1st Doctor
The Gunfighters
Serial Z

Innes Lloyd

Story Editor
Gerry Davis

Barry Newberry

Written by Donald Cotton 
Directed by Rex Tucker 
Incidental Music Composed and Conducted by Tristram Cary 
The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon Sung by Lynda Baron 
And Played by Tom McCall*

William Hartnell (Dr. Who), Peter Purves (Steven), Jackie Lane (Dodo), William Hurndall (Ike Clanton), Maurice Good (Phineas Clanton), David Cole (Billy Clanton), Sheena Marshe (Kate), Shane Rimmer (Seth Harper) [1-2], David Graham (Charlie) [1-3], John Alderson (Wyatt Earp), Anthony Jacobs (Doc Holliday), Richard Beale (Bat Masterson), Reed de Rouen (Pa Clanton) [3-4], Laurence Payne (Johnny Ringo) [3-4], Martyn Huntley (Warren Earp) [3-4], Victor Carin (Virgil Earp) [4].

* In Don’t Shoot the Pianist only, Winifred Taylor rather than Tom McCall played the piano accompaniment for the studio scenes in which the Ballad was played in the Last Chance Saloon.

The TARDIS arrives in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881. The Doctor, suffering from toothache, seeks out the local dentist - the notorious Doc Holliday. Meanwhile, Steven and Dodo decide to explore the town, and soon find themselves in the Last Chance Saloon...

Tensions are running high between the feuding Clanton family and Doc Holliday, whilst the local lawman, Wyatt Earp, struggles to keep the peace. When legendary gunman Johnny Ringo comes to town, events start to escalate...

Can the Doctor, Steven and Dodo do anything to stop the situation getting any worse? Or will there be a gunfight at the OK Corral?

Original Broadcast (UK)

A Holiday for the Doctor30th April, 19665h50pm - 6h15pm
Don't Shoot the Pianist7th May, 19665h50pm - 6h15pm
Johnny Ringo14th May, 19665h55pm - 6h20pm
The O.K. Corral21st May, 19665h50pm - 6h15pm

  • Released on video in episodic format. [+/-]

    U.S. Release

    • U.K. Release: June 2000 / U.S. Release: October 2003
      PAL - BBC video BBCV7277
      NTSC - Warner Video E1855
  • Novelised as Doctor Who - The Gunfighters by Donald Cotton. [+/-]

  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #221.
A Holiday for the Doctor
(drn: 23'48" )

Three cowboys ride into the centre of a dusty Old West town. It is Tombstone, Arizona, site of the infamous OK Corral. One of the men, Billy Clanton, fires several shots at the corral's faded sign in his youthful exuberance. His brother, Phineas, takes him to task for wasting his bullets. He should save them for Holliday, then man they've come to find. Even though Billy expresses no fear of Holliday, his oldest brother, Ike, reminds him of a cold hard fact: their brother Reuben wasn't scared of Holliday either. That didn't stop him being filled full of lead! They are here to meet up with a man called Seth Harper on the instructions of their pa. They head for the Last Chance Saloon.

At a nearby stable, the sounds of the TARDIS materializing drift out. The Doctor is quickly out of the ship, staggering in obvious pain. Steven and Dodo follow him out, concerned. He has a terrible toothache, beyond the powers of the TARDIS' medical supplies to cure. He must have the tooth out, and for that they must find a dentist.

Steven and Dodo try to work out where they are. It doesn't take them long to recognize the trappings of the Old West. Whilst the Doctor despairs of his chances to find a qualified dentist, Steven and Dodo are both delighted to find themselves here. They both rush back into the ship to change, leaving the Doctor with his pain.

The Last Chance Saloon is nearly deserted when the Clanton brothers stroll in. Only Charlie, the barman, and Seth Harper are inside. Harper chastises the boys for taking so long to arrive. Doc Holliday has already been in town since noon. But the Clantons are cocky and in no hurry. They settle in for a few drinks before business. One of the boys make the mistake of addressing Harper by his infamous nickname - Snake Eyes. Harper bristles and reminds them that the last guy who called him that ended up with an extra hole in his head. Phin settles them down and they discuss strategy. Harper is the leader in the plan to kill Holliday. The others will back him up and together they will avenge the death of Reuben Clanton. Charlie overhears all of this, but knows better than to intervene. He hastens back to work.

Back at the stable, Steven and Dodo exit the TARDIS in their cowboy (and cowgirl) finery. The Doctor dismisses them as Tom Mix lookalikes and wonders why they can't wear inconspicuous clothes like his. He especially dislikes Dodo's hat, which she promptly removes and places on his head. If nothing else, it'll keep the rain off. Steven comes forward to show off his outfit, calling himself "Dead-Eye Steve", the fastest gun in town. He clumsily brandishes guns from the Doctor's "favorite collection". The entire group is startled when a shot rings out and Steven's gun is knocked from his hand.

A serious-looking man dressed all in black stands in the entryway of the stable, holding his gun on them. He herds all three together and tells them he is Wyatt Earp, Marshall of Tombstone. Dodo is overjoyed to meet the famous lawman. The religious Earp simply chalks it up to God's Providence. He orders them to accompany him to the sheriff's office. When Steven protests that he's not really a gunman, Earp assures him that was quite obvious. But anyone claiming to be the fastest gun in town could be in trouble today as the Clantons are in town. Steven retrieves his gun and heads off with Earp and the others.

At the saloon, Harper and the Clantons continue their strategy session while playing cards. A young woman, an entertainer at the bar, sits nearby and listens casually as they talk. Harper is especially concerned because the boys don't know what Doc Holliday looks like. He, too, has never seen the man. He offers a vague description: dapper, white hair, wears a long black coat and fancy vest. But the Clanton's are sure they'll know him when they see him. They won't even have to look for him. With his infamous drinking and gambling habits, Doc Holliday will come to the saloon sooner or later. And they'll be waiting for him. The singer tells Charlie that she's just remembered an errand and hurries out.

Down the street, Doc Holliday oversees the installation of medical equipment in his new surgery. He is a dentist, of course. Going outside, he finds the singer, Kate Fisher, waiting for him with an angry scowl on her face. She accuses him of being back to his old days of gunslinging, but Doc assures her he's gone straight as he promised he would. Clearly, there is some history between these two. In that case, she warns him to leave town right away as there are 4 men gunning for him back at the saloon. She says she is tired of worrying about him and wants simply to settle down nice and peaceful. Doc is not worried, that is until she mentions the name Clanton. He becomes furious, wondering why you can't kill a man out of pure professional ethics without his brothers pursuing you through the West!

Kate urges him to leave town, but Holliday refuses to be intimidated. He'll be danged if the Clanton's will run him out of Tombstone. This attitude endears him to Kate and he playfully proposes marriage to her. But they are interrupted by a gruff shout from down the street. Tombstone Sheriff Bat Masterson arrives to "welcome" Doc and to warns him sternly to stay out of trouble. Holliday tries to exude wounded innocence, but the sheriff sees right through this. Holliday bids him a terse goodbye, hoping that the sheriff will shortly find himself in need of a dentist!

As he turns to go, Masterson is stopped by Wyatt Earp. The sheriff is still miffed by Holliday's presence and takes it out on Earp, as Holliday is a friend of his. Masterson then inquires about Earp's odd-looking prisoners. The Doctor jumps in to introduce them: Dodo Dupont, wizard of the ivory keys; Steven Regret, tenor; and he himself Doctor Caligari. They are a humble troupe of travelling players in between engagements. Masterson grumpily tells them they should keep on travelling as Tombstone has no theatre. But the Doctor tells him their main purpose here is to find a dentist. Masterson directs him to Doc Holliday's surgery. The Marshall lets them go, the Doctor bidding farewell "Mr. Werp" as he goes.

Masterson and Earp watch them go, then consider the trouble ahead. With Holliday and the Clantons in town, there will be little peace. They head off to the sheriff's office.

The Doctor and friends reach the surgery, Steven complaining all the way about the ridiculous cover the Doctor has concocted. He only hopes they don't have to prove their ascribed talents. The Doctor assures them they will be leaving Tombstone by the morning.

The Doctor sees the large wooden tooth hanging outside the dentist office and marvels at the lack of subtlety. He's also a bit worried about the surgery to come and tries to talk himself out of his pain...to no avail. Steven and Dodo pack him off to the dentist's office and then head off to the local hotel to book rooms for the night. Dodo cheekily hopes the Doctor isn't expecting anaesthetic!

Inside, the Doctor finds the place deserted. From a backroom, though, he hears voices and goes through, interrupting a tryst between Kate and Doc Holliday. The Doctor is none too impressed by Holliday or his demeanour, even less so when he learns he will be Doc's first patient! He tries to leave, but Kate and Holliday stop him and force him into the chair. Doc gets set to examine him, first shooing the curious Kate out of the room. Holliday takes a quick look at the Doctor's teeth and decides the offending tooth needs to come out. The Doctor is horrified when he starts to simply reach in with his pliers! Confused by the request for "something to dull the pain", Holliday offers "a rap on the cranium" with his gun or a "shot of rattlesnake oil". Preferring neither, the Doctor submits, anticipating the pain to come.

Back at the saloon, the Clantons wait. Charlie nervously apologizes for the lack of a singer. High-strung Billy decides to liven the place up with some fancy shooting until Ike orders him to stop. The only other customers in the place run for safety just as Steven and Dodo enter. The Clantons are heartily amused by the wildly-dressed newcomers. Steven and Dodo book three rooms, signing the guest book with their fake names and occupations. Charlie is excited when he finds out they are entertainers and offers them jobs at the saloon, as Kate is always out someplace and the pianist was killed last week. Dodo seems interested, but Steven refuses, telling her it's too dangerous and the Doctor would never forgive them. They start upstairs to their rooms.

The Clanton's are startled to hear the name "Doctor" and believe it to refer to Doc Holliday.

Dodo returns downstairs briefly to drop off the Doctor's room key with Charlie, then heads upstairs.

Billy retrieves the guest book and reads off the names and occupations listed. It seems unlikely to them that a singer would carry six guns. Ike fears an ambush is waiting for them and sends Phin upstairs to fetch down Steven and Dodo. He also sends Harper to find Doc Holliday.

In the dentist's surgery, the operation is over and the tooth extracted. Doc admires it, planning to give it to Kate as a present. He tells the Doctor the work is on the house as he is the first customer and heads to the back as the Doctor rises, still in pain. The Doctor does not notice as Harper approaches the office and enters behind him. Only the Doctor is in the room.

Harper calls him Doc, and the Doctor grumpily responds. When Harper says "Holliday", the pain-addled Doctor thinks he is speaking of a Holliday and agrees that one could call it that, yes. Harper is sure that he's found Doc Holliday - the description fits perfectly. He introduces himself and tells the Doctor that he and his friends are waiting in the saloon to buy him a drink. The Doctor, still in pain, thanks him and says he'll be there eventually. Harper gives him 5 minutes only, then he'll be back looking for him, but the venom in his words is lost on the Doctor. Then Harper is gone.

But the venom is not lost on Kate and Holliday, who have overheard from the back room. Holliday hits on an idea. He tells the Doctor the he isn't "dressed right" for a party - he doesn't have any guns. At first the Doctor refuses the guns, but Kate manages to put Holliday's gun belt on him and fasten it. Holliday points out the guns with his own name on them and tells the Doctor to return them before he leaves town. Kate fetches his hat and Holliday ushers him out the door with a heartfelt goodbye.

Harper returns to the saloon and warns the Clantons that Doc Holliday is on his way. Just then Phin returns from upstairs with Steven and Dodo. They are ordered to sing, here and now. When Steven protests, all 4 men pull their guns and insist. Now they have control of "Doc's" partner and can gun him down easily when he arrives.

Unaware of the danger that awaits him, the Doctor strolls slowly down the street, toward the saloon...

Don't Shoot the Pianist
(drn: 23'47")

Billy Clanton disarms Steven as a precaution, then Ike forces him at gunpoint to sing the song he and Dodo have chosen: "The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon". While Steven mutters curses on the Doctor's head for getting them into this, the Clantons watch the door for "Doc's" arrival.

Steven begins singing. The Doctor continues sauntering slowly down the street.

In his surgery, the real Doc Holliday contemplates life finally in the clear. Once the Doctor is dead in his place, he can continue business under a new name and never look back. He asks Kate to help him choose a new name, but she does not respond. He goes to the back room to look for her but finds only a note that tells him she has gone back to the saloon. Exasperated at her meddling, he checks the small Derringer pistol he carries and heads for the saloon himself.

At the Last Chance, Steven is still singing. He finishes his fourth rendition of the ballad and tries to stop, or at least change songs. But the Clantons insist he continues. The doors swing open, but it is Kate who bursts in, telling the boys to put their guns away. She feigns fury at Charlie over the new singer he's apparently hired in her absence and orders both Steven and Dodo away from the piano. Steven is only too glad to stop, but Dodo seems indignant. She starts to stomp upstairs. Steven tries to follow, but is prevented when Kate draws a gun on him and orders him to play the piano. Further miffed, Dodo goes back to her room.

Steven plays "The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon" while Kate sings with much more gusto. Harper and the Clantons join in with stomping and clapping as she climbs onto the bar for her big finish. The commotion gives the Doctor the chance to enter the saloon with no notice. When the song is over and the Doctor applauds both singer and player does he draw attention.

Harper is first to greet "Doc", and the Doctor - fully restored to health - seems delighted to see him again. He has decided to join them for the promised drink, but asks for milk as he doesn't touch alcohol. Harper takes the opportunity to introduce his friends, the Clanton brothers. The Doctor is quick to recognize the infamous name, and to recognize the trouble he's in when they all draw their guns on him. The Doctor attempts to leave, but Ike and the others bar his way. They want to talk to him about their late brother Reuben. The Doctor talks some nonsense about bereavement after a death, but they tell him they want action, not words. He suggests the law, but they know that Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday are best friends. They'll get no help from the Marshall.

The real Doc Holliday has reached the saloon and entered from a back way. He stands on the stairway above and listens as the Doctor attempts to convince the group that he is not Doc Holliday. The boys do not buy his story, especially when Harper notices the name "Doc Holliday" inscribed on the guns the Doctor wears. They promise him he won't be leaving this town alive.

The Doctor appeals to Steven and Kate to prove his identity. Steven is silenced by a threat from Phin, and Kate, to his horror, confirms that he is Doc Holliday. The Doctor realizes that she is lying to protect Holliday and dismisses her words. He begins again to explain himself and casually pulls out one of his guns when a shot rings out. Harper's own gun flies out of his hand and he grabs his wrist in pain. Kate immediately draws her gun and covers the others, congratulating "Doc" on his fine shooting. At first the Doctor protests, but he realizes that this is his chance to escape. He and Kate hold the others at bay while Steven disarms them.

Drawn by the sound of the shot, Dodo comes out of her room and runs straight into Holliday as he regards his recently-fired Derringer. He points the gun at her and orders her back to her room.

With Kate's prompting, the Doctor orders them all lined up against the piano. Harper, humiliated, vows revenge on "Holliday" for this and the Doctor must repeat that he is not Doc Holliday. When Harper continues, the Doctor intimates a threat with his gun, leading all of the Clantons to revile him for wanting to kill an unarmed man. Fortunately, the situation is defused when Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson stride into the saloon. They quickly disarm everyone and attempt to sort out what happened. Earp realizes immediately the mistaken identity and decides to arrest the Doctor. However, he continues the pretense that the Doctor is Doc Holliday. Masterson only hopes he knows what he is doing. He hauls the Doctor off with a hearty "Good-night, sinners" to the Clantons.

Kate has taken the opportunity to disappear upstairs, leaving Steven at the mercy of the boys. They quickly turn on him.

Dodo remains Doc's prisoner in her room. They are joined shortly by Kate, who suspected Doc was behind the fancy shooting earlier and tracked him down. She is dismayed to see Dodo and wonders why Doc didn't just kill her. He says he was afraid that Kate would get hurt if shooting broke out and so retreated, leaving the Doctor at the mercy of the Clantons. Dodo is worried about the Doctor, but Kate tells her that he is safe in the jail under Wyatt Earp's care. That settled, Doc simply sits back to wait and see what happens next.

In the jailhouse, Earp tells the Doctor that he is safer here than on the streets. Masterson now understands the ploy - Tombstone is safe from the Clantons as long as they think "Doc" is in jail. Earp heads out to find the real Doc Holliday, while the Doctor sits down in his cell to wait.

In the saloon, Steven repeats his assertion that the Doctor is not Doc Holliday and that he has been wrongly arrested. He must try to get the Doctor out. Harper and the Clantons laugh at this, telling him he's no match for Earp and Masterson. However, Ike hits upon an idea, offering to help Steven break the Doctor out.

Later that evening, Doc is becoming antsy in the tiny, and he is desperate for a drink, sending Kate to see if the coast is clear downstairs. Of course it is not, so Doc decides to head back to his surgery to grab a bottle of whisky, against Kate's wishes. He leaves her to look after Dodo.

At the dentist's office, Holliday lights a lamp and starts to search for the bottle. He is startled by the stealthy arrival of Wyatt Earp, gun drawn. He disarms Holliday and orders him to leave town. Casual at first, Holliday protests his innocence and refuses to leave. Earp reminds him that the Clantons will see their mistake soon enough and will come gunning for him. He plans to release the Doctor in the morning. Doc can ride out safely tonight. He assures Doc that he can return when it all blows over. But Doc realizes there's more to this and presses Earp. The Marshall admits that the Clanton family are running the largest rustling operation in the West. It won't be long before they try to take over the whole of Tombstone. He wants to stop them, but dare not take them on until his own brothers arrive to help. He cannot allow the shooting to start before they get here and Doc's presence only makes that more likely. He urges Doc again to leave town, confiscating his whisky bottle to try and keep him sensible. The Marshall leaves.

Back in the saloon, the Clantons lay out their plan to Steven. He will slip a gun in to the Doctor through the jailhouse window. The Doctor will use it to force his way out, then the Clantons will wait for him outside to spirit him away to safety. They say that they believe the Doctor isn't Doc Holliday and simply want to free an innocent man. Steven agrees, taking the gun and heading out. He will meet them in 20 minutes. Harper, Phin and Billy laugh over Steven's gullibility, but Ike isn't convinced. He sends Phin to shadow Steven, to make sure he follows through. He then sends Billy for "the rope" in order to put a second plan into motion.

Dodo and Kate have struck up an odd friendship. Dodo helps Kate do up her hair while they talk.

Kate assures Dodo that she and Doc will marry. She brags about all of the outlaws she's known in her life: Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Johnny Ringo. Doc's the best of the bunch, even managing to keep to the right side of the law since he became friends with Wyatt Earp. Holliday returns, telling Kate that she must pack up and be ready to leave before sunup. He believes that Wyatt Earp will come gunning for him if he doesn't leave, merely to keep the Clantons at bay, and he can't take on both his friends and his enemies. Kate, pleased at the thought of running off with Doc, goes off to pack.

The Doctor passes his time in the jail by studying wanted posters and taking in the Old West ambiance. His rest, however, is interrupted by Steven, who shoves the gun in to him and instructs him to bluff his way out. Steven was not taken in by the Clantons' story at all and tells him he must get out in less than 10 minutes so they can escape. Then he is gone. The Doctor, who has no intention of using the gun, calls "Mr. Werp" over and passes the gun to him. He explains the plan with a great deal of aggravation. He is perfectly happy where he is and has no intention of leaving. Earp goes out to find Steven.

Meanwhile, Ike has put his second plan in motion. Using his family's influence in town, he has gathered a large crowd in the saloon. He whips them up into a frenzy against Doc Holliday, "the meanest sidewinder that ever polluted the name of the West." The law won't do anything about him, so they must. He urges them to find Holliday and string him up from the nearest tree! In the midst of the chaos, Phin returns, holding Steven at gunpoint. Like Ike figured, he was trying to get away. Ike orders him tied up as insurance. If "Doc" doesn't bust out of jail himself, they'll hang Steven in his place. That'll force "Doc" to come out. Everyone surges out of the saloon and heads for the jail. Harper, however, stays behind for a final drink.

Kate returns to the hotel room and they prepare to leave. Dodo will be returned to her friends before they go. They stop when they hear the noise of the posse in the street. Dodo is horrified to see from the window that Steven is tied up as their prisoner. Doc heads outside, the girls following after.

Harper hears the girls calling for Doc and stops him on the stairs. Doc introduces himself and Harper draws. Doc is faster and Seth Harper is killed. Doc is once again on the wrong side of the law. Charlie warns him not to go out as the whole town is out to lynch "Doc Holliday". Doc considers and decides they must leave town now, Dodo included. There's no other way he can guarantee her safety. They all head off to procure some horses, Dodo protesting all the way. In the jailhouse, Earp and Masterson see the mob coming toward them. They release the Doctor and he too watches, horrified to see Steven as their prisoner.

Ike Clanton, leading the mob, calls for Earp to release "Doc". When he refuses, Ike isn't worried. He calmly announces that either "Doc" comes out or Steven will swing in his place...

Johnny Ringo
(drn: 23'52")

The Doctor begs Earp to let him go outside and try to calm down the mob, but Earp won't let him go. Instead, he tells Masterson to keep them talking while he tries to circle round behind. He also orders the agitated Doctor to stay put and tells Masterson to knock him out if he doesn't obey.

Masterson does well, engaging Billy Clanton in an exchange of words. But Ike steps in and gets back to business. He gives "Doc" one last chance to come out. The Doctor tries again to go, but Masterson forces him back and trusts to his partner. When "Doc" doesn't respond, Ike gives the order and Phin places the noose around Steven's neck. However, Earp comes through the crowd behind Phin and knocks him out with the butt of his gun. He unties Steven while keeping Billy and Ike at bay. Masterson reminds them that he, too, has them in his sights.

Earp frees Steven and disperses the crowd. He orders Ike and Billy off the street, telling them he will detain their unconscious brother for attempted hanging. But before he can force them off, Charlie races up and blurts out the "news" that Doc Holliday is not the man in the jail. Earp cannot stop him from telling how the real Doc Holliday just killed Seth Harper back at the saloon. He says only wanted to keep the Clantons from getting in trouble over nothing.

The boys turn angrily on Earp and demand some answers. He refuses, saying he only answers to the Citizens Committee for his actions. Then he urges them to leave now while they still can. They do so, vowing to return and see that he loses his badge for good. Earp praises God for their narrow - and momentary - victory. Then he, Masterson, Steven, and Charlie haul Phineas Clanton to jail.

The Doctor decries the heavy-handed violence used against Phin, but Steven is very grateful. The Doctor bids brief farewells to Masterson and "Werp", planning to be gone from town by morning. The Marshall is not sorry to see them go.

Pa Clanton bursts into the Last Chance Saloon in a foul mood, trailed by Ike and Billy. He orders whisky shots and all 3 drink. He tells them to find and recruit Johnny Ringo, notorious gun for hire. Ike thinks this too dangerous, preferring to go to the Citizens Committee with Earp's deception. But Pa is tired of his boys' failures and is willing to pay Ringo $500 to take care of Holliday. Pa cuts short all their arguments. He wants Ringo and he wants him now. He storms out of the saloon, the boys close behind.

The Doctor and Steven arrive a moment later, looking for Dodo. They believe she is still safely in her room. Charlie breaks the news that she left with Kate and Doc Holliday, and that she was with them when Holliday killed Harper. They are running from the law and there's no telling where they've gone.

However, Holliday and the girls are only in the next town over, where Doc has decided to stop for the night. Kate thinks they are not far enough out of town yet, but Doc is adamant. He fears they may have to go back to Tombstone soon and shouldn't get too far away. Dodo listens impatiently as they argue. Doc is sure that Earp will need his help should the entire Clanton family unite against the town. He must be able to get back to help his friend. Dodo reminds them that she, too, needs to get back quickly. This settles it for Doc and he will listen to no more arguments. He goes off to rustle up some food for them. Kate still fumes, but Dodo is pleased. Suddenly, four shots ring out. Doc returns with food, saying he ran into "an old friend" who "kind of lost his appetite". They retire to their rooms for the night.

Back in Tombstone, a shadowy figure all in black approaches the saloon with caution. He checks his gun before entering. Inside, Charlie tells the newcomer the bar is closed, his back turned. When the stranger casually orders him to open it up again, Charlie turns in anger. But it all melts away to fear when he recognizes the infamous Johnny Ringo. He is quick to fetch the man's drink.

Charlie babbles nervously about Ringo's reputation as a gunslinger, and realizes too late that he may have said too much. He tries to backpedal, but Ringo is clearly annoyed at having been recognized so easily. Charlie tries to gain Ringo's favour by telling him about Pa Clanton's offer of $500 to join with them. Ringo seems pleased, revealing that he has come here to settle a score against Doc Holliday himself, but turns sour again when he learns the Clanton's also want Holliday dead. Ringo has a long-standing grudge against Holliday and has tracked him all over the West. He will not share Holliday's demise with anyone else.

With shaking hands, Charlie pours Ringo another drink, beginning again to babble and get on Ringo's nerves. Charlie wishes he could see Wyatt Earp's face when he finds out Ringo is in town, but does not realize that this sounds like he's going to rat on Ringo. Charlie tries again to take it all back. Ringo calmly shoots and kills the barman to ensure his silence.

The next morning, Doc awakes in a fine mood, which quickly turns sour when Dodo bursts in, demanding to be taken back to Tombstone. Doc is sure it's not safe to return yet, but Dodo grabs his gun and orders him to take her back. He is amused at her trembling hands, but takes her seriously when she proves able to cock the gun and aim it between his eyes. She wobblingly re-aims to wound him in the arm and says she'll shoot him if she has to. With seemingly no other alternative, he agrees. Dodo nearly collapses with the fear she felt holding the gun. Doc takes the weapon away from her quickly.

Kate enters and Doc tells her that he and Dodo are returning to Tombstone. Kate is to stay here and wait for his return. She is understandably upset, but Doc says he had no choice as Dodo "beat him to the draw", despite the fact that he always had his Derringer at the ready!

Back in Tombstone, Steven and the Doctor come down from their rooms ready to start their search for Holliday and Dodo. They find Charlie's body slumped over the bar, and Johnny Ringo sitting casually by. The Doctor tries to get Ringo to stay until the Marshall can arrive, but he is unconcerned. As far as Ringo's concerned, this is the work of Doc Holliday, the only person low enough to shoot an unarmed barman!

The Doctor recognizes Ringo from his wanted poster, but goes ahead and tells him anyway about their need to find Holliday and their young friend. Thinking he might be able to use some help in his quest for Holliday, Ringo agrees to let Steven ride with him to find Doc. He thinks he knows where he might be. But he warns Steven to stay out of his way, or else!

In the jailhouse, Wyatt's youngest brother Warren has at last arrived. Brother Morgan is tied up in a range war and can't make it, and there's been no word at all from Virgil. Warren is eager, but far too young to be involved in fighting the Clantons. Phineas, now awake, asks how long he'll be kept locked up. Bat assures him the judge will hit town...sometime. He'll be a prisoner until then.

The Doctor arrives to let them know that Steven has gone after Doc Holliday. The lawmen are pleased, until he mentions Johnny Ringo. Immediately, Earp knows that Pa Clanton will find and recruit the gunslinger, then all hell will break loose. Smugly, Phin asks to be released, while they're still able to do so. Earp shuts him up. The Doctor also reports Charlie's murder, obviously Ringo's work, and goes out with Earp and Masterson to remove the body. Warren is left on guard over an amused Phin Clanton.

Steven and Ringo arrive in Tombstone's neighbouring town. Knowing Doc won't venture far from a drink, Ringo is sure he's here. They split up to search, Ringo taking the area around the town saloon. He doesn't get far before he spots his old lover, Kate. She is startled to see him, but manages to keep her wits about her as Ringo questions her about Doc. She tells him that he ran off with Dodo, abandoning her here. Last she heard, they were headed for New Mexico. Ringo doesn't buy the story and tells her that she will come with him back to Tombstone. Seems he hasn't quite forgiven her for throwing him over for Doc and plans to get his revenge on her, after he's finished with a "job" in Tombstone. Then they'll go to "New Mexico" after Holliday. He draws his gun and orders her to get ready to go while he finds Steven.

Back in Tombstone's jail, the nervous Warren Earp tries to ignore Phin's taunts. Phin continues to make him nervous, so much so that Warren is unprepared when Billy and Ike burst in the door behind him. Warren is outgunned and must obey when they order him to go and get the cell keys from the desk. But Warren, in a desperate move, grabs for a gun instead. He is shot down in an instant.

Ike and Billy release their brother, escaping from the jail as Warren lays dying...

The O.K. Corral
(drn: 23'55")

Back at the saloon, Masterson, Earp, and the Doctor discuss Ringo's handiwork. If he joins up with the Clantons, things are going to get difficult. Earp points out that the Doctor's "fancy shooting" was seen by all the Clantons earlier. That is a strong insurance policy to have. Despite the Doctor's protests, Earp deputizes him. Earp is sure that his presence will help shorten the odds, even though the Doctor refuses to raise a gun in anger.

Shortly, more help arrives in the form of Wyatt Earp's brother Virgil. He has finally made it to Tombstone. Virgil goes to get a drink, but Wyatt assures him the bar is closed. Masterson and the Earps head back to the sheriff's office, leaving the Doctor uncomfortably alone with Charlie's corpse.

Ringo has taken Steven and Kate to Pa Clanton's house on the outskirts of Tombstone. They are waiting for the boys to return. The boys do so triumphantly, announcing that they killed one of the Earp brothers. Even though it was only Warren Earp, Pa is angry. They have as good as declared war on Wyatt Earp!

However, Warren still clings to the last vestiges of life. His brothers tend to him as he regretfully finishes the story of what happened. Wyatt and Virgil try to reassure him it wasn't his fault, but his dying wish is that they not tell Morgan that the Clantons got his gun. Then he is dead.

Wyatt's anger bursts forth as Masterson and Virgil move the body to a more comfortable place. Masterson vows to arrest and try the Clantons for this, but Wyatt's mind is made up. He and Virgil will face them at sunup and gain their revenge in a shoot-out. Masterson tries to stop his old friend, but Wyatt's grief and anger know no bounds. He will step outside the law, and no one can stop him! He sends Virgil to the Clanton house to tell them they'll meet at sunup at the OK Corral. As he goes, Wyatt prepares his weapon for the fight.

Steven is desperate to do something. He tries to enlist Kate's aid in an escape plan, but she refuses to go along. He wouldn't make it ten feet before they shot him dead. Their plans - and the Clanton boys' dinner - are interrupted by the sound of horse's hooves outside. The boys don't recognize the newcomer, but Ringo does - his old enemy the Marshall of Dodge City, Virgil Earp. Pa invites him in, but sends Ringo upstairs to preserve the element of surprise.

Virgil enters with his ultimatum. The boys fear an ambush awaits them at the OK Corral, but Virgil assures them this is private business between their two families. The law will not be involved, and if they don't show up, he and Wyatt will come gunning for them. Virgil notices Steven and asks which side he's on. Steven sides with the Earps, but he is prevented from leaving with Virgil. Virgil leaves with the assurance that the Clantons will be there in the morning.

Ringo returns, having heard the whole exchange. He takes control immediately, seeing the opportunity to earn his money. He doesn't trust the high-spirited but untrained boys. He doesn't believe they can prevail against the Earps. He plans to use them as bait to lure the Earps into a trap, and he'll be waiting to shoot them from behind. The boys decide to go along with it, but is there more to this plan than meets the eye?

The Doctor enters the sheriff's office, angry when he hears of the showdown between the Earps and the Clantons. Masterson assures the Doctor that he will not be asked to play a part in it and shuffles him off. Wyatt doesn't even seem to hear him, reacting only when Virgil returns. He brings word that the Clantons will face them come sunup. He also brings word of Steven and Kate. All are sure that Ringo is behind this even though Virgil didn't see him. It will make for a very difficult morning!

However, the odds are shortened when Doc Holliday returns, seemingly glad to be in the midst of the trouble once again. He brings Dodo in with a flourish and she and the Doctor are reunited. Holliday offers his services for the impending shootout, but Virgil refuses to stand alongside a notorious outlaw like him. Doc is on the verge of leaving until he learns that Kate is in the hands of Johnny Ringo, and that he has thrown in with the Clantons. He vows to be there for the shootout whether Virgil likes it or not.

The Doctor tries to talk them out of the showdown, but only succeeds in getting his deputy commission revoked. The others go back to strategy. Doc is appalled at the plan to simply face down the Clantons in the street. He knows that Ringo won't play it straight, and neither will he...

In the small hours of the morning, the Doctor and Dodo discuss what might happen to the town should Wyatt lose the shootout. He only wishes that this could be settled within the law. Masterson overhears this and offers a solution. If the Doctor were to ride out to the Clanton house, he might be able to talk them out of the showdown. Masterson can't go himself as he is obviously a friend of Wyatt's, but the Doctor might just convince them, and he may also have a chance to free Steven and Kate. The Doctor agrees, and is deputized again. It is only two hours to sunup, so he must go now.

However, the Doctor is not quick enough. The boys head out early for Tombstone. Pa Clanton is not at all certain they will win, but he has his hopes pinned on them. Steven tells him that it won't end here if they win. The law will pursue and punish them for the deaths they've caused. But Pa believes that if they succeed in killing Wyatt Earp, the town will be theirs and they will be safely in control of the law.

The Doctor arrives and offers Pa Clanton a fair trial for his boys if he will stop them from going to the OK Corral, but he will not accept. He has planned to take over Tombstone all along. The timing may be wrong, but if the boys win, it will come to pass. Steven warns the Doctor about Ringo, but the Doctor assures him the Earps already know about Ringo. But what the Clantons don't know is that Doc Holliday is there and the odds are much more even now. Pa turns on Kate and she admits her lie. Pa is much less confident now.

Ringo and the Clantons ride into town, early for the showdown. Ringo instructs them that they are to begin firing long before the Earps get in range in order to keep them busy. He'll be behind them and take care of his part of the plan. Everyone heads for their places.

Masterson tries one last time to stop his old friend from going through with this, but Wyatt is determined. Doc goes through the plan one more time - he will trail behind the two Earps, hiding in the shadows of the covered sidewalks. The Clantons won't see him until it is too late. Satisfied, they leave.

True to the plan, the Clantons start shooting as soon as they see the Earps. They scatter to separate cover and keep up the barrage. Confused, Wyatt and Virgil head for cover as well, returning fire.

Doc strolls along the sidewalk, working his way behind the Clantons. Unbeknownst to him, Ringo has come up behind him, gun drawn. It is as if he knew Doc would be there. But Dodo cries out a warning and launches herself at Ringo. The gunslinger catches her and uses her as a shield as Doc turns around. They exchange acid-laced greetings, then Ringo orders Doc to throw down his gun. Doc reluctantly does so and Ringo goes after it, trying to keep hold of Dodo. But just as he reaches the gun, Dodo breaks free. Ringo falls and Doc uses the opportunity to shoot him point blank with his Derringer. Ringo is dead.

Doc orders Dodo to return to safety and he joins Wyatt under cover to report Ringo's death. The Clantons are becoming nervous. Billy spots Holliday and leaves his cover to go after him. He gets off a couple of shots, but he is no match for Doc. Billy, too, is killed. Phin sees this and runs recklessly from cover toward him. Virgil shoots him down easily. Only Ike is left. He tries to retreat up an outside staircase, but he quickly realizes he cannot get away. He doesn't even get off a shot before he is killed by Holliday and the Earps, tumbling from the stairway.

The shootout at the OK Corral is finished.

Later that day, Kate and Holliday escort the Doctor, Steven, and Dodo to the stables. The Doctor cannot understand why Doc has announced they are leaving town. Surely the danger from the Clantons is over now. Doc explains that both he and Wyatt have gone against the law in killing the Clanton boys. Bat Masterson will not rest until Doc is in jail. He has already produced a wanted poster with Doc's face on it and a $2000 reward. Doc gives them the poster as a souvenir as he and Kate bid them farewell.

As the travellers turn to enter the stables, Dodo hears the strains of "The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon" wafting down the street and she gets wistful. She will miss it. But the Doctor has had enough. Dodo has fallen prey to "every cliché-ridden convention in the American West" and it is high time they were off.

They enter the TARDIS and dematerialize.

Source: Jeff Murray
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