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An addictive, hallucinogenic drug, popular in the 22nd century, but by the late 26th century the source was believed to have been blocked for years. It could be taken as a resin or smoked. On the planet Hogsumm, Bernice met a group of youths who’d recently fled from the Inner Planet Exalfa after one of them had taken bad A from a backstreet trader and started a fight in the city centre.
See: The Highest Science

Male citizen from a futuristic City where emotion was a crime and had been erased from people’s minds. He shared living quarters with his female partner B and was designated as Unit 431/277A. The city Moderators informed him that a recent medexam showed he had a hereditary heart malfunction and he was withdrawn from their breeding stock. He voluntarily submitted himself to conversion into fertiliser to assist food growth.
See: City of the Damned

Formal name of a cold, watery planet at a time when entropy was setting in and the Universe was winding down. The planet was also known as ‘Endpoint’ after it was designated a place to offload dangerous waste from the rest of the system, leaving the planet with a toxic environment and acid seas. The Doctor used forgotten terraforming technology to remove the toxins from the seas and make the atmosphere breathable.
See: Hope

A dead, barren planet at a time when entropy was setting in and the Universe was winding down. The planet had no surviving civilisation and was just a desolate grey wasteland with no usable resources. When the cyborg warlord Silver from A245 sent his army through his colony’s Hypertunnel to invade the nearby Imperial Throneworld, the Doctor redirected it so they were trapped instead on A2756 with no way off.
See: Hope

A cold empire of logic, overseen for 10,000 years by the Logistomancer. However, by the time she reached her final systems dotage, there was no sign of a successor program.
See: Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible

A small rocky planet in the Arcturian System where an entire Cyber-fleet once crash landed. The junk dealers Flotsam and Jetsam had been salvaging the wreckage and reprogramming the surviving Cybermen to act as butlers, but among their number was the great Cybernaut Zogron, the pioneer of their interstellar empire. He was eventually transformed into the most sophisticated super butler in the entire galaxy.
See: Junkyard Demon

The planet was known as ‘Grot’ by the Arcturans. Four months after their encounter with the Cybermen, Flotsam and Jetsam’s salvage operation suffered a hostile takeover by Joylove McShane, a gunrunner freelancing on behalf of Eric Klieg and the Brotherhood of Logicians. After he was defeated, the scrap merchants expanded their business to include reprogramming Cybermats to work as robot boot polishers.
See: Junkyard Demon II

The A-bonbon
Weapon possessed by King Rupert from the pantomime world created when the spaceship The Winton was struck by a Perfecton missile containing quantum fluctuations. The A-bonbon was the most terrifying sugared confectionary ever developed by mankind and the King planned to use it against their mythical enemy, the Audience, who appeared infrequently to sing and to demand sweets when angry.
See: Oh No It Isn’t!

The ultimate pleasure planet, containing warm artificial lakes, lush lawns, fully equipped game rooms and sub-aqua tennis courts. When the Doctor and Frobisher arrived for a holiday they discovered the Ice Warriors had sabotaged the weather controls and transformed the planet into a snowy wasteland. Aided by Olla, a heat vampire, they managed to restore the planet to its correct temperature.
See: A Cold Day in Hell

Shortly after Olla left A-Lux with the Doctor, the Galactic Federation enforcer War-Lord Skaroux of the Vachysian race traced her to the planet. While en route to arrest her, he detected her lifesigns aboard the TARDIS and trapped her aboard the ship in a Null-Field. He later revealed that Olla was his former consort, but after she stole his money he was given orders to arrest her and bring her to trial.
See: Redemption!

The A-Net
Anarchist internet site on the colony planet Ha’olam in the late 22nd century which was accessed via datatablet. Sam used the site to help expose the amoral business practices of the company INC, which had bought out and closed down the Eurogen community she’d been working for. She also used the holographic options to contact a genetic projects discussion group and to get advice on security issues.
See: Seeing I

“The A to Z of Alien Encounters”
Reference book that Michael Sheridan, a reporter for ”Open Minds” (an independently published magazine from 1999 that dealt with matters outside the ordinary), had studied for so long that he could quote passages from it. There was a lengthy entry for ‘Blue Box’ in the book which Sheridan remembered when he examined the damage caused by the TARDIS after it crash-landed at Northgate Car Park.
See: The Suns of Caresh

Proto-australopithecine woman from the City of the Saved, an enclave beyond time and space which contained every resurrected human being who’d ever lived. It‘s thought that every person in the City, up to the last Post-Human (someone born after the destruction of the Earth) to die before the end of the universe, was a direct descendent of hers. She enjoyed a life of near-deification from thousands of ancestor cults.
See: Faction Paradox - The Book of the War


City in Germany, on the border with Belgium and the Netherlands, which was close to Felsennest, Adolf Hitler’s command post at the beginning of the second World War. The Doctor and Ace arrived here in May 1940 and drove out the Timewyrm from Hitler’s mind, leaving him a broken man. The Doctor was then able to convince Hitler to halt the German advance on Dunkirk and set history back on its proper course.
See: Timewyrm: Exodus

The Aaev
When Irving Braxiatel set up the Armageddon Convention in Venice, 1609, he scattered defence satellites in orbit around Earth. To avoid using technology built by those attending, he went back in time and bought the satellites off a race called the Aaev, who were glad to sell them as they‘d been sitting around for ages and never been used. Shortly afterwards, the Aaev were invaded and destroyed due to their lack of defences.
See: The Empire of Glass

Aaglon Sharks
Life form from the Agrave hinterlands on the planet Olleril. In the late 56th century, the deranged genius youth Crispin took the genotype from this species, and combined it with that of the Sline lizards, to create the ultimate living weapon. He called his bio-engineered creatures the Slaags, and they were amphibious carnivores who even eat wood and metal, but they excreted immediately so they had an insatiable appetite.
See: Tragedy Day

Engineering officer (second-litter, first sired) aboard the Felinetta ship which arrived in Australia in 1994. She was third in command and was often given the responsibility of running the ship and crew. She accompanied her mother, Queen Aysha, to Earth but was killed by the Euterpian Atimkos who had ultrasonic abilities and sang a harmonic that vibrated Aal’s body and disintegrated her fur and flesh.
See: Invasion of the Cat-People

The Aalas
Mindless servants of a super-computer called the One who lived aboard a spaceship-world from Andromeda and was planning to invade our galaxy. The Aalas were all male and seemed angelic, being immensely tall and blonde with handsome faces, but they were made artificially in a workshop. They drew their power from raw electricity and had no emotions as they believed this would prevent them becoming all-powerful.
See: Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space

The Aapex Corporation
Unscrupulous organisation from Mina Fourteen who illegally bio-engineered an artificial planet called Nooma as a template for terraforming low gravity planets. Shortly afterwards, the company went bankrupt and they attempted to cover up their secret, but the termination of their experiment went unchecked for four thousand years. Eventually all the surviving sentient beings on Nooma were granted legal status as free citizens.
See: Speed of Flight

Elderly priest from a religious order known as the Flight on the bio-engineered planet Nooma. He held the rank of Confessor-Senior in the Temple of Iujeemii. When Aapurian discovered the biology of his people was the result of an illegal genetics experiment conducted five thousand years ago by the Aapex Corporation, he elected to remain behind to die when his Temple was destroyed by weapons from an orbiting spaceship.
See: Speed of Flight

One of a group of first and second generation Christians who lived in the caves outside the city of Byzantium in 64 AD and translated the disciples’ memoirs and letter in order to spread the word of Jesus. Aaron was very headstrong and when he protested about the crucifixion of two Christians, who’d been accused of heresy, he was knifed to death by Yewhe, a young Zealot, who then turned on the Christians in the crowd.
See: Byzantium!

Aaron’s Month
During this month in the fiftieth century, a Memeovore - a creature which devours ideas and concepts - touched the Nepotism of Vaal, a society where family meant everything. The people became paranoid and viewed their closest and dearest loved ones as though they were impostors who’d been replaced by zombie look-alikes. Within three hours, there had been 1,000 murders and 10,000 calls for help to the authorities.
See: The Taking of Planet 5

Aason, Ken J
Pseudonym used by Jason Kane in the year 2604 when he started writing xenopornography again. Doctor Ken J Aason, whose name was an anagram of Jason’s own, was reputed to be one of several major scholars in the burgeoning field of Jason Kane Studies. Jason wrote “Raising Kane: the Primal Scene Re-Membered” under this alias to help boost sales after a visiting Professor of Comparative Literature belittled his work.
See: A Life Worth Living - Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants

The Aayavex System
A global genetics war wiped out the entire population on the third moon of Aayavex and led to the evolution of Spulver worms, flesh-eating parasites mutated from the combined DNA of gastropods and cephalopods. The bizarre ecosystem on Aayavex III attracted considerable scientific interest and at some stage a cargo ship passing through the system picked up either an egg or young Spulver worm before crash-landing on Eskon.
See: Coldheart

The Doctor was once infected by tiny thought parasites used by someone called Abaddon. When he later met Professor Zebulon Pryce, a scientist who was driven mad while researching icaron-based weaponry on Purgatory, the Doctor recalled the earlier incident and remembered screaming soundlessly as the parasites worked their way through his neuronic pathways, burning as they went.
See: Original Sin

In the Bible this is the realm of the dead, sometimes personified as a demon of the same name. In the 51st century on the satelloid Icarus Falling, in orbit around a prototype plasma sun called Crivello’s Cauldron, the communications seer Ptolemy Muttonchops saw a vision of Abaddon, the abode of the damned, in his gazing-pool in the Augury. The vision also included hordes of winged demons and a black sun rising.
See: Fire and Brimstone

In 3985, Bernice made her first trip to the Braxiatel Collection to hand over the results of Professor Rhukk’s Phaester Osiris expedition. En route, she had to suffer the overcrowded connection between Zincrast and Abadron, complete with squalling babies, at least half of which, she suspected, must have been born at some point in the queue to register that they were leaving Federation jurisdiction of their own free will.
See: Theatre of War
When the whole area of space was temporarily occupied by the Fifth Axis, the orbital space port above the planet of the same name remained free and the Axis took little interest in the way it was run apart from taking a share of the profits. The space port contained exhibitions, immersion games, famous restaurants and a sizeable casino, which was where Irving Braxiatel allegedly won the asteroid KS-19 at pontoon.
See: Life During Wartime - The Price of Everything

Boyfriend of Simmie, daughter of Captain Narthex who commanded Lord Kwundaar’s fleet of warships outside the Union of Traken. Simmie told her father she’d been seeing Abalon for a few months and he’d invited her to spend the weekend alone with him at his parent’s hunting lodge on their home planet Vizal Prime. Abalon was training to be an architect.
See: Primeval

The Abanak
Large, pink hippopotamus-like aliens, with a reputation for being friendly and trustworthy. They were one of three different races aboard the salvage ship Bonaventure which was scouring the planet Albert for riches, but the abanak captain Wulfstan Timtangle betrayed the others and was arrested on charges of damaging the race‘s public image. Non-essential abanaks on their home planet prefer to sleep throughout the winter.
See: Grimm Reality

Closest planet to the dark zones, an area of space far away from the trade routes. A refuelling satellite on the far side of Abarantikos was the nearest one to the space platform where the artificial lifeform Fegovy was luring criminals and warlike species on the pretext of bidding in auctions for priceless treasures. The Doctor and Mel were in the area drilling minerals from an asteroid to test a fascinating theory about interstitial bias.
See: Decalog 3 - Fegovy

Head of the First Family, and therefore ruler, of the continent of Tranquela, which was being periodically hit with a hate-inducing ray by the Dwarf Mordant, spurring the people into violent action. Abatan refused to open the island’s Armoury as this would be perceived as an act of war against their neighbours, but he was tricked into doing so by his warmongering rival Escoval. When he learned the truth, he shot the traitor dead.
See: The Ultimate Evil

The successful pop group from Sweden who had worldwide chart hits in the 1970s and 80s. When IMC troops took control of the Eden Project’s scientific research base on Belial, Bernice asked the Doctor to cause a distraction so she could slip away. He did so by standing on one hand, juggling five balls and singing a medley of ABBA songs. His routine was deemed by his audience to be a success.
See: Lucifer Rising

When the Doctor and Sam boarded Iris Wildthyme’s TARDIS, disguised as the number 22 bus to Putney Common, they discovered a cassette player set into the dashboard where the dimensional stabilisers ought to be. A few old tapes were scattered around, including Motown, Shirley Bassey and ABBA, and the Doctor could picture Iris listening to them as she drove her ship manually through the space-time vortex.
See: The Scarlet Empress

At some stage during their travels together, the Doctor took Rose to see ABBA perform at Wembley Arena in 1979. The only experience that compared with it was when they later visited the Vanezian Opera House to see a performance by the Automatic Orchestra, a machine that was reported to make the most beautiful music in the Universe, but actually used Rokathia technology to drain inspiration from people’s minds.
See: Storybook 2007 - Opera of Doom

Abbas, Ben
Young rogue who murdered his wife and was sentenced to life aboard the prison correctional ship Castor. There he was forced to relive his own crime until his memories, together with that of the other prisoners, were distilled into a dark angel creature that swept through the ship devouring everyone. Abbas was the last to die but the Doctor was later swallowed up by the entity and experienced the man’s crime, trial and sentence.
See: Wooden Heart

The Abbasid Era
Period of history on the planet Hyspero, a world inhabited by mythological and mystical creatures. When the Doctor and Sam visited the capital city to take advantage of its famous shopping facilities and met a dying Iris Wildthyme, they found they were in the third decade of the Abbasid Era.
See: The Scarlet Empress

Abberline, Frederick
London Metropolitan Police Inspector who was a prominent figure in the investigation into the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. When the Doctor joined Inspector MacDonald and Dr John Watson in the Tank, the private bar located in the basement of Scotland Yard, they observed Inspectors Lestrade and Abberline among the crowded patrons, both grumbling over their pints by the bar.
See: All-Consuming Fire

Abberton, William
Doctor who conducted inhuman genetic experiments on prisoners in the top-secret Forge installation in order to create super-soldiers for use in the First World War. In 1915, one of his victims escaped and left him for dead, forcing him to inject himself with the Twilight Virus. Going by the name of Nimrod, and augmented by the Forge until no one’s sure whether he’s man, machine or vampire, he began hunting his own creations.
See: Project: Twilight

The Abbey of Thelema
Name given to an ‘anti-monastery’ where the inhabitants live according to their own free will and pleasure, such as the one founded by occultist Aleister Crowley in Cefalù, Sicily in 1920. It was from this Abbey that Canon Aelfric Pincock stole the collection plate he presented to Varney in exchange for admittance to his private island in the South Pacific, where guests were invited to sit out the Second World War in luxury.
See: Tooth and Claw

Abbey Road
Location in London which is famous for the EMI Studios. The TARDIS landed here in January 1969, enabling Ace to foil an attempt to murder John Lennon as he performed for the last time with the Beatles on the roof of the Apple building. The would-be assassin was a housecleaner possessed by the telepath Huitzilin, who hoped to increase the panic and despair in the world, thereby providing him with more psychic energy
See: The Left-Handed Hummingbird

“Abbeydale High”
One of the awful TV programmes shown by the Meson Broadcasting Service and transmitted from a space station located midway between Meson Primus and Torrok. Although funded by advertising, viewers were forced to watch the sixteen channels by law, and the transmissions were also encoded with hypnotic signals. Some viewers felt “Abbeydale High” encouraged the youth to show disrespect to their elders.
See: Time of Your Life

The Abbot
Head of a monastery in China known as the Temple of Wu-wei where the monks believed in the principle of non-interference. They’d been chanting prayers of peace without a break for 150 years as they believed the sins of the world were locked within a “soul jar”, but this was revealed to be the Master’s alien mind parasite. The Abbot was shot dead by the Master when the parasite was revived by the arrival of violent UNIT soldiers.
See: Sympathy for the Devil

Abbot, Andrew
Pupil at the Hulton Academy for Boys, a school in the little Norfolk town of Farringham which was dedicated to producing military officers. In April 1914 his history teacher was Doctor John Smith, who was really the Doctor after he’d transformed his DNA and created a fictional persona in order to explore the human condition and better understand his friends.
See: Human Nature

Abbot, John and Katie
Father and daughter who lived in an unnamed village in Somerset in 1936. The fourth Doctor and Sarah found the grave of John Abbot, one of twelve people who’d died over a period of days from werewolf attacks. At some time over the previous two weeks, the eighth Doctor had arrived in the area during his amnesiac period and saved young Katie Abbot from under a horse, which earned him the respect of the villagers.
See: Wolfsbane

The Abbot of Mai'Sung
Religious leader who founded an organisation called the Society of Earth‘s Friends, with the aim of improving the planet by kidnapping the world’s top scientists. He lured them all to several scientific conferences and put them into comas with a nerve gas, for which he had the only cure. At his base, hidden inside a mountain in Asia, the Doctor convinced the Abbot’s fellow monks they had sinned and they turned against him.
See: Deadly Choice

Abbotly, Christian Ian
Expatriate living in Romania at the time that an international peace conference was taking place. In truth, he was behind ‘Project CIA‘ (based on his initials) which used Dr Mikhail Berberova’s work in the field of sonics to disrupt the conference by affecting people’s perceptions, creating the illusion of supernatural visitations and generating fear within their minds. His tried to shoot Sarah Jane Smith when she discovered his plans.
See: Sarah Jane Smith: Ghost Town

Abbots Clinton
Rural community about thirty minutes’ walk from Abbots Siolfor, the family estate of Norton Silver in the English countryside. Captain William Pickering, who was undergoing training at the house on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, visited the village in 1998 with Sam and had lunch at the White Lion pub.
See: Option Lock

Abbots Siolfor
Family estate in the English countryside where hypnotist Norton Silver trained soldiers to resist brainwashing techniques. Since the 13th century, it had been home to a group of alchemists who were possessed by the Khameirians after they crashed in the area. Thanks to their influence, the estate was chosen as the site of an international conference to hand control of Station Nine, an orbiting nuclear war deterrent, over to the UN.
See: Option Lock

Political prisoner who was released from his cell in the Arab nation of Kebiria by Jo during her own escape attempt after she was arrested by the suspicious government. Abdelsalam was one of the Giltean freedom fighters working alongside freelance terrorist Vincent Tayid, but after taking Jo and journalist Catriona Talliser to their safe-house in the Sahara desert, the camp was strafed by Kebirian jets and Abdelsalam was killed.
See: Dancing the Code

“The Abduction from the Seraglio”
Opera by Mozart which was first produced at the command of the Austrian Emperor Joseph II. The Doctor and Sabbath attended the premiere in Vienna, 1782, and although the Doctor paid rapt attention throughout, Sabbath felt the narrative structure was diabolical. The Doctor tried to get backstage afterwards to find out if rumours about the Emperor’s criticism that there were too many notes were true, but he was unsuccessful.
See: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street

“Abdullah, Father
New name adopted by former Star Chamber agent Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton after he defected to Faction Paradox. He was their most notable recruit and their foremost expert into the Mal’akh, the name given to those tainted by the Yssgaroth influence. However, his researches have been sealed by Faction Paradox, implying that he may have learned things about the Mal’akh which could compromise the Faction.
See: Faction Paradox - The Book of the War

Former soldier from a squad of Imperial Marines who were partly converted into Cybermen, but who then turned to religion to deal with their half-cybernetic status. They called themselves the Mithran Fusiliers and believed their world to be Paradise, seeking to welcome anyone else fortunate enough to survive the surgical knife of the Cybermen. When Leela attacked the squad to rescue the Doctor, Abel was badly injured.
See: One Bad Apple

Employee of the InCorporate on the planet Dronid in the year 15367. According to his fellow patrons at Shockley’s Den of Almost Limitless Iniquity, a shady drinking club located in Traducersville, Mr Abel once winged the Doctor with a microwave knife. Although this should have caused major tissue damage, the Doctor apparently just walked away from it. No further details of the alleged incident are recorded.
See: Alien Bodies

Abel 3627
Galactic cluster, which includes the Constellation of Virgo. At it‘s edge, fifty million light years from Earth, can be found the Great Attractor. Space in the area is riddled with gravitational turbulence and other distortions, and when the Doctor’s TARDIS was catapulted here by the Master, he was forced to Time Ram the Master's TARDIS, then pull back at the last moment in order to free himself and return to Earth.
See: The Quantum Archangel

Abel, James
Male nurse who worked at the Retreat, an asylum which always had a reputation for being haunted. He was revealed to be the human agent for the Sholem-Luz, creatures that tunnel through the Time Vortex searching for mental turmoil. He tried to burn down the building with all the patients and staff inside, but was dragged into their portal and ended up insane, believing himself to be a retired time traveller called the Doctor.
See: The Sleep of Reason

Police sergeant, described as an elderly man with a Kitchener moustache in the Norfolk town of Farringham in 1914. When the Aubertide Serif was taken to the police station after a poison gas attack which melted the patients and staff at the local hospital, Abelard suspected Serif might be German and feared the country was at war. He was shot through the head when the other Aubertides arrived to rescue their colleague.
See: Human Nature

Nickname given by John Sharon, the youngest of the famous Sharon brothers, to a member of the isolated Yanomano tribe who assisted him while he worked to find a cure to a blight that had hit their tropical rainforest in the 30th century. The name originally came from an old British guy that his family employed as a butler while they were running the international rescue team called Global Response.
See: The Indestructible Man

Vulgar manservant to Colonel Edmund Ross who was staying at Fulbright Hall in in the Devonshire village of Bodham near Dartmoor in 1880. Ross was a secret agent for the British government who handled matters that fell outside normal intelligence work. He and Abercrombie, who was said to be the best burglar in the West End, were investigating stories of sea monsters and homeless children who’d vanishing from the area.
See: Evolution

When the Doctor decided to explore the human condition, he transformed his DNA and created a fictional persona for himself as schoolteacher Doctor John Smith. In 1914 he applied for a job at the Hulton Academy for Boys in Farringham and presented a superb set of references from the Flavian Academy of Aberdeen. The Doctor claimed that the headmaster there, Mr Gothley, was very keen on knowing everyone’s affairs.
See: Human Nature

Impoverished human colony where the settlers were forced to turn to cannibalism, eating family members when they died. They lived under plastic and corrugated iron, with mud floors and no sanitation. There were meant to be food-drops every week, but they often didn’t get through. Eventually the military were sent in to fire-bomb the settlement, but many of the people were physically and sexually abused by their rescuers.
See: The Dimension Riders

Abeyesekere, Vishesh
Worker on the Moon who helped people use the automated search engines. In 2040, the Doctor accused the base of attacking his TARDIS, but in fact it was still running a diagnostic from an earlier visit to this year, causing the ship to return periodically to the same point in time and space for updates. Vishesh helped the TARDIS overcome its fault and then discovered he’d developed a symbiotic link with his search engines.
See: Outsourcing

Creatures that feed upon the complex endocrinic secretions of a humanoid undergoing a specific blend of horror and revulsion. The Snatas were such creatures and their original gene-plasm came from a species long extinct on Earth and formed the basis for certain vestigial human myths. The Snata encountered by Chris and Roz in the Charon created macrocosm known as the System was probably the last of its kind.
See: Sky Pirates!

Abi, Abigail
Afrikaan military officer from an alternative version of 1972 where South Africa was at war with Europe after trading technology with “machine people“ living at the South Pole. Abigail oversaw the bombing of London which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people, then she joined a mission to prevent a suicide squad destroying London’s nuclear reactor, but she was shot and killed by a sniper at North Greenwich station.
See: The Time Travellers

Young ward of Miss Allardyce, one of a number of guests who attended a séance in 1849. Abigail was a plump, sullen and charmless girl, aged about 14, but she had the gift of second sight. During the séance she became possessed by an evil force attempting to engineer its own reincarnation and gain a foothold in this world, but another guest, writer Edgar Allan Poe, pushed over a candle and Abigail burst into flames.
See: Aries: The True and Indisputable Facts in the Case of the Ram’s Skull

One of five creatures known collectively as the Malevilus who were revered as gods in an alternative version of Earth in which the Roman Empire had been deliberately extended. The Malevilus chose Rome because it was such a war-like nation, then they gave it the technology to expand, moulding every conquest for their own evil ends. Abiss was killed when their spaceship exploded on take-off after being drained of power.
See: The Iron Legion

Crewmember aboard a space beacon in orbit around Pendor. The evil scientist Skeeda tried to hypnotise them into destroying the atmospheric layer protecting the planet from radiation and sending out misleading signals to space traffic. Able’s task was to issue a message to each nation that would have them declaring war on each other. The Doctor used a flashlight to hypnotise Skeeda and make him the astronaut’s servant.
See: Flashback (Doctor Who Annual 1979)

The Abnaki
A tribe of Native Americans belonging to the Algonquian people of Northeast America, sometimes referred to as the Abenaki or Wabanki. Lieutenant Kristal Owl Eye Wildcat of the Pasamaquoddy, who was a member of an elite military unit called White Shadow, originated from this tribe. In 2002 she was part of a mission to recover the crashed Stormcore, an alien device which could open portals into another dimension.
See: Drift

Pupil in a school run by an advanced race which used psychometric tests to predict criminal tendencies at birth. Future criminals were then frozen as children and forced to remain in the school as prisoners. Abney was a specialist in metaphysics and was the first pupil to be killed by the corporeal manifestation of a brutal terrorist attack which one of the children would have committed had he been allowed to grow up.
See: Long Term

The Abnormal Psychology Interest Group
One of the social groups that existed on the Worldsphere to keep the People occupied, although most of the groups were just a collection of individuals with a shared interest and they didn’t have to actually join anything. This particular group specialised in working alongside the veterans of their war against the Insects of the Great Hive Mind after some of the ships and drones started showing signs of psychological damage.
See: Walking to Babylon

The Abode of the Supernatural
A space-age castle that was the domain of Zentor, a super-criminal on the legendary ‘Haunted Planet‘. He had perfected a deadly gas that could poison the atmospheres of every civilised planet and was planning to hold the Universe to ransom.
See: The Haunted Planet

Aborted Regenerations
A regeneration can sometimes fail when a Time Lord has massive injuries and extensive tissue damage and is unable to receive the proper medical care or therapy. If the regeneration has to be aborted it can lead to a malformed body with twisted extra limbs, as if two bodies have been clumsily joined together. This happened to the War Chief after he was repeatedly shot at close range by the War Lords’ energy weapons.
See: Timewyrm: Exodus

“About Faith: Sociological & Psychological Aspects of Religion”
Book published by Croswell Educational Books in 1980. One article, entitled “Beyond Belief”, was written by Timothy Hudson and suggested the arrival of self-proclaimed ’gods’ fulfilled the needs of the people of New York in 1965. He added that after further manipulation from theatrical agent Alexander Lullington-Smyth, the gods provided a more alluring escape route to a people torn apart by crime, poverty and discrimination.
See: Salvation

One of the realms within the Great Kingdom, the version of London created in 1999 by Ashley Chapel using the Millennium Codex. This realm was ruled from the Tower of Abraxas (formerly the Canary Wharf Tower) by the Magnus Ashmael Archimage, a version of Ashley Chapel himself, assisted by auriks, six foot tall creatures with armoured skin incorporating curved spikes at each joint and faces like carved masks.
See: Millennial Rites

Hulking servant to a mysterious woman named Mestizer in London, 1949. As an organic/mechanical hybrid, he spoke with a mechanical voice and was impervious to bullets. He was sent to kill the time channeller Emily Blandish, but Honoré Lechasseur, an ex-GI with time-sensitive abilities, was able to find a weak point in his mechanical armour and fatally wound him, before they dumped his body in the Thames.
See: The Cabinet of Light

The Absolute
Entity that travelled through time collecting information for a data network called the System. It existed on the fringe of human perception and was able to observe events from an individual person’s point of view. However, it couldn’t cope with the contradictory views provided by different witnesses and was driven insane, leading to the creation of a second creature composed of the personalities of those it had possessed.
See: History 101

The Absolute Acceptance
Name of one of the globerollers used by the Venusians three billion years ago to travel the long-distances between cities. They are single huge wheels with a pentagonal platform halfway up and are wind powered, although they also have masts. The Absolute Acceptance was used by Barbara and Trikhobu to search for Ian, who’d been taken prisoner, but their globeroller was becalmed not far from the city of Inharihib.
See: Venusian Lullaby

The Absolute Imperial Bailiff
The court official who, in 2982, charged the Doctor with the murder of Helen I, Divine Empress Gloriana, who’d reigned on Earth for 150 years and had become an old husk kept alive by machines. The Doctor had agreed to assist in her euthanasia at her own request to help end her suffering. At his trial, many of those present with latent psi genes were transformed into monsters, and the Bailiff was shot by his own drone.
See: So Vile a Sin

Absolute Tesseractulator
Device that allows a TARDIS to pinpoint dimensional locations, according to “Tales from the Matrix - True Stories from TARDIS Logs Retold for Time Tots” by Loom Auntie Flavia. The same source, which tells of a failed attempt by the Doctor and Charlie to return young Will Shakespeare to Stratford on Avon, goes on to say that the Doctor wouldn’t make such mistakes if he’d bothered to take the Tesseractulator out of its box.
See: Apocrypha Bipedium

“Absolutely Fabulous”
Popular BBC TV comedy series (1992-2004) starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. When the TARDIS landed in England sometime during the late nineteenth century and the Doctor went to investigate some time disruptions in Liverpool and Fitz struck up a friendship with the geologist George Williamson, Anji returned to the TARDIS alone, curled up with a bowl of popcorn and watched archival reruns of this series.
See: Camera Obscura

“Abstract Meanderings in Theoretical Physics”
Scientific journal which, in the March 9978 edition, published an article written by the Earth Reptiles Ethra and Teelis around the end of the one hundredth century on temporal embolisms and paradox wavefronts. They theorised that it took twenty minutes of absolute Blinovitch time for alterations in history to become permanent. Professor Ladygay Matisse considered the authors to be bumbling alcoholics.
See: The Crystal Bucephalus

The Doctor kept various scientific journals lying around in the TARDIS, including “Abstract Meanderings in Theoretical Physics” and “Wormhole Monthly“. During her travels with him, Mel found she was falling rather behind with her technical journals as the titles he kept were a little too esoteric for her tastes.
See: Millennial Rites

“The Absurdity of Performance”
Book written by Wanlek Ackman and published in 2044, in which he theorises that an actor has very little to do with a performance and is slave to the part. He adds that the actor may feel as though he is in control, but in fact he should avoid bringing any of his personality or characteristics to the performance and the characters in a play are really men of destiny - the ultimate existentialists.
See: Theatre of War

Intoxicating drink which may seem agreeable at the time, but if taken in excess, will leave your mouth feeling like the inside of a vacuum-cleaner and your brain delegating all responsibilities to your bladder because it seems like the most lucid part of your anatomy. Failed student Astrabel Zar and his friends over-indulged on absynthzo before going on holiday to Gadrahadradon, the most haunted planet in the Universe.
See: The Tomorrow Windows

An archaeological site comprising two massive twin rock temples in southern Egypt on the western bank of Lake Nasser. Peri once visited the Great Temple of Abu-Simbel while on holiday and she was reminded of the colossi here when she subsequently saw the carved figures of Antony and Cleopatra at the entrance of the Temple of the Oracle on the alternative version of Rome on terra Alpha in 10 BC.
See: State of Change

Planet, sometimes referred to as the Rim World of Abydos. At the ‘vulgar end of time’, in the far distant future, everything had been discovered, everybody knew everybody else and their business, all the interesting wars were over, technology had made every pleasure affordable and nobody strove for anything any more. It was all very boring and Abydos, in particular, was noted for having no interesting features whatsoever.
See: The One Doctor

Lake on Gallifrey. When Romana was young, her family would spend most summers in a house on the shore here. As she was an only child and didn’t have many friends, she would later recall going swimming and collecting Zinc Hawthorns alone - but in fact she had two best friends here and she only forgot them because they were erased completely from the timeline by the CIA’s darkest secret, the Oubliette of Eternity
See: Neverland

AC Milan
Italian football club which is one of the most successful in the world. When the odds against the Doctor are overwhelming, he recalls the 2005 European Cup Final in which Liverpool was 3-0 down at half-time against AC Milan and everything looked hopeless. He was there when Liverpool scored three times in the second half and went on to win the match in extra time. Thinking of this story reminds him never to give up.
See: Something Inside

University planet which was one of the many Earth colonies during the 25th century. In 2568 the Spinward Corporation stepped up their operations on the terraformed planet Arcadia and their head of research presented the company’s computer with a list of promising candidates for their scientific teams. The pick of the crop were recruited from the postgraduates of Earth, Astral and Academia.
See: Deceit

The Academia
Precursor of the Time Lord Academy, or Prydonian Academy, in the days on Gallifrey. It was located in the City's Olmesian Quarter and was run by Priests of the Menti Celesti, the Gallifreyan Gods, and controlled by the Court of Principals under the Pythia. It trained telepaths and taught philosophy, strategy sports and military manoeuvres. The students were called cadets and the Military Officers were called Heroes.
See: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible

The Academia Library
Located within the Academia of Gallifrey during the early days. At that time, Rassilon was still primarily an architect and stellar engineer and he worked in an office above the west wing of the Library. At one stage he was temporarily held under house arrest for misappropriation of Academia revenues. The Pythia replaced her eye with one taken from the severed head of the Sphinx of Thule, which she stole from the Library.
See: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible

The Academia Scholastica
Educational establishment on Vulcan where Professor Ladygay Matisse studied in the year 10,753. It was here that she was first approached by Maximillian Arrestis, head of the criminal Elective, and encouraged to seduce fellow scientist Alexhendri Lassiter in the hope that they could tap into his time travel experiment.
See: The Crystal Bucephalus

The Academia Solaris
Educational establishment where temporal scientist Professor Hoffman worked. When Hoffman was invited to Vandor Prime’s Thor Orbital Facility in the Gamma Delphinus System to look over their temporal baffles which keep the asteroid phased one hour ahead of real time. He was kidnapped by Glitz and substituted with the Doctor, who wanted to find out where the two assassins Sha'ol and Karthakh got their equipment
See: Mission: Impractical

The Academia Temporalis
Educational establishment in the mid-56th century which offered correspondence courses in subjects like social sciences. Forgwyn’s mother Meredith, whose spaceship had crashed on the tropical island Avax on the planet Olleril, had a friend called Doris who was doing a course with the Academia, and Forgwyn used to read her textbooks when he was left alone as a kid. Doris later got vaporised by a Rutan suicide squad.
See: Tragedy Day

Academicians for Game Logic
Thirty years before the War, the Great Houses appointed the diplomat Devonshire as the first holder of this post. Game Logic is the theory that behaviour is governed by rules no different from games, and that any meeting of intelligences can be prescribed and predicted as if it were a game. It’s application in this case gave them the self-awareness that their War was more of a ritual than a literal war over resources or territory.
See: Faction Paradox - The Book of the War

L’Académie Française
Official learned body in France, originally established in 1635, that acted as an authority on all matters pertaining to the language. The Académie consisted of forty members, known as Immortals. In Paris 1897, the Doctor claimed to be the four hundredth and first chair of this organisation, albeit travelling incognito, when he visited the morgue of the Caserne de la Cité and assisted in the autopsy of Emil Montfalcon.
See: The Death of Art

The Academy of Sciences
Organisation made up of scientific institutes across Russia. When the Doctor brought Liz Shaw to St Petersburg in 1916, she was contacted by Kuznetzov, an Academician who claimed to share her scientific background. While he took her to the Academy on the Bolshaya Neva, the Doctor was suspicious and contacted the Academy, and discovered Kuznetzov was an agent of the Socialist Republic fighting section
See: The Wages of Sin

The Academy von Stroppenheim for Advanced Neogenetic Research
Nazi Doktor Wilhelm Hermann Eisenck Fetisch - biosurgeon, gene-snatcher and submarine designer extraordinaire of the SSSSSSS group encountered on Tyler’s Folly in 2594 - was once thrown out of this establishment just because they thought he was mad. Mad? Him? Hahahaaahaaah! Back in the thirties he was involved with one of the big Stella Storan neo-Nazi groups and he was said to look old even then.
See: Down

Accelerated Time Storms
The war between the Plutocrats and the Defaulters was fought with weapons capable of accelerating and decelerating time in a limited area, causing soldiers to age to death in seconds or be frozen for eternity. The ATSs made 100 years pass in an instant, turning its targets to dust. Dr Paterson, a researcher on Isolation Station 40, devised a time travel capsule that worked by generating an ATS within a decelerated time field.
See: Anachrophobia

The Acceptancers
Three billion years ago the temperature on the planet Venus started to rise and the population faced extinction. A number of Venusian factions offered different solutions to the problem and believed they could escape, but the majority of the populations were Acceptancers who were resigned to their fate and saw the others as cranks. Instead, they insisted everyone should concentrate exclusively on conserving resources.
See: Venusian Lullaby

The Accepter of the Wind
Name of one of the globerollers used by the Venusians three billion years ago to travel the long-distances between cities. They are single huge wheels with a pentagonal platform halfway up and are wind powered, although they also have masts. The Accepter of the Wind transported Ian as a prisoner from the city of Bikugih to the nearby country of Inharihib, but he escaped and was left stranded in a forest of petrol trees.
See: Venusian Lullaby

“An Account of an Expedition to Siberia”
In 1938, the Doctor found this journal, telling of palaeontologist George Williamson’s disastrous expedition to Siberia and written by Fitz, in a small used book store on Euston Road. Later, the Doctor visited the British Museum, where the few surviving pages from the journal were on public display. When the Doctor returned to the bookshop in 1937 in order to make sure his earlier self bought it, he found himself in a parallel reality.
See: Time Zero

With the multiverse collapsing down into a single timeline, the Doctor continued searching for the correct one in order to ensure that his earlier self purchased Fitz’s journal. Despite his concern that this might be just what Sabbath’s masters wanted him to do, he knew it was necessary in order to stabilise the proper version of history as the primary timeline. Oddly, the book store he visited this time was on Charing Cross Road.
See: Timeless

“Account of the Kapteynian Peoples”
Document written by a living machine known as Historian which detailed the Caxtarids’ invasion of Kapteyn 5 in which they “sorted out” their population problem. They enslaved the majority of the sixty sentient species that lived there, but exterminated four of the others and made deals with another eight. They also introduced a tribute system in which a percentage of the survivors were handed over, to be eaten or used as slaves.
See: The Room with No Doors

The Accumulator
Central computer that ran the Krib, the biggest bank in the Universe, on behalf of the manager, Mr Kingfish. Inside, families conducted business while their children destroyed the populations of any planets that had failed to make repayment loans, in preparation for their resale. The Accumulator also operated ‘free-reins‘, which prevented unauthorised movement inside the bank, until the Doctor switched control to the Speculator.
See: The Woman Who Sold the World

Hired killer employed by a man called Oleson to murder the collector Preston R Antrim and steal a valuable artefact known as the Purpura Pawn. Acél later learned that Oleson had himself been betrayed by one of his own associates so he set off after the killer, vowing revenge. During the exchange of fire, Bev Tarrant was shot and Acél was apparently buried by an explosion, but in fact he survived and managed to escape.
See: The Purpura Pawn

‘Ace's Kiss of Death’
Unofficial name given by Spacefleet veterans in the 26th century to describe the kind of unrequited love that results in the sacrifice of others. Bernice had witnessed many examples on a number of planets and learned about the term given to the condition when she visited her own time a few years after she’d left.
See: Sanctuary

One of the planets of scientific or historic interest that were protected by the Galactic Heritage Foundation, ensuring they couldn’t be sold or developed. It was also visited in the past by actor Prubert Gastridge who’d been tricked into introducing “selfish memes” to a list of backwater cultures, causing the native populations to wipe themselves out, leaving behind only prime real estate which could then be bought up cheaply.
See: The Tomorrow Windows

Achebe Gorge
One of the northern branches of the Valles Marineris, a system of canyons located just south of the equator on Mars. It was named after a former President of the Union of Solar Republics and there is a huge bas-relief of his face carved into the rock face. When Brigadier Yembe Lethbridge-Stewart, Commanding Officer of the ‘Zen Brigade’, died in the year 2106, he was buried alongside his wife here.
See: Transit

In the early years of the 23rd century Terrance and Sara Mukabi of Farside Station put the Doctor through a simulation of an earlier battle during the Thousand Day War, where the 101st Marines were ambushed on Achebe Gorge. In previous scenarios, an 80% survival rate was considered a success, but rather than following events as they happened in history, the Doctor’s actions enabled the 101st Marines to win.
See: Fear Itself

In 2982, Duke Abu ibn Walid, an agent of the Brotherhood who wanted to turn humanity into psionics, became Earth’s Emperor, but Roz’s sister Leabie Forrester led an armed rebellion against him. The so-called Three Day War that followed resulted in Roz’s death during the final attack on Walid’s heavily defended command centre in an event that went down in history as the Battle of Achebe Gorge.
See: So Vile a Sin

The brightest star in the Eridani constellation. In 1957 the Rutan Host was massing in this area and posed the only potential threat to the Tzun Confederacy who had landed in New Mexico, but it was felt they would be to occupied by their blood-feud with the Sontarans to approach this system. In the unlikely event that they did, the Tzun probes would detect them early enough to allow them to prepare a defensive strategy.
See: First Frontier

The Acheron
Prison ship from the Callisto Penitentiary. The prisoners stormed the medical facility after Doctor Zukovec conducted genetic research on them to develop genetic weaponry and to create NuSynths, advanced synthetic bodies that could pass for humans. When Zukovec escaped, the prisoners took control of the Acheron and pursued her to the Moon, where they crash-landed the ship to avoid the security systems.
See: Decalog 4: Re-Generations - C9H13NO3


The Achilles
American space mission which made a successful landing on the Moon. The crew discovered a deep cylindrical shaft in the lunar surface which led to the burial chamber of a member of an ancient alien race. When the returning space capsule entered the Earth's atmosphere, the astronauts were turned to stone due to a fragment of the mineral Crunthel which they’d picked up from the tunnel floor.
See: Lords of the Ether

Achilles 4
Believed to be the location of a peace conference intended to end centuries of warfare between the planets of Angvia and Gholos. In fact, Achilles 4 was purely set up as a distraction for terrorists belonging to Angvian separatist groups and the real peace conference took place telepathically on Dark Space 8 with the minds of the key delegates imprinted subconsciously into the performers of the 308th Intergalactic Song Contest.
See: Bang-Bang-a-Boom!

Traditional name of Eta Cassiopeiae, a star system 19.4 light years away from Earth in the constellation of Cassiopeia, which contained Viveka, the first human outpost in its sector. Braxiatel wanted to return certain cultural artefacts to the planet after they’d been occupied by the Fifth Axis, but many of the native Erinanceans refused the offer and denounced the artefacts as symbols of human imperialism
See: A Life Worth Living - Reparation

Personal advisor to the Draconian Kaon, Lord of the Seven Provinces of the planet Actinon. Achmar purchased the Doctor and Frobisher, who were being sold as slaves after ordering drinks without having the money to pay for them, then he sacrificed himself by leading Kaon’s soldiers on a suicidal frontal attack against their enemy, Vegar the Vengeful, as a distraction while Kaon rescued his kidnapped daughter.
See: War-Game

Number Two husband to Ming, who in turn was co-married to the chairman of the Solar Transit System that linked all the planets of Earth’s solar system in the early 22nd century. He worked at Lowell Depot, the slum area at the end of the Transit line on Pluto, but his shift supervisor regarded herself as the driving force and dismissed Achmed as an overpaid supernumerary who only kept his job because of who he was married to.
See: Transit

Star in the Ramshorn Spiral, around which orbited Sheol, the single inhabited world of the system. On this planet was the city of Heaven, which was founded by the Levitican Fathers, and where the sin and temptation of the city threatened the entire State of Heaven. The Ministers of Grace sent an angel named Yy to tell the people that they were to be moved elsewhere so the State wouldn’t be corrupted
See: The Ruins of Heaven

Young priest from Tenochtitlan in 1487. He attempted to kill the Doctor while under the influence of the Blue, then he took the Doctor and Ace to a sacred cave where they found the remains of the power core from a crashed Exxilon spaceship. He later assisted the Doctor when he ingested the mushrooms Aztec priests took during their sacred rituals, but during the experiment Achtli died from a psychic haemorrhage.
See: The Left-Handed Hummingbird

Ackman, Wanlek
Author of a book called “The Absurdity of Performance“, which was published in 2044, in which he theorises that an actor has very little to do with a performance and is slave to the part. He added that the actor may feel as though he is in control, but in fact he should avoid bringing any of his personality or characteristics to the performance and the characters in a play are really men of destiny - the ultimate existentialists.
See: Theatre of War

Ackroyd, Peter
Master of the freak show at a Victorian circus run by the ruthless Malacroix. As a young man, Ackroyd burnt down a synagogue in order to join his criminal gang, but was then blackmailed into serving Malacroix for the rest of his life. When Ackroyd witnessed visions of a future London under the thrall of Jack the Ripper, he freed the rest of the performers and together they exacted their revenge on the evil gang leader.
See: Matrix


ACME Industries
Company based in New Brentford on Earth which made the ‘disinfectroid’ robots the Doctor and Rose met on an quarantined space station near Jupiter. All the vacuumed rubbish was being teleported to a junk yard on another planet, against the wishes of the native inhabitants, so the Doctor reprogrammed the robots to send the rubbish back to the company’s headquarters in the hope that it would change their corporate policy.
See: The Germ War

The company also produced the cyber detectives on the crime world known as the Sunset Strip where all the laws had been suspended. One of the robots accompanied Doll, the daughter of Don Corpulone, and when she ordered it to kill the Doctor, he persuaded it he belonged to an endangered robot species that needed his help. The androids were made of duralinium but could all be switched off with a universal override code.
See: Gangster’s Paradise / Heads You Lose

ACME Lizard-Monster Eradication Device
Device built using spare parts by Dr Who, the fictional double of the Doctor created by energy from the Land of Fiction, and used at the request of a low-grade civil servant on the planet Detrios to defeat the green lizard monsters which were attacking his Citadel. In fact, the lizard people had a rich culture of their own, but Dr Who was oblivious to the wider issues when he exterminated ninety percent of the lizard population.
See: Head Games

“Acme of Evil”
Catalogue of devices which supplied super-villains with everything they might need. Among the items they could buy was a Floating Lair of Villainy, which looked like an oil platform. Bernice and Jason were kidnapped and taken by helicopter to one of these Lairs, but it was later revealed to be a movie set intended to trick Jason into summoning the demon Agrazoth, and save the producers a fortune on special effects.
See: A Life in Pieces - Zardox Break

The Acolyte
Spaceship which took the squad of the mercenary Mithran Fusiliers, led by Colonel Joshua, who were partly converted into Cybermen and had turned to religion to deal with their half-cybernetic status, to the world they called Paradise. Even before the ship had touched down, its sensors had built a computer model of the landscape which it inserted into one half of the commander’s brain. The bridge was grey and functional.
See: One Bad Apple

Acquired Antiques
Company in Leichardt, Sydney, Australia. In 1994, the young British student Nate Simms earned a sleeping partnership in this company because of his interest in all things ancient and heritage-based. Together with a prosperous job, he was financially secure for life, but while enjoying a long weekend of hitch-hiking, he was kidnapped by the Euterpian Godwanna who was experimenting to release people’s psychic potential.
See: Invasion of the Cat-People

The Acquisition of Alien Artefacts Department
Government department in the 27th century run by the minister Matthew Barrister, who was a friend of Irving Braxiatel. The AAA was contacted by Detective Inspector Braughtigan who was investigating the theft of a valuable artefact called the Purpura Pawn. In fact the presence of the Pawn on Earth was a trick by a forger hoping to sell duplicate copies, but Braughtigan did discover that Barrister was susceptible to blackmail.
See: A Life in Pieces - The Purpura Pawn

Acree, Teddy and Swan
Married couple who owned a Goth hangout and art gallery called Death’s Door in New Orleans in 2001. Teddy was a reclusive but he begged the Doctor to pose naked with his wife for a sculpture of the Angel of Death. They also persuaded the Doctor to visit a haunted house they’d designed, but after Teddy finally caught a glimpse of the powers he’d been trying to capture artistically all his life, he committed suicide.
See: The City of the Dead

The Acronids of Theese
The parable of Cletus and Brock in the temple of the Acronids of Theese was one of the many stories, fables and religious homilies contained within the Codex of the Lazarus Intent, the documented history of a religion that predicted the ability to travel in time. The religious leader Sven Tornqvist was reminded of this parable while discussing the number of loathsome specimens who might try to take over control of the Exemplar.
See: The Crystal Bucephalus

Acros Magnus
Also known as the Seventh Kai Psychomancer, this was one of the characters in the ‘Happy Brood-polyps’ game. This tile formed part of Jason Kane’s winning hand when he played against Rabbit Jack, Medusa Al and Hammerhead in the back room of the Fatigue Shebeen on the planet Jaris. Needless to say, Jason had been cheating for several hours, always pulling the exact chop out of the stack at precisely the right time.
See: Death and Diplomacy

The Act of Master Restitution
Very few details are known about the build-up to the Great Time War between the Daleks and the Time Lords, but some stories refer to an attempt by Madam President Romana to make peace with the Daleks through something called the Act of Master Restitution. While this is not elaborated upon, the Act might explain how the Master came to be put on trial by the Daleks on Skaro.
See: Doctor Who Annual 2006

The Act of Severance
Name given to the legendary act of self-mutilation which effectively created Faction Paradox. Performed by the Grandfather of the House of Paradox shortly after his escape or release from imprisonment by the Great Houses, it’s seen as one of the central ‘myths’ of Faction lore. By cutting off his arm with an ordinary knife, he was able to remove the biodata mark which was imprinted on all prisoners to link them to the Homeworld.
See: Faction Paradox - The Book of the War

The Acteon Galaxy
After visiting an impoverished colony on a squalid little planet in the Acteon Galaxy, Zoe was convinced that unlike them, she’d have made an effort to change things if she’d been born into such a world. The Doctor took her to a Los Angeles Mission on Christmas Eve in the late 20th century to volunteer their services, and she left with a better understanding of the desperate circumstances in which people can find themselves.
See: Goodwill Toward Men

In response to the Brigadier’s suggestion that he was wearing fancy dress, the sixth Doctor claimed that his unusual choice of clothes was considered haute couture in the Acteon Galaxy. He then reluctantly conceded that the coat might be a bit over the top.
See: Business Unusual

The Doctor and Charley stopped off in the Acteon Galaxy after their encounter with the Daleks and he noted that he hadn’t been in these parts since he was an old man. He described a spiral nebula, asteroids made of mercury, a gas giant and a red dwarf, all of which he thought was boring. Then a fleet of battle-TARDISes, sent by the Time Lords to intercept Charley, materialised around them and fired time torpedoes at them.
See: Neverland

After Bernice, Jason, Bev and Adrian tracked Ms Jones to the suburbs of Thuban to rescue Peter, she was attacked by Adrian in a fit of rage. When she defended herself, she was shot dead by Bev. Later, the others returned to the Collection and learned that Ms Jones had left a will, so in accordance with her wishes, her body was shipped back to a planet in the Acteon Galaxy.
See: Parallel Lives

Legendary 26th century adventurer Dent Harper, who was famous for his expeditions to places like the Outer Limits and the Uncharted Isles, once missed a connecting shuttle because he couldn’t decipher a single word the Actinian announcer had said over the PA system. Harper’s Actinian was actually quite good as he’d learnt it doing a self-study course in the evenings while exploring the desert region of Margoginus Three.
See: The Joy Device

Actinic Rays
When the Daleks invaded the planet Phryne to learn the secrets of the invisible field that protected them, the inhabitants tried to hold them off with actinic rays. This resulted in the exterior of the Dalek ship getting hotter, but they were quickly able to counter the attack with gamma beta ice rays, which wrecked the planet’s defences. Other forms of protection on Phryne included an impulse shield and their atrevolvers.
See: The Dalek Chronicles

Actinoidal Energy
Power source that the Doctor used to operate his experimental pocket interocitor to communicate with Nyssa across time and space. The energy came from actinoids, radioactive metals that were frozen in time to preserve their power. The toy Daleks created to facilitate an alternative Dalek invasion of Earth in 2158 were able to tap into that energy using a time conduit built into the actinoid to control the energy release.
See: Renaissance of the Daleks

Planet, known locally as U-235, which was noted for its sun, sand and blistering deserts. It was an un-technological society consisting of warlike barbarians. When the Doctor and Frobisher visited, they were arrested and sold as slaves for buying a drink without having the money to pay for it, but were purchased by the Draconian Lord Kaon who had crashed there years earlier and became ruler of the seven provinces.
See: War-Game


Actium, Fabius
Roman conspirator the city of Byzantium in 64 AD who plotted with the tribune Marcus Lanilla to dispose of both the city's praefectus, Thalius Maximus, and General Gaius Calaphilus, in order to further their own ambitions. They also planned to kill the leader of the fanatical Zealots and the leader of the Pharisee Jews, so they would be seen as public heroes, but Calaphilus tracked the traitors down and had them both killed.
See: Byzantium!

Actualising Filter
Vital mechanism aboard the TARDIS which appears as a small glass phial surrounded by a faint blue glow. It needs to be refilled regularly with Essence of Vallo or else the ship won’t land where the Doctor wants it to. On one occasion when he forgot, the TARDIS was caught in a cosmic storm between the twin vortexes of time and space and ended up on the uncharted Planet X, not far from the solar system of Elpax.
See: Doctor Who Annual 1979 - Famine on Planet X

The Actuarial Bureau
Central headquarters on an unnamed colony world where the actuaries, seven automated computers, were responsible for directing the war between the Plutocrats and the Defaulters in order to maintain a stalemate. It was a powerful looking building with a façade of once elegant balconies and pillars. Inside was an art-deco foyer, with walls of panelled oak and two staircases leading to an upper floor filled with anonymous offices.
See: Anachrophobia

The Actuaries
Automated ’counting machines’ on an unnamed colony world who ran a war between the Plutocrats and the Defaulters with emotionless efficiency in order to maintain a stalemate. The actuaries had lost contact with their Plutocrat masters years ago after their empire crumbled and in the centuries since the war began, the actuaries had forgotten the reasons behind it. Eventually they conceded the war and shut themselves down.
See: Anachrophobia

Acunes, Saul
Miller who lived in the city of Byzantium in Thrace, 64 AD. He acted as a willing lieutenant to the fanatical Zealots, led by Matthew Basellas, who intend to destroy the Romans who’d invaded their homeland. He was perfectly happy and willing to die in the pursuance of any of the outrageous schemes Basellas dreamt up
See: Byzantium!

The Adair
Cruise ship which provided tourists with day trips on Coralee, a water world colonised by humans and intelligent dolphins. When the public beaches were closed on police orders following a series of attacks by the Krill, many of the holidaymakers started to panic about loved ones who were out on the sea. The Doctor witnessed once such case where a tourist was concerned about children aboard the Adair on a day cruise.
See: Storm Harvest

A'daltem Ano'nde
Famous rifle, also known as the Screaming Skull, owned by the prophet Pai‘ngya, one of the experimental Remote troops created by Faction Paradox. It was said to have killed hundreds of North American colonials in the late 19th century during fifteen successful campaigns, but Pai’ngya regarded himself an extension of the rifle rather than the other way round. The shadow-spirit of the Screaming Skull deserted the gun in 1890.
See: Faction Paradox - The Book of the War

One of the Jewish rebels in the fortress at Masada which was besieged by a Roman legion in 73 AD. Rather than be captured and crucified, their leader decided they should all take their own lives, and a draw was rigged so that Ian was forced to stand by with his sword while each person impaled themselves on it. Adam was the second to die, but the sword didn’t go in easily and he let out a choked cry of agony as he died.
See: The Last Days

Space traffic inspection agent who stole an abandoned battle cruiser, purchased some costumes and masks and created a new identity for himself as Yargon, leader of the mighty race of Virbles. He and a friend went to Krannendale, a private foundation that treated psychological complaints, to learn the location of Earth which they planned to invade. They were eventually arrested and sent to an penitentiary on a nearby planet.
See: The Final Analysis (This comes from a text story by Gareth Roberts published in Doctor Who Magazine issues 230-233)

Leader of a resistance group called ‘Adamists’ who operated from a snowship on an unnamed colony. Adam was just a common thief who hated the arrogance of the planet’s rulers and wanted to build up his reputation as a notorious terrorist. He came from a mining family but found his job had been taken by a robot. He stole a fusion charge with the intention of destroying Scientifica, only to discover the bomb wasn't active.
See: Cold Fusion

Fictional character from “Jubilee Towers”, one of the TV programmes shown by the Meson Broadcasting Service and transmitted from a space station located midway between Meson Primus and Torrok. In the episodes shown during the year 2191 it was discovered that Adam’s girlfriend Jennifer was having an affair with his brother. The series was noted for second-rate actors trotting out poorly scripted lines.
See: Time of Your Life

Member of the New Romantic band called Flash Trash. In 1981 Bernice attended open auditions at the ‘Pink Parrot’ and was offered the role of lead singer on the spot as their first gig was already booked for later that same day. It was actually a trick by the Doctor to change history and lure the Timewyrm out of hiding in order that he could cast it into Puterspace forever. According to the audience, Flash Trash were rubbish.
See: The Last Word

Young shy lad who worked as a ticket collector at Healey railway station, who was found dead by the cleaner one morning with two ragged wounds on his neck. He’d been killed by one of the faceless simulated humanoids known as Toys, which had followed Chris and Patsy Monette from the Petruska Psychiatric Research Institute, disguised in the dead man’s uniform, and attacked them on the train back to London.
See: Bad Therapy

One of the senior lifeboat crew members from a Cornish fishing village. They were sent to caves near Derry’s Head after an anonymous call from teenager Nina Kellow, who’d witnessed a cave-in that trapped an alien named ‘Ruth’ as she tried to return home through a dimensional gateway. The rescue was successful, but Nina and her brother Steve had to shield the alien’s identity from Adam and the rest of the crew.
See: Rip Tide

One of the colonists from the third wave out of Earth in the 41st century who’d been imprisoned by aliens in a safari park called Wumba's World of Wild. They were forced to wear loin cloths and live in a reconstruction of Stonehenge in prehistoric times, but after the Professor forced the aliens to evacuate, Adam decided to remain behind on the beautiful planet with another colonist called Steve and make their future there.
See: Save the Humans!

Young futures trader based in Hong Kong in 1997 whose girlfriend Ling worked at the Little England pub, run by the retired Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. As Adam walked Ling home late one night, they saw a plane crash on a nearby hillside. The badly injured passenger turned out to be the Master, who regenerated, then murdered Adam and was able to evade capture by UNIT troops by taking the young man’s clothes.
See: Sympathy for the Devil

The Adamant
Concordance cruiser ship. In 2673 it was one of five spaceships sent to investigate the colony planet Arden after contact was lost with the settlers. When the CSS Broadsword later arrived, they discovered the other ships had fallen into enemy hands. The Adamant moved in to attack them, but the Broadsword destroyed it with an untested new weapon which entered the Adamant’s drive core through the unshielded engine vents.
See: Shadowmind

Silicon-based life form, whose adopted homeworld Adamantine, in the Minerva system, served as a refuge for others of their kind, including the Ogri. After a short period of intense warfare with the Anthaurk, the sentient races of Minerva signed a treaty in 2893 which brought them a century of peace, but towards the end of the 30th century, the Anthaurk again started hitting various trade routes, including those of the Adamanteans.
See: The Fall of Yquatine

Planet in the Minerva system which became the adopted homeworld of the Adamanteans, a silicon-based life form. It also served as a refuge for others of their kind, including the Ogri. After a short period of warfare with the Anthaurk, a treaty was signed in 2893 which brought Minerva a century of peace, but at the end of the 30th century, the Anthaurk again started hitting various trade routes, including those of the Adamanteans.
See: The Fall of Yquatine

The Adamantium
Consortium Survey Vessel which was drawn to the moon of Akoshemon in 2382 by a distress call sent by miners who’d come under attack from an ancient being called the Dark. In fact, the Admantium’s second officer had lured them there deliberately. When the Adamantium tried to take off, Captain Lawrence was possessed by the Dark and shot out the autopilot, causing the ship to crash back down to the surface.
See: Fear of the Dark

Adamantium Core
Substance allegedly strong enough to repel anything short of an attack by an Imperial Landsknechte frigate. Doc Dantalion, a memory-sculptor, had the outer walls of his entire building - a 16th century church sandwiched between two late 27th century oxygen factories in the Undercity on Earth in 2975 - removed and re-attached to a central Adamantium box to protect his illegal business from visits by the Adjudicators.
See: Original Sin

Adamath, Lord
Member of the Order of the Black Sun and student of galactic economy. He represented the Rigel Sector at the negotiations on the planet Desrault for Uranium supplies, where he fell in love with the Gallifreyan representative Lady Remadu. During the ceremony, Millenium, one of the Special Executive Para-Humans, was brainwashed by the Sontaran Brilox into attacking Adamath, ageing him to dust in seconds.
See: Black Sun Rising (Comic strip from Doctor Who Monthly - 57)

Resistance group led by a man known only as Adam, who operated from a snowship on an unnamed colony. They objected to the brutal and oppressive rule of the Scientifica and were known to hire mercenaries from other races, including Shlimans, Wondarks and Kosnax. Adam was revealed to be just a common thief who hated the arrogance of the planet’s rulers and wanted to build up his reputation as a notorious terrorist.
See: Cold Fusion

One of three petty criminals who lured a Time Lord to an isolated colony, stole his TARDIS’s time rotor impeller, then fled to Gateway Nine Zero Zero One. There, they sold the impeller and went their separate ways with enough money to retire on. They found themselves back on the colony, stealing the impeller again and realised they were trapped in an ever-shrinking time loop, forced to repeat their actions forever.
See: Doing Time

Crewmember aboard the Mikron Corps yacht taking part in the fourteenth Trans-Global Regatta across the oceans of the planet Selonart. He press-ganged a third-generation colonist named Bloom in order to make use of his ability to divine the currents. Later Adams disappeared and his body was later found, having been torn to pieces by a walking corpse created by an elemental primeval force from the planet Demigest.
See: The Infinity Race

Adams, Rector
Kind, elderly priest who rescued the Doctor after he nearly drowned in a frozen lake near Huntingdon Manor while following giant cat footprints in 1764. Adams later invited him and Sarah to attend Lady Huntingdon's ball, where the Doctor met his old "friend" Iris Wildthyme. The ball ended badly when Adams was mauled to death outside by shape-shifting cat aliens who turned out to be Lady Huntingdon and her daughter.
See: Old Flames

Adams, Douglas
A famous line from The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy about space being “really big” was quoted by Peri after the Doctor explained that it was actually quite difficult to have a battle in space because galactic distances are so vast it’s hard for the opponents to find each other. The Doctor was baffled by the quote and didn’t appear to recognise it, but Peri would only tell him it came from an old Earth sage.
See: Warmonger

Much later, when the sixth Doctor challenged Iris Wildthyme about getting drunk all the time, she asked him what was wrong with that, he replied “As my good friend Douglas once said, ask the glass of water”. This is another line from The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but it’s clear that by this stage the Doctor had become well acquainted with the author.
See: The Wormery

Adams, Guy
Junior civil servant who worked for DEFRA. In 2003 he suddenly found that everyone was trying to kill him, including his mother who attacked him with a machete and his six-year-old nephew who set himself alight while hugging him. Due to genetic manipulations caused by the Kalicum, Guy’s DNA was able to possess an intelligence they’d created and the wraith-like guardians of the Vortex were trying to prevent it happening.
See: Timeless

Adams, Julia
One of the rebels who opposed the Silurians in an alternative version of Earth in 1993. She accompanied a group who travelled from Bristol to London to find medical supplies, but as they crossed Westminster Bridge Julia was bitten by a wild dog and infected with mutated rabies, for which there was no cure. They continued to an abandoned hospital, where she gave her life to hold off the Silurians while the others escaped.
See: Blood Heat

Adams, Tom
Captain working for the clandestine organisation named SILOET, which protected Earth towards the end of the 21st century from the alien Myloki. Captain Adams was in charge of the Lunar Base and was every inch the handsome space captain with a giant physical frame and cropped grey hair. He oversaw a failed attack on the Myloki using mini Z-bombs which were absorbed into a grid which had encased the Earth.
See: The Indestructible Man

The Addanc
Most commonly known as a monstrous creature from welsh mythology and British folklore that was said to prey upon anyone foolish enough to fall into or swim in its lake. The Doctor once recited from either an ancient Gallifreyan text or from his own memories, a story which described the Timewyrm as the Addanc, “the wyrm that circles the cosmos, it is sleeping and it wakes, it is good and evil, choice made carnate.'
See: Timewyrm: Revelation

Addison, Bart
American private investigator from 1947 who was hired by a strange man to help him recover his lost memories. He took his client to a psychometrist, a man with the ability to touch any object and tell where it has been, who concluded that the stranger was the Doctor. However, Addison remained suspicious and eventually discovered his client was a shapeshifting assassin called Mykloz from the invading Malean race.
See: Playback

Addison, Joseph
English politician and writer (1672-1719) who is best known for being a co-founder of ‘The Spectator’ magazine. On one of the moons of Jupiter in 2338 the Doctor used the words “tis not for mortals to command success - but the famous can have a fair go” and was told he was misquoting Addison. However, the Doctor pointed out that in fact it was Addison who had originally misquoted him.
See: To the Slaughter

Addison, Lucy
Young girl from Los Angeles who, in 1857, who was bullied by the son of the preacher who ran the orphanage where she lived. She was later visited by a mysterious albino who endowed its essence into her, and subsequently into other female members of the same bloodline, until it reached Lucy’s descendent Loretta van Cheaden, who become the Ini-Ma, jailer to two alien brothers from the psionic Cylox race.
See: Instruments of Darkness

Addison, Paul
English cricket coach who the Doctor met during the 2060 Barcelona Olympics, despite the Doctor having just been beheaded by the witches of Jal Dor Kal on the planet Talderun. At first Addison tried to convince him he was suffering from sunstroke, but when the Doctor found they were trapped in a time loop, Addison revealed himself to be the ‘god’ Shara, who existed only as a memory inside a discreet bubble of eternity.
See: Nekromanteia

A luscious, green planet in the eastern Spiral Arm of our galaxy. It was once teeming with life, but when the Doctor arrived he found only a dead underground city. He encountered several of his former companions and previous incarnations, but they were revealed to be the Gwanzulum, a race of shape-shifters who survived the Shaper Wars by draining the life force from the native species of Adeki and who were now waiting to escape.
See: Planet of the Dead

The capital and fifth largest city in Australia. In 2570 Ace bought a horse from a Draconian merchant in the city of Joycetown on the planet Heaven and journeyed to the Valley of the White Horse. She recalled an earlier time when she visited Adelaide in 1967 and was trained to ride by a man called Medge. This means she was quite literally able to ride a horse before she could walk.
See: Love and War

Adelbert, King
Ruler of the planet Rigel Seven. The Doctor once helped him put down a palace revolution led by his son, so when he next visited the planet with Peri, he expected to be treated as an honoured guest. Unfortunately he forgot to allow for the changing political situation. King Adelbert had since died and his son - a nasty, vindictive lad - was now on the throne, and he had some imaginative plans for revenge against the Doctor…
See: Players

Adeleke, Duke
Peer of the Earth Empire in 2982 who was present at the trial of the Doctor when he was charged with the murder of Helen I, Divine Empress Gloriana. During the trial, many of those present with latent psi genes were transformed into monsters, and Duke Adeleke was the first to die after he was suddenly covered in spikes - long, curved structures like overgrown fingernails - which burst out through his skin.
See: So Vile a Sin

Name of one the thousands of humanised Daleks, which resulted from the Human Factor, who regarded the Doctor as their saviour and who now hid from the outside world in underwater caves at Azhra Korr on the planet Kyrol. Adellus was a first-rate scientist and the greatest honour it knew was when the Doctor sought his help to build a hand-held EM Tracer that could scan through solid rock laced with protrusion.
See: Children of the Revolution

The Adelphi Theatre
Cinema on one of the planets of the New Earth Republic in the 101st Century. The Doctor accompanied actor Marcus Brooks to see George Pal’s film The Time Machine, which had been restored to an impossible level of clarity, but he annoyed Marc by changing his seat three times despite none of his choices being any different to the one before, then unevenly distributing the food and drink they’d purchased on the way in.
See: Synthespians

The Adelphine Cluster
Fifteen hundred years after a party of human colonists discovered the Cluster out on the galactic rim, they had not only terraformed and settled on the planet Landor but also spread out to establish various outposts. Their contact with the indigenous alien races was peaceful, with the exception of Averon. The Cluster itself was hidden from the rest of the galaxy by thick interstellar dust clouds and so remained pretty isolated.
See: A Device of Death

The Adept
Name given by Peril Bellamy’s gran to those able to move things by the power of their minds. The talent ran in her family, and in past generations they were often accused of witchcraft. In 1963 the French teacher Mlle. Maupassant, in truth a Spillager scout, lured Adepts to a finishing school in the Swiss Alps in order to create a psychic gestalt and open a dimensional gateway through which her people could invade Earth.
See: Winter for the Adept


Agri-technician who was part of Edet Fynn’s Food Squad project to grow food in the shadow of an African volcano in the 22nd century. She was young, short and sparky, with a warm child-like smile. Her parents were killed in an ambush as they were driving across the Chad border to help at one of the refugee camps. She was furious to discover Fynn had been using dead human bodies to accelerate the growth of his fungus.
See: The Art of Destruction

Adis Ababa
The capital city of Ethiopia and the African Union. By the year 2575, the city had become home to an ever-shifting population of hybrid humans after a virus-loaded Dalek missile hit the area. Ethiopia remained a site of bio-infestation and a mutant jungle overran the entire country until a sanitizing force of the Russian Conglomerate Military Red Cross made a settlement in Adis Ababa, intent on purifying the local areas.
See: The Sword of Forever

Village close to Canterbury in Kent which was the location of the Doctor’s house, Smithwood Manor which he owned from his second incarnation onwards. He frequently stayed there over the years, particularly during his seventh incarnation and was joined by many companions, including Roz, who went for an exploratory walk around Adisham to help her came to terms with her new life as a time traveller.
See: Zamper

In 1997 Bernice and Kadiatu stayed there for a while and regularly stocked up on provisions at Mrs Darling‘s corner shop. The Ice Warriors later released the Red Death, an intelligent gas cloud which was programmed to find and kill the Doctor and kill him, but the rich atmosphere of Earth sent it into a frenzy and it attacked the village of Adisham, killing everyone it encountered. The local pub was the Bull’s Head.
See: The Dying Days

It later became one of the stations in the early 22nd century linked by interstitial tunnels known as the Sol Transit System (STS) which connected the planets of the solar systems. The InterWorld lines include the Loop, Central Line, TransIonian, and Outreach. Adisham was on the Dover Line and was maintained by the European Heritage Trust. The Doctor, Kadiatu and Blondie used the service to visit his house on Allen Road.
See: Transit

The Adjudication Index Purgatum
Banned literature by Lovecraft which was available on datachip in the late 30th century. Roz’s mentor Konstantine once arrested a fake mystic called Swami Rhan-Te-Goth on five counts of accessing such literature, but when he tried to destroy them he found the Lovecraft chip wouldn't burn. This prompted Roz to read the texts but although they had a certain style, she found them more adjectival than terrifying.
See: The Death of Art

Adjudication Intelligence
One of Chris' ancestors was Nate Cwej, a member of this division of the Guild of Adjudicators so when Chris found himself on Pluto’s twin Charon in 2157 he too claimed to be working for AI. During the Dalek invasion, AI had been monitoring the inner planets from their base on Oberon and when they detected subspace emissions from the North Pole on Mars, they investigated in case it was something useful for their war effort.
See: GodEngine

The Adjudication Lodge
Headquarters of the Adjudicators (now a military dictatorship known as Arbiters) on the “lost” Earth colony of Darkheart in the 34th century. The Lodge was a gleaming multifaceted castle of chrome and glass at least a mile in circumference. The complex had a well-tended park at its hub and shafts were sunk throughout the circular building. Inside there were murals depicting the conquest of Solos and the destruction of Mondas.
See: The Dark Path

Judge who presided over the Players, a mysterious group of ageless time-travelling humanoids who competed against each other in Games to manipulate history. The Adjudicator ensured that the Players followed the established Rules and avoided being observed by the ’Pieces’. A Player could appeal for a replay if their opponent interfered and received a judgement in the for of the voice of a much older man.
See: Players

Adjudicator in Extremis
Head of the Guild of Adjudicators who was based on Ponten Six, a planet ceded to them in perpetuity by Earth Central. In 2157 the IMC declared the Guild to be an illegal organisation and tried to disband it. The Adjudicator in Extremis at the time was Bronwen ap Bryn. She accompanied the IMC to the Lucifer system where the Legions ordered her to kill the personnel of the scientific base there, but Ace shot her first.
See: Lucifer Rising

By the mid-30th century, the Guild of Adjudicators had become corrupt but continued to maintain law and order throughout the Empire from a base on Ponten IV. The post was now held by the highest-ranking security service officer on a planet, such as Bij Kakrell, who famously introduced a new penalty which saw criminals stripped of their humanity, reclassified as aliens and sent to the Surgeon Imperialis for vivisection.
See: Original Sin

In the 34th century, the “lost” Earth colony of Darkheart was ruled by a military dictatorship headed by the Adjudicator in Extremis, Vernon Terrell. He allied himself with Koschei in order to convert a device that would rewrite morphic fields and convert all aliens into humans. Terrell also used the machine to destroy the planet of the Terileptils, but Koschei betrayed and shot him when the Veltrochni attacked the colony.
See: The Dark Path

The Adjudicator Sanctum Sanctorum
Roz once saw a look of surprise on the Doctor’s face and she felt it looked rather like someone startling the Statue of Judgement in the Adjudicator Sanctum Sanctorum. The term means ’Holy of Holies’ and is usually applied to the most sacred place within a sacred building such as a temple. No further details were given.
See: The Death of Art

The Adjudicator Secular
Senior position within the Guild of Adjudicators who was answerable to the Adjudicator Spiritual. In 2975 Roz and Chris were assigned to work together by Adjudicator Secular Rashid, but they discovered she was heavily involved in the corruption that was rife throughout the service. Fearing they would expose her, Rashid declared them both to be rogue Adjudicators and placed a death sentence on their heads.
See: Original Sin

The title remained in use by the “lost” Earth colony of Darkheart, even into the 34th century. The colony was ruled by a military dictatorship headed by the Adjudicator in Extremis, but Adjudicator Secular Brandauer commanded the judicial force itself. Brandauer was a qualified pilot and remembered being one of the best detectives in the Overcities of Earth 350 years earlier, but on Darkheart he became more of an administrator.
See: The Dark Path

The Adjudicator Spiritual
The most senior position within the Guild of Adjudicators on Earth during the mid-30th century, which continued to maintain law and order throughout the Empire from their base on Ponten IV. In 2957 Roz and Chris considered going to the holder of this position when they discovered Adjudicator Secular Rashid was heavily involved in the corruption that was rife throughout the service, but they had no proof.
See: Original Sin

“Adjudicator Truth”
Song by the group ‘Hith’s With Attitude’ which appeared on the HvLP called “Terrorformed” which was released in 2952. It featured the lyrics: “Another dirty day is brokenly dribbling. Gotta get my gun and blast your sibling down around in the Undercity town. Gotta get away before they bring me down.”
See: The Also People

The Guild of Adjudicators, led by the Adjudicator in Extremis (and later the Pontifex Saecularis), was established in the early 22nd century as a judicial force. Unconstrained by authority and independent of financial influence, they dispensed their own uncompromising brand of justice across the galaxy and were feared and famed in equal measure across the Earth colonies. In one case, the entire population of Frinelli Minor was wiped out simply for being “energy-wasters and dysfunctional“. Each recruit had to undergo five years of intensive legal and military training on the secluded world of Ponten VI, a planet ceded to the Guild in perpetuity by Earth Central. In 2157 the IMC declared the Guild to be an illegal organisation and tried to disband it. After the Lucifer crisis, the Adjudication Service had to repair the damage caused by allegations of corruption, and it evolved over hundreds of years into a quasi-religious organisation. Following a period during the 25th century when the Adjudicators were referred to as “ravens”, Earth went through various phases of Empire and Federation and every planet began creating its own laws and police. The Guild became unnecessary and eventually degenerated into a reclusive order of assassins known as the Knights of the Grand Order of Oberon, who spent most of their time dreaming of past glories.
See: Lucifer Rising

After Mars was terraformed, a group called Redpeace tried to restore the planet to the Ice Warriors, but the Ares Corporation opposed them, claiming their CEO was a “true” Martian from a frozen embryo found in the permafrost. An Adjudicator was sent from Earth to settle the dispute, but when a group of cryogenically frozen Ice Warriors were found inside the artificial moon Phobos, the planet was legally handed to them.
See: Crimson Dawn

In the late 24th century, the galaxy was supposed to be free of the tyranny of war, so concentration turned to problems such as the famine on Tenos Beta and the storms in the Magellani System. This led to a period of co-operation between the Adjudicators and Earth’s military, Survey Corps and corporations until they unified into the Spacefleet. The Guild’s representative on the board that assigned missions was Veronique Hagen.
See: Infinite Requiem

While visiting medieval France, Bernice encountered an example of murder being used as a stepping-stone by the killer to achieve some other goal. She recalled that such action had been common since Roman times and was still the preferred method of advancement in the Adjudication Division and in most walks of life in the Sirius sector, although knowledge of this wouldn’t help humanity’s standing within the Federation.
See: Sanctuary

Roz recalled many times when she’d seriously broken the regulations, yet had still been supported by the Adjudicator Secular. Adjudicators who were too old to impose justice by force were converted into judicial cyborgs, with instant implanted access to billions of laws. By 2975, the Guild had existed for 800 years and prided itself on being incorruptible, but Roz and Chris discovered corruption was rife throughout the service.
See: Original Sin

50 years before Roz joined, Adjudicators engaged in a ritual where they would bathe, then be clothed in a surplice of pure white lamb’s-wool in order to cleanse themselves of the taint of sin following a line-of-duty killing. By 2975, the Adjudicators were simply sprinkled with holy water during the morning’s briefing every seven days. Adjudicators were not forced to remain celibate, but pleasures of the flesh weren’t encouraged.
See: The Also People

A section of the Guild from the 22nd century was Adjudication Intelligence, of which Chris’s ancestor Nate Cwej was a member. During the Dalek invasion, the team based on Oberon detected subspace emissions from the North Pole on Mars. Many of the major conflicts during the Thousand Day War were between the Ice Warriors and the Adjudicators. In the 30th century, Guild Interlocutors led acolyte Adjudicators to prayer.
See: GodEngine

As with the Landsknechte and Imperial Bureaucracy, an Adjudicator was required to forswear their family title upon joining the Order to prevent the aristocracy gaining too much power. The Head of the Order of Adjudicators was now referred to as the Pontifex Saecularis. Roz was appointed to the post in 2982 and made Chris the new Lord High Sheriff of Earth, but on her death the position was taken over by Malinowski.
See: So Vile a Sin

An Adjudicator Provost-General would be in command of several thousand men, equivalent to a planetary garrison, making them one of the two or three most powerful people on a colony. Some of them are members of the Unitatus Guild, a secret society based on garbled legends of UNIT. By the end of the 26th century, Adjudicators were banned from conducting torture and offenders could be imprisoned for ten years.
See: Cold Fusion

After the Earth Empire fell apart, the Church of Adjudication briefly kept a stronghold on the moon of Oberon, before being forced to scatter throughout the galaxy. By the 32nd century the top-ranking Adjudicators had become monks called High Churchmen and were served by hand-picked Adjudicators called ‘Hands of God‘. Their Shok-TAC squads were made up of violent psychopathic criminals whose minds had been wiped.
See: Burning Heart

In the 34th century, the “lost” Earth colony of Darkheart had been cut off from the rest of the galaxy for 350 years and was still ruled by a military dictatorship headed by the Adjudicator in Extremis. The Adjudicators were generally known as Arbiters, but their role was more of a judicial one than a police force, which not surprisingly was more in keeping with the way the original Guild of Adjudicators had first been formed.
See: The Dark Path

In 6048, the Doctor and Ace travelled to Heritage, a dusty two-village mining colony, to visit Mel and her husband. Despite suspecting they’d been murdered, the Doctor refused to get involved directly and planned instead to call in the Adjudicators as this was “more their sort of thing“. The murderer, a geneticist called Wakeling, suspected the Doctor might be an Adjudicator himself, albeit the dullest and worst he’d ever seen.
See: Heritage

Inspector Victor Schaeffer, a friend of the Master during the time he went under the name of Dr John Smith, served the colony of Perfugium as an Adjudicator. (The Bernice Summerfield book “A Life in Pieces” reveals that Perfugium was forced, against its will, and after several bloody battles, to rejoin Earth’s Empire. This might explain why, as an Adjudicator, Schaeffer was regarded with some contempt by other colonists.)
See: Master

When Bernice visited the Labyrinth of Kerykeion and discovered the murdered body of OMD lawyer Sam Wolfe, she offered to help investigate while the Chief Librarian waited for the Adjudicators to arrive. After searching some of the tunnels, she returned to the upper levels and was amazed to discover she’d moved forward four days in time and the Adjudicators had already evacuated everyone and sealed off the entrances.
See: Timeless Passages

Devices used on Kallulio Prime to correct robots with “severe programming deviancy” by adjusting deranged perspectives into more civilised ones. Dr Andrelina Hastoff used one at Blueberry House until the Doctor realised the robots weren’t malfunctioning but were becoming sentient. When he tried to shut Hastoff’s work down, she set her Adjuster on him, but another robot sacrificed its own life to destroy its guidance systems.
See: The Autonomy Bug

Adler, Alfred
Austrian medical doctor and psychologist (1870-1937) who founded the school of individual psychology. When the Doctor met investigative journalist Ruby Duvall in 2006 she criticised him for using “amateur psychology”, but he assured her this was not the case as he’d personally studied under Adler. In fact, Adler had helped him understand certain things about the Cybermen.
See: Iceberg

Adler, Neville and Dorothy
Two crime writers who joined a ‘murder game‘ aboard the Hotel Galaxian, in orbit around Earth in 2146. When Neville was killed it was discovered they weren’t the famous writers after all, but research scientists planning to covertly sell a new weapon to the Selachians. They were xenophobic and had programmed their weapon to preserve the lives of other humans, but not aliens. The Selachians later killed Dorothy too.
See: The Murder Game

Adler, Irene
Fictional character from the Sherlock Holmes story “A Scandal in Bohemia” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes said she was the only person to every outwit him, which is why the two mystery crime fiction writers Neville and Dorothy Adler adopted the name in the mid-22nd century for their professional pseudonyms. Two research scientists adopted these pen names to sell a new weapon to the Selachians.
See: The Murder Game

Adler, Sergeant Joe
Military officer at the Snowcap Tracking Station, the first Antarctic research base to be excavated from solid ice. He was their engineering specialist and when General Pamela Cutler arrived to take over in 2006, her first order was for him to be woken up so he could check the magnometer on her AXV. He was generally despised by the team and even investigative journalist Ruby Duvall described Joe Adler as a “zombie”.
See: Iceberg

The ‘Land of the Dead’ according to Inuit mythology. When the inhabitants of Shaun Brett’s house in Alaska were attacked by monsters that appeared to be composed of several living creatures fused together, the Inuit Gaborik believed they were the familiars of the sea spirit Sedna, who were angered by the misuse of the native wildlife, including sea lions and walruses, to decorate the building are were seeking their revenge.
See: The Land of the Dead


The Administration

The Administry of Environmental Affairs
Government department on the terraformed planet Mars. When the Doctor discovered the canal fish had been killed by genetically constructed “red blooms”, he suspected biotechnological warfare, but the Administry claimed it was due to a temporary reconstruction of the ecosystem. The building was located in the capital city on Olympus Mons where he also saw protests by members of the pressure group Redpeace.
See: Crimson Dawn

The Admin-proctor of Earth
By the end of the 40th century, the overall ruler of Earth held this title. When the Doctor compared the Galactic Federation to the United Nations, he said the Guardian of the Solar System was like the American President, and therefore more important to the galaxy than the Admin-proctor of Earth or the Colonial Deputy of the Mars colonies, who were more akin to the Thatchers, the Chiracs and the Mandelas.
See: Placebo Effect

The Admiral Raistrick
Spacefleet battleship in 2573 that transported an expedition to Arcadia, which was suspected of being a Dalek outpost. The crew consisted of more than a thousand Irregular Auxiliaries, including Ace and Abslom Daak. After passing an asteroid field carved to look like screaming faces, the Admiral Raistrick was destroyed by an energy being which appeared in the shape of a Medusa head and crushed it in its hair.
See: Deceit

The Admiral's Old Antisocial
Beer that Bernice drunk in a tent on the planet Crex in the Augon system. For her first pint she joined a group of human females at a table, after the second pint she started arguing with them, after the third they were laughing at her, by the fourth they were falling over themselves, by the fifth they were listening intently and by the sixth they were concerned about her. The Doctor cured her with an alcohol dispersion pad.
See: Human Nature

The young student Arielle Markhof travelled to the planet Yquatine, the cultural centre of the Minerva system, in the year 2992 to begin her studies and tried to order a bottle of Admiral's Old Antisocial in a bar in Pierhaven in the city of Yendip. She was disappointed to find they didn’t stock it as she’d wanted to try it for a long time because it was the favourite drink of a heroine of hers.
See: The Fall of Yquatine

Not surprisingly, the Witch and Whirlwind bar of Garland College at St Oscar’s University on Dellah did stock this beer. It was described as cool and heavy, with a fresh nutty taste. It was also the favourite drink of 18-year old student Theo Tamlyn who was smitten with Bernice, and when he bought a round of drinks for her and her friends, it took all his money. Bernice later drank so much she suffered a hangover.
See: Dry Pilgrimage

Attractive leader of an occult coven during the period when the Dellan Gods returned. Bernice’s friend Emile was approached to join the coven by Adnan, thus enabling them to summon a demonic imp. Emile broke into Adnan's room to steal a vital book, and although he was caught, Adnan allowed him to keep it, since he was willing to risk his life for it, as paying the ultimate price for knowledge was a principle of Adnan's religion.
See: Where Angels Fear

One of the inmates of the Oliver Bainbridge Functional Stabilisation Centre, a private INC prison on the colony world of Ha’olam in the late 22nd century. Adnau was a young man, a boy really, who was sentenced for office pilfering. He’d grown accustomed to life there and didn’t think it was so bad. There were no violent criminals there, they were fed, they weren’t beaten up and they weren’t locked in their cells all day long.
See: Seeing I

The Adobe Flats
Location on the planet Heritage, which was little more than a dusty two-village mining colony that had been dying slowly ever since scientists learned how to synthesize the formerly rare mineral thydonium which was mined from the Flats. Mel and her husband Ben Heywood came to live here but when the Doctor later visited to say goodbye, he found the couple had been murdered by an angry mob and their farmhouse burnt down.
See: Heritage

Adobe Walls
Location of two famous battles near the ruins of an ancient trading post, named after the few visible remains. It was reported in the journals of Cousin Belial, Faction Paradox’s agent in 19th century North America, that the local tribes in the area were riled by white squatters who’d set up in the area, so an assault was planned involving 700 Indian warriors. Belial was embarrassed to report that they were defeated by thirty white men.
See: Faction Paradox - The Book of the War

“Adolescent Sexuality: Issues in Psychoanalytic Casework”
A thick hardback book read by the mother of Nanci Cruz, an American teenager who'd recently moved to Southend when her mother got a job in the area. After her mother’s awkward attempt at a sex education lecture, from which she’d never fully recovered and made her blush to this day, she decided she’d rather play Russian roulette than have another conversation like that. She suspected her mother felt the same way.
See: Mother’s Little Helper

The Adolf Hitler Museum
Located in New Berlin during the alternative timeline of 1951 in which the German army had totally defeated the British army during the Second World War and installed Oswald Mosley as Prime Minister. The bulk of exhibits from the British Museum, the National Gallery and all the other museums and art galleries in the country had been emptied and were transported to Berlin under the personal supervision of Marshal Goering.
See: Timewyrm: Exodus

11-year old beggar, street-dancer and pickpocket from ancient Baghdad who was the main bread-winner in his family after his father had his hands cut off for theft. When the Felinetta Cat People arrived, Adoon believed them to be sand demons who’d come to destroy his city. The Doctor stole the power pack from one of their guns and had Adoon plant it on the Euterpians to make it look like they’d betrayed their allies.
See: Invasion of the Cat-People

Bernice once visited the Cultural Histories Museum on this planet in the mid 25th century and saw a discod, a small multicoloured disc that was the music reproduction format used in the early 22nd century. She was reminded of the trip when she met some rock music fans on the planet Sakkrat and saw their copy of the classic concept discod “Sheer Event Shift“ by Zagrat, an artist with delusions of grandeur.
See: The Highest Science

One of the natives from the planet Hell in the 26th century. Abslom Daak and the Doctor joined forces and discovered the Helkans had been put to work by invading Daleks and forced to mine for deadly helkogen gas. Adrana was one of a group captured after hijacking a shuttle to the Death Wheel that was being constructing in orbit. Daak rescued her and another native, Kemlo, then he sacrificed his life to save their planet.
See: Nemesis of the Daleks

The Adrax
Battlecruiser owned by Glavis Judd, an interstellar warlord from Zalcrossar, who captured the capital city of the planet Esselven. When the royal family escaped in their private shuttle, the Adrax was one of two ships sent to intercept them, but the shuttle jumped into hyperspace while still dangerously close to the planet’s gravity well and Glavis called off the pursuit as there was considerable risk of damaging the ship’s engines.
See: Palace of the Red Sun

Resident at the Braxiatel Collection during 2606 when the museum was opened up to students, turning it into a university as well. Adreas had an exoskeleton and lived in the same block as the psychiatrist Jess Carter who was an outsider and misfit mainly because she was emotionally incapable of social interaction.
See: A Life Worth Living - Welcome to the Machine

One of the classmates of Miranda Dawkins, the Doctor’s adopted daughter, during her time at Greyfirth County Primary School. Miranda first discovered that a mysterious new type of cell phone was becoming an obsession throughout the school when she saw Adrian and his friend Chris playing with theirs. The phones used alien software created by the Network which took over the children’s minds and brainwashed them
See: The Gallifrey Chronicles

Advance Guard Chronomancer
Small green ticking device that looked like a bomb but was actually a means by which the lone Klepton Parasite who arrived in the village of Haylock-on-Sea during the 1970s could tell when the main invasion force was due to arrive. The Kleptons had been using television to hypnotise the population of Earth and turn them into zombies while releasing sentient moss which allowed the trees in the area to move by themselves.
See: Countdown to TV Action

Advanced Research Department
Scientific section of St Oscar’s University. When Bernice began investigating them, Director Santos Silvera had her hauled up before the Faculty Ethics Committee on trumped-up charges. She discovered they were trying to find a cure for an illegal Project which had bred psychotic killers who were capable of passing on their madness to their offspring. Jarl Kendrick, the ARD security chief, was killed in a mysterious accident.
See: Mean Streets

The ARD used modern purpose-built facilities, separated from the rest of St Oscar’s University by a large black wall. The guards were huge Goll sentries and their Surveillance Suite was manned by Octopods. The new security chief was Styrus Kirk. The spaceship Medusa was developed here as part of an experiment to create Synthoids, artificial soldiers who could telepathically absorb the memories and skills of others.
See: The Medusa Effect

When the Dellan Gods returned, Commander Skutloid, Head of the Institute of Strategic Studies, helped protect the occupants of the ARD in the belief that Director Silvera had developed a means of protection, but it turned out the devices did not work, and that the scientists’ faith in them was just another symptom of the madness. The ARD had become a War Room and was the last place on Dellah to fall to the religious mob.
See: Tears of the Oracle

”The Advantages of Psycho-Surgery Over Both Chemo and Long Term Deep Analysis”
Title of a highly controversial speech that surgeon Oliver Sneed delivered to the Interplanetary Psychologists and Psychiatrists Convention. While drunk, he made outrageous claims that his techniques could raise the intelligence of a speelsnape to the level of a human. He tried to achieve this by replacing the creature’s brain with a human‘s, but his fraud was discovered and he was barred from practicing medicine throughout Setna.
See: Slipback

City-nation on the colony planet Espero. In the year 6048, life here was very basic and primitive. A teenager named Calamee from the neighbouring city of Saiarossa once visited Advent on a school trip and she’d been appalled at how weary the people looked and how full of resentment they appeared. A young boy called Joshua thought it sounded a dump, but that didn’t stop him resenting the fact that he couldn’t afford to visit.
See: Halflife

The Adventure Kids
Gang of crime-solving children in the village of Arandale, who were revealed to be inventions of the Writer behind the Land of Fiction. During their school holidays they would frequently expose criminals wearing unconvincing ghost costumes to frighten away the credulous townsfolk, but when they investigated the tunnels beneath a local castle called Arandale Keep, they were ‘killed’ when the building exploded.
See: Conundrum

“The Adventure of the Crystal Cavern”
Children’s book that told of the legends of the ‘Soul-Sucker’. In the story, Avril Fenman was sentenced to death by the Knights of Rowan, but escaped by using a soul-swapping crystal to change places with her executioner. The book was illustrated with the same picture throughout, which missed the point that she kept swapping bodies. Bernice assumed the editor of the book felt this would confuse the young readers.
See: The Squire‘s Crystal

“An Adventurer in Time and Space”
The title of the first book written by an alternative version of the Doctor who never left Gallifrey and instead became the successful author of science-fiction historical romances. He was even invited to a Presidential reception to mark the 300th anniversary of the publication of this book. The Doctor frequently used a possibility generator to create fictional worlds so that he could research his novels without leaving his home.
See: Auld Mortality

The Adventurer's Fancy
Ship owned by the fearsome pirate captain Red Jasper, scourge of the seven seas. The TARDIS was taken aboard after Jasper and his crew attacked and sank the Sea Eagle, on which it had landed. The ship then set sail for the Ruby Islands in search of treasure buried by a former crewmate. The Doctor and Evelyn shamed Jasper’s crew into leaving him behind on the island after he brutally killed the young cabin boy Jem.
See: Doctor Who and the Pirates

"Adventures Amongst the Abominable Snowmen"
Autobiographical book by the famous explorer Redvers Fenn-Cooper. When Doctor Watson accompanied Sherlock Holmes to the secret Library of St John the Beheaded, a repository of forbidden texts in the heart of St Giles’ Rookery in London, he found the Doctor reading a copy of this book. Doctor Watson recalled doting on Fenn-Cooper’s exploits when he was a child and felt a great sense of loss when he disappeared.
See: All-Consuming Fire

"Adventures de la Frontiere Nouvelle"
Sensationalistic pulp entertainment from the exclusive resort world of Zardox, which is loosely based on the lives of real people. Jason Kane visited the planet in the capacity of a xenopornography author and was involved in an incident which ended up in this publication. As a result he became an overnight celebrity and when he returned there on holiday with Bernice, it was filmed as a reality programme with them as the stars.
See: A Life in Pieces - Zardox Break

"Adventures in Primitive Cultures"
Title of an holographic educational simulation programme into primitive lifestyles on the planet Esselven. The characters in the drama, including members of the Thorn Tree village, were given artificial intelligence in order to respond interactively with real participants within the parameters of the story, but because of a glitch in the system, trace memories built up over time and they evolved into a state of self-awareness.
See: Palace of the Red Sun

"The Adventures of Lassie"
Book following the exploits of the fictional dog Lassie. When Sarah visited Aunt Lavinia for a break at her home in Oxfordshire in Summer 1983, K9 spent much of his time absorbed in reading this book. Before he could finish it, he and Sarah were sent to Egypt to help out one of Lavinia’s old science colleagues who’d discovered a city of Silurians and Sea Devils while engaged in an archaeological dig.
See: City of Devils (Doctor Who Magazine Holiday Special - Sarah Jane Smith)

"The Adventures of Macbeth's Head"
Play written in 1603 by the Francis Pearson, an author so bad that he burned down the Globe Theatre out of pure spite. He later combined with a copycat creature called the Mimic and became Managra and set up the Theatre of Transmogrification which performed his plays throughout the reconstructed land of Europa in the 33rd century - usually by visiting a town unannounced and performing each play within an hour of arriving.
See: Managra

"The Adventures of the New Frontier: Phantom Gadgets"
The Doctor kept a battered copy of this book in his pocket. When the Celestis used a metafictional engine to manipulate the Time Lords into breaking the time loop around Planet 5, the Doctor attempted to overwrite their fiction to remove the Elder Things from reality. Ideally he needed something like Jane Austen or PG Wodehouse, but unfortunately this was the only book he had on him and it was unsuitable for the purpose.
See: The Taking of Planet 5

The same book, albeit titled simply “The Adventures of the New Frontier” was revealed to document the early experiences of Bernice Summerfield, although Bernice herself regarded this to represent an ersatz version of her life that had been retold via a largely fictional and wholly melodramatic account. Much of her real life from this time existed only as handwritten accounts in frayed notebooks, never to be read.
See: The Joy Device

"Adventures on the Rim"
Book written by famous 26th century explorer Dent Harper, which Bernice read after making arrangements to join him to experience the danger and excitement of a holiday on the Eastern Rim. Harper was legendary for his explorations of the Outer Limits and the Uncharted Isles, and he wrote many lurid best-selling travel documentaries which made Bernice regard her own books as largely fictional and wholly melodramatic.
See: The Joy Device

"Advice for Young Ladies"
Book that Bernice owned and updated while going undercover as Celia Doras in Nazi-occupied Guernsey in 1940. It contained codes, maps and other material that was standard for field agents, plus details of the invasion that she’d pieced together from talking to the islanders. The book was captured by Oberst Oskar Steinmann, but fortunately he dismissed it as fantasy as it included information going right up to 1945.
See: Just War

Location that was the final destination of the city-train from Thebsmake on which the TARDIS landed as it crossed the wastes of post-apocalyptic Earth. It was finally revealed that the Doctor and Nyssa were actually on a fantasy-weaving computer planet called a Psionosphere and everything they saw here was a fictional illusion created from their own minds by Maya, a humanoid manifestation of the planet itself.
See: ERATO: Confabula

The Aegis
Alien race that was known to use metamorphic cats in their undercover missions. The cats were one of the races from Felinetta species that the Doctor encountered in Australia in 1994, who were from a widespread race of galactic scavengers who originally inhabited the Lynx constellation. Some of the other races include the Lion-Men of Mongo, the Felinoids of Cait and the Mercenaries of Gin-Seng.
See: Invasion of the Cat-People

One of the moons of the gas giant Clytemnestra (alongside Electra, Iphigenia and Orestes, the home planet of the Ogrons) in the Agamemnon system. The Earth Empire colonised Aegisthus and set up an Imperial military base in Fury City. Roz was sent here in 2982 to locate a member of an earlier Iphigenia expedition who’d been possessed by an N-form, which she then crushed under a million-ton slab of dwarf star alloy.
See: So Vile a Sin

The Aelcluk
Alien warrior clan which took part in the War Games before a decision was made to concentrate on humans. One of their clan, Ossu-male, was returned home by the Time Lords without being properly de-programmed and he continued on a quest to create an army. On the Aelcluk’s home planet, the seas were poisonous to males, which allowed females to breed in safety on the islands without fear of the males eating their young.
See: War Crimes

The Aelita
Opulent cruise ship designed by the Last Martian, CEO of the Ares Corporation on the terraformed planet Mars to be his personal pleasure liner. It was the largest vessel of its kind in the Federation but was later kept among the wrecked tugboats of the Utopia Marina, after engineers declared it was no longer seaworthy. It eventually sank after the Corporation’s managing director Paul Ares started shooting at the Doctor.
See: Crimson Dawn

Wife of Bior, leader of a Scandinavian tribe during the Dark Ages. After their five-year-old son Einar was killed during a raid by rival leader Vignor, Bior ordered the medicine man Hefn to use magic to transform his people into bears who then attacked Vignor’s village. The Doctor made peace between the survivors with the help of Aella and Vignor’s widow, but Bior was left trapped in the form of a bear for the rest of his life.
See: WRATH: That Which Went Away

Pilot assigned to lead a medical team looking for survivors of a crash on one of three unnamed planets that entered the Bel system. They discovered the planet was a life form, one third of a mating triad, whose process of giving birth was taking place prematurely because of the biochemical weaponry dumped into the sun. Unfortunately, the effect of the birth would cause Bel to go nova, wiping out all life in the system.
See: Beltempest

The Aeon
Flagship of the legendary Starbreaker fleet that included Omega’s ship, which the ancient Gallifreyans used to capture the energy released when the sun Qqaba collapsed. The ships were equipped with stasis haloes so they could enter the resulting black hole unharmed and harness the forces within. A mercenary saboteur, Fenris, travelled back 30,000 years to prevent the birth of the Time Lords but became trapped in the Vortex.
See: Stardeath (This comic strip comes from Doctor Who Monthly - Issue 47)

Aeon Flux
Location on Mars. After completing several missions for the Oblivion Angels, the Stratum Seven Agent and Kira Delbane, two Artificial Personality Embodiments, became freelance mercenaries and spent a short time living together here, but it ended up being two weeks of constant shagging (for which they got complaints from the entire sub-warren) followed by an icy crust of indifference that neither of them felt inclined to break.
See: Return to the Fractured Planet

One of four planets in the Domus system where membership of the Earth Empire was disputed by separate groups of human colonists. After several bloody battles, Generosum, Perfugium and Salvum joined the Empire, and although Aequitas was allowed to keep its independence, the colony on its moon Verum was forced to join, resulting in several decades of guerrilla fighting and terrorist activity directed against Aequitas.
See: A Life in Pieces - On Trial

Young male from the Tribe of the Three Valleys on the ‘paradise’ planet Laylora. Along with his friends, Brother Purin and Sister Serenta, they mysteriously disappeared while digging a new killing pit (animal traps used to catch wild pigs) in the forest. They were killed by one of the legendary beasts called the Witiku, but it turned out the Witiku were actually other villagers who’d been transformed by the planet’s ecosystem.
See: The Price of Paradise

Aerny Dhu
Location once visited by the Doctor. He recalled it had golden swamps and, according to legend, the Juices of Everlasting Life could be squeezed from certain leaves. When the Doctor later visited the island of Papul on Jenggel, he realised jungles had always held a fascination for him, which made him recall earlier travels including Aerny Dhu and the purple rainforests of Kolith, where monitor lizards grew to the size of buildings.
See: Combat Rock

Member of the Silurian Liberation Front, a fairly useless group of barbarian rebels in third century Wales, who were based near the Roman encampment at Caerleon. The Doctor and several of the rebels, including Aeron, were transported to the realm of the Hajor, a concept that existed to smooth out paradoxes created by time travellers. After the Hajor was banished, Aeron and the others were blasted back to Roman times.
See: The Futurists

Aerospace Main
Spaceport on the colony planet Sumana in the Geewin System that carried direct flights to the Hakai Orbital Transfer Station. The busiest terminal was the Lunar Flight Concourse. Security operative Major Sita Benovides was secretly working to uncover corruption and smuggling at the port, but the State Security Minister was also involved and had her arrested on false charges when she asked too many questions.
See: Match of the Day

Drug developed from nanotechnology and created by the Gwendoline Talwinning Memorial Institute. It was intended to tailor specific cures for any disease or minor illness, but every so often a batch malfunctioned and generated an even more lethal condition instead. The Crialan, an intelligent form of bacteria thought to have been wiped out by the Time Lords long ago, used Aesculac to manufacture more of their own kind.
See: Timevault

Assassin created by the CIA in the Anomaly Vaults beneath Gallifrey. She was surrounded by billions of stasis cells, each containing a future version of herself, so that whenever one was killed, the next one just appeared to resume the hunt. Her experiences had driven her mad and when she was eventually ‘released’, she was able to telepathically enter Romana, fracturing the President’s mind and splintering it through time.
See: Fractures

When Pandora, an anomaly that had possessed an earlier incarnation of Romana, took over the present-day Romana, she discovered the President was already possessed by Aesino. The sentience abandoned Romana's mind and seized Pandora instead, dragging them both back into the dark partition of the Matrix from which Pandora originally came. The Matrix then self-destructed to prevent her ever escaping again.
See: Warfare

Aethelred the Unready
see: Ethelred the Unready

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