4th Doctor
The Face of Evil
Serial 4Q

Philip Hinchcliffe

Script Editor
Robert Holmes

Austin Ruddy

Fight Arranger
Terry Walsh [2,4]

Written by Chris Boucher
Directed by Pennant Roberts
Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Louise Jameson (Leela), David Garfield (Neeva), Victor Lucas (Andor) [1-2], Brendan Price (Tomas), Leslie Schofield (Calib), Colin Thomas (Sole) [1], Lloyd McGuire (Lugo) [1]; Tom Kelly [1], Brett Forrest [2] (Guards); Rob Edwards [2-3], Pamela Salem [3], Anthony Frieze [3], Roy Herrick [4] (Xoanon)*; Leon Eagles (Jabel) [3-4], Mike Elles (Gentek) [3-4], Peter Baldock (Acolyte) [4].

* Tom Baker also supplied uncredited one of the voices of Xoanon.

The TARDIS lands on a planet the Doctor doesn't recognise - but its inhabitants seem to know him. They think he's the Evil One and aren't pleased to see him.

Two warring tribes occupy the planet: the savage Sevateem and the reclusive Tesh, separated from each other by a deadly energy field. When the Sevateem believe their God, Xoanon, to be a captive of the Tesh, they decide to break through the barrier and rescue him. The Tesh, however, have other ideas.

Befriended by Leela, a Sevateem girl who dares to question the mighty Xoanon, the Doctor sets out to discover exactly what's happening on this planet. Has he been here before? Is he responsible for the tribal wars? And can it possibly be that Xoanon, the mad God, is really the Doctor?

Original Broadcast (UK)
Part One		      1st January, 1977			6h20pm - 6h45pm
Part Two		      8th January, 1977			6h30pm - 6h55pm
Part Three		      15th January, 1977		6h20pm - 6h45pm
Part Four		      22nd January, 1977		6h20pm - 6h45pm
  • Released on video in episodic format. [+/-]

    U.K. Release U.S. Release

    • U.K. Release: May 1999 / U.S. Release: March 2000
      PAL - BBC video BBCV6672
      NTSC - CBS/FOX video 2000026
      NTSC - Warner Video E1402
  • Novelised as Doctor Who and the Face of Evil by Terrance Dicks. [+/-]

    W.H. Allen Edition

    • Hardcover Edition - W. H. Allen.
      First Edition: January 1978.
      ISBN: 0 491 02214 X.
      Cover by Jeff Cummins.
      Price: 2.95.

    • Paperback Edition - W. H. Allen.
      First Edition: January 1978. Reprinted in 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983 and 1984.
      ISBN: 0 426 20006 3.
      Cover by Jeff Cummins.
      Price: 60p.
      Virgin Edition Doctor Who Classics Edition

    • Paperback Edition - Virgin Publishing Ltd.
      First Edition: April 1993.
      ISBN: 0 426 20006 3.
      Cover by Alister Pearson.
      Price: 3.50.
      Retitled: Doctor Who - The Face of Evil.

    • Doctor Who Classics series
      Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      [Includes The Face of Evil and The Sunmakers].
      First Edition: May 1989.
      ISBN: 0 352 32417 1.
      Cover by Jeff Cummins.
      Price: 2.95.

  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #116.
Part One
(drn: 24'58")

On a distant planet, a young woman named Leela is on trial before her tribe. They are savages, dressed in animal skins and bearing knives and crossbows. Their leader Andor asks the Council for their verdict and they tell him she must be sent "beyond". A young man named Thomas objects that she is young -- she spoke in haste. But she cuts him -- what she said was the truth.

A short bald shaman -- Neeva -- cries out that what she said profaned their holy purpose. Leela sarcastically replies that their purpose is to die in another useless raid. An infuriated Neeva says that Xoanon demands she be cast out and she answers that there is no Xoanon. They ask if she will take the Test of the Horda and she shows fear for the first time and shakes her head. Andor asks if any will take it for her and her father steps forward. They take him away and Leela begs for forgiveness. They don't listen, telling her not to shame her father. After a moment, they hear a blood-curdling scream and make a strange gesture -- touching their throat, shoulder and hip. Neeva tells Leela to leave and go to her master -- the Evil One. She has until sunrise. If she's still in the village, she'll be thrown to the Horda. As she leaves, Neeva talks quietly to two men, watched by the vigilant Thomas.

In the jungle outside the village, strange cries pierce the air. But the strangest noise comes from the materialization of the TARDIS. Out steps the scarf-clad form of the Doctor. He mutter that he was going to Hyde Park and needs to fix that TARDIS. But he decides to head out into the jungle to explore.

In another part of the jungle, Leela is pursued by two crossbow-wielding men. She hides behind a tree and arms her own weapon. She spots one of the men and fires, killing him. But the other has snuck up behind her. Before he can fire, a crossbow sings and he falls to the ground to reveal Thomas standing behind him. Thomas asks Leela to come back with him -- they can tell the Council that Neeva sent men to kill her. But she doesn't think it will make a difference. He worries about the phantoms beyond the barrier but the young girl is confident she can take care of herself and refuses to let him accompany her. As they part, she warns him to beware the devious Calib -- one day he'll get so cunning even he won't know what he's planning.

The Doctor whistles as he walks through the jungle and is answered by a savage roar. Vines and trees began to move in response to something. Leela sees the motion and starts running. She eventually stumbles to the ground right at the Doctor's feet.

She looks up as he greets her. With a look of horror, she calls him the Evil One and makes the strange gesture again, touching her throat, shoulder and hip. He introduces himself and asks if she wants a jelly baby. She gasps that it's true what they say -- the Evil One eats babies. He shows her the sweet and she tries one.

They hear more roaring and footsteps and the Doctor tells her that either she has four friends with very bad colds or they're in danger. She replies that they are his creatures and the Doctor wonders if they know that. She explains that they are invisible phantoms.

The Doctor pulls a clockwork egg timer from his coat. He explains that if the creatures are invisible, they must be blind. They home in on vibrations. He puts the clock in a cleft of rock and tells her to walk away slowly. As the roaring approaches, massive footprints appear in the ground. The Doctor stumbles and the creatures move toward him. But then the alarm rings and the creatures chase after it -- the Doctor has been saved by the bell! The creatures rip apart the rock and crush the egg timer.

Thomas approaches Calib and tells him about the attempt to kill Leela. Calib is intrigued that Neeva is making mistakes. Thomas wants to tell the Council but Calib points out that Neeva is the speaker of law. He then recalls that Neeva has promised them victory in the raid -- Xoanon has told him they will win. If the raid fails, he will be exposed as a fraud and they can move against him and Andor. Thomas reminds him that many will die in the raid and they should stop it. Calib replies that Leela tried and Thomas laments that she's probably dead.

The Doctor and Leela stop and Leela explains that the creatures never go beyond the boundary. The Doctor wonders if there is some kind of fence keeping them out.

Neeva is resting in his shrine when he is woken by a voice eerily similar to the Doctor's. The voice tells him that Leela has returned and she and her companion must be destroyed.

The Doctor finds a small mechanical device in the jungle -- a sonic disruptor that keeps the phantoms away. The technology is far more advanced than Leela's tribe. She says it must be created by Xoanon -- their deity who is help captive by the Evil One and his followers -- the Tesh. She's not sure what to believe anymore and the Doctor comments that sounds healthy. He asks where Xoanon is and she explains that he is beyond a black wall wherein lies paradise. She agrees to take him there.

Andor is having an argument with Neeva, asking him why the people are starving. Neeva says it is because they doubt their holy cause. They will attack soon. Thomas tells Andor that he agreed with Leela about the attack -- many will die. Andor -- with Neeva listening in -- explains that they must have faith. Thomas then tells him about the assassins and an angry Andor tells him not to speak against the attack again -- they must work together to free Xoanon from the Tesh. Neeva emerges from hiding as they leave.

Leela is leading the Doctor to the wall when suddenly she hides, explaining that she heard something. The Doctor tells her that they wouldn't send men after her while preparing for battle. But he is proven wrong by two crossbow bolts slamming into a tree next to him. He stands still and tells Leela to move away. They approach and ask about Leela and he pretends not to know her. The Doctor says that he fells stupid talking to a tree and they let him turn around, then make the strange sign when they see his face.

The Doctor tells them to tread softly or he'll turn them into toads. He approaches as Leela sneaks off. He asks about their gesture and explains that it's the sequence for checking the seals on a Starfall Seven spacesuit -- and, of course, they don't know what that is. He suddenly produces a jelly baby and holds it under one man's nose, threatening to kill him with it. They call his bluff and he eats the jelly baby, demanding they take him to their leader.

The Council gathers and the blindfolded Doctor is brought in. They unwrap his face and the tribe gasp when they see him.

As Leela cuts her way into the tent, Neeva jumps around the Doctor doing a holy dance and waving a complex technical device. The Doctor tries to talk to him but Neeva cleverly twists his words to fit the mythology. Andor asks the Doctor to release their god but the Time Lord explains that he can't since he isn't holding him prisoner.

Neeva stops Andor from stabbing the Doctor. He wants to speak the litany to the tribe and then kill the Doctor so that they will know they will win the battle. They ring a gong to summon the tribe -- the gong is a large piece of metal that reads "Survey Team 6".

The Doctor tires to reason with Andor. He tells him that he is not the Evil One but a traveller. The tribe has obviously had visitors before -- the camp is littered with their equipment. It's obvious that their legend is related to the visitors. Andor refuses to believe this and rushes out, telling his men not to listen to the Doctor. The Doctor shouts after him that killing The Doctor won't help -- and mutters that it won't help him either.

Leela listens to Neeva pray. He wears an outfit that looks like the remnants of a space suit. He tells his assistants to kill the Doctor at the end of the litany. Leela sneaks in as the tribe kneels before Neeva and begins to pray.

The litany tells of how the Sevateem were sent out to seek paradise. While they were away, the Tesh stayed at the Place of Land and betrayed them, conspiring with the Evil One to imprison Xoanon within the black wall. Leela stabs one of the guards with a thorn and frees the Doctor. She explains that she used a Janis thorn -- which paralyzes then kills.

Neeva reaches the climax of the litany, shouting that they must kill the Tesh and the Evil One to free Xoanon. Leela drags the Doctor away.

Men come in to take the Doctor and spot them fleeing. They chase after them but Leela stabs one with a thorn and poses him to block the hole in the tent. The Doctor is appalled and tells her to never use Janis thorns again.

Andor sends the men to capture the Doctor again as Leela leads him through the forest. Neeva is concerned that they not delay the attack.

The Doctor and Leela come to a clearing and he looks up in astonishment. He sees the face of the Evil One carved into the side of a mountain -- and it is his own face! The Doctor muses that he must have made quite an impression.

Part Two
(drn: 24'58")

Leela asks the Doctor what happened but he can't remember. He wonders if he was on some other part of the planet but Leela tells him there is nowhere else. He decides to go back to the village. Leela objects but the Doctor tells her the tribe will be too busy preparing for their attack to notice them. Leela reminds him that's what he said the last time.

Andor tells Neeva that his men will not attack while the Evil One lives. Neeva tells him they must attack soon -- they will have to lie and tell the tribe the Evil One has been killed. He tells Andor that Xoanon has commanded them to attack. Andor tells his guards to gather the men then tells Neeva he will die if the attack fails. Xoanon has promised him the attack will succeed and Neeva has promised them.

The Doctor sneaks back into the tent to inspect the relics. He overhears Neeva praying to Xoanon and asking him to speak. Neeva is summoned away without getting a response. He picks up his suit and puts a glove on his head. Leela tells the Doctor it is the Hand of Xoanon. The Doctor tells her it is an armored space glove.

The Doctor inspects Neeva's relics. He muses that Neeva was expecting an answer to his prayer. He picks up a piece of equipment and talks into it. He then goes to a helmet and taps it. A voice emerges calling out to Neeva. Leela bows but the Doctor tells her it's no deity -- they don't use transceivers.

The Doctor replies to the voice, asking if he can take a message for Neeva. Xoanon replies, "At least we are here. At last I shall be free of us." A confusing conversation follows and the Doctor gets a bad feeling about his history on the planet. Leela notes that Xoanon speaks with the Doctor's voice. He decides to inspect the Wall.

Andor and his men creep through the jungle toward the Wall. The Doctor and Leela reach another part of it first. The Doctor realizes that it is a time barrier -- everything inside is a few seconds ahead of everything outside. There is no way to breach it from the outside which means the Sevateem are walking into a trap. Leela wants to warn them but the Doctor doesn't think they will listen. She says that Calib might.

The Sevateem attack with wild cries. Neeva prays to Xoanon and a beam of light engulfs them. Men fall to the ground, screaming in pain.

Calib returns from the raid to find the Doctor waiting in the Council chamber. Calib tells him the Wall closed, half the tribe were killed and they never even saw the Tesh. The Doctor makes Leela -- who is standing behind Calib -- put away her knife. The Doctor explains that they need to help the tribe and Calib replies that he never though the Doctor was the Evil One -- he doesn't believe in ghosts. But as the conversation continues, Calib stabs Leela with a Janis thorn. As she falls to the ground, Calib explains that he will use the Doctor to break Neeva's hold on the tribe. Thomas runs in and, in the confusion, the Doctor knocks down Calib and takes his crossbow. He makes Thomas and Calib carry Leela into Xoanon's shrine.

Thomas guards Calib while the Doctor works. He finds a bioanalyzer that can cure the poison. He puts the thorn into the machine and it begins to hum as Calib tries to talk Thomas into joining him. A vial emerges and the Doctor touches it to Leela's hand. Calib slips out while Thomas is distracted but the Doctor tells him not to worry. Leela's eyes flutter and she wakes. The Doctor tells her and Thomas to flee while he talks to the tribe.

The Doctor enters the Council chamber, distracts the tribe and jumps onto the throne. He greets Neeva when the shaman returns. He comments that they told him Neeva was dead -- or was it the other way around?

Leela and Thomas try to sneak off but are caught by Andor -- who has been alerted by Calib.

The tribe confront Neeva over his lies. He tries to argue, telling them the Evil One renewed itself -- as it did with Leela. Andor asks why the Doctor defeated their attack and the Doctor explains that it was a trap from the start. They ask who set the trap and Leela bursts out that it was Xoanon, infuriating the tribe. Neeva wants them thrown to the Horda but Calib opposes him, saying that the Doctor is not the Evil One. He tries to break Neeva's hold on the tribe, pointing out that if the Doctor can be killed, he's not immortal. He wants the Doctor to take the Test of the Horda to prove whether he is the Evil One or not.

The tribe show the Doctor a small creature -- a Horda -- creeping through the jungle. One man extends a rod toward and it and the creature latches on. Calib explains that ten of them can strip the flesh from a man's arm before he can scream. The pit is full of them. They hand him a crossbow. Leela tries to explain the Test but is stopped before she can go on.

The Doctor stands on a plank set in a stone platform. A lever is pulled and a stone on a rope starts to descend. The stone platform parts slowly revealing a pit filled with Horda. The Doctor contemplates the rope as Leela struggles with her bonds. He adjusts the sights as Calib looks on confidently. Leela finally breaks free and tries to throw a lever but is stopped. The Doctor then turns and fires, severing the rope and dropping the stone -- he's won the test. Calib reluctantly agrees to release them.

Neeva is meditating when Xoanon calls out to him. The Doctor arrives and Xoanon greets him, his voice changing as he speaks. He tells the Doctor that he has decided to destroy everyone. He will turn off the boundary and let in the creatures from beyond. Neeva asks the Doctor that that means and the Time Lord explains that they are in trouble.

In the jungle, the sonic fence switches off.

The Doctor works to repair a disruptor gun, assisted by Calib. Thomas and Leela tells him they've set guards and explained about the vibrations. The Doctor tells them their tribe name -- Sevateem -- is a corruption of Survey Team -- a group that visited the planet long ago. He wonders if they were there first -- if they are the survey team's captors or children.

The Doctor finishes repairing the gun and tells Thomas to use it sparingly -- it takes time to charge.

The Doctor begins work on a second object that will keep the creatures away. He tells Leela that they must get inside the barrier. Leela wonders -- if nothing can get through the barrier, how do they hear Xoanon's voice? The Doctor realizes something and tells Leela she's a genius. He goes to the temple and finds Neeva in a trance. He turns off the suit microphone and asks where Neeva has heard Xoanon's voice. But Neeva can only respond, "Yes, master." The Doctor then imitates Xoanon and Neeva tells him he has only heard Xoanon's voice in the shrine. The Doctor then puts him to sleep. He explains to Leela that it must be a tight beam transmission through a narrow bridge in the barrier. He then switches the microphone back on and says loudly that he must admit defeat.

A Sevateem man sees one of the creatures and runs. It crushes him and a panicked villager rings the gong. Leela and the Doctor hear and realize this will only draw the creatures. Andor stops the gong-ringing but too late to keep the creatures away.

The Doctor and Leela return to the mountain carving. Leela suggests going up the nose but the Doctor replies that they'll go down the throat. They climb up over the teeth. But they see a shape moving in the darkness.

Andor is attacked by one of the creatures and crushed. He dies calling for Xoanon. Thomas opens fire on the creature only to see the screaming face of the Doctor.

Part Three
(drn: 24'40")

Calib arrives at the scene of Andor's death. He is now the leader of the tribe. He and Thomas sneak back toward the village.

Leela asks what the shape is. The Doctor steps foreward and see a space-suited figure. It glows and then walks through the wall.

The Doctor walks down the corridor, looks out through a portal and see a rocket ship in a barren plain. He suddenly remembers -- the Mordee Expedition. And he thought he was helping them. Leela asks him to help her find the Tesh -- it must be a Tesh since its skin was shiny and it had two heads -- one inside the other. The Doctor stand back and walks through the wall before a surprised Leela. He tells her the wall is an illusion and she can walk through it. He makes her close her eyes and walk forward. They find an anti-grav transporter to take them to the ship.

In a green-lit room, a voice rings out, saying "We are here. We have returned." Many voices speak, becoming confused before saying, "We must destroy us."

The Doctor and Leela enter a control room illuminated by many candles. The Doctor comments that the Tesh must be as ignorant of their origins as the Sevateem. He asks Leela for more of the litany and she tells him that Sevateem were sent forth while the Tesh remained at the Place of Land. He translates that the survey team explored the planet while technicians remained at the landing site. Two people from one ship. Leela asks what happened and the Doctor says he's rather afraid that he did. He didn't understand Xoanon.

Three man clad in green uniforms arrive and bow to the Doctor. Leela takes out her crossbow but the leader - Jabal - stares at her until she falls to the ground unconscious. His acolytes take her away. Jabal greets him as the Lord of Time and says they've been waiting for his return. He tells the Doctor that they serve Xoanon and guard against the savages. They develop their minds in communion with Xoanon.

The Doctor realizes that Xoanon is developing courage and strength outside the wall, mental development and psi-power within. It's an experiment in eugenics. He asks Jabal where Xoanon is but the Tesh replies that he is no one place. He asks if Jabal knows what a computer is but the man is obviously confused. The Doctor realizes he has to find the computer room before they are all killed.

Leela wakes to find herself bound to a table. A sinister device is poised over her and a countdown is beginning to particle analysis.

The Doctor pulls tapestries up to find computer consoles in the shrine. They are inoperative. He asks Jabal if there is a holy of holies and Jabal explains about a sacred chamber. The Doctor is about to go there when he sees Leela on a monitor. Jabal explains that they will break her down for analysis to figure out how the savages breach the barrier. The Doctor tells him that Xoanon opens the barrier. Jabal is outraged and believes the Doctor is not the Lord of Time. He refuses to stop the particle analysis. The Doctor grabs a mirror and rushes out but Jabal knocks him out with his mental power.

The Doctor is strapped to a table beside Leela. She calls out to him and he wakes just as the particle beam activates. He moves the mirror in his hand until it is directly under the beam. It shines down and blasts the mirror. The beam bounces back and the analyzer explodes. An alarm rings out as the manacles spring open, freeing the Doctor and Leela.

Two Tesh report the escape to Jabal. He calmly tells them their first duty is to find and kill the two intruders -- they are the enemies of Xoanon. After they bow and leave to do his bidding, he slams his fist onto a console in frustration.

The Doctor and Leela sneak through the gleaming corridors of the spaceship, evading the Tesh guards. The Doctor quietly explains to her that Xoanon is a living machine -- a computer with schizophrenia. Furthermore, it's his fault. He programmed Xoanon for the Mordee expedition but forgot to wipe his personality print from the data core. The computer now has a split personality.

Xoanon is watching all of this and listening carefully to the Doctor's explanation.

Thomas' disruptor runs out of energy as he fends off the the invisible creatures. Calib makes the Sevateem fall back to the village.

The Doctor reaches an auxiliary communications room. He turns on a monitor to see the Sevateem fleeing from the monsters. He explains that the creatures are projections of Xoanon's id. Leela wants to go back but he tells her he will bring the tribe within the barrier. At least they will be safer, although not safe from the Tesh. He calls out to Neeva who wakes up. The Doctor pretends to be Xoanon and instructs him to tell Calib to lead the tribe through the mouth of the idol. So that Calib will believe him, he tells him to say, "I don't believe in ghosts either". Neeva agrees, adressing him as "Doctor". The Doctor then heads ot the computer core.

Jabal's acolytes report that they can't find the Doctor. He asks Gentek if there is a guard outside the scared hut.

Outside the computer room, an armed guard paces. Leela uses the Doctor's hat to distract the guard while the Doctor sneaks around behind him. The guard approaches Leela and she knocks him out and takes his gun. Leela wants to go into the computer room with the Doctor but he explains that Xoanon is mad. He might the Doctor. He will certainly kill Leela. The door opens and the Doctor strides in.

Calib and the tribe climb through the idol's mouth. Thomas spots a Tesh and kills him with a knife. Calib goes ahead while Thomas brings up the rest of the tribe.

The Doctor enters the humming computer room and hears many voices calling out to him, asking who he is. He tells them he is the Doctor. A light shines on him and asks him again. He tells Xoanon he has come to correct a mistake. He explains that when the Mordee ship was stranded, its computer broke. He thought the core was damaged and repaired it by connecting to his own mind.

Leela stands guard on the door. Five Tesh attack her and she evades them, killing one. The rest withdraw, then attack again. Leela guns down another Tesh.

The Doctor continues to tell his story to Xoanon. The computer the Mordee created was very powerful. Unwittingly, they had created a new life form. When he arrived, it was in shock from being born. When he linked to it, it took everything from his mind. When it awoke, it had a complete personality -- the Doctor's. But then its own personality began to develop and it went mad.

Xoanon asks where this mad machine is and the Doctor exclaims that he's talking to it.

Leela's gun begins to run out of power as she continues her fight with the guards.

The light on the Doctor switches off. Xoanon tells him he is tired of the Doctor and will think him no longer. Xoanon denies he exists and the voices come back, shouting denial at the Doctor. The Time Lord falls to the ground under the mental assault. His face appears on a computer screen as it screams "No!" at him. A child's voice calls out "Who am I?" as the Doctor curls up on the ground.

Part Four
(drn: 24'46")

The Tesh approach Leela and she draws her knife, waiting for their final assault. But as she leaps out at them, the lights flicker and the corridor turns red. The Tesh hesitate and then run. Leela grabs one and asks what is happening. He explains that it is "Failsafe" -- the end of the world.

She enters the computer room to find Xoanon screaming "Who am I?" while the Doctor writhes on the ground. Leela fires her disruptor at the images of the Doctor's face and they fade. She drags the Doctor out.

The Doctor wakes up the hallway. He tells Leela that Xoanon is the most powerful computer built but is insane. He first instinct will be to kill the Doctor because the Doctor contradicts what Xoanon thinks is real. He looks around and wonders what's going on -- there's a strange smell in the air. Leela reaches for the wall and the Doctor shoves her back, then throws something at it to get a shower of sparks. Xoanon has electrified the walls.

The Tesh that Leela knocked out earlier wakes as the Doctor wonders why Xoanon didn't electrify the floor. The Tesh attacks, hitting Leela in the solar plexus to put her out of commission. He tries to push the Doctor into the wall, but the Time Lord breaks his grip. They struggle and roll over, the Tesh trying to push the Doctor's hand into the wall. Leela can only watch, gasping for air. Finally, the Doctor breaks free and Tesh flies into the wall and is killed.

The Doctor laments the loss and then leads Leela away.

Calib and Thomas gaze over the plane to the Mordee rocket. They have at last reached he Place of Land. Neeva recites the litany, but Thomas thinks they have outgrown the old beliefs. Neeva asks why they have stopped believing when they have proof but Thomas replies that they don't have to believe when they have proof. Calib tells Thomas to gather the men to attack. Neeva repeats that they must destroy the Tesh -- then adds that they must destroy Xoanon -- since Xoanon has betrayed them.

The Doctor has returned to the auxiliary control room. He notes that, "the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit the views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering." As he talks, he sees Leela in a mirror moving around behind him and raising her gun. He ducks as she fires and takes cover behind a wall. Leela pursues in a trance. He takes out a metallic cube and uses the sonic screwdriver to make it vibrate. He tells her the gun is getting heavy. She drops it and then wakes up. She is confused about what happened but the Doctor tells her she's just tired. He decides to go to the main computer control room.

Gentek reports to Jabal in a panic -- the savages are attacking. Jabal chides him for behaving like an animal. Gentek begs forgiveness and then calmly reports the situation. Jabal tells him to fall back and he will set up a heavy disruptor to eradicate the savages.

Leela and the Doctor are slinking through the corridors when Xoanon electrifies the walls again. Leela is appalled that Xoanon knows where the are but the Doctor points out that they know where Xoanon is. She wouldn't want an unfair advantage, would she? She says she would, which doesn't surprise the Doctor.

The Tesh retreat before the Sevateem which makes Thomas worry that it's too easy. Calib wants to push ahead with the assault but the younger man worries they are walking into a trap. Calib pushes ahead anyway. Neeva muses that it won't be finished until Xoanon is destroyed.

The Doctor is now in the computer room looking over the monitors when an alarm rings. Leela notices and asks the Doctor about it. He realizes that Xoanon has set the atomic generators to overload. They will explode in 24.5 minutes unless he can strip his mindprint from the computer.

Gentek sets up a massive disruptor cannon in the corridor. Jabal tells him that they will create projections of walls to force the savages into tis corridor and then destroy them all. But he loses his train of thought as he feels something touch his mind. Gentek feels it too. They slowly begin to walk away in obedience to Xoanon.

The Doctor continues his work on he computer, watched by Leela. The Doctor's image appears on the wall. Leela begins to respond to his thoughts. The image starts chanting, "Destroy and be free."

Calib peers around the corridor and see the disruptor. They jump out but no Tesh are there. They wonder why no one is manning the trap but then start hearing Xoanon's mental call. They touch their heads and start chanting, "Destroy and be free."

Neeva arrives and picks up the disruptor cannon in his arms. He tells Xoanon he can hear him but ignores him, moving on into the corridor.

Leela pulls her knife and raises it over her head. She stabs at the Doctor just as he moves and is stunned as it plunges into the computer, sending a shock into her body. The Doctor helps to a chair and then resumes work. But just as he is ready, the Tesh and Sevateem arrive. The grab him and hold their knives at his throat.

But Neeva is running through the corridors, calling out to Xoanon. He reaches the computer core and fires the disruptor at an image of the Doctor's face. An electric bolt arces out and kills him. But the shock stuns the Doctor's assailants. He breaks free, puts a metal circlet on his head and hits a button. Xoanon screams and the Doctor writhes in pain. His face disappears from the computer room as everyone grabs their heads in confusion. The computer gradually resets itself.

Much later, Leela sits by the unconscious Doctor, eating some packaged food. She waves a piece under his nose and he wakes up. She tells him he's been out for two days. She asks what happened -- she can't remember anything. The Doctor explains that he removed -- he hopes he removed -- half of Xoanon's personality. Leela tells him Xoanon has been quiet. Jabal's people won't go near the computer room and won't listen to Leela's explanations. The two tribes are in a guarded truce. The Doctor decides to see Xoanon. Leela asks if she can come and the Doctor assents.

They find the abandoned disruptor cannon in the hall. The Doctor realizes why Xoanon lost his hold on everyone. Leela reports that Neeva can't be found and the Doctor explains that Neeva had gone psychotic and couldn't be controlled.

The computer door opens and a calm clear voice calls the Doctor in. The computer room is now bathed in beige light. The Doctor asks Xoanon how he feels and the computer replies that he feels whole.

Leela asks why he did the things he did and Xoanon explains that he created a world in his own image. He made the people act out his torment. He told himself he was creating a super-race. Breeding independence, strength, boldness and courage in one tribe; self-denial, control and telepathy in the other. He used hostility to speed up the process so that he could eventually breed the best of both tribes. He agrees with Leela that it was a horrible thing but at least it's over now -- thanks to the Doctor.

The Doctor demurs that he started the whole thing and Xoanon replies that his was a mistake anyone could have made. The Doctor indignantly replies that not anyone could have done it and Xoanon laughs heartily. He asks the Doctor to sit and a couch appears. As the two people sit, Xoanon asks where he began to go wrong.

Jabal, Gentek, Thomas and Calib are arguing over who should lead their tribes. The Doctor arrives and jokes that this is democracy at work. He tells them that Xoanon is very sorry and is willing to put his great power at their disposal. He presents them with a device that will destroy Xoanon if they wish. He asks if any will use it and they all back off. The device vanishes.

Gentek says they still need a leader. Calib nominates himself but Jabal says they will not be lead by a savage. Leela replies that she is a savage but has spoken with Xoanon. Thomas says this makes her the obvious choice. Leela responds that she's far too irrational and asks the Doctor for support. But he has vanished. She runs after him.

The Doctor strolls through the jungle, whistling Mozart. Leela catches up to him and asks if he needs protection from the creatures. The Doctor explains that they were projections of Xoanon -- they're gone now. He tells her goodbye but Leela wants to come with him. She points out that he likes her and the Doctor replies that he likes lots of people but he can't cart them all around the universe. Not to be deterred, she jumps into the open TARDIS. The Doctor tells her to come out and then cries out not to push that button.

With a grinding roar, the TARDIS takes off.

Source: Michael H. Siegel.
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