming of the TerraphilesNovel
208Amy's Choice1 episode
209The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood2 episodes
210Vincent and the Doctor1 episode
A2011Secret of ArkatronShort Story
A2011The Grey HoleComic
AG1City of the DaleksGame
AG2Blood of the CybermenGame
AG4The Realm of the SilenceGame
BBCGNThe Only Good DalekGraphic Novel
211The Lodger1 episode
212The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang2 episodes
---Night and the Doctor: Bad Night1 episode
---Night and the Doctor: Good Night1 episode
213A Christmas Carol1 episode
--Space and Time2 episodes
BBC13The Eye of the Jungle1 episode
BBC14Blackout1 episode
BBCN44Hunter's MoonNovel
BBCN45The Way Through the WoodsNovel
BBCN46Dead of WinterNovel
BBCN47Borrowed TimeNovel
BBCN48Touched by an AngelNovel
BBCN49Paradox LostNovel
BBCN50The Silent Stars Go ByNovel
214The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon2 episodes
215The Curse of the Black Spot1 episode
216The Doctor's Wife1 episode
217The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People2 episodes
218A Good Man Goes to War1 episode
219Let's Kill Hitler1 episode
220Night Terrors1 episode
221The Girl Who Waited1 episode
222The God Complex1 episode
223Closing Time1 episode
224The Wedding of River Song1 episode
---Death Is the Only Answer1 episode
---Night and the Doctor: First Night1 episode
---Night and the Doctor: Last Night1 episode
225The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe1 episode
---Good as Gold1 episode
---Pond Life5 episodes
226Asylum of the Daleks1 episode
227Dinosaurs on a Spaceship1 episode
228A Town Called Mercy1 episode
229The Power of Three1 episode
230The Angels Take Manhattan1 episode
---P.S.1 episode
231The Snowmen1 episode
232The Bells of Saint John1 episode
233The Rings of Akhaten1 episode
234Cold War1 episode
235Hide1 episode
236Journey to the Center of the TARDIS1 episode
237The Crimson Horror1 episode
238Nightmare in Silver1 episode
239The Name of the Doctor1 episode
240The Day of the Doctor1 episode

Future Doctors
ST2Good CompanionsShort Story
ST3RevenantsShort Story
ST5GreenawayShort Story

Comic Strips
Doctor Who Magazine

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Peter Cushing
Peter Cushing

Dr. Who and the Daleks

The House on Oldark Moor
Short Trips and Side Steps

The Five O'Clock Shadow
Short Trips: A Day in the Life

Dr. Who: Dalek Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Comic Strips

Rowan Atkinson
Comic Relief Doctor

The Curse of Fatal Death

Richard E. Grant
Ninth Doctor

Scream of the Shalka
The Feast of the Stone


The Infinity Doctors
BBC Past Doctor Adventures #17
The Cabinet of Light
Telos Novella #9
The Dalek Factor
Telos Novella #15
The Colour of Monsters
Short Trips: Monsters

1. Auld Mortality
2. Sympathy for the Devil
3. Full Fathom Five
4. "He Jests at Scars..."
5. Deadline
6. Exile
7. A Storm of Angels
8. Masters of War

Sustainable Energy
Short Trips: 2040
All Our Christmases
Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury
The Innocents
Short Trips: The History of Christmas

1. The Ultimate Adventure
2. The Seven Keys to
3. Curse of the Daleks

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1.1   Invasion of the Daleks
1.2   The Human Factor
1.2a Return of the Daleks
1.3   'Death to the Daleks!'
1.4   Project Infinity
Short Trips: Dalek Empire
Short Trips: Dalek Empire
Short Trips: Dalek Empire

2.1   Dalek War - Chapter 1
2.2   Dalek War - Chapter 2
2.3   Dalek War - Chapter 3
2.4   Dalek War - Chapter 4

3.1   The Exterminators
3.2   The Healers
3.3   The Survivors
3.4   The Demons
3.5   The Warriors
3.6   The Future
Mutually Assured Survival
Short Trips: Dalek Empire

4.1   The Fearless - Part 1
4.2   The Fearless - Part 2
4.3   The Fearless - Part 3
4.4   The Fearless - Part 4

The Destroyers
The Lost Stories

Dalek Comic Strips
published in TV Century 21

1.1   Scorpius
1.2   Fear
1.3   Conversion
1.4   Telos

2.1   Outsiders
2.2   Terror
2.3   Machines
2.4   Extinction

Spin-off video

1. Innocence
2. Purity
3. Corruption
4. Guilt

The Davros Mission

  1. Mindgame
  2. Mindgame: Trilogy

The New Adventures
featuring Bernice Summerfield

Brief Encounters
and other short stories

from Doctor Who Magazine

1.Wildthyme on Top
(featuring Iris Wildthyme)
2.The Coming of the Queen
(featuring Erimem)
3.Project: Valhalla
(featuring The Forge)

featuring Iris Wildthyme
1.1Wildthyme at Large
1.2The Devil in Ms Wildthyme
2.1The Sound of Fear
2.2Land of Wonder
2.3The Two Irises
2.4The Panda Invasion
2.5The Claws of Santa

featuring Iris Wildthyme
1.The Celestial Omnibus
2.The Panda Book of Horror
3.Miss Wildthyme & Friends Investigate


  1. The Cabinet of Light
  2. The Winning Side
  3. The Tunnel at the End of the Light
  4. The Clockwork Woman
  5. Kitsune
  6. The Severed Man
  7. Echoes
  8. Peculiar Times
  9. Deus Te Volt
  10. The Albino's Dancer
  11. The Sideways Door
  12. Child of Time

BBV - CD & DVD Releases
Adventures in Time & Space

Big Finish - Non Fiction

Special Video Releases

1st Doctor - Seasons 1 to 4 2nd Doctor - Seasons 4 to 6 3rd Doctor - Seasons 7 to 10 4th Doctor - Seasons 11 to 17
5th and 6th Doctors - Seasons 18 to 22 6th Doctor - Season 23 (Trial of a Time Lord) 7th Doctor -  Season 24 to 26 8th Doctor - Telemovie
9th Doctor - New Series 1 10th Doctor - New Series 2 to 4 11th Doctor - New Series 5 K-9 and Company
Torchwood The Sarah Jane Adventures k9
Dimensions in Time 8th Doctor - Big Finish Audios The Scream of the Shalka
The 'Years' Tapes Doctor Who Confidential Totally Doctor Who
  1. Hartnell Theme
  2. Troughton Theme
  3. Pertwee Theme
  4. Tom Baker Theme
  5. Davison Theme
  6. Trial of a Time Lord Theme
  7. McCoy Theme
  8. TV Movie Theme
  9. Eccleston Theme
  10. Tennant Theme
  11. K-9 and Company Theme
  12. Torchwood Theme
  13. Sarah Jane Adventures Theme
  14. K9 Theme
  15. Dimensions in Time Theme
  16. 8th Doctor Big Finish Theme
  17. Scream of the Shalka Theme
  18. 'Years' Tapes Theme
  19. Doctor Who Confidential Theme
  20. Totally Doctor Who Theme

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