3rd Doctor
The Time Monster
Serial OOO

Barry Letts

Script Editor
Terrance Dicks

Tim Gleeson

 Written by Robert Sloman*
Directed by Paul Bernard
Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson

Jon Pertwee (Dr. Who), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Roger Delgado (Master), Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) [1-4,6], Richard Franklin (Captain Mike Yates) [1-4], John Levene (Sergeant Benton) [1-4,6], Wanda Moore (Dr. Ruth Ingram) [1-4,6], Ian Collier (Stuart Hyde) [1-4,6], John Wyse (Dr. Percival) [1-3], Neville Barber (Dr. Cook) [1-2], Barry Ashton (Proctor) [1-2], Terry Walsh (Window Cleaner) [1], Donald Eccles (Krasis) [2-6], Aidan Murphy (Hippias) [2-3,5-6], Keith Dalton (Neophite) [2], Simon Legree (Unit Sergeant) [3-4], Marc Boyle (Kronos) [3-4,6], George Cormack (Dalios) [3,5-6], Gregory Powell (Knight) [3], Dave Carter (Roundhead Officer) [3], George Lee (Farmworker) [4], Ingrid Pitt (Galleia) [5-6], Derek Murcott (Crito) [5-6], Susan Penhaligon (Lakis) [5-6], Michael Walker (Miseus) [5-6], Melville Jones (Guard) [5-6], Dave Prowse (Minotaur) [6], Ingrid Bower (Face of Kronos) [6].

* With Barry Letts, uncredited.

UNIT are called into monitor the initial trials of a device called TOMTIT - the Transmission Of Matter Through Interstitial Time - at the Newton Institute at Wootton. Created by the enigmatic Professor Thascales, TOMTIT's demonstration causes unexpected time anomalies. The Doctor soon discovers that TOMTIT is not all that it seems...

At the heart of TOMTIT is an ancient crystal, which the Master hopes to use to gain control over Kronos - a Chronovore which feeds on time itself. But the stone he holds is only part of the sacred crystal of Kronos - the main crystal is hidden...

The Doctor and the Master journey back in time to the lost city of Atlantis, where the battle for the control of Kronos intensifies... Can the Doctor prevent the Time Monster from being unleashed...?

Original Broadcast (UK)

Episode One20th May, 19725h50pm - 6h15pm
Episode Two27th May, 19725h50pm - 6h15pm
Episode Three3rd June, 19725h50pm - 6h15pm
Episode Four10th June, 19725h50pm - 6h15pm
Episode Five17th June, 19725h45pm - 6h10pm
Episode Six24th June, 19725h45pm - 6h10pm

  • Released on video in episodic format. [+/-]

    U.S. Release

    • U.K. Release: November 2001 / U.S. Release: January 2003
      PAL - BBC video BBCV7177
      NTSC - Warner Video E1729
      Released as part of Master Box Set in the U.K. [BBC video BBCV7175]. The tapes were packaged individually inside the tin box but were not sold separately.
  • Novelised as Doctor Who - The Time Monster by Terrance Dicks. [+/-]

    Classic Series Edition Paperback Edition

    • Hardcover Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: September 1985.
      ISBN: 0 491 03870 4.
      Cover by Andrew Skilleter.
      Price: 6.25.

    • Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: February 1986.
      ISBN: 0 426 20221 X.
      Cover by Andrew Skilleter.
      Price: 1.60.
    • Doctor Who Classics series
      Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      [Includes The Dæmons and The Time Monster].
      First Edition: March 1989.
      ISBN: 0 352 32382 5.
      Cover by Andrew Skilleter.
      Price: 2.95.
  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #268.
Episode One
(drn: 25'04")

Major blasts, volcanoes issuing forth lava, and in the center is a strange podium and a giant glowing crystal in the shape of a trident framed against darkness. Standing over it all is the Master laughing at him and saying, "Welcome, welcome to your new Master." A lightning blast and the Master vanishes, laughing. More blasts and clouds as well as a strange face with hypnotic eyes, a female face.

UNIT: Jo wakes the Doctor up and gives him a cup of tea. He tells her about volcanoes and earthquakes in his dream. The Doctor, in a red velvet jacket, stands up, taking the tea cup. Without drinking, he hands it back to her, "Thank you, I've enjoyed that." Jo asks the Doctor what he's been working on all night, a new dematerialization circuit. He denies that but it is something for the next time the Master turns up. He asks her to find out about any earthquakes or volcanic activity that has been happening in the world. She already read something to him last night, "It shows you don't listen to a word I say, doesn't it." She takes the newspaper and tells him that the activity is happening off the coast of Greece. He tells her about the trident...

which the small crystal is what the shape is in and in the hands of the Master who is working with a short haired woman named Dr. Ruth Ingram. The crystal, The Master supposes to Ruth, is no different than any other piece of quartz but it is. This building is the Newton Research Institute in Cambridge. A young long haired man comes running in, Stuart Hyde and calls the Master, Prof. "Please, don't call me Prof," the Master snaps. Stu is late, having switched the alarm off in his sleep. The Master, AKA Professor Thascales, cannot be present at the test before the demonstration. Ruth tells the Professor not to patronize her. He asks her forgiveness and then asks her to run those tests. He leaves, shutting the door behind him.

Ruth complains about the Master, she not knowing what is more infuriating, "his dictatorial manner or that infernal courtesy of his." She talks of male superiority. Stu voices his wish that God will bless the good ship Women's Lib and all who sail with her.

UNIT: Mike Yates points out the Thera group of islands where the quakes have been. Jo calls the Doctor to come look at the map but Thera doesn't mean a thing to him. It is the subterranean bracket. The Doctor just dismisses the incident as just a bad dream. Mike tells Jo it was more interesting than the duty room. If nothing turns up soon, he thinks he will go round the twist. Jo mentions Atlantis, which many modern historians believe to be modern Thera's location. This interests the Doctor more now. Mike thought that Atlantis was supposed to be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Jo calls him a bit out of date: it is thought of as being part of the Minoan civilization, "The Minotaur and all that Cretin jazz..." The Doctor tells Jo to fetch the Brigadier. He also snaps at her when she asks, "What now?" Jo moves off. Mike wonders why the Brigadier?

The Doctor talks to the Brigadier on the phone and tells him to put out a world wide warning to every section of UNIT, all the UNIT HQs. He explains it is due to a dream he had about a half hour ago.

Later the Brigadier talks to the Doctor in the Lab. Priority A1 is the search for the Master, not Priority Zed 144 as the Doctor thought. The Brigadier jokes that the Doctor will next be consulting the entrails of a sheep next. Jo laughs at this. The Doctor tells the Brigadier that he is too busy to go to the Newton Institute and he will need Jo to help him here, too. There is to be an inaugural demonstration of TOMTIT -- the Transmission of Matter through Interstitial Time. Apparently it can break down solid objects into light waves and transmit them from one place to another. Mike is the duty officer and cannot go with the Brigadier. Sergeant Benton comes into the lab, ready to go out on a 48 hour pass. The Brigadier will take him to the Newton Institute, at Wooten just outside Cambridge.

In another room, the Master hypnotizes the Director, Dr. Percival into believing him about his TOMTIT experiments and his credentials. Percival was just about to reveal the Master as a charlatan. Chairman of the Grant's Committee, Dr Cook, one of Percival's colleague and friend, was to be at the demonstration. Percival found no trace before the Master attended Athens University. Percival replaced a drunkard. Now, he is hypnotized by the Master to believe all about the Master's Professorship and to obey the Master. "I will obey."

Ruth and Stu continue the checks on the experiment's machines. The two finish and talk about their job, their reputations, and their growing frustration. Stu calls Ruth "love" but he convinces her to do the test themselves. Ruth takes his bait of "of course, if you need a man in charge..." and they plan to go ahead without the Master.

UNIT: Jo tells the Doctor, "You know, Doctor, you're quite the most infuriating man I've ever met." She wants to know what it is he is making and asks him again. He thought he already told her. She guesses at what it is: it detects disturbances in time, a TARDIS sniffer outer! He tells her that is well done, "You're learning." This will help them find the Master, "Bingo."

Stu dons a radiation suit to protect him in the receiver room, making a comment about feeling like the back end of a horse. This, Ruth figures, is what he should feel like.

A man climbs a ladder outside the window of the Newton lab and watches from outside, pretending to clean the window.

UNIT: the Doctor is in the TARDIS and Jo outside, "I see here, Doctor, you're not going to disappear to Venus or anyplace like that, are you?" He laughs he is not and asks her to keep an eye on the readings.

While this is happening, Ruth is making her test. It says the TARDIS is only a foot away. It's Venusian feet... they are much larger, the Doctor tells her, coming back out of the TARDIS, "...they're always tripping over themselves, Venusians." Jo tells him the readings have started again. The Doctor figures it is another TARDIS doing this.

The jar that Ruth and Stu are sending via light waves seems to be appearing inside the crystal-receiver room where Stu is.

The Master looks at the large clock on the university tower and realizes it is slowing down. The gong chime is dull and slow. He knows the pair are making the full test now. The jar fully vanishes from Ruth and appears in the room with Stu. The window washer is watching.

Ruth calls Stu back into the main room. The positive feedback is overloading and threatens to blow. The window washer falls off the ladder but he falls slowly. The Master makes his way back to Ruth and Stu, whom he finds dancing like children and Stu singing, "We've done it." They dance right to the door where the Master awaits.

UNIT: the signal is coming from 15 and 100 miles from UNIT. Jo tells the Doctor to take the map when he suggests they could get closer in Bessie.

The Master calls Ruth a fool and tells her to be silent. Stu tells the Master he is not his sister's keeper. He is her brother. The Master chastises them but relents when Ruth suggests they take this to the higher powers. The trio come to terms with the Master manipulating Ruth but not Stu -- at least not right away. Stu calls the other two over to the crystal: it is still glowing. The Master tells them they were drawing power from outside of time itself -- this caused the overload. He draws a picture of something they can build --a time vector filter that can be built into the transmitter. It is a paracybernetic control circuit effect. The demonstration is at 2PM. The Master will leave it to them; for he is to have a meal with their guests. The VIPs are arriving and Stu notices, "You'd better get your skates on." He mentions a UNIT jeep escorting them.

The guests and UNIT arrive before the fallen window washer. He is not dead. He is still breathing.

The Master tells Ruth he is a life long pacifist and that he wants to do this test himself now -- he's changed his mind. He will send her to eat with his guests, charming her into going, telling her she trusts she can devour a tough pheasant on his behalf. Ruth will send some sandwiches over to them. "Good thinking, Batman," Stu jokes. When the Master is out of earshot, Stu calls him a nutcase that they have on their hands.

Bessie driven by the Doctor with Jo admiring the sky zooms along. It is a gloomy old day, she says. The Doctor tells her they are not on a treasure jaunt and that she should keep her eye on the time sensor. It works again -- a little over 16 Venusian miles away... 72.79 Earth miles away. They figure it to be Wooten and TOMTIT. If the Master is behind that, they have to stop the demonstration. The Doctor tells her to hang on tight and he hits the Super Drive switch on Bessie.

The Brigadier, Benton, Dr. Cook and his aide Proctor, and Percival come into the control room with Ruth at the research station. Cook complains about pheasant lunch and expenditures. The "Professor" supposedly wrote a paper on the Granule Structure of Time. Stu is not sure where the Professor is, he was here a couple of minutes ago. The Brigadier wants Dr. Ingram to explain her fearsome load of electronic nonsense in words of one syllable. She explains that time is not smooth, it is made up of little bits. Stu helps and explains that time is made up of series of minute present moments. Ruth continues, temporal atoms so if one can push something into the space between the moments it would exist outside our space time continuum altogether. They explain they have done it and shoved the jar through the crack between now and now as Benton explains correctly.

The Professor, AKA the Master returns in a radiation suit which guards his identity against detection by Benton and the Brigadier.

Jo yells at the Doctor to slow down, it is not safe to drive at the speeds they are at in Bessie now. The Doctor tells her that is nonsense; for him. His reactions are ten times faster than hers and Bessie is no ordinary car. The brakes work by the absorption of intertia including the passengers which is why when they stop short, Jo doesn't go through the screen. They pick up the signal again after losing it. Bessie goes faster.

The test goes on. They are tying to send a tea cup. Ruth wonders why the Professor needs anti radiation gear. He counters in case of emergency he may have join Stu in a hurry. They isolate matrix scanner. Ruth warns of the building power--it is too great. Stu is in the crystal room. He gets too much power and can't hold it. He yells at them to switch off. Ruth yells at the Professor to turn it off. The Master only yells out, "Come, Kronos, come!!!"

Episode Two
(drn: 25'05")

The Master runs away and hides. Outside, Bessie has pulled up to a quick stop. Jo is frozen in time. In the radiation room, Stu falls. Time moves slower and the gong is slow. The Doctor is not affected as strongly and he runs to the building, slow motion. He tells Ruth to reverse the polarity. The Brigadier and the Doctor run into the room after the radiation clears. Stu has turned to 80 or more. Jo runs in and asks if they are too late. The Doctor thinks they are just in time.

Later, the Brigadier, the Doctor, and Jo see to a sleeping Stu as Ruth cares for him. 8 seconds to turn 80. If he wasn't a tough young man he would be dead. Stu's own personal time speeded up so fast that his own physiology went ahead. Ruth mentions Thascales, which the Doctor and Jo realize is Greek for Master. Stu wakes up and the Doctor tells Jo and Ruth to let Stu talk about who he saw. Even the Brigadier wants to stop the Doctor from doing this but Stu tells the Doctor he saw someone named "Kronos." The Doctor wants Jo to stay with Stu as he leaves with Ruth. He also tells the Brigadier he has a job for him too just after the Brigadier mentions to Jo that she should lock the door.

The Brigadier calls Yates and tells him to bring weapons along including anti tank guns, because he feels naked as a baby in a bath. The Doctor also wants Yates to bring the TARDIS with him.

Dr. Cook chastises Percival wondering if a full scale White Hall inquiry is in order. The Brigadier takes over the area and inact secrecy on Cook and Proctor. The Brigadier calls a weary Percival to evacuate the project at once. Benton will watch the machine. Percival tells the Brigadier, "You may enjoy playing the soldier..." The Brigadier wants them gone by 3, telling the man that the Master will be back.

The Doctor and Ruth return to the lab and Benton. Ruth asks why he won't explain. He has to find out if he is right first. He looks at the crystal of Kronos. When Ruth asks what this is about, he rubs the back of his neck and tells her it is difficult to explain. He tries, telling her he has been to the strange place, even to him, the idea of stepping outside of space time. "A place that is no place, a dangerous place where creatures live beyond your wildest imagination. Chronovores, time eaters that would swallow a life as quickly as a boa constrictor can swallow a rabbit." Kronos is the most fearsome of the lot.

Percival returns to his office to find the Master sitting in a chair with his back to the door and writing down calculations. The Master is calm and tells him not to fidget.

The Doctor and Ruth discuss Kronos: a Titan who ate his children. One of those children was Poseidon-the god of Atlantis. The Doctor calls the Atlanteans, cousins to those in Athens, extraordinary people. Once reality becomes unbearable for them, they created legends around the reality to tame it. Kronos was drawn into time by the priests of Atlantis using the crystal. The "Professor" wants to capture the Chronovore. Not just danger to just our world, our galaxy but to the entire created universe.

The Master smokes a cigar. He calls Percival closer to him and he hypnotizes him into not worrying, "Just obey me." Percival gets on with his telephoning. The Master tells him it has been a long time that he has come across a hypnotic subject as good as Percival is, "It's just like old times." He laughs slightly.

The signal the Doctor picked up was not that from TOMTIT but from an instrument bank in the control room: the bank is the Master's TARDIS. He tells Benton and Ruth.

Percival inadvertently makes the Master lose his place in his sums. E equals MC cubed in the time vortex. The Master is trying to find out why they had that massive power build up. Both and the Doctor figure that logically there shouldn't have been an overload.

The Doctor asks the Sergeant logically what they should do: switch on. The Doctor tells Benton he is a strong, young man: he should go in and pick up the crystal. Wary at first, he does so since the Doctor says it is safe as this low level. He cannot move it. The Doctor tells them this crystal is in institial time--it isn't here at all. It is linked to the other crystal or rather it is the other crystal. It is in Atlantis.

Lighting bolts and a young shirtless boy in some other time and place, Atlantis perhaps, runs, cowering to the holiness, a priest named Krasis who calls to Kronos. He awaits Kronos's call. Krasis is the High Priest of the Temple of Poseidon. He is over the great crystal. He is also watched by a younger man, shirtless, and with long black hair. This is Hippias.

Benton gets call from Jo for the Doctor, who comes to the phone. Stu is coming to. The Doctor asks if Ruth is coming. Then he asks, "Coming, Dr. Ingram?'" She laughs, "Ruth will do." He calls her Ruth and they go toward Jo and Stu.

Jo is on the phone with Benton. Jo jokes with Benton until Stu gets into a fuss about Kronos coming back. He has the grand daddy of all hangovers. Stu sees his hands and wonders what is happening. He asks for a mirror and sees himself, realizing how old he is now, "No. No."

The Master finishes his calculations. He puts out his cigar. He wants to go back to the lab, asking who is on guard. The Master knows how to deal with Benton.

Stu is explaining what happened to the Doctor, what he saw. The Doctor says, "Go on, old chap... go on, you're doing fine." Stu tells him all his life and energy was being sucked out of him, he felt like he was on fire. Stu just knew it was Kronos... a race memory told him it was Kronos. "We all have them," the Doctor says. He also tells Stu he doesn't know if he can help him but he will do everything he can.

Benton gets a phone call telling him that the Brigadier wants him back at the house. The call is from Percival, who puts him in a bit of a spot. Percival tells the Master, who claims Percival's performance was inept. The Master gives Percival the phone number to contact the Brigadier --534 -- the number is the other phone in the room. When Benton calls, the Master picks up and imitates the Brigadier's voice. This makes Benton look out the window, leaving it open. He leaves the building, watched by Percival from the office Percival and the Master are in. They leave. Benton climbs up a ladder onto a roof and up another ladder. He goes into another room where he watches the Master and Percival leave. He takes out his pistol and hides as the pair come.

"Soon, I shall have all the time in the world, literally. Nothing in the world can stop me now." Benton hidden, now reveals himself and tells them to put their hands up in the air. "Well, well, well, the resourceful Sergeant Benton." Benton tells him that the phone call is the oldest trick in the book. The Master claims he underestimated Benton. The Brigadier doesn't call Benton "my dear fellow." The Master has not obtained the tribal taboos of military etiquette. He calls these primitive absurdities. The Master bluffs the Doctor is in the room and Benton looks another way. This gives the Master time to knock Benton down. "That is the oldest trick in the book." The Master is going to bring someone here that will show him how to harness the power. He makes Percival watch the crystal.

The far past in Atlantis: Krasis is still calling the lord of life and of death to give him the strength. Before Hippias's shocked face, Krasis vanishes in a blast of lightning and appears with a blast, his red cloak waving... appearing in the radiation room before the view of the Master and Percival... a face of devout fanaticism...

Episode Three
(drn: 23'59")

Benton recovers as Krasis meets the Master, who claims he is lord of time and ruler of Kronos. The Master tells Krasis his plan as Benton runs out, spotted by Percival. The Master knows Krasis has the secret, the formula. Krasis denies this, it is lost. The only thing is the crystal and the seal of the high priest. The seal is all the Master needs to rule Kronos.

As Ruth has Stu in a wheel chair and he jokes about his old age pension, the Doctor tries to calm him into resting. Benton comes running to them, Jo, The Brigadier and two guards to tell them the Master is in the lab.

The Master is figuring the ratios which remain constant throughout time. Benton tells the Doctor that the new man inside has said he is from Atlantis. The Brigadier snaps into action, telling the females to get undercover. Ruth discards this and runs after the Brigadier. The Doctor yells at the Brigadier to wait. Jo points out that Stu's youth returns and then leaves again. There is a massive feedback of time. The Doctor tells Jo it is too late, "Kronos is coming!"

A white feathered male like bird like figure appears flying in the lab making loud noises. It seems to make Percival vanish, destroying him. Krasis tells the Master he will never control the lord of time. The Master orders it to obey and uses the seal to trap it in the lab.

Outside, the Brigadier, Benton and Ruth are running in slow motion. "Just as I thought. They run right into trouble," the Doctor says and runs to Ruth. He pulls her back to Jo.

Ruth asks, "What's going on?"

Jo answers, "Don't worry. The Doctor will explain later... I hope."

The Master is reducing the additional flow as Kronos is flying about the lab trying to get out. Outside, the Doctor runs and fetches the Brigadier back to Jo and Ruth with Benton already having been brought back.

The Doctor orders everybody inside with no time to explain now.

The power slows and the Master reenters the radiation room as Kronos vanishes. Krasis and the Master argue. The Master can always bring Kronos back. This sets Krasis in order but the Master wants knowledge, "Why could I not control him!?"

"For all your sorcery you are as a child trying to control a rouge elephant," Krasis says. The rest of the crystal is deep in the vault of the Temple of Poseidon. The one here is but a part of it.

In Atlantis in the past, Hippias brings back the enigmatic and ageless King Dalios to the vanished crystal. The sky opened and a spear of fire hurled by the hand of Zeus made Krasis and the crystal vanished in a puff of smoke. He asks Dalios if the time of fire has come. Hippias tells the years of Kronos were the golden years but Dalios tells him that their world is in great danger. They descend old grey steps. Dalios asks Hippias how old he thinks he is. He is not 80 years old as Hippias assumes. He saw the building of the temple and he saw the image of Poseidon himself. Dalios tells him he is 537 years old. Dalios leads him to a door behind which the light of the true crystal of Kronos exists. He tells Hippias he must guard it. There is a thing, half man, half beast behind the door which guards the crystal.

In the sickbay, the Brigadier asks what to do. The Doctor tells them to wait, that is all they can do. Jo says, "I've think we've heard that before." She laughs. Stu is back to his youthful self. The Doctor asks him to make him some tea. The Brigadier is annoyed as the Doctor and Stu plan marmalade sandwiches, "This isn't a picnic! One moment you're talking about the entire universe blowing up and the next you're going on about tea! Doctor, what's happening?!" He explains the Brigadier was caught in a hiatus in time: being without becoming, an ontological absurdity. Jo tries to help in this. TOMTIT made a crack in time, a gap in the now and now. Ruth gives the Doctor a sandwich but gives it to Jo. Ruth asks why she and Stu weren't affected when they working closer to it. The Doctor tells her that when you stand under a fountain you don't necessarily get wet. "Oh I see," she says. The Brigadier doesn't. The Brigadier asks the Doctor what he is doing. "Me?" Collecting, he smiles.

Krasis fears the might one may return. The Master mocks him, "How fortunate for Atlantis to be blessed with such a courageous high priest." The Master reverses the institial flow from the crystal, draining time energy otherwise they would not be able to take it with them..when they go to Atlantis.

The Doctor tells the others that without the TARDIS they can do nothing and a bottle. Stu helps the Doctor get a Moroccan burgundy bottle and Ruth gets a cap still on a corkscrew. The Doctor is performing a delaying tactic to slow the Master down.

Krasis sees the power dying in the crystal. "You are indeed The Master." The Master smiles.

The Doctor has fashioned some contraption from the junk. Ruth calls him another nutcase and laughs. Stu follows. Jo tells them to wait and see.

The Master tells Krasis to help him carry the crystal but Krasis beseeches him to not allow him to carry it.

The Doctor's time flow analogue is almost done. "You're a Philistine, Brigadier." It is a time flow analogue. The Doctor goes on about what it is: the relationships between the different molecular bonds and the actual shapes form a crystalline structure of ratios. The Brigadier asks Ruth if she understands any of this; not a word. The Brigadier asks the Doctor to stop this silly game at once. "Patients, Brigadier, patients." The device doesn't work. But when Stu mentions tea, the Doctor drinks his cup dry and puts the cup on top of his device of junk.

The Master gets Krasis to reach for the crystal, which comes alive when the Doctor's device works. It is like jamming a radio signal. The Doctor says "we" used to make them at school to jam each other's time experiments. The Master calls the Doctor a meddling fool. The Master uses something on TOMTIT to make the jammer device fall apart.

UNIT is bringing the TARDIS to the lab. Greyhound 3 calls Greyhound. On a wristwatch device, the Master sees the convoy and hears Captain Mike Yates calling the Brigadier. They are ten miles away. Krasis is impressed by this. The Master will give him a demonstration of his power over time.

A Medieval Knight on horseback with lance and shield comes running at the convoy, which splits apart to let him through. Yates reports they are stuck in the mud, forced off the road by some goon in fancy dress, he thinks. The Brigadier asks if he is suffering from hallucinations or if he has been drinking. Yates tells the Brigadier the knight vanished. The Brigadier states he has been drinking. The Master talks to himself, ready to use more against Captain Yates.

Yates gets everyone off the convoy but something is firing at them and hits one of the jeep canvases. A group of Roundheads from the 17th Century firing with cannonball fire. The Brigadier thinks this is a joke. The Doctor tells him it is deadly serious. The Master is using the crystal's power to bring these figures from time to the present.

The Doctor, Jo, and the Brigadier leave. Stu always fancied himself a cavalier. The Brigadier asks Ruth and Stu to place themselves under Benton's command. They are the only two besides the Doctor who can handle that infernal machine. He leaves Ruth to say, "A bit of old world charm." The Brigadier will go under his own steam and tells the Doctor to try not to be too far behind. The Doctor sets Bessie on Super Drive and quickly catches up with the Brigadier.

Krasis wonders why the Master fears the machine (TARDIS) so much. He just doesn't want his enemy to chase him to Atlantis. Yates hurls a bomb at the Roundheads but they vanish back into time before the blast.

The Master comments they should duck because here comes the grand finale.

Through the clear afternoon air a World War Two plane, black, flies over the lab and heads for the Doctor and Jo in Bessie as well as the Brigadier in his van. Ruth, Benton, and Stu hear it as they wait in the lab. Bessie stops. Jo thinks there is something wrong with the engine. The Brigadier stops with them. The plane is a V1, the Doctor identifies it. "A doodlebugger, buzzbomb." Germans used it to bomb London as the Doctor and Brigadier explain -- to get down flat. The Brigadier warns Yates, it is a bomb. The Doctor makes Jo get out of the car and they get down. There is a terrifying blast and in the trees where the convoy is a huge wall of flame and smoke flare up in the explosion. The Brigadier continues to try to call Yates, "Mike can you hear me?!!?"

Episode Four
(drn: 23'54")

Benton calls the Brigadier and Captain Yates. A man is at the UNIT site -- a farmworker who tells the UNIT men that this is the same spot that a German doodlebug blew up in 1944.

The Master tells Krasis he enjoyed that but that the TARDIS cannot be destroyed, "But people can."

At the site, the Brigadier examines Mike's head wound and tells him he is finished for the day. The Doctor and Jo are with him. Mike tries to argue. Mike is sorry about the TARDIS but the Doctor tells him not to worry. He also tells Jo to watch a device. The farmer has a tractor tied to the TARDIS and he is pulling it out of a ditch.

Benton agrees with Ruth to try to go and get the Master out of the lab. Stu disagrees. He tells them he is a card carrying coward. But Stu goes with Benton. Ruth tells him that she knew he wouldn't let them down. "Give me time, that's all," he says. Krasis and the Master enter the Master's TARDIS. The Master uses its largeness on the inside to show his power off to Krasis who calls this the Master's Temple. The Master has taken the crystal and part of TOMTIT into his TARDIS. The Master starts his TARDIS to leave, testing before takeoff. The power drain makes it take awhile for it to be ready.

Jo warns the Doctor that the device has moved: this has registered that the Master is ready to leave. An ambulance has arrived and a man is treating Mike's head with a bandage. The Doctor will have to fly the TARDIS from where it is; the plan is to use the Time Sensor that is in Bessie and hook his TARDIS inside the Master's; that way he can go wherever the Master goes. The Doctor is ready to go into the TARDIS and knows there is nothing he can say to dissuade Jo, thus he opens the door for her and they go in.

"Goodbye Lethbridge Stewart," the Doctor says as he is about to enter. Jo asks the Doctor about why the TARDIS looks so different. He tells her it is just a spot of redecoration. He wants her to realise what he is about to do is appallingly dangerous. He closes the door and she takes his cloak and hangs it and her own frilly jacket on a coat stand or a music stand. The Doctor shows her a device. The TARDISes are operating on the same frequency and he had to coordinate it to the billionth part of the nanosecond. If too low, they will miss it; too high and they will have a Time Ram: the atoms of their TARDIS would occupy the same atoms as the Master's. The Doctor welcomes Miss Grant aboard, "Glad to have you aboard, Miss Grant." The TARDIS vanishes. The farmer sees it go, "Londoners."

Ruth, Benton, and Stu, in that order, sneak from tree to tree as they make their way toward the building where the lab is. They hide in the bushes.

The Doctor checks the console. The center console moves up and down. The move depends on the TARDIS's mood. Jo mentions the Doctor talks about the TARDIS as if it were alive. He mentions it only seems to be alive, "Take old Bessie for instance." They will be outside time. A materialization. Master's TARDIS is inside the Doctor's. Jo puts on the monitor and they see a red haze outside. Seeing through the TOMTIT gap into the time vortex. The Doctor opens the doors and goes outside, "Good grief." He calls Jo out... they are in the Master's TARDIS it seems. He opens the doors and they go into another TARDIS, each TARDIS is inside the other.

In the lab, Krasis paces but notices out the window that a UNIT jeep and a truck are coming. The Master will fix them. He hits the machinery and the Brigadier and men slow down in time. The Master tells Krasis to hurry into the TARDIS. The Master says, "They won't stop me now." Ruth and Stu do stop him with Benton behind the Master with a pistol. "I should have disposed of you while I had the chance," the Master snarls, his hands up. When Benton allows Stu to see if the Master has a gun, the Master tosses him aside in front of Benton, pushes past Ruth and enters his TARDIS and closes the door. Krasis mentions the other one is here. The Master is pleased. The TARDIS with Jo and the Doctor shakes. Jo falls on the floor. It is temperamental when aroused, the TARDIS is. He called it a she. The Doctor and the Master both apologize for Jo's bottom being hurt. The Master welcomes them from the Doctor's screen.

Benton, Ruth, and Stu talk about what's happened. Stu calls out, "It's not the end of the world, now is it?" The Doctor seems to think it might be. Benton is angry about losing the Doctor. Ruth calls the two men a couple of old women. Stu calls them to the window where they see the Brigadier and the men are still in time, frozen in place. The trio are trapped inside. Benton doesn't think they should stop the transmitter but he gives her the order to switch it off. She does but the Brigadier and men are still stuck in time. The forcefield seems to go around the entire building.

The Doctor and the Master verbally spar. There is a time lock on the Doctor's TARDIS. The Master is as trapped as he is, the Doctor says. The Master warns that he could fling the Doctor into the time vortex. The Master switches off the audio to the Doctor and calls the Doctor brilliant, with an excellent brain alittle pedestrian, "But oh, what a bore." He is dangerous, the Master says but he can handle the Doctor. He knows as soon as the Doctor does realize the sound is off and cannot bear to not have the last word, the Doctor will come out. The Doctor explains what the Master did and uses two words that Jo doesn't understand. "If the Thraskin puts his fingers in his ears... give a polite shout," the Doctor quotes an old Venusian proverb. It is a word seldom used at least since the 25th dynasty. And Thraskin also means plinge. Jo asks what that means. "Oh for heaven's sake, Jo, I just told you, it means Thraskin." Jo makes a sarcastic comment, "Of course."

Ruth figures TOMTIT has made a permanent gap in the structure of time. Ruth is having a go to see what happens to try to plug up the gap. Ruth tells Benton to just stand there and look pretty. She starts the machine up as Stu watches the time bridge and isolates the matrix scanner. Benton shrinks in size as they try their experiment. The Brigadier is still stuck in time. Stu notices a baby infant on the floor: Benton.

Krasis asks, "What will you do now, Master?" The Master just laughs.

The Doctor makes a sound device that the Master cannot switch him off but the Master ups him one and makes the Doctor talk in backwards talk or nonsense talk. The Master is picking up his words before he's spoken them and feeding them back to the Doctor via the telepathic circuits of the TARDIS. Jo finds out the TARDISes are telepathic. "How else can they communicate?" He asks her. He will go out there, locking the TARDIS and safely locking her in. The Doctor warns her to do as she is told. It is her job, as she said before she walked into the TARDIS this time. To Jo's dismay, the Doctor leaves and she has to shut the door.

The Doctor meets Krasis, "Any friend of the Master's is an enemy of mine." The Master knows he is risking the entire cosmos. Jo watches their sparring on the scanner screen. The Master tells the Doctor that everyone is paranoid and mad, "I'm a little more honest than the rest." The Master turns on the device and the crystal glows. Kronos appears and waves his wings over the Doctor. Jo faints as she sees the Doctor vanish. The Master traps Kronos again but sees Miss Grant on the screen. He explains the Doctor is beyond anyone's help. He tells Jo the thing engulfed him. The Doctor is in the time vortex, alive forever -- a living death -- in an eternity of nothing. She calls that the most cruel, the most wicked thing she's ever heard. "Thank you, my dear," he said. "Now what are we going to do about you though. You're an embarrassment to me as indeed is that antiquated piece of junk of the Doctor's."

Jo cries, "I don't really care anymore. Do what you like. Just get it over with."

The Master says, "Your word is my command." He flips a switch and the spinning TARDISes separate, "Goodbye Miss Grant." Jo and the TARDIS part from the Master's, splitting off. She fades from his screen as the console room she is in tilts back and forth. Jo hears the Master's laughing echo...

Episode Five
(drn: 24'29")

The TARDISes spin away from each other. Jo awakens as she hears whisperings of the Doctor. He's still alive but nowhere. In the time vortex. The TARDIS is relaying his voice to her and the other voices are his subconscious thoughts. He tells her not to listen too closely to them. Jo walks past a wooden piece of furniture. The TARDIS has put them in touch so that he can instruct her to go to control panel number 3 and lift the Extreme Emergency Panel lid. She pulls it and the Doctor appears, sitting.

Atlantis, far past: horns are being blown and main doors are opened. Dalios comes into the court outside the Temple of Poseidon. Black slaves carry in a large throne-like chair of a sitting woman, Galleia, the wife of Dalios. The music stops and court starts. Hippias comes to the Dalios and asks to speak plainly. Dalios tells him to speak as a friend should speak. Hippias does telling them the people are starving. Others present agree with his truth. Hippias asks for the divine power to be given back to the land from which it was stolen -- the power of Kronos.

The Master in his TARDIS makes plans to have the people of Atlantis believe he is the Master and he has the power to bring Kronos back to them.

Dalios reminds the people that Kronos was a curse: temples twice this size fallen, people drunk, land made waste by fire, and if Kronos came again, Atlantis would be doomed, never to rise again. Galleia, with a cat in her arms, hears strange music. The Master's TARDIS, which appears from thin air with wheezing. The Master comes out of it and pushes aside the tridents of the guards. He snaps his fingers and Krasis comes out of the TARDIS. Galleia comes forward telling them the Master has the bearing of a god himself. Dalios has seen many such tricks. The King departs with Krasis and the Master, who eyes Galleia, who mentions her liking of the Master. Hippias notices this.

Jo tells the Doctor he hasn't managed to fix the TARDIS yet -- how can he follow the Master? The time sensor will tell them where the Master's TARDIS is. Krasis is back with Hippias who he is arguing with when the Doctor's TARDIS appears. Hippias orders the guards to stop from using their tridents on the Doctor and Jo. Krasis wanted Jo and the Doctor killed, astounded they are still alive.

As Dalios and the Master talk, Galleia listens by a column. Guards are also present. The Master tries to hypnotize Dalios, "You will obey me." Dalios just laughs and knows the Master is no emissary of the gods. Dalios asks about Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, and Olympus. Dalios knows Kronos is not a god, nor is the Master. He will not give the Master the crystal. The Master tries to leave but is blocked by the guards. Dalios tells him when he can tell the truth Dalios will listen. Then he leaves and is brought back outside and right into the Doctor, who enjoy his surprised look. The Doctor smiles, "Good afternoon. Now where have I seen that face before," and "Can't think of anything to say?" Jo counters with, "How bout curses foiled again."

Hippias takes the Doctor and Jo.

Galleia moves to find the Master.

Dalios is introduced to Jo by the Doctor, "This is Jo, Jo Grant." Dalios takes this to mean she is called "Jo-Jo Grant," and he flatters her with truth but tells her he knows it is just gallantry of an old man that made him call her a goddess. He asks Hippias to take Jo-Jo Grant to the Queen. Jo looks at the Doctor, "You'll be allright," he says to her. She follows Hippias.

The Doctor tells Dalios that Hippias saved his and Jo's lives when Dalios calls Hippias's introduction a redneck fisherman. Dalios wonders why Hippias saved their lives and kept it to himself.

Lakis combs the Queen's hair in her bed chamber. Galleia asks Lakis what she thinks of the Master. Lakis thinks he had the bearing of a god, Galleia's very thoughts. Galleia asks if Lakis is frightened. Lakis likes the lord Hippias better. A sweet meat, a confection for a child's taste. Galleia prefers the Master who would not cloy upon the tongue as Hippias. Lakis thinks he is handsome. Galleia moreso likes his face of power and calls Hippias a boy, a petulant boy. Hippias at the door overhears this and comments. He is foolish to trust a Queen. She counters foolish to think he could love a Queen. Hippias brings Jo in. He tells the Queen he did his best but she counters that the King made him look a fool. The Queen won't shake Jo-Jo's hand. She finds Jo's language strange and colloquialisms odd. Galleia asks Lakis to show her to a chamber and give her something more fitting to wear for a lady of the court. Galleia asks Lakis to come back quickly. Hippias asks if he has anything to do for the Queen and mocks her a bit but his sadness at her not loving him anymore is felt. He knew Galleia once, the woman, the sweet and loving lady. He took her for that Queen. She dismisses him and calls Lakis to come to her at once. She sends the girl to the Lord Master and to tell him one word: Kronos.

Kronos, Dalios utters his word. He is the last one alive to recall the twisted guts this thing caused. Dalios tells the Doctor the crystal cannot be destroyed -- they tried but only split the smaller crystal from it. The Doctor realizes, "It's just like the TARDIS, it has its being outside of time but it's appearance is here." If wisdom is to seek the truth, the Doctor admits to being a philosophy. Dalios asks the Doctor to help him save Atlantis.

The Master will not wait for the Queen but before he can go, the Queen arrives for him and the two drink from goblets. The Master calls her beautiful. Galleia dismisses Lakis to administer to the needs of their guest. Jo has a new outfit on, "A groovy dress. You reckon it'll get Mum's approval?" She asks this to Lakis and the two are friendly. Jo's hair is done up curly now and long sides. She wants to listen to the Master and Jo. Jo promises she will as quiet as an Atlantean mouse. Lakis listens with her.

The Queen must have approval over the Master's actions. With their plans, she makes sure that nothing must happen to Dalios. He wants the crystal but not without her consent. He will restore Atlantis to its former glory. The Master promises Dalios will rule for many years but relieve him of his duties. He tells her it will be a pleasure to serve her. When the end comes to Dalios "as it must to all men" the Master will take the crystal. Krasis has the key and Galleia tells him where it is but he cannot go -- there is the Guardian...

The Guardian is told about from Dalios to the Doctor. The beast was once a friend to Dalios, once a man, a fellow counsellor, a great athlete. He wanted the strength of a bull and a long life in which to use it. Kronos in blind sport gave this man his desire... with the head of a bull for 500 years or more. The Doctor calls this the Minotaur which Dalios does not understand the word. To try to approach the crystal is certain death.

The Master asks Krasis if he would like to try. Galleia tells them they will send one who is mighty with the sword and one who wants the crystal too. Jo and Lakis hear this. Jo needs Lakis to take her to the Doctor. She refuses until Jo mentions it is the only way to save her precious Hippias. The guards bar them and a cloaked Lord Cretin tells them the King is not to be disturbed. It is a matter of life and death... Jo's. Lakis stops Jo from pleading more with them. Lakis whispers to Jo, pulling her aside, telling her Cretin is not a friend to Hippias. The girls hide as Krasis and Hippias come out of the Queen's room. Jo will follow them. She sends Lakis to try to get in to tell the Doctor.

Jo sees Hippias enter the lair of the maze and moves to follow, calling him not to go in further. Krasis grabs her and tosses her into the maze, shutting and locking the doors. Jo gets up and bangs on the doors, yelling for out. A loud roar occurs and Jo backs against the wall, looking at something in utter horror...

Episode Six
(drn: 24'54")

The Bull faced man, a giant of a man, raises its horns at Jo. Lakis comes into Dalios and the Doctor. She is taken out by Cretin who tried to stop her. But the Doctor hears her. Jo hides from the monster man but it is searching for her. Krasis orders a guard with a trident to seize the Doctor at the doors. The Doctor uses Venusian Karate to get the spear against both the guard and Krasis's necks, "Sorry to hold you up like this, Krasis, but I need that key!" He gets the key from Krasis's neck chain and snaps the trident in two. He gets into the doors and calls for Jo.

Jo finds herself at a dead end and turns as the Minotaur rushes at her. The Lordling Hippias comes at it with a flaming torch but is thrown down. He attacks it again and it picks him up bodily to throw him threw some glass. The Doctor arrives and uses his red cape and jacket to bull fight the Minotaur, uttering Spanish. It falls. The Doctor gets to Jo but moves her out of the way as it charges them both now. It goes through a smoking ravine or pit and a bit of glass too. Hippias is dead. The broken glass held a room where the crystal is kept. Jo tells the Doctor it is beautiful but at the same time it gives her a funny, horrible and creepy feeling. The Doctor thinks the Master's little game is at an end. Krasis is there with his guards. The Doctor orders Krasis to take him to see the King.

He does. The King is the Master now. The Master chuckles that Krasis is a jolly, funny fellow who loves a joke... as Krasis stands there with a scowl. The Palace Revolution has been a complete success. Galleia arrives and tells them the King is still the King. The Master thanks them for getting the crystal for him. Their reward tomorrow: a suitable meeting with Kronos, "And this time Doctor, there will be no mistake!" Dalios is supposedly being treated with honour. The Doctor and Jo are taken away. The Master tells the Queen that he has a lot to do and she must leave him alone too. He tells her she must learn to obey to his will and carry out his commands like a soldier. Galleia tells him, "Like a servant girl. And you must learn, my love, that Galleia is a Queen." Nevertheless, she leaves.

The Doctor and Jo are in a cell tied up with their backs to a stone pole and sitting on hay. Jo quips that her anthropology course didn't teach her how to break out of Atlantean chains. Jo is nervous but the Doctor remains calm. If the Master wins the whole of creation is delicately balanced in cosmic terms. All order and structure will be swept away and nothing left but chaos. Jo feels it seems sort of pointless. The Doctor felt that way when he was young, it seemed the blackest day of his life. But not only the blackest but his best. He wanted to save this story for another day but he goes into some of it any way. When he was a little boy "we" used to live in a house that was perched half way up on top of a mountain. And behind our house, there sat under a tree, an old man, a hermit, a monk, he lived under this tree for half his lifetime so they said and learned the secret of life. So when my black day came, I went and asked him to help me."

Jo asks what the secret was. "Well I'm coming to that, Jo, in my own time." Jo puts her head against the pole but listens intently.

"Ahh, I'll never forget what it was like up there, all bleak and cold it was. A few bare rocks with some weeds sprouting from them. And some pathetic little patches of sludgy snow. The grass was just grey, grey, grey. Well the tree the old man sat under that was ancient and twisted and the old man himself, he was as brittle and as dry as a leaf in the autumn."

Jo asks what he said.

"Nothing, not a word. He just sat there silently, expressionless and he listened whilst I poured out my troubles to him. I was too unhappy even for tears I remember and when I finished he lifted a skeletal hand and he pointed. Do you know what he pointed at? A flower. One of those little weeds. Just like a daisy it was. Well, I looked at it for a moment... suddenly I saw it through his eyes. It was simply glowing with life like a perfectly cut jewel... and the colors, well the colors were deeper and richer than anything you could possibly imagine. Yes, it was the daisest daisy I had ever seen."

"And that was the secret of life? A daisy?" Jo chuckles a bit at this and says, "Honestly Doctor."

"Yes, I laughed too when I first heard it. So later I got up and I ran down that mountain. And I found that the rocks weren't grey at all, they were red, brown, and purple and gold. And those pathetic little patches of snow, they were shining white, shining white in the sunlight. You still frightened Jo?"

"No, not as much as I was."

"I'm sorry I brought you to Atlantis."

"I'm not."

"Thank you."

Dalios is shoved into the cell even though he wants to see the Queen. He tries to shove the guard out of way but the guard hits him in the head with the trident and he falls. The guard shuts the door. Dalios falls, horrified that that his sweet queen would betray him. He asks them to lean close to him. The vision of a dying man... Atlantis is doomed, the Doctor is a true philosopher, Dalios says. The world must be saved and the Doctor is the only one to do it. He falls down onto his back and dies. Jo cries. "We won't fail you, Dalios," the Doctor says after he calls out to his friend Dalios.

The next morning, Galleia is announced with horns. Galleia now speaks to the brethren of the counsel. Now they will have the holiness, the most venerable lord Master. He stands at her side and Cretin orders silence. The counsel is small but the few who put him here are to claim their just reward. Kronos the most terrible will come and the Master's assistant Krasis operates the machine. Jo and the Doctor ask about the rest of the counsel. They tell Galleia that Dalios is dead. She laments this and asks if this is true. Just moments ago calling him an old man, she now demands an answer. The Master gives it and will also give her power to reach her most ambitious dreams. He was an old man and he was stubborn, the Master says. Galleia hits him or tries to as he grabs her arms. She tells her guards to seize the Master but before they can do anything, Krasis operates the machine. Kronos appears and begins destroying Atlantis. The columns collapse. Krasis is killed. Kronos will not obey the Master. The Master runs to the crystal and grabs it. In the chaos of screaming people, the flying and screeching Kronos, Galleia unties Jo. Jo runs and jumps the Master from behind, trying to stop him. The Master, Jo on his back and her arms around his neck, enters his TARDIS. Galleia unties the Doctor, too. The Master's TARDIS vanishes, still in the form of a computer bank. And with the Master, Jo, and the crystal. The Doctor dashes into his TARDIS leaving behind the wings of Kronos beating to the sight of dead people and a stunned Galleia. She bows her head in sadness.

The Master ties Miss Grant's hands and says of the Doctor, "You know, I'm going to miss him." The Master tells her he controls the tiger Kronos. Jo says, "Even a tiger comes when he hears a lamb bleating." The Master tells her that was worthy of the late lamented Doctor. The Master laughs and slaps his hands. He could kick himself for not having polished the Doctor off long ago. No Doctor to ruin things for his control of the universe. Dominion and absolute power for all time and over all space. The Doctor calls on the screen, "I'll soon sort him out for you." The Master tells him that the Doctor must be as indestructible as that wretched TARDIS of his. The Master has his TARDIS, Kronos, and Miss Grant... he holds all the cards. The Doctor tells him he will Time Ram. A bluff, the Master says. The Doctor starts it and his control starts to go over the safety limit. Two TARDISes occupying the same space at the same time. Oblivion. If the Doctor doesn't do this, Kronos will be free. The Master tells him to do it. The Doctor calls the Master's bluff, "Goodbye Jo." The Doctor gives him one last chance. The Master almost believed the Doctor would do it. The Master tells the Doctor he cannot destroy Jo: his weakness: pity and compassion. Jo tells the Doctor to do it: think of all those millions of people who will never be born. The Doctor tells her they will find another way. The Master dreams of immeasurable glory. Jo grabs it and Time Rams the ship, "Goodbye Doctor!"

Both TARDISes appear in a space time void. Jo wakes up untied and goes out to the limbo. She enters the Doctor's TARDIS and finds him on his back unconscious too -- like the Master. Jo tells him she is fine, "Dead of course, but I'm fine." She thinks they are all dead and the Doctor asks, "I suppose we're all in Heaven."

The pair go out. "Groovy, isn't it," she says. He doesn't know where they are. He tells Jo he was about to Time Ram them himself, she shouldn't have. "Oh really?" Jo doubts that. He starts to get cross with her, "Now look, Jo...! no, not really..."

Kronos, a large, giant face of a woman appears over the TARDISes and the limbo landscape. She can be all things: a destroyer, a healer, a creator. She is beyond good and evil as they know it. They are on the boundary of her reality and theirs. They brought themselves here and the Time Ram freed her -- Kronos from the Master. It took her to the threshold of being. She owes them. They wish to go home in the TARDIS. Jo asks about the Master. She wants him to stay for torment. The Master runs out and pleads with the Doctor to help him, on his knees. The Doctor asks one last favour -- to spare the Master, his life, his freedom. The Doctor asks if she will allow them to deal with him in their own way. The Master thanks the Doctor. Following behind the Doctor and Jo, the Master shoves Jo into the TARDIS and enters his own TARDIS. He leaves. Kronos tells them they asked for him to have his freedom, he has it.

Ruth and Stu feed baby Benton. Ruth is trying to use the devices to stop the gap for good now. Jo asks the Doctor why he asked. The Doctor convinces Jo that neither of them would condemn anyone to an eternity of torture. Even though he was responsible for the destruction of Atlantis. Jo thinks it is terrible... all those people dying. They are about to land back in Cambridge. It all happened three hundred thousand, five hundred years ago.

As Stu countdowns, Ruth increases power. The TARDIS appears and out come the Doctor and Jo. The device works and the Brigadier and men move again. They get down as it blows up. Ruth cannot start it up again... not without the Professor. The Brigadier comes running in and asks where the Master is. He asks what Jo is doing in that getup and asks where Sergeant Benton is. Benton, naked, stands up, fully adult again and asks if someone would mind telling him what is going on around here. Jo laughs. The Doctor joins her.

Source: Charles Mento

Continuity Notes:
  • Kronos returns in The Quantum Archangel, where the end result of his billion-year old plan to avenge himself against the Chronovores goes horribly wrong.
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