Professor Bernice Summerfield
The New Adventures

NA62Oh No It Isn't!Novel
NA63Dragon's WrathNovel
NA64Beyond the SunNovel
NA65Ship of FoolsNovel
NA68Ghost DevicesNovel
NA69Mean StreetsNovel
NA71Walking to BabylonNovel
NA73The Medusa EffectNovel
NA74Dry PilgrimageNovel
NA75The Sword of ForeverNovel
NA76Another Girl, Another PlanetNovel
NA77Beige Planet MarsNovel
NA78Where Angels FearNovel
NA79The Mary-Sue ExtrusionNovel
NA80Dead RomanceNovel
NA81Tears of the OracleNovel
NA82Return to the Fractured PlanetNovel
NA83The Joy DeviceNovel
NA84Twilight of the GodsNovel


DEC4Re: GenerationsShort Stories
DEC5WondersShort Stories

Audio Adaptations

Starring Lisa Bowerman

A1-1Oh No It Isn'tAudio
A1-2Beyond the SunAudio
A1-3Walking to BabylonAudio
A1-5Just WarAudio
A1-5aBuried TreasuresAudio
A1-6Dragon's WrathAudio

Adventures in the 27th Century

N15Genius LociNovel
N17Old Friends [The Ship of Painted Shadows]3 Novellas
N20Missing AdventuresShort Stories
N21The Vampire Curse3 Novellas

N01The Dead Man DiariesShort Stories
N02The Doomsday ManuscriptNovel
A2-1The Secret of CassandraAudio
N03The Gods of The UnderworldNovel
N04The Squire's CrystalNovel
A2-2The Stone's LamentAudio
A2-3The Extinction EventAudio
N05The Infernal NexusNovel
A2-4The Skymines of KarthosAudio
N06The Glass PrisonNovel
A3-1The Greatest Shop in the GalaxyAudio
A3-2The Green Eyed MonsterAudio
AS-1The Plague Herds of ExcelisAudio
A3-3The Dance of the DeadAudio
N07A Life of SurprisesShort Stories
A3-4The Mirror EffectAudio
DWThe Company of Friends [Benny's Story]Audio
A4-1The Bellotron IncidentAudio
A4-2The Draconian RageAudio
A4-3The Poison SeasAudio
N08Life During WartimeShort Stories
A4-4Death and the DaleksAudio
N09The Big HuntNovel
A5-1The Grel EscapeAudio
A5-2The Bone of ContentionAudio
N10A Life Worth LivingShort Stories
A5-3The Relics of Jegg-SauAudio
A5-4Masquerade of DeathAudio
DWM5Silver LiningAudio
N11A Life in Pieces3 Novellas
N12Tree of LifeNovel
A6-1The Heart's DesireAudio
A6-2The Kingdom of the BlindAudio
A6-4The Goddess QuandaryAudio
N13Parallel Lives3 Novellas
N14Something ChangedShort Stories
A6-3The Lost MuseumAudio
A6-5The Crystal of CantusAudio
A7-1The Tartarus GateAudio
A7-2Timeless PassagesAudio
A7-3The Worst Thing in the WorldAudio
N16Collected WorksShort Stories
A7-4The Summer of LoveAudio
N17Old Friends [Cheating the Reaper / The Soul's Prism]3 Novellas
A7-5The Oracle of DelphiAudio
A7-6The Empire StateAudio
A8-1The Tub Full of CatsAudio
A8-2The Judas GiftAudio
A8-3Freedom of InformationAudio
N19Nobody's Children3 Novellas
N18The Two JasonsNovel
A8-4The End of the WorldAudio
A8-5The Final AmendmentAudio
A8-6The WakeAudio
A9-1Beyond the SeaAudio
A9-2The Adolescence of TimeAudio
A9-3The Adventure of the Diogenes DamselAudio
A9-4The Diet of WormsAudio
A10-1Glory DaysAudio
A10-3Venus MantrapAudio
A10-4Secret OriginsAudio
N22Secret HistoriesShort Stories
N23Present DangerShort Stories
01Dead and Buried1 episode
A11-1Resurrecting the PastAudio
A11-2Escaping the FutureAudio
A11-3Year ZeroAudio
A11-4Dead Man's SwitchAudio

Bernice Summerfield Themes

New Adventure Theme Bernice Summerfield Song
New Adventure ThemeBernice Summerfield Song

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