4th Doctor
The Stones of Blood
Serial 5C

Graham Williams

Script Editor
Anthony Read

John Stout

Written by David Fisher
Directed by Darrol Blake
Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Mary Tamm (Romana), John Leeson (Voice of K9), Beatrix Lehmann (Professor Rumford), Susan Engel (Vivien Fay), Nicholas McArdle (De Vries) [1-2], Elaine Ives-Cameron (Martha) [1-2]; David McAlister, Gerald Cross* (Megara Voices) [3-4]; James Murray, Shirin Taylor (Campers) [3].

* Gerald Cross also provided the voice of The Guardian in Part One, uncredited.

The Doctor, Romana and K-9 continue their search for the six disguised segments that make up the powerful Key to Time.

The TARDIS lands on Earth close to the Nine Travellers, an ancient stone circle. Professor Amelia Rumford and her associate Vivien Fay, who are studying the stones, explain that every time the circle has been surveyed, the number of stones has changed. Also interested in the circle are a group of druids - dedicated followers of the Cailleach, the Celtic goddess of war, death and magic - who are prepared to perform human sacrifice to satisfy her demands for blood.

The Doctor soon learns that there is more to the Nine Travellers, the Cailleach and the druids than meets the eye. How can the stones apparently move around the countryside? And why has the area around the circle always been owned by a woman?

After Romana discovers the true identity of the evil Cailleach, the Doctor finds that he must travel into hyperspace to solve the mystery of the Nine Travellers and save his companion from the blood-hungry alien life-forms known as the Ogri...

Original Broadcast (UK)
Part One		      28th October, 1978		6h25pm - 6h50pm
Part Two		      4th November, 1978		6h20pm - 6h45pm
Part Three		      11th November, 1978		6h20pm - 6h45pm
Part Four		      18th November, 1978		6h20pm - 6h45pm
  • Released on video and DVD in episodic format. [+/-]

    U.S. Release U.K. Release

    • U.K. Release: May 1995 / U.S. Release: March 1996
      PAL - BBC video BBCV5610
      NTSC - CBS/FOX Video 8439
      NTSC - Warner Video E1314

      Re-released in North America in March 1998 at a discounted price as part of The Gateway Collection with a new cover.

      U.S. DVD Release
    • U.S. Release: October 2002
      NTSC Region 1 - Warner DVD E1314

      • Commentary by Mary Tamm and director Darrol Blake.
      • Production Information Subtitles.
      • Photo Gallery.
      • Who's Who.

      Also available as part of the Key to Time Boxed Set [Warner DVD E1692].

  • Novelised as Doctor Who and the Stones of Blood by Terrance Dicks. [+/-]

    Paperback Edition

    • Hardcover Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: March 1980.
      ISBN: 0 491 02680 3.
      Cover by Andrew Skilleter.
      Price: £3.75.

    • Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: March 1980. Reprinted in 1981, 1982, 1984 and 1988.
      ISBN: 0 426 20099 3.
      Cover by Andrew Skilleter.
      Price: 75p.
  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Summer Special 1995.
Part One
(drn: 24'20")

The TARDIS is in the ether. The Doctor goes to put the two parts to the Key to Time in the dark storage room. Romana tells him she will do it, she used to be quite good at puzzles. She puts it together quicker than he. She hands him the locator and tells him to go find out where their next destination is. He starts to but returns and tells her that it was his idea to do it. He goes to the console and tells her that he has a surprise in store for her: much better than Calufrax. She will love it.

Around a Stonehenge-like circle, robed figures with torches in the night chant to a full moon which is obscured by dark clouds. One figure puts blood onto the stones and the stones begin to glow and pulsate with life. A woman calls the great one, telling it that its time is near. These are the Nine Travellers in Boscombe Moor near Boscawen, Damnonium in Cornwall.

The Doctor tries to reenter the storage room, knocking but Romana, changing clothes, tells him not yet. The Doctor has his hat on the console. Not sure of what she is doing, he returns to find out. She tells him she is not ready yet. She comes out, dressed differently, with a small hat on and asks how she looks. "Ravishing," he tells her without looking. She tells him that is not what she meant. He explains that it is fine except for those shoes -- high heeled shoes. "Well, you please yourself. I'm no fashion expert," he tells her. When Romana returns for some boots, a strange warning and a reminder comes to the Doctor, which she overhears, "Beware the Black Guardian." Romana asks what that meant. If she were meant to know, he would have told her, the Doctor mumbles. He doesn't think it was fair. He tells her the truth. The President of the Supreme Council didn't send her. It was the White Guardian who was disguised as the President. They can assume any shape or form they wish, just like the Key. The Doctor reexplains their mission. The forces of the universe upset the cosmic balance so badly that the entire universe is in danger of total chaos. The Key can stop everything so that the White Guardian can restore the right balance. This time is rapidly approaching. K9 arrives to the storage closet. An alarm heralds their landing on Earth. Romana tells him she should have known: his favourite planet. He wonders how she knew that and she comments that everybody knows that. He claims he hasn't told everybody that. She cannot understand for the life of her why it is his favourite. Romana checks the status of Earth: a soft rain. He takes an umbrella and asks, "Anyone for tennis." The Doctor puts K9 on guard duty. Romana asks the metal dog what tennis is but when he asks her to specify, she tells him to forget it and leaves. K9 erases all info about tennis from his memory banks.

Outside, Romana follows the Doctor, who shuts the multi coloured umbrella and tosses it. It is going to be a nice day after all. She points the tracer. The Doctor finds strange print indentations caused by something very heavy -- three and a half tons. Romana thinks heavier, judging by the specific density of the ground. The tracer leads them to the stone circle. The Doctor explains the stones being a primitive observatory. Romana calls the people primitive but he tells her this was built a long time ago, thousands of years ago and some can predict eclipses. She wonders if one of the stones is the segment but as she tries to find it, an old woman appears from behind one and thinks they are surveyors. The old woman tells the Doctor she thinks she has met him somewhere before and calls him Professor and tells him that she never forgets a face. Her name is Amelia Rumford. She is an archaeologist and tells him that he read a paper Cornish Fogos at Princeton or Cardi or was it that fool Lemmington Smith. She wrote Bronze Age Burials in Gloucestershire which the Doctor calls the definite work on the subject. She mentions other surveys in the past. The Doctor introduces Romana, who's name intrigues Amelia. There has been some question about how many stones there have been over the years. A Reverend Thomas Bright surveyed the stones about 1820. There was also someone in 1874 who surveyed it and again in 1911. The Doctor finds dried blood as if something has had its throat cut. As he bends over the blood, a tall woman spears a surveying pole near him: Rumford's assistant Vivien Fay, whom the Doctor tells moves very quietly. Vivien tells them she used to be a Brown Owl. Romana says, "Really?" The Doctor quickly explains it was a Brownie Pack. British Institute of Druidic Studies carries on mock rituals, nothing at all to do with the real Druids. The man in charge of them, De Vries, is most unpleasant according to Amelia. Vivien laughingly tells the Doctor the two of them thought he was one of their members. Vivien and Amelia are conducting a geographical, astronomical study. The Doctor wants to go to the home of De Vries but Romana in those high heels cannot go a couple of miles. The Doctor takes the small talk to cover his whispering to Romana, "Listen, listen, keep an eye on those two, there's something very odd going on." He will stop off and bring her some boots. Vivien tells Romana he is a typical male: stranding her here with two strangers while he goes off enjoying himself. Amelia tells Romana she can help them with the work while waiting.

The Doctor moves past the indentations, scoffing at Vivien's suggestion that they were made by farm machinery.

Later, Amelia tells them to take five, a breather. Romana sees a crow land on the stone top and comments that it looks evil.

De Vries and the woman Martha are calling Cailleach, the Druidic goddess of war and magic. They are in his ancient home and have a fire in an urn. De Vries and Martha call for death to the enemies of the Cailleach. The Doctor gets to the gate of the home, a huge castle like affair called Boscombe Hall, built on the site of the Convent of the Sisters of St Gudula. He goes to the door and rings the bell. De Vries tells Cailleach that the one foretold is here. He covers the urn and removes his robes. Not getting an answer, the Doctor enters and calls, then whistles. He looks at a picture of Thomas Bolase (born 1701), who surveyed the stones but one fell on him after he finished the survey in 1754. De Vries tells the Doctor this. The Doctor wonders if they should warn the Professor Rumford. Other pictures are missing. De Vries greets the Doctor mysteriously and tells him the other paintings are being cleaned. Lady Morgana Mount Calm's picture is one of them painted by Scottish painter Ramsey. Her family owned this land, the circle and the house. She was called Wicked and rumoured to have murdered her husband on their wedding night. Another was Mrs. Trefusis, a reclusive who owned this house and was in it for 60 years. Another was a Brazilian lady Senora Camara. Her husband doesn't seem to have survived the trip from Brazil. De Vries takes the Doctor from the hall to offer him a glass of cherry.

Romana is watching the crows circling as they have all afternoon. Amelia wants to pack up but asks Romana for tea and sandwiches. Vivien tells her that her cottage is just over the hill. She tells Romana, who wants to remain for the Doctor, to bring him along when he gets back. The two women leave Romana to wait. She tries the tracer but it doesn't register. More crows arrive.

A raven is in De Vries large mansion. Not exactly a pet, he tells the Doctor. The Doctor asks how he knew his name. They sit, De Vries drinking and smoking. De Vries is not a Druid but of their law. There is so little of Druid history that is reliable: mentions in Julius Caesar and Tatitus. Or was it founded by John Aubrey in the 17th century as a joke, he had a great sense of humour, the Doctor says as if he knew the man. De Vries thinks it no laughing matter and the Doctor says, "Oh, oh, that's a pity." De Vries explains about the Cailleach's other names: Marau and Nermintana -- a Celtic goddess of war, death and magic, and warns him to be beware of the raven or the crow they are her eyes. The Doctor looks at De Vries raven and says, more to the bird than to De Vries, "You don't really believe that, do you?" De Vries gets up to show the Doctor more.

The Doctor turns to see a figure in a ceremonial robe with a bird face and feathers and seemingly wings. De Vries knocks him out. His blood is still warm and he tells the figure he knows what to do.

Romana hears the Doctor's voice calling her from the circle to the woods. She kicks off her high heels and follows the call to the cliff side, past the trees. She looks over the cliff to the ocean. She hears another call and sees a sign that says, "DANGER Cliff edge unsafe." She turns when she hears him again, "Doctor? Where are you? Doctor, what's the matter?" Something moves t her. Her feet are near the edge of the cliff, "No, no!" She falls over the side with an ear piercing scream!

Part Two
(drn: 23'53")

Romana only fell a little ways and is able to grab onto a handhold while having landed on a small ledge but the rocks near her hands and feet start giving way. She calls for help with the ocean below her as night approaches.

Darkness: Leonard De Vries has the Doctor at the stone circle and is ready, for the first time, to sacrifice a human to the Cailleach. She has never asked for human blood before. Martha protests and is held by a cult member. She asks whey the Cailleach is not here and worries that the Doctor has friends.

The waves hit the rocks below Romana as she calls for help. Her calls seem to awaken the Doctor, who doesn't really notice and says hello and states he hopes the knife is sterilized and he proceeds to go through a list of the diseases one can get if the knife is not properly sterilized, "Lock jaw, tetanus, not to mention..." Martha won't be a party to this. De Vries tells her not to be. He starts to put the knife at the Doctor's neck but the Doctor admits he sees a bicycle. It is Amelia Rumford with a light on her bike and rushes as best she can rush, to help the Doctor, who calls someone to help.

The cult runs off, leaving Amelia to free the Doctor. "I often get tied up in my job," the Doctor tells a disbelieving Amelia, who came up to give Romana a flask of tea, knowing how irresponsible men are -- realizing Romana would still be waiting for the Doctor. The two realize Romana is not with either of them and they find her high heeled shoes. The Doctor calls her name. On the moor, there are several old mine workings, Amelia explains as dogs bark. Amelia mentions a dog would be best to track Romana. The Doctor asks her if he may call her Amelia instead of Professor as he calls her a genius -- he has a dog. He uses his dog whistle and summons K9. The Doctor tells Amelia to stay here and he will meet K9 on the way. Amelia calls him back, "It's getting very exciting." The Doctor seems incredulous, "What? Yes yes of course, let's hope it doesn't get too exciting."

He runs through the wooded area and hears a strange bird noise. He meets K9 who startles him. He asks K9 why he doesn't bark or something. K9 tells him he is not programmed to bark. The Doctor tells him he always wanted to be a bloodhound. K9 corrects him -- he has not. The Doctor insists he has. Romana's scent, blood, tissue type and alpha wave pattern are all recorded in his data bank. K9 picks up a direction. Romana is happy to see him and hear him. When K9 mentions the Doctor-Master is with him, she warns him to keep away and warns K9 to watch out for him. The Doctor throws down his scarf. She claims he pushed her over the edge. She climbs up anyway and pushes the Doctor down, "Get away from me! Who are you?" K9 takes a few moments to confirm this is the real Doctor. Romana tells him someone solid pushed her over the edge. The third segment was used by someone to make them look like the Doctor to do this.

Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor paces but Romana exits the inner rooms and returns to the console room. She is dressed in a long red skirt and top, with her hair down. The Doctor takes his hat off the console top and asks Romana how her interspatial geometry is. She asks K9 how a thing can be in one place and yet not be in that place. K9 stalls. Romana tells him that if he didn't know, why didn't he just say so. Romana follows the Doctor.

Vivien is drinking tea from a thermos as she tries to comfort Amelia, who is worrying. The Doctor stops Romana and K9, asking her to try the tracer again. She gets the reading from the stone circle again. The trio go to Amelia and Vivien as Vivien says, "I'm sure the Doctor is perfectly capable of looking after himself." Romana arrives, "I'm not sure I would entirely agree with that remark." Amelia is happy to see Romana is safe. The Doctor tells an impressed Amelia that these mechanical dogs are all the rage in Trenton, New Jersey. He doesn't have to have a license for him. The Doctor calls, "Professor Rumford...uh, uh, Amelia." He quietly asks Amelia about her research and wants her to show her notes to Romana. The Doctor will go to De Vries--because of what he did to him and because cornered men sometimes tell tales. The women will go to the cottage. Amelia asks Romana to get on the back of her bicycle. Romana asks if Amelia would mind if she just walks. Vivien tells her not to be afraid. The women leave for the cottage.

Martha and De Vries find the raven gone. De Vries bows down but a giant, throbbing stone comes to the window. De Vries tries to get Martha to leave but she will not leave him. Outside the home, K9 warns of danger, an unidentified alien. They hear Martha's screams and run toward the house. Something huge smashed through the walls and killed both De Vries and Martha, their skulls smashed to pulp. K9 detects silicon and a trail of whatever attacked the two humans. They follow it past a broken down door. "Shhh," the Doctor tells K9. The Doctor looks out a study door to the outside and closes it. "It seems all clear, K9," the Doctor turns his back to the door but a stone smashes through it into the Doctor. K9's rays drive it off but the Doctor is left face down, unconscious for a short time. He wakes up to find the piece of the stone that K9 lasered off. He calls for K9, who is lasering the stone alien. There is also an unearthly sound.

At the cottage, Amelia tells Romana, giving her something to drink, that Vivien is making sausage sandwiches. They are going over the notes. Romana found Amelia identified the Nine Travellers as one of the three Gorsets of prophecy. Gorset is old Welsh for a place of forgoers, people who foretell the future. An ancient Welsh triad, a three lined poem talks about this. Vivien returns and explains with Amelia about the trio: the Gorset of Salisbury, England -- Stonehenge and the Gorset of Brimwade, Wales and their 9 travellers. Amelia mentions that if she knew why the place of prophecy was here, she would be professor of megalithic archaeology at Bangor instead of that "fool" Idwar Morgan. There are a dozen or so more circles but these are not Gorsets of Prophecy. Romana finds that as far back as the Mother Superior of the Convent of the Little Sisters of St Gudula in the Middle Ages, the land was always owned by a woman until recently. A sisterhood who worshiped the stone since the 12th century? Vivien asks about De Vries, he is not a woman. Romana counters that maybe he was not the head. She asks if the convent still stands but Amelia tells her it does not: Henry VIII saw to that when he ordered the dissolution of all monasteries. Romana wonders about the convent records. Amelia thinks De Vries's house might have records since his house is on the site of the old convent. Vivien will stay behind as Amelia and Romana go to check it out, Romana will use Vivien's bike. Amelia has a policeman's truncheon. Vivien tells Romana that Amelia took it to NY last year when she went to lecture in case she got mugged. Romana asks if she got mugged. Vivien tells her no, but Amelia got arrested for carrying an offensive weapon. Amelia calls for Romana to come along, singing as she does.

At the house, Romana and Amelia find the wreckage. They also find the Doctor trying to revive a damaged K9 -- by blowing into his mouth! The Doctor takes paper out of the bottom of an upturned K9. The Silicon based life form is globulin deficient. K9 tells Romana he advises they cannibalize his reusable parts. The Doctor rubs his head and tells K9 that is nonsense, they are not going to turn him into scrap yet. Romana and the Doctor confer. The only chance to save him in time is an entire circuit regeneration. The Doctor doesn't think they have the time to do that before K9 is shut down entirely. He suggests it is kinder to remove the cerebral core but Romana tells him if they do that he's finished. Romana comes up with the idea of using the TARDIS's molecular stabilizer (all type 40s had these and Romana had a lecture about these at the Academy). She wants to link it up to the circuit modulator. "BRILLIANT!" The Doctor yells. She asks if he really thinks so. He says well it was ingenious anyway. He hands K9 to her to get him connected at the TARDIS. The Doctor wants the Professor to help him find the bodies of De Vries and the woman. Amelia asks what globulin is: it's found in blood plasma. These things live on blood.

Claws hold a blood filled cup. Claws to a person in a feathery outfit with a ram's head mask on. The two bodies are with it at the stone circle. The thing pours blood on a stone and it comes to glowing life. A female voice calls it Ogri and tells them/it to do her bidding.

Amelia and the Doctor have searched the whole house and found nothing. Amelia laughs at the witch hag legend cannot be found here, there is nothing in the books in the library prior to 1700 either. Troy was legend too until it was dug up by Schliemann. Motheru, Kedrin are other names for Cailleach. The Doctor mentions pictures and realizes the missing paintings are what he needs. Birds, the raven and the crow are the key...the Doctor touches one on the fireplace ornaments and a secret passage opens up. "Jumping Joshua," Amelia says. She races after him as he tells her to mind the stairs and sounds as if he fell.

Romana is working on connecting K9 up to the TARDIS console. She starts it and goes outside the TARDIS. On top the roof of the Police Box, she sees birds: a crow and a raven. She continues on.

In a chamber, the Doctor puts on a light and finds the paintings... discovering that the paintings of the female land owners are all the same woman over 4000 years. Amelia knows that face: Miss Fay!

Romana sneaks to the stone circle at night and sees lights coming from the circle. Vivien touches her from behind and is wearing a feathery outfit. Vivien pushes Romana toward it, claiming she wants to find out what is happening in the stone circle. Vivien pushes her down, Romana calling to her she is hurting her. Befuddled, Romana stands up and asks what Vivien is doing. Vivien points a spear at Romana and the spear has some kind of ray that comes off of it. It makes Romana vanish...

Part Three
(drn: 24'27")

The Doctor tells Amelia that Miss Fay is the families -- she's the Cailleach. A glowing stone, an Ogri, appears at the door, its sound throbbing. "Run! Quick!" The Doctor lets Amelia go ahead of him but she gets winded by the time they get outside. The thing destroys the room and chases them outside. Another one glides to the gates, closing on them fast. "But it's impossible," Amelia states. "No it isn't, we're standing still," the Doctor said. Amelia takes a stand and feels that in the cause of science it is their duty to capture that creature. She takes out her policeman club. The Doctor pulls her away, "Come on!" The thing breaks the gates down but the pair run... right to another cliff side. As the Ogri arrives, the Doctor takes off his jacket to bullfight it. "I know you're under considerable strain, Doctor, but please keep a grip on yourself," Amelia calls. The Doctor moves out of the way at the last moment, "Olay!" as the Ogri falls over the cliff side. Amelia wonders if it is dead but the Doctor asks, "How do you kill a stone?" Its glow is beneath the waves now.

The Doctor and Amelia arrive at the stone circle to find Vivien performing a ritual with the spear, making a circle of fire around herself. The Doctor tells her there is no need to wear a mask. Fay reveals she has Romana, who is safe as long as he leaves Fay in peace. Fay warns him not to come too close but he does and gets a shock from a primitive static electrical charge. She warns the Doctor to count the stones and beware the Ogri. She vanishes. Three stones are missing. One went over the cliff. Thinking himself silly for not remembering, the Doctor recalls the Ogri came from the planet Ogros, a place covered in amino acid swamps and is in Tau Ceti. They feed on amino acids by absorption hence their need of globulin. Gog, Magog, Orgris. As Amelia gets more and more agitated, the Doctor asks her to fetch some tritium crystals as he goes back to his TARDIS to pick up a few things.

Soon, at the cottage, the Doctor has made a rough gun as Amelia finds some crystals--he knew Vivien must have some here since the crystals power her wand-spear. The Doctor uses the crystals in his gun. Vivien and Romana are in hyperspace. K9 starts to explain about hyperspace and Einstein's theory but the Doctor stops him. He gave K9 some calculations to do but K9 cannot complete them until he has the Doctor's completed equipment. Amelia says, "I still don't understand about hyperspace." The Doctor asks, "Who does?" K9 says, "I do." "Ohh, shut up K9," the Doctor snaps. It has to do with interspatial geometry... Amelia has never studied it and the Doctor isn't surprised. They gave teaching that up 2000 years ago even on Gallifrey. The Doctor tries to explain---Einstein's theory of relativity says you cannot travel in space -- Amelia interrupts by stating the rest of this -- faster than the speed of light because the speed of light is a limiting factor. If you've travelled more than 180 thousand miles per second you would encounter the time distortion effect. The Doctor says he was nearly right. Amelia conjectures that you would arrive at your destination before you've left you're starting point. The Doctor tried to explain the realities to poor old Albert but he would insist that he knew best. Amelia tells him they are all the same these physicists, then apologizes to the Doctor. The Doctor tells her that Albert could not understand space warping. There is a way of avoiding the time distort: operate in a different dimension in another kind of space. The Doctor explains Vivien and Romana are in the circle or whatever occupies that space in the other dimension. "Oh I see," Amelia states. "Good, perhaps you'd explain it to me sometime when you've got a few minutes to spare." Amelia asks if he is from outer space but he denies it: he is from what she would call inner time.

The Doctor shows K9 his gun. K9 uses his antenna to examine it. Point North North 3.7 on the scale. Circuits will burn out after 31.2 seconds and area of beam will be small, therefore K9 suggests marking area of entry to find it again when one returns.

At the circle, the Doctor instructs Amelia on what to do with the gun. He explains that 0037, then throw the lever. 30 seconds later is a pow. All the micro seconds will blow in one great EEEGG of power. K9 will hold off any Ogri coming to the scene but he can only hold them off for a short time. K9 will generate a force field for 17 minutes, 8 seconds. "If they should break through, run as if something very nasty were after you because something very nasty will be after you," the Doctor explains. He also feels he will be doing a lot of that in any case where he will be. He agrees with her on trying to switch on the power gun every half hour. The Doctor tells her they say hyperspace is a theoretical absurdity and that is something he's always wanted to be lost in. The first attempt fails and Amelia asks if she did something wrong but K9 blames the Doctor, who snaps at this -- that we are not all programmed for perfection. Using an eye glass in one eye, the Doctor finds the fault. Two Ogri approach from south-southwest. Amelia sends the Doctor with the triple beams. Amelia instructs K9 to fire at the Ogri.

Spinning, the Doctor arrives at the hyper space point in a white hallway on a ship in hyper space. Fay is here also, her human guise dropped, with silver skin and alien outfit. The Doctor looks in two rooms, cells. Out of one drops a wizened old alien corpse. The Doctor kicks it back inside. Romana is in one of the cells with her hands manacled above her. Next to her is a robotic body also chained up. The Doctor's head pops in, "All trains leaving for the Brighton line..." Romana says, "Very funny," and then asks a few questions, which the Doctor answers in order, quickly. The Robot next to Romana has red lipstick, pop eyes, and eyelashes. The Doctor frees her. This hyperspace ship was built 4000 years ago. Romana asks how one decelerates in an infinite mass. The Ship is only a few feet from the circle, existing only hyperspace in a different kind of space from the circle. Not in ordinary four dimensions. The Doctor shows her on the screen. There is plenty of fuel. Miss Fay and the third segment are here someplace.

K9's power depletes. Amelia asks K9 where that Dunkirk spirit is. K9 tells her he never does say die but he cannot hold. Amelia operates the ray but the Doctor and Romana are not there. The Ogri leave. Amelia asks K9 if he is alright when he doesn't answer her. The Ogri have gone away to recharge, K9 says when he comes to life. Amelia realizes the Ogri have gone to find more blood, meaning they will kill somebody.

A man, shirtless, comes out of a tent and closes his pants. A camper, he finds two stones and calls a girl named Pat out of the tent to see them. She thinks it is a joke. Pat touches one stone and her hand sticks to it as the rock glows to life with throbbing sound. He touches her and screams as much as she does. She passes out as her hand turns to a skeletal hand.

In hyperspace, Romana wonders if anything could still be alive on this ship. The Doctor thinks if there is, they should be furious with the service. He looks into a cell and sees a Wirrn body and thinks this might be a convict ship. The seal on another door is a different color from the rest. Recklessly, the Doctor opens the door, smashing the lock. Two glistening star like objects come out. They are Megara, justice machines, the law, judge, jury and executioner. The Doctor tells them he is glad the law is in such capable hands... so to speak. They ask who removed the Great Seal... the Doctor almost points to Romana but admits he did. He feared for their safety. As the two Megara debate, the Doctor directs Romana to the area to leave. The Megara follow, stating none can escape them.

Amelia switches on the beam again but Vivien appears out of hyper space. K9 warns her, he will stun her but she just laughs. He hasn't enough power to strike a match. Amelia comes to her. "Oh Amelia, don't make me kill you," she says. She uses her spear to blast the machine. As she starts to leave back to hyper space, she commands the Ogri to come.

In hyperspace at the spot marked for return, the Doctor and Romana hug close to get back to the circle. "Come on Professor," the Doctor waits for Rumford to switch them back. Behind the pair, Fay and two Ogri appear. Fay says, "Too late now Doctor, I've destroyed your pitiful little machine. There's no way out for you. You're trapped in hyper space... forever..." Her laughs seem to echo out into the vast nothingness of hyper space...

Part Four
(drn: 23'07")

Fay, looking like a full alien tells the Ogri to come. Megara stop her. The Doctor heads back to the control room. Fay asks him if he broke the seals. The Megara tell her that she may have him after they are done with him. His sentence is death and they are about to carry it out. Fay asks if she can watch, asking the Doctor, knowing he won't mind. He tells her no he doesn't mind and lets her sit down to watch. The Doctor wasn't at his own trial. The Doctor demands to defend himself but humanoids are imperfect in interpreting machine law. The Doctor wishes to appeal. Romana arrives and tells them that Vivien Fay is the reason they are here. Attempts to influence the legal proceedings are punishable by death under Article 23 subsection 17. Under article 14 of the legal code subsection 1Z5 the execution is staid for two hours. Fay demands the execution may carried out now but is deemed out of order.

Day on Earth normal space: K9 comes to life and Rumford asks if he is better. Data banks are recharge but K9's mobility is impaired. With her help, K9 thinks it will not be difficult to reconstruct the machine. "I'm an archaeologist, not an engineer," Rumford tells him. K9 thinks she can help him under his direction.

Romana tells the Doctor that he should tell the machines he is a Time Lord but he doesn't think it would do any good. He once knew a Galactic Federation with many different life forms and they appointed a justice machine to administer the law. The machine deemed the Federation in contempt of court and blew up the entire galaxy. The Doctor is to conduct his own appeal prior to his execution. The Doctor puts a barrister's wig on himself after pulling it out of his jacket pocket. He calls Romana by her full name as his first witness. The Megara put a beam on her head which is capable of accessing the truth. Romana begins but doesn't finish the oath... "As far as I a mere humanoid am capable of knowing the truth. The Doctor establishes that even creatures still alive could have been in the cells on the ship the Megara are travelling in.

K9 tells Rumford back at the cottage she has linked the Alpha circuit to the Sion intephase. She comments it is not too difficult but he merely tells her to continue.

The Doctor calls Miss Fay but she refuses. She even calls her Ogri but the Megara beam one Ogri into a dust. Fay takes the oath. The Doctor has to find out who she really is. The Megara are after Miss Fay. The poor creatures in the cells are policemen who would have arrested her but the Megara are just justice machines. Romana leaves to find something incriminating in the cottage. Fay mentions Romana's leaving and an Ogri follows Romana. The Doctor wants the truth accessor attached to Fay but the Megara deny. He demands it but then has to request it.

Romana waits by the spot that she can be sent back. An Ogri approaches her. She has her back to it. The beam activated by the Professor on Earth takes Romana back to the Earth dimension ... and the Ogri as well, "Run Professor!" Rumford grabs the machine and runs with Romana.

The Doctor claims the honors are in error. He wants to have the accessor attached to her. Fay tells them she has no fear of the truth accessor. She will answer truthfully with it or not, she claims.

Romana, K9 and Romana return to the cottage. Romana asks Amelia if there was any part of the house that Fay didn't want her in.

The Megara question Fay and get a reading of legal definition of truth: 0 point 6 on the question's answer. She did not remove the official seals. "Time, rust, dust, pieces of fluff," the Doctor says of the Megara's stay in the cell. The Megara, he says can deteriorate. They are made of living cells and are micro cellular organisms and thus are bio machines. Breaking the seals is punishable by death. The Doctor's legal counsel is told by the Doctor that he thought he was on his side. The Legal one asks the Judge to ask for a quick and painless death for the Doctor. The Doctor objects as they are about to execute him: he hasn't finished his defense yet. The Doctor calls one more witness: the Megara.

Amelia has looked through hundreds of papers. Perhaps they have seen it without realizing it. They don't know what proof they are looking for. Perhaps it is at the Hall. K9 has found nothing. Romana has found a book with recipes: anything with citric acid in it, lagger and wine, certain kinds of meat, grapefruit, and oranges. Romana and Amelia figure Ogri don't attack Fay because they don't like her blood and/or perhaps she has a different makeup than humanoids. Romana asks K9 what he can figure about someone who would come from a planet with the makeup that Fay has but it may not be enough info. Romana tells Amelia to think about anything other clue.

The Megara are still conferring about the Doctor's request: is it in contempt of court. The Doctor tells them he shall dispense with the oath. The Megara cannot lie. They tell him they were travelling to a planet named Diplos, a G class planet in Tau Ceti to try a female humanoid criminal.

Romana figures a G class planet. K9 tells her there are two other type planets but Romana knows those two can not support human life. The home planet of the Ogri is in the same galaxy as the planet she has had K9 figure out: Diplos in Tau Ceti. Amelia and Romana hear wind chimes, Amelia wondering what became of their "friend" Ogri that was on their track. K9 calls that one is approaching. One is outside the window. Romana runs with the machine, followed by Amelia and K9. The Ogri knocks the door down and comes inside.

The Doctor asks what crime the humanoid was accused. Murder and the removal and misuse of the Great Seal of Diplos, which had the powers of transmutation, transformation, and the establishing of hyper spatial and temporal coordinates. The female is called Cessair of Diplos. The Megara do not have a description; an officer was to establish her identification but they are all dead. Fay laughs and prompts his execution. Cessair claims she is Vivien Fay of Rose Cottage in Boscawen, ask anyone there.

Romana and Amelia setup the gun device, ready to activate for the Doctor while K9 holds off the approaching Ogri.

The Doctor snaps off his wig and throws some papers down and asks if the Defender usually executes his own clients. It gives new dimension to the role of defending counsel. He asks for a last toffee apple, a blindfold, a hardy breakfast, a free pardon... It is too late. The Doctor says goodbye three times and as he touches Vivien's hand a charge goes off and drops both Fay and the Doctor just as the Megara have tried to kill the Doctor.

K9 warns he cannot hold off the Ogri off for much longer. Romana asks him to beam her through.

The Doctor gets up, "Hello? Did I short circuit?" He asks if Fay is alright and prompts the Megara to read Miss Fay's memory cells, her brain might be damaged. The Megara read her brain memory cells. The Megara find her to be Cessair of Diplos who also removed silicon based life forms from their planet of origin -- Ogros -- in contravention of the Galactic Charter article 7594. According to article 3 subsection 135 of Legal Code, the Megara are not permitted to read the memory cells of any beings except for reasons that they cannot provide their own witness: reasons such as death, unconsciousness, or stupidity. Romana arrives with new evidence. "It's too late, I've just been executed," the Doctor jokes. The Ogri arrives too. The Megara commands it to stop and then they confine it to a cell on the ship until it can be returned to its home planet. The Megara pronounces Cessair's punishment for her crimes... confinement for 1500 years and perpetual imprisonment, both to run consecutively.

Vivien, threatening that if the Megara do this to her, he will never find what he is looking for, comes to Earth with Romana, the Megara, and the Doctor. Before the Megara can carry out their punishment, the Doctor pulls Miss Fay's charm from around her neck chain, pulling the chain off. Fay backs up and is turned into one of the stones. The Megara bring up the matter of his delayed execution. He tells them not to bother about that. He waves to them and touches them with a small tool and they vanish. He took the liberty of fixing the controls on the Megara spaceship: it should give them 1000 years grace. The Doctor tells Romana they have things to do and to come along. Romana takes the gun device and walks with a puzzled Amelia. At TARDIS, the Doctor calls K9 in. Amelia, as she walks, tells Romana that Vivien has not stopped doing trouble again: the 9 travellers will have to be surveyed all over again. The Doctor pops out of the TARDIS to get the gun from Romana and tells the Professor to write a monolog about it. It will put Igwar Morgan off, Amelia states. Romana asks if she will put it all in her book. Amelia tells her no, she has her academic reputation to consider. Romana kisses her on the cheek and says goodbye and thanks for everything. Amelia watches as after Romana goes inside, the TARDIS vanishes. "I do have my academic reputation to consider."

In the TARDIS dark room, Romana and the Doctor look at the key to time. Romana asks if Earth is always like that. "Sometimes it's even exciting," he says. Romana gets the other two parts and the Doctor converts Vivien's necklace into the next part. He tries to fit it together as Romana watches, thinking he can't. The Doctor watches her...

Source: Charles Mento

Continuity Notes:
  • It is implied that Cessair of Diplos is an agent of the Black Guardian because at the beginning of Part One, the White Guardian sends a warning to the Doctor to ‘beware the Black Guardian’. Also, Cessair knows what the Key segment is, and tells the Doctor in the closing stages of Part Four that if he lets the Megara turn her into stone, he will never find what he is looking for.
  • The ogri may eventually become members of the Galactic Federation, or at least be used by it, since a modified ogri is being employed at Federation Headquarters in Legacy.
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