4th Doctor
Genesis of the Daleks
Serial 4E

Philip Hinchcliffe

Script Editor
Robert Holmes

David Spode

Written by Terry Nation
Directed by David Maloney
Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Ian Marter (Harry Sullivan), Michael Wisher (Davros), Peter Miles (Nyder), Dennis Chinnery (Gharman) [1-2,4-6], Guy Siner (Ravon) [1,3], John Franklin-Robbins (Time Lord) [1], Richard Reeves (Kaled Leader) [1-3], John Scott Martin, Cy Town [3-6], Keith Ashley [3-6] (Dalek Operators), Stephen Yardley (Sevrin) [2-6], James Garbutt (Ronson) [2-4], Drew Wood (Tane) [2], Jeremy Chandler (Gerrill) [2], Pat Gorman [2], Hilary Minster [3] (Thal Soldiers), Tom Georgeson (Kavell) [3-5], Ivor Roberts (Mogran) [3], Michael Lynch (Thal Politician) [3-4], Max Faulkner (Thal Guard) [3], Roy Skelton (Dalek Voice) [3-6], Harriet Philpin (Bettan) [4-6], Peter Mantle (Kaled Guard) [5], Andrew Johns (Kravos) [6], John Gleeson (Thal Soldier) [6].

Back on the dreaded Skaro again, a world torn apart by a thousand-year-long war, the Doctor's on a mission from the Time Lords themselves... simple enough. All he has to do is destroy the Daleks before they evolve and face their evil creator, Davros.

Original Broadcast (UK)
Part One		      8th March, 1975			5h30pm - 5h55pm
Part Two		      15th March, 1975			5h30pm - 5h55pm
Part Three		      22nd March, 1975		5h30pm - 5h55pm
Part Four		      29th March, 1975			5h30pm - 5h55pm
Part Five		      5th April, 1975			5h30pm - 5h55pm
Part Six		      12th April, 1975			5h55pm - 6h20pm
  • Released on video and DVD in episodic format. [+/-]

    U.K. Release U.S. Release
    • U.K. Release: October 1991 / U.S. Release: February 1994
      PAL - BBC video BBCV4643
      NTSC - CBS/FOX video 5946
      NTSC - Warner video E1201

      Released as a double tape set with The Sontaran Experiment.

    U.K. DVD Release


    • U.K. Release: April 2006 / U.S. Release: August 2006
      PAL Region 2 - BBCDVD1813  (2 Tapes)
      NTSC Region 1 - Warner DVD E2503  (2 Tapes)


      • Commentary by Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Peter Miles and director David Maloney.
      • 'Genesis of a Classic' - Documentary on the making of the story.
      • 'The Dalek Tapes' - Documentary on the history of the daleks. U.S. DVD Release
      • Blue Peter - featurette featuring a young viewer's Doctor Who models.
      • Continuities compilation.
      • Photo Gallery.
      • Production Information Subtitles.
      • 1976 Doctor Who Annual and Radio Times billings presented in PDF format.

      LINK: The Restoration Team work for Genesis of the Daleks DVD.

  • Soundtrack released on CD and cassettes in edited form with additional linking by Tom Baker.
  • Novelised as Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks. [+/-]

    Red Logo Cover Blue Logo Allen Cover

    • Hardcover Edition - Allan Wingate Ltd.
      First Edition: July 1976.
      ISBN: 0 85523 072 X.
      Cover by Chris Achilleos.
      Price: £2.25.

    • Paperback Edition - W. H. Allen.
      Red Logo on Cover.
      First Edition: July 1976. Reprinted in 1976 and 1977.
      ISBN: 0 426 11260 1.
      Cover by Chris Achilleos.
      Price: 55p.

    • Doctor Who and the Daleks Omnibus.
      [Includes abridged versions of Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks and Genesis of the Dalek].
      Paperback Edition - Artus Books.
      First Edition: September 1976.
      Doctor Who and the Daleks Omnibus Cover Virgin Edition ISBN: ?.
      Cover and llustrations by the General Illustration Company.
      Price: ?.

    • Paperback Edition - W. H. Allen.
      Blue Logo on Cover.
      First Edition: 1978. Reprinted in 1978, 1980, 1981 and 1982.
      ISBN: 0 426 11260 1.
      Cover by Chris Achilleos.
      Price: 60p.

    • Paperback Edition - Virgin Publishing Ltd.
      First Edition: September 1991.
      ISBN: 0 426 11260 1.
      Cover by Alister Pearson.
      Price £2.50.
      Retitled: Doctor Who - Genesis of the Daleks.

    • USA, 1979 (Reprinted up to 1989). Publisher: Pinacle (#4). Cover by David Mann.
    • USA, 1979 [Hardcover]. The Adventures of Doctor Who. Publisher: Nelson Doubleday. Cover by Gary Viskupic. It includes Genesis of the Daleks, Revenge of the Cybermen and The Loch Ness Monster.
  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #250.
Part One
(drn: 24'30")

Soldiers with gas masks and machine guns fire at and kill one another on a misty plain of rubble and dirt. From out of the mist, the Doctor waves his hands, snapping at the Time Lords for intercepting a transmat beam, something very dangerous. A Time Lord in black hood and cloak appears as the Doctor rants about the Time Lord's continual interference in his life. The Time Lord tells the Doctor that their people have interrupted transmat beams for a long time, a simple thing for their race. The Time Lord tells the Doctor they have something for him to do for them. The Doctor won't hear of it until the Time Lord snaps one word, "Daleks." The Doctor then says, "Tell me more." The Time Lords foresee a time when Daleks become the dominant creatures in the universe. They want the Doctor to avert their creation or affect their genetic development so that they become less aggressive creatures or if he cannot, to find one inherent weakness. The Doctor tells him one more time he will do their dirty work. He asks for the coordinates to Skaro so he can set the TARDIS to it but the Time Lord tells him, "This is Skaro." He gives the Doctor a time ring so that when his mission is finished, he can return to the TARDIS. When the Doctor looks up, the Time Lord has vanished, leaving the Doctor to yell, "Don't just disappear! What about Sarah and Harry?"

The two of them come running; Harry complaining lightly about a bit of a rough landing. Bombs rain down on them as a creeping barrage hits. The trio get down; the Doctor yelling through the blasts, "Something's annoyed them!" After it is over, they see a man with a gas mask, dead as Harry checks him. The Doctor notes it is a century between the two weapons the man was carrying -- a hunting rifle and an energy ray gun; a radiation detector on his suit and a gas mask. Also, he and some of the other bodies are wearing skins but also synthetic fiber as Sarah notes! The Doctor speculates -- a thousand year war, a civilization on the point of collapse. They pass bodies as they make their way; then go over some large rocks. The Doctor soon realizes they are in the middle of a minefield. "Follow me and tread in my footsteps," the Doctor leads but has a feeling they are being watched. Sarah feels the same way. The Doctor steps on a land mine and whispers this to Harry. Harry wedges rocks under the landmine in the space between it and the ground, telling Sarah to back up. "You back up, too, Harry," the Doctor orders in a quiet whisper. Harry won't. "Don't be difficult, Harry," the Doctor says, without looking at him. Harry continues, "Don't you argue, Doctor." He tells the Doctor to lift his foot gently which he does and smiles, "Thank you, Harry." As the make their way again, something in a cloak with a long stick like thing coming out of it watches them.

The trio make their route to a bubble dome past barb wire and a padded trench wall where the dead are propped up to make it look like there are more men than there are. They notice these uniforms are different from the ones they have already seen but the same mixture of ancient and modern clothing and weaponry. A backward war of attrition. Harry thinks at the rate this lot is going they will end up using bows and arrows. The metal door on one side of the trench is locked. A small opening in the door allows a man to use his eyes to watch them. There are blasts and poison gas lands, forcing Sarah, Harry, and the Doctor to pull the gas masks off the dead bodies but Harry and the Doctor are rushed by soldiers while Sarah gets one on and passes out in the squirmish or is hit down. Harry and the Doctor fall as the men from the metal door open it and fire machine guns at the attackers. The men from the door, with gas masks on, pull Harry and the Doctor into the door, slamming it shut, and leaving Sarah on her back in the trench with the dead!

Inside, Harry takes off his rain jacket as the men who have taken them in, wonder if they are Thal robots, since there have been rumors of the Thals experimenting with robots. The two are ushered onto a small wheeled transporter and taken to the war room, Section 101, to a very young boy soldier named Ravon, who is in charge. He tells them he likes interrogations. The Doctor says, "Yes, you look the type." For this, he is hit down by the guards behind him. The guards and Ravon keep calling the two of them Mutos. Since bullets are scarce, the two of them will be hung, not shot after this interrogation. They have to conserve ammo. Ravon asks the Doctor to turn out his pockets. He claims, "This might take some time," as he takes out of his pockets a magnifying glass, a yo-yo, the sonic screwdriver, a bunch of lumpy rocks and crystals of many colors, and an etheric beam locator and a pair of handcuffs! Ravon rants like a madman about wiping the Thals from the face of Skaro. Ravon's people are called Kaleds and they want the total extermination of the Thals. The Doctor goes to the 3-dimensional map table and uses the stick to get Ravon's gun flung over to Harry's hands. The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver to break the radio and remarks how Kaleds is anagram of...well, he doesn't say it but it is Daleks. "Now Alexander the Great, you're going to lead us out of here." They will go back to the wastelands.

Sarah gets up and takes off the gas mask. She finds the door locked and an empty pistol which she discards.

"You all keep making the same mistake, we're not Mutos, whatever they may be," Harry keeps telling Ravon, as he and the Doctor shepard him toward the platform lift -- for the metal door lead to an underground tunnel in which Ravon's section is under. Mutos always go back to the wastelands and at night they are on the move.

As the three wait by the lift to go to the surface, Security Commander Nyder arrives with some soldiers. The Doctor keeps his back turned, bluffing that they are civilians, just leaving. This doesn't fool Nyder, who plays along...until he and his men are a few more feet away, then turn to fire, Nyder yelling for Ravon to get down. The Doctor leads Harry off down a corridor, away from the firing guns. Nyder yells at Ravon, who tells him that these two are not Thal spies, nor are Mutos. Nyder tells him, "We shall find out what they are... by autopsy."

Harry and the Doctor rush to the lift door but it just closes. Finally, it opens just as more gunners arrive. The men in black fire at them but the pair get inside and close the door. This lift brings them up to "Area 7" where Harry asks, "Now what?" as they run. The Doctor yells, "Keep running!" Harry asks, behind him, "What?" "Keep running!" They run as soldiers come up on the lift and start firing again. They race through some barren trees. The Doctor yells, "Down Harry!" There are more blasts of bombs. Harry thinks it a lucky escape until the Doctor points out soldiers on the ridge ahead of them in black and with guns on them.

Sarah is alone. The cloaked figure follows her.

Harry and the Doctor are brought before Nyder, who is examining the Doctor's things. The Doctor explains the ethetic beam locator is also used to detect ion charged emissions. Nyder asks if they are aliens. Harry tells him, "No, we're human," but when the Doctor looks at him, Harry adds, "Well, I am, anyway." Davros, a scientist here, has said there is no intelligent life on other planets in the galaxy and Davros is never wrong. "Then he must be exceptional... even I am occasionally wrong..." he smiles but drops it when he asks, "Who is this Davros?" Nyder tells him Davros is their chief scientist, their greatest scientist who heads all research at a bunker, not far from this military section. Nyder postulates that Harry and the Doctor are intelligent mutos -- the scarred relics of "ourselves", leftovers from the first century of the war, chemical weapons created monsters; the Mutos, imperfect, rejected, and cast out. The Doctor figure they are the genetically wounded and calls the policy of casting them out harsh. Harry adds, "It's horrible." Nyder wants the two prisoners taken to the bunker by a Special Unit. Ravon won't hear of it but Nyder gets him to release them to him and also asks for a list of requirements for the bunker, a requisition from and signed by Davros himself -- which is enough to scare Ravon into agreeing to sending the materials, even though he is to fight a war without weapons and tools. Nyder wants the things by midnight and clicks his heels to say goodbye to Ravon, who salutes back.

Sarah knows she is being followed and runs through the trees as more cloaked figures track her -- the Mutos. She finds herself at a brick wall which has a hole in it. Before going through it, she spots an apparently old and crippled humanoid being in a mobile life support chair, not able to use his left arm, his vision gone and eyes closed over, a third blue eye, mechanical in his forehead, helps him see, a bald being with clawed fingernails, and whose mobile casing, encasing his legs and lower body, looks like the lower half of a Dalek body. This is Davros! With him is a man in black, Gharman, who sets up targets shaped like humans. Davros calls this, "A moment that will live in history." Sarah sees this... a Dalek is in the wrecked building. Davros makes it turn right and halt on his voice command. He then tells it, "Now exterminate." It hits the targets with its death rays. "Excellent, the weaponry is perfect," Davros says, quietly triumphant, "Now we can begin..." The Dalek sits and waits...

Part Two
(drn: 24'51")

Sarah hides as Gharman and Davros leave; Gharman almost spotting Sarah when he hears a sound from her. As Sarah backs away, a hand of a Mutos reaches for her and covers her mouth from behind. Five or six surround her and she falls.

Nyder comes to bunker security guard Tane and has Harry and the Doctor pushed into the doorway of the room. The two are to be taken to Senior Researcher Ronson; the Doctor's belongings in a box is to be taken also. The Doctor asks if they are going to have tea or coffee. The guards yell about a security scan. The Doctor asks, "What? No tea?" The Doctor asks if they can just get on with it and start the torture. He gets a first and last warning about his attitude. "No tea, Harry," the Doctor quips. Harry is scanned and it hurts his head a bit, giving a headache. He is cleared but when the Doctor is scanned, the Time Ring on his left wrist is found and taken. The Doctor tries to stop them from taking it, telling them it is not a weapon, nor has any use as such but he is hit down to the floor. It is put in the box with the Doctor's other belongings. The Doctor tells Harry that that time ring is there only hope of getting back to the TARDIS. It is vital they get it back. They are taken to Ronson in Davros's bunker.

One of the Mutos, Sevrin, touches Sarah's face and thinks she is beautiful, not wanting to kill her. The other Muto, Gerrill, wants to kill her. Sevrin does not think that they should kill just because something is not in their image -- why do they always have to kill? She has no deformities and no imperfections. The other Muto with Sevrin takes out a knife, telling him that all Norms must die -- it is law. Sevrin fights with him and gets him to turn away but the fight ends abruptly as a patrol of soldiers is close. The soldiers yell at them not to move. The other Muto runs straight into the soldiers. He turns to run away and gets only a few feet when the soldiers shoot him in the back, killing him. One mentions it is a waste of good ammo. They are Thals and they find Sarah and Sevrin. Instead of killing Mutos on sight now, they decide to take them for slave labor on their rocket launcher, needing slaves to load explosives onto it. When Sarah seems too slow they about to shoot her but Sevrin stops them and helps Sarah to her feet and on their way... to the Thal dome.

Ronson sits with the Doctor and Harry in the Science Division in the bunker. As Ronson toys with the box of belongings, the Doctor absently takes the Time Ring but the old man takes it back. Ronson tells them that in the seven galaxies it is known that only Skaro has life. The Doctor tells him it is also a known fact that there are more than seven galaxies. Ronson checks the readings from the scans of Harry and the Doctor that were done and is wide eyed: their blood and chemical make-up is like nothing on this planet. None of it conforms to any known Skaro life forms other than external appearances. The Doctor asks him if he is familiar with spatial dimensions correlated to relative time. An alarm and Davros, Supreme Commander arrives with news on his Mark 3 project. Reports on his new development will go around soon but first, a demonstration. The wheeled machine creature travelling case -- what the Doctor knows as a Dalek -- comes in. Davros at this time, only calls it a Mark III travel machine. Ronson tells the Doctor it is called a Mark III travel machine when the Doctor mentions to him it is a Dalek. In return, the Doctor puffs, "If you say so." Davros has perfected voice control. Nyder and Gharman put the Dalek gun into it, fitting it into a hole on the machine. Davros will now turn over self control to the Dalek -- it will be a living thinking self supporting creature, he claims. The Dalek turns to Harry and the Doctor, "Aliens. I must exterminate." Ronson touches the controls on Davros's wheel chair and stops it from killing them which makes Davros as mad as he can get. He yells that Ronson will be punished for interfering -- his creature showed a natural desire for taking action, detecting non conformity and he stopped it. At first light, the demonstration with the aliens present, will continue. Davros leaves the area. Nyder tells Ronson the prisoners must be questioned in their cell. Ronson wants to finish here first.

Sarah and Sevrin in a cell in the Thal Dome meet one of the Kaled young officers who originally helped capture the Doctor. Like them, he is now a prisoner, too. He tells them they are lucky -- the Thal patrols usually shoot on sight but they need slave workers to load explosives onto the rocket's nose cone and the rocket will be launched against the Kaled dome -- the Kaled fearful that his whole race will be wiped out. Sevrin wonders if that will be worth it to end out 1000 years of war. The Kaled tells him that with no protective shielding to protect the slave workers from the distronic explosives -- to reduce the rocket's weight, the Thals are not using protective shielding -- the slave workers will soon get tronic toximeia from the poisonous substance and die. This means Sarah, Sevrin, and the Kaled as well as all the other slave workers in the cell that will do the work, will die after a few hours exposure. The resting period is over and they must start again on loading the rocket. A Thal guard comes in and pushes all of them out and yells at Sarah to get out, pushing her. She turns, "All right, don't...puuuu..." the guard shoves a gun right in front of her face. "...ush." She goes out. Working in the rocket cylo, Sarah sees the level on the exposure register on the safety zone but it slowly moves to the toxic zone. The workers are carrying it up to the rocket's nose cone.

The Doctor is thrown down onto the floor through the opening door to his cell. The door quickly shuts again. Harry is in the cell. The Doctor fed them scientific gobbledegook, technical jargon that even he, the Doctor, didn't understand. The Doctor found out more from them 3 to 4 miles away is a Thal dome and both domes are bomb proof and underground. The Kaled dome consists of a scientific elite, which Harry compares to a "sort of Think Tank". Ronson comes in and tells the guard he is armed. He closes the door to talk to them in private, admitting the Doctor knew what the name of the travel Mark III machine was -- a Dalek -- before it was revealed that Davros would call it a Dalek! Davros only just revealed the name Dalek one hour ago. Ronson is concerned about the Daleks project and he claims others are also concerned against it. They feel it is immoral and evil. The elite was formed to try to end the war but the project changed to insure the survival of their race. The mutos are mutations made that way by the war. When Davros declared the mutations are irreversible he began his experiments and perfected what their future evolutionary form would be. He took living cells and produced the ultimate living creature... what the Kaleds are supposedly to evolve into. Ronson takes them to the Kaled-Dalek creature nursery. Through a viewing panel, the Doctor and Harry see the growling, murmuring creatures. Ronson claims, "That is our future." The Doctor can only say, "You do have troubles."

Sarah, the Kaled, Sevrin, and the Mutos slaves are given another rest period. Sarah claims if they wait to take action, they may not have enough strength to. She wants them to get out of here along with her. They cannot get out at the command post -- the Thal troops would shoot them dead. Sarah proposes the nose cone rocket that leads to the surface of the dome would be a good way to get out. The Kaled boy-soldier agrees -- the angle once out of the top of the hole from which the rocket was to shoot out of--is gentle. They can slide down. Sevrin notes the climb up the scaffolding is dangerous but there is no other way out. The Kaled would rather die trying to escape than die slowly from the poisonous substance which, even now, may be killing them. Sarah will pass the word to the others.

Ronson tells the Doctor and Harry in the Kaled bunker that the Dalek is now being designed by Davros as a weapon, devoid of conscience. There are a few in the Kaled government that can act to end Davros's power but they must be made aware of what is happening. Ronson is not allowed to leave the bunker and is not allowed in the city. He gives the Doctor and Harry a list of the names of those in power that will go against Davros. There are secondary ducts Harry and the Doctor can crawl through to get to the Dome but there is a system of caves at the edge of the wastelands which they will have to cross. It is barred. And, Ronson goes on, there is another thing -- some of Davros's early experiments were with animals. He created some horrific things and some of them are still alive. The Doctor stares wide-eyed and absently, away from Ronson's face, "And I have a nasty suspicion you're going to tell us they're in that cave." Ronson shakes his head affirmatively.

Sarah passes out in the Thal Dome but it is a ruse to get the Thal guard distracted so the Kaled prisoner can punch him down. The slaves run out with the Kaled, Sarah, and Sevrin... but no one takes the Thal guard's gun!

Harry and the Doctor go into the duct, hoping to find Sarah on the way. Ronson is happy to hear that they will not let the list fall into the wrong hands. The two start out as Ronson avoids a guard passing..

In the Thal Dome, the Thal guard recovers.

Harry and the Doctor reach a vent where a grill covers the entrance to the caves. Beyond it they can see a slug like thing with shell move past the duct exit. Harry and the Doctor get the barred grill off and go into the caves.

Sarah and the men climb the rocket scaffolding in the Thal dome. The guard has sounded the alarm now and three Thal sharpshooters come into the rocket launcher area and start firing rifles at the climbers. One Mutos is shot down and falls. Then another, who also falls. Sarah cannot climb another step, fear and exhaustion has stopped her. The young Kaled soldier comes over to help her and covers her -- but he is shot in the back and falls off the scaffolding. Sarah screams. Sevrin comes to her and tells her the Thals are coming up after them. He tells her she must move on up. He gets her to try. She reaches for a girder to follow him up as he continues...but she misses it and falls... plunging through the air, screaming...

Part Three
(drn: 22'38")

Sarah just falls one level lower onto a platform beneath her. Another Mutos is shot and he falls to his death. Sevrin gets down to Sarah and gets her to go up to the nose cone with her. They have to jump across a gap with a long fall beneath should they slip. Sevrin makes it and urges a very frightened Sarah to follow. He holds onto her and then starts to climb up. Two Thal guards fire a warning shot at him and he has to come back down. Sevrin jumps over to them. Sarah is unwilling to or unable due to fear. One guard, wearing glasses, jumps over to her and purposefully kicks her feet out from under her and holds her by one arm, dangling her over the major fall, threatening to let go. He tells her some people say those that fall are dead before they hit the ground, "I don't believe that, do you?" He pulls her up and makes her cross the gap.

Harry and the Doctor find the corroded iron bars to the dome city. Before they can get to it, Harry steps into a giant shell creature, a giant oyster or clam. It closes on his foot, trying to drag him in to eat him. The Doctor gets a large rock and hits the top of the shell to no affect. He runs, pulls off a stalactite into its mouth and pulls Harry out of it. Harry says something in Latin. "Why's it me who always puts a foot in it?" The Doctor is amazed that nothing is broken. Something larger and more menacing makes loud sounds, "Let's get out of here." The Doctor opens the bars.

Daleks report to Davros, who wants the optical and sensory circuits enhanced, thus wanting the dismantling of the neuro circuit for this to be accomplished. After Davros tells his scientists this, he leaves. A tall, younger dark haired Kaled, Kavell, informs a hesitant Ronson that the "escaped" prisoners have reached the dome city and made contact with the government leaders. Kavell is in charge of the communications station. Nyder spots them talking in whispers. Kavell tells Ronson that a secret meeting is to take place about Davros's experiments.

At the meeting in the dome, Mogran and Ravon, among many others, listen to the Doctor explain about events in the future and that the Daleks and the project here will affect not just this planet but many others. For 1000 generations the name of Dalek will spread fear and terror; the Daleks are without pity. There is a dome model in the room which the camera focuses on. Mogran had thought there were no listening devices here for Davros to find out about this meeting.

Thals push Sarah and Sevrin back to work in the Thal dome.

Nyder in the bunker, reports back to Davros -- he's heard from one of their spies in the Kaled done about a secret meeting. Davros wants a full report about what went on there and is not very concerned. He tells Nyder he has resisted those who would stop his work for more than 50 years. Nyder also tells him that Ronson's prisoners were at the secret meeting. The two of them stare at Ronson. Davros will take no action against him yet.

Ravon, in the dome, tells the Doctor it was an impressive speech. The councillors will not stop the work in the bunker permanently but a tribunal will investigate the bunker and suspend the work until the investigation is complete. It is less than the Doctor hoped for. Mogran must now inform Davros. Ravon, after Mogran and the others leave, tells the Doctor and Harry that one of their agents in the Thal Dome has heard of a female prisoner, not a Mutos or a Kaled, that lead a breakout of the slave laborers, "gave the Thals quite a lot of trouble..." Harry interjects, "That'd be her." Harry and the Doctor ask about the Thal rocket. Ravon tells them the Thal rocket cannot penetrate the Kaled Dome which is reinforced by an invention of Davros's -- a new substance that has the same affect as if it were 30 foot thick reinforced concrete. Ravon rambles on, yelling about their eventual defeat of the Thals...sounding like a Dalek. He also tells them that he can give them an agent to get them to a service shaft under the Thal city and he also gives them a map. Harry says, "Well, Doctor, it looks like we're going to have to cross the wastelands again." The Doctor looks wide-eyed and almost smiles, "YES and that's when our troubles really begin!"

Mogran reports to Davros about the investigation. Davros plays nice and tells Mogran the Kaled people have sacrificed much for the work at the bunker and have a right to know about it. Davros continues to lie and tells him that the elite and the people must work as one to bring about the final victory. Davros wants 24 hours to shut down but Mogran insists it must be 12. By them, members of the Tribunal will arrive. Mogran and his two men leave. Nyder is upset and wonders why Davros isn't. Davros will stop the investigation -- the Council has signed the death warrant of the whole of the Kaled people. Nyder seems shocked, "The whole of the Kaled people." Davros asks if Nyder ever doubted he would do that... Nyder tells him he never doubted that. There are to be 20 travel machines. Nyder objects -- they are unstable and erratic but Davros wants to make a computer program to limit the travel machines' actions -- so that he can control them, "Then we are going on a journey."

The Doctor rises up in the Thal Dome but has to shut the floor board -- a Thal guard is standing with his back to the hole. Another guard arrives and both guards leave. This gives the Doctor and Harry time to climb up into the halls. They walk down a hall but turn and walk the opposite way and hide as Thal guards, one with a helmet, goes into a room where people are talking. The Doctor and Harry go the door and look in the round window -- there in the room are Davros and Nyder talking to the Thal leaders! Davros tells the leader he is no longer influenced by words such as Patriotism and Nationalism, he just wants peace even if it means annihilation for the Kaled people. The Thal rocket will destroy the Kaled dome. The Doctor and Harry have to hide as another guard passes by but they manage to hear how Davros will help the Thals do this. Davros gives the Thal leader a chemical formula that when put into normal artillery shells and fired on the Kaled dome will weaken the molecular structure of the dome, making it brittle enough for the rocket to destroy the formerly impenetrable shield. Davros asks only that he be in on the reconstruction of their planet. Nyder and Davros come out as the Doctor and Harry hide. Thals will escort Nyder and Davros out of the Thal Dome. Harry tells the Doctor they have to warn the Kaleds.

The Doctor walks up to two guards who are wearing black protective suits and head coverings, "Excuse me, can you help me, I'm a spy." He has their two heads near each other and near his and smashes them together so that they fall.

In the Thal rocket bay, Sarah wonders why they are being left at the base of the rocket -- the rocket is fully loaded now and when fired, if the slave workers are left here, they'll be burned alive... Sarah realizes that this is what the Thals plan. Two guards in protective suits come in and another, near Sarah's group, comes over to them. One of the new arrivals, in reality, Harry, punches this guard in the stomach and the guard falls to the ground. Sarah starts to explain to Harry and the Doctor, who take off their head coverings but the Doctor sends Harry and Sarah, who ask Sevrin to come with them, back to the Kaled dome to warn the leaders there. He wants to stay to try to sabotage the rocket. After his three friends leave, the Doctor yells at the other slaves to get out, they are all free.

Sarah, Harry, and Sevrin make it to the hallway hole duct and get down it just before pursuing guards arrive. Two of them start shooting down the hole at them.

In the rocket bay, the fallen guard gets up and crawls over to a wall board of buttons as the Doctor examines the rocket and in particular a grid. The guard manages to push one button and this makes the Doctor, whose right hand is touching the grid, get stuck to the grid net...and the entire grid shoots electric bolts through both sides of his body...he winces in pain and shuts his eyes as his body is wracked by the violent electrical shocks...

Part Four
(drn: 23'38")

The Doctor wakes up pale and sick just in time to see the artillery shells hit the Kaled dome which begins to catch fire.

In the Bunker, as the Elite watch the dome bursting, Davros blames someone among their own numbers.

The Doctor tries to stop the main rocket with explosives from being shot off but a blond guard shoves a gun at him and pushes him down. The Doctor attempts to stop it anyway, jumping up again, "Noooo!" He is caught by all the men in the room and held to watch the rocket taking off. The dome is blown to atoms, "I sent Harry and Sarah in there," he says to himself.

Davros tells the Elite that their retaliation but be massive and merciless. Doors open and three Daleks glide in. Davros lets the retaliation start with whom he fingers is the traitor -- Ronson -- which is totally untrue. The Daleks fire their energy rays at the man, negating his image. He yells and falls, dying slowly. Davros tells them from the ashes of their former Kaled civilization shall come a new race rising as the ultimate conqueror of the universe -- The Dalek! It will be a universal and absolute supremacy. He sets them out on their task immediately. The Daleks says, "We obey."

The Thals cheer throughout their dome and there will be a victory parade. The Thal General, who fired the rocket, starts to say that the Doctor must be punished but changes his mind. He wants all to know while the Thals were ruthless in war that they are generous in victory -- all prisoners are to be freed. Bettan, a woman with short hair and wearing overalls, and possibly one of the Thal Minister's guards, talks to the Doctor, asking if he had friends in the Dome, which is on a screen before them, collapsing. "Two people very dear to me -- I sent them into that holocaust." She asks what he will do now. He tells her he will start over and try to stop the development of the Daleks. Bettan tells him that Davros is a hero now. The Doctor asks, "For how long?" He tries to explain to her about how he betrayed his own people and about the Daleks. She tells him under the general amnesty, he is free to go whenever he likes. He thanks her.

In the Bunker, Davros outlines the new chromosome variations he wants introduced into the embryo Daleks. Gharman is revolted by this turn -- these changes will cause mental defects, the Daleks will be creatures without conscience, with no feeling, no emotions and no reason for right or wrong. Davros sees this as an improvement. He wants the Daleks to act on his command.

The Doctor is out of the protective black suit and walking through the halls. Thals pass by and shake his hand, happy the war is over. He smiles and passes them. Daleks enter the Dome and kill the group that just passed the Doctor, exterminating them. The Doctor hears it and grabs a running Bettan and pulls her to hide in a corner. She asks, "What're they?" "Keep back!" He yells at her as quietly as he can, "Get out of sight!" Three Daleks pass by the corner they are in. He tells her they are the Daleks. As the Daleks begin exterminating everyone in the Dome, Bettan and the Doctor, along with others, get out of it.

Bettan and the Doctor hide in a trench and it is night. Bettan wonders why her own Thal leaders didn't surrender. The Doctor tells her perhaps they did try -- the Daleks wouldn't let them. With what few survivors left, the Doctor tells her they must destroy the bunker. Bettan agrees to do this -- she will have to rouse the survivors into a fighting unit. The Doctor moves to get into the bunker again. Bettan hides as Dalek passes overhead, above the trench.

The Doctor is attacked by many Mutos in the wastelands. He covers his head, bending over on his knees as a Mutos lifts a heavy rock over him. Harry comes out of hiding and stops this, knocking it from the Mutos's hand. Sevrin is there, helping to frighten the other Mutos off. The Doctor is in his same position but then gets up and sees Harry, shakes his hand, and hugs Sarah close to him. Mutos attacks Sarah, Harry, and Sevrin on the way to the Dome but when it exploded, Sarah explains to the Doctor, the Mutos ran off. The Doctor and Harry tell her they MUST go into the bunker again -- the Time Ring is there and without it they can never escape this planet. Sarah's face whitens.

Kavell sits near Gharman in the bunker work room. Gharman whispers about a plot to stop the newest development in the Dalek embryos. Kavell is afraid for fear of what happened to Ronson. While they plot anyway, planning on getting the whole scientific council on their side, Nyder listens to their conversation outside the door.

At the bars through to the caves, the Doctor asks Sevrin to go find Bettan and help her form a resistance movement to attack the bunker. Sevrin agrees but before he leaves, Sarah takes him by the shoulder, "Sevrin, thank you." He huffs twice, oddly before going. Sarah, Harry, and the Doctor enter the caves and hear sounds of monsters, Davros's experiments the two males tell Sarah. Harry, as they move on in, asks Sarah, "Are you scared?" Sarah says, "Of course not," but sounds as if she is. Harry answers more truthfully, "I am."

Nyder whispers to Gharman in the bunker -- he wants to talk somewhere private. Nyder has served Davros faithfully for many years but now believes him to be turning into a megalomaniac, Nyder explains to Gharman. They will meet in the place Nyder tells Gharman is the only place Davros never goes -- the lower level, the detention room.

Sarah and Harry in the caves, almost walk right into open mouthed giant clam monsters, which have formed a circle around the trio. They back into more but manage to get past them by jumping. They are not very fast which is why, Harry deduces Davros disguarded them. Sarah claims, "I'll never eat oysters again."

The Doctor instructs Sarah to go into the duct back to the bunker. Harry already starts into it. Sarah says, "Listen, I've been down tunnels before and I just has a nasty thought -- suppose something nasty's waiting for us down there?" The Doctor says, "Better not tell Harry -- he's gone first."

In the lower level of the bunker, Nyder hides to make sure it is Gharman coming to meet him. It is. Gharman proposes they give Davros an ultimatum -- keep the moral sense and restore conscience in the Daleks, keep the qualities that are essential in themselves as humans or they will have to destroy the Daleks and all the work in the bunker. The military elite that is on the side of Gharman and the rebels against Davros are Cardo, Frenton, and Parran. Nyder thanks him -- the names of the other conspirators is all he wanted to hear. Davros emerges from the shadows in his glide chair. As Gharman backs up, Nyder hits him on the head from behind. Davros tells Nyder not to kill him -- Gharman has a good scientific mind -- with a little surgery on the brain, his inventive skills can still be used to their benefit. He tells Nyder to lock Gharman up in the detention room.

Just then, Davros and Nyder hear sounds and see Harry, Sarah, and then the Doctor emerge from the duct exit but into the room right in front of the two nightmarish men. Nyder has a gun to cover them. He puts the lights on. The Doctor says, "You were right, Sarah, about there being something nasty for us."

Later, the Doctor is put onto a chair with devices attached to it. Davros wants to know information from the Doctor. The computers here at the bunker did a complete analysis of the Doctor but dismissed the fact that he and his friends travel in space and time. Davros, however, believes it -- he has imagination. The Doctor tells him why he was here -- to stop the development of the Daleks. For thousands of years their name will mean carnage and destruction, hate and war for the future. The Doctor tells him why not change it, be remembered for making the Daleks a force for good. Davros says, "I could do it." The Doctor continues, "Then do it -- Be remembered for that." Davros asks about the future. The Doctor tells him the Daleks have been defeated in battle but never utterly. The Dalek menace always remained. Davros wants to know how. The Doctor tells him -- sometimes Dalek misfortune, lack of information, overwhelming opposition, and mistakes. Davros orders him to tell him the specifics, "You will tell me." The Doctor refuses. Davros yells, "You will tell me!" The Doctor spats back, "No! I will not!" Davros wants to program the weaknesses from out of the minds of the Daleks -- the mistakes and misfortunes of their future just as he has erased the affliction of a conscience.

In the wastelands and trenches, survivors are grouped by Bettan and Sevrin, who work together. There are blond men, some women, all tired. Mutos don't like to fight, Sevrin tells her so his people won't be of much use. Bettan wants to explode the main entrance of the bunker as long as there are people risking their lives inside to stop the expanding of the Daleks, it is the least she can do. Sevrin wants to attack the bunker now, while those inside who need them can still be rescued. She wants to wait until they have rested first and then picked up stragglers for their resistance. When they have the strongest possible force, then they will attack.

Sarah and Harry are strapped to tables with devices on their heads and on the tables. Nyder is present, doing most of the dirty work, adjusting the devices. The devices on the Doctor's head and chair (one which looks like a spine) will instantly detect if he is telling a lie to any of Davros's questions. If he lies, then Davros will use the devices on the Doctor's friends to create all the torments and agonies ever felt in the bodies of Harry and Sarah. Sarah says, "Don't tell him, Doctor."

Davros levels a threat now -- tell him the knowledge so that it can be programmed into his Daleks; with that advance knowledge of the future they will win every battle, every loss will be a victory. As the Doctor refuses the machines hooked up to Sarah and Harry start to hum with rising power. The Doctor practically begs, "Davros, if I do that, I betray millions of people in the future. I can't do that." "But you will! You will tell me!" Davros yells as the machine power rises and rises, "You will tell me! You will tell me!"

Part Five
(drn: 23'27")

Harry tells the Doctor not to tell Davros anything but the Doctor agrees to do it. The tapes continue to roll as the Doctor tells of the Daleks invasion of Earth which failed in the year 2000 when the Daleks tried to mine the core of the Earth. He tells of a Dalek invasion of Mars that failed due to a virus that attacked the insulation of the Daleks' electrical system. In the Space Year 17,000, the Daleks attacked Venus but were halted by the intervention of a fleet of spaceships and war rockets from the planet Hyperion. The rockets were made of metal completely resistant to Dalek firepower. The Dalek task force was completely destroyed. Sarah and Harry are taken out after this session is over and thrown into a cell with Gharman. Davros wants the Doctor to stay and relate to him as a scientist now, not as a prisoner.

In the hall outside the cell that Sarah, Gharman, and Harry are in, Kavell tries to sneak up on a guard who sports a machine gun. Kavell confronts him and tries to fake that he lost his pass. He leaves but returns when the guard's back is turned and hits him with the stick he was hiding.

The Doctor tells Davros, "I have betrayed the future." Davros tells him that the workshops on the new Daleks have begun. The Doctor tells him it is not the travel machines that are the problem but the minds of creatures that reside inside. They are evil. Davros tells him they are not evil -- they just want to survive and to survive they must be the dominant species -- and suppress all other life forms. Only then, Davros says, can peace be achieved. Wars will end. They are creatures of good, Davros claims! The Doctor asks a question, "If you created a virus in your laboratory, something contagious and infectious, that killed on contact, would you use it?" Davros is fascinated by such an interesting conjecture, "The only living thing. A microscopic organism reigning supreme...to hold in my hand a capsule that contained such power. To know that life and death on such a scale was my choice... to know that the tiny pressure of my thumb, enough to break the glass, would end everything. Yes, I would do it. That power would set me up above the gods! And through the Daleks I shall have that power!"

The Doctor grabs his hand back and Davros tells the Doctor about a button that if held down would kill him in 30 seconds -- a life support system shut off. The Doctor tells him to order the destruction of the incubation section. Davros stalls so the Doctor shuts the life support off for a few moments. Davros begins to order the Dalek embryos destroyed and calls Elite Unit 7 to do this, to close down the Dalek project. The Doctor tells him to make sure he tells them that this order cannot be countermanded but before Davros can say that, Nyder arrives and hits the Doctor on the back of the head, knocking the Doctor down but not out, "What do you want me to do with this?" Davros wants the Doctor alive for more knowledge of the future; then the Doctor will know the true meaning of pain. Some of the Scientific Core are speaking openly against Davros and some of the military have joined the dissidents. Nyder wants to take a group of Elite Men he can trust and wipe out the leaders of the rebellion. Davros tells Nyder he thinks like a military man. Suppress a rebellion and it hides and festers only to re-emerge some day.

Daleks kill another Thal in the smoking Thal dome as he runs right into them. They are called back to the bunker by Davros. Out on the plains, Sevrin runs and returns to Bettan at a trench. No one he saw was alive. All the survivors must be with them now.

Nyder brings a hurt Doctor to the guard at the cell but the guard turns out to be Harry. Nyder pushes the Doctor into Harry and runs away, escaping. The others help the Doctor sit down in the cell. As he recovers, the Doctor tells Gharman and Kavell that Davros knows what they are planning -- the Doctor overheard Davros and Nyder talking. As Gharman and Kavell leave, Sarah asks the Doctor, "There's no point in telling you to rest, I suppose." The Doctor tells her they have to get to the Main Lab to find that Time Ring and...they must get back the tape that Nyder took. On it is a recording of every Dalek defeat in the future as told by the Doctor. It could make the Daleks invincible.

Gharman and two other scientists in white outfits hide at a corner, near an arms locker. Gharman wants to avoid violence if possible. They get the surprise on the two guards but the guards make a move to distract them, flinging them into one another. There is a fight. Gharman is thrown to the wall and his hurt. He watches as one of his men has to shoot one of the guards who was about to shoot another of the rebels who fell in the fight. He stops the shooter from shooting the surviving guard, who also was on the floor at this point. He calls this a senseless waste of a life. He wanted this to be a bloodless revolution, they have had enough of killing and violence. The remaining guard will be locked in a cell. Kavell arrives with more men in white and reports that 80 percent of the scientific elite are with them and the hardcore Davros supporters are being rounded up. Gharman gets to a weapons locker arms the rebels with sub machine guns and other firearms.

Davros and Nyder hear the sounds of gunfire and battles. The rebels are taking over, Nyder tells Davros. In one hour it is possible they will be in control. Nyder has some crack men in Section Nine who could sort them out. Davros tells him to surrender and lay down their arms. Davros wants his Elite Guard to surrender. Nyder protests somewhat but Davros yells, "You will do as I order!" Nyder obeys. Davros will lie -- will tell the others he will do what he must to prevent bloodshed.

The Doctor pops his head out of a corner and turns to Harry, "Shhhhh," and Harry turns to Sarah, who is behind him, "Shhhhh!" Sarah mouths, "I am!" Harry finds an electro key to a cabinet. Inside it, they find explosives and detonators. The Doctor declares, "This might be providential." He is going to commit genocide -- he is going to blow up and kill everything in the incubation room, destroy the Daleks forever.

Some of the rebel leaders, Kavell, and Gharman face Nyder and Davros. Gharman tells Davros he knows that under Davros they have made much progress in the science areas. He did not come here to flatter Davros, Davros tells him. All work on the Dalek projects will cease. Davros can help rebuild the society. If he refuses to shut down the Daleks, he will be put under arrest and the Daleks will be destroyed totally and they will have a democratically elected leader by vote of the majority. Davros asks for time to consider this.

Sarah looks into the incubation room as the trio hear baby sounds. This is the Dalek equivalent of flesh and blood, if they are flesh and blood the Doctor explains. Harry notes that some can move about. The Doctor feels they are harmless enough. Harry helps unwind the detonator cord, "You, ahhh, you don't want me to come with you, Doctor?" The Doctor doesn't since all he will do is go in and plant the explosive charges in a strategically good place.

Davros accepts their offer but has some terms of his own: he wants to be allowed to address the full Elite -- both the Scientific and Military Elite. They can vote on what they want. Gharman tells Davros he will lose. Since Gharman was the one to mention democracy, he cannot refuse. It will be held in one hour. Davros tells Gharman and the other men, "You may go." After they leave, Davros tells Nyder that they can achieve victory through absolute power and power through strength, "They have lost!"

Sevrin, Bettan, and the survivors are outside the bunker, hiding by a barricade. Daleks pass overhead, moving to go into the bunker, called back by Davros.

The Doctor is in the incubation room planting the charges. The creatures bubble in jars and tanks. One is half out, half in.

Outside in the hallway, Sarah asks what is keeping the Doctor. She is worried. Harry tells her it is a delicate operation. Sarah calls twice. The Doctor charges out, in pain, groping at his neck -- around which is a Dalek embryo creature, strangling him! "Sarah!" He can only gasp as he reels with pain... the thing attacking him from around his neck!

Part Six
(drn: 23'30")

Harry and Sarah pull it off and the Doctor helps, bit by bit, they toss the thing back into the incubation room. Sarah asks the Doctor, who hesitates to touch the two wires together to blow up the incubation room, why he is stopping. The Doctor questions his right to do this -- to wipe out a whole race. He stares at the wires in his hands, knowing that something better could come about from this, future worlds that would have warred on each other will become allies due to the Daleks. Perhaps somethings are better with them around. Sarah argues that if it was a virus or disease he wouldn't hesitate. He argues that if he does this he will become like them, "I become like the Daleks. If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that the child would grow up...to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child? Do I have that right?" Sarah insists he must complete his mission for the Time Lords and that they are talking about the Daleks...the most evil creatures ever created or known. The Doctor still hesitates.

Before he has to decide, Gharman arrives and tells them the events -- Davros has lost. The Doctor pulls out the wire, grateful he didn't have to it. He, Sarah, and Harry go the meeting and the debate begins. Kavell is not at the meeting. Gharman tells the Elite that the Daleks have aggression without conscience. Davros counters that cooperation between species have proved impossible -- thus the Daleks must feel they are superior to rule over all. As this debate goes on, Sarah pillages the Doctor's belongings on the desk and hands them over to Harry who hands them over to the Doctor, including the Sonic Screwdriver.

Davros introduces a destruct button which would destroy the bunker but not the meeting room. He offers them the chance to destroy the bunker but none take it. Davros calls them men without courage who have lost the right to survive. At first, it seems the Time Ring is not among the desk where the Doctor's things were put. Davros whispers something to Nyder. Gharman tells the assembly that they can still destroy the gene mutated creatures and let the work on the travel machine Daleks continue...only to allow evolution to follow its natural course...allow them what all men have...the capability for good and evil but do not allow them to end up as unfeeling, heartless machines. Sarah finds the Time Ring. The Doctor instructs she and Harry to watch Nyder since the only left to get back is that tape of future events. Daleks are at the door to the bunker and Nyder whispered this to Davros, who hits a switch, allowing the Daleks (three at first) into the bunker. Bettan and her commandos of Thals and Sevrin follow the Daleks in. She orders her men to plant charges inside and up on the main carriers of the entrance. This is the only way out of the bunker. Sevrin tells Bettan that the Thal war rocket caved in the other way from the Kaled dome -- it could never be cleared. He also tells her that Sarah and the Doctor are inside. She gives them 30 minutes before the charges will be set. Sevrin wants to go in after them and does, Bettan telling him that if he is not back, she will have to blow the charges anyway. She promises to give him as much time as she can.

Two men in the Elite join Davros's side. No more. Kravos, a young man in black, has in his chest a tiny machine that keeps his heart beating -- a device that Davros created and put in to save him. Davros plays on this to try to get the young man over to his side. When Nyder leaves the proceedings, Sarah, Harry, and the Doctor follow him out and corner him. The Doctor struggles with him as the other two help. They force him to take them to the safe in Davros's office, which he revealed has the tape in it. The Doctor doesn't realize the Time Ring has fallen in the scuffle and lies on the floor now.

Sevrin avoids three Daleks coming down a corridor.

In the office, Nyder gives the trio a difficult time, lying that he doesn't know the combination to the safe. When pressed, he opens the safe and gives them the tape. Sarah finds a Dalek gun and gives it to the Doctor for him to destroy the tape...which he does, "How very apt -- a Dalek gun." Nyder runs out and the door shuts, locking the trio in. No matter, they can leave now -- leaving it to Gharman to destroy the operational Daleks. It is now they find the Time Ring missing. The Doctor realizes he dropped it in the corridor. They try to open the door.

Bettan's men tell her they need to plant four more charges over the bunker entrance hall.

The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver but the door won't open, "Even the sonic screwdriver won't open this door." On a screen, Sarah and Harry watch the debate which drags on. It is not like Davros to give up easily, the Doctor notes. Davros reveals this meeting was just a charade to find those loyal to him, "...we...I...will go on!" Gharman yells that he is insane. Daleks come in from all the doors -- about nine of them or more. They exterminate the men and Gharman at orders from Davros. Kravos runs to Davros's chair and yells at Davros to stop them but a Dalek gun turns on him and exterminates him. He falls with the others as did they in a negative burst of the ray blasts.

Sevrin opens the door and frees the Doctor, Harry, and Sarah, explaining about Bettan and the Thals' planting of explosives. The Doctor finds the Time Ring on the floor in the hall. As they proceed down a hall, Daleks come. They run another way and find more Daleks coming down that hall. They run. At a hall closer to the exit, the Doctor gives Sarah the Time Ring, trusting Sevrin to get Harry and Sarah out. He is going back to the incubator room, "This time I'm going to blow it up."

Davros orders the traitors' bodies disposed of. Then the military can make the bunker secure and the scientists can work on improvements on the Dalek designs in all areas. Nyder tells Davros that the prisoners he locked in the office have escaped. Davros orders some of the Daleks to seek out the prisoners that escaped from his office and exterminate them. Some Daleks leave, "We obey."

Bettan finds her Thals have finished. They prepare to detonate.

The Doctor has his hat on and his scarf and jacket on as he emerges from the incubator room. Before he can touch the wires together, a Dalek comes down the hall and fires at him. He ducks behind a corner but when he tries to reach out to the wires, a ray fires at his hand.

Before Bettan can detonate, Sevrin leads Harry and Sarah out. They ask her to give the Doctor a few minutes. Sarah asks, "Please!" She agrees but if there is any indication that the Daleks are coming down the corridor, she will detonate.

The Dalek near the Doctor moves over the wire and blows itself up as well as connecting the wires so that the incubation room can explode.

Outside the bunker doors, one of the Thal men tells Bettan that they are getting a picture from one of the cameras. They see inside the conference room. When Bettan sees and hears that Davros is sending Daleks to the main entrance, she wants to detonate but Harry and Sarah convince her to wait a bit longer. The doors to the outside from the bunker are closed by the Thals with only a small crack open.

Davros notices the auto production line on the creation of new Daleks has been started up without his order. A Dalek tells him it gave the command. Davros tells it that it is to obey only his commands and voice. He orders the production line to be halted for now. The Daleks refuse so Davros sends Nyder. The Daleks shoot him down and he falls over a table top, dead from the negative glare of rays. Daleks move in on Davros next.

As Bettan refuses to wait any longer, Sarah looks into the doors and then out. Before the Thal man can plunge the plunger, Sarah seems to fake that the Doctor is coming, "No, wait! He's coming!" Indeed, he turns the corner after she calls this out. "He's coming!" A Dalek fires after him and out the door. The Doctor gets outside and the doors are sealed just as a Dalek fires at the Doctor several times. Bettan detonates once the Doctor is out and those doors are sealed.

The Doctor moves to the scanner to see Davros continue to lose control. "I created you...I...I...!" he tells the Daleks with to avail. The Dalek tells him its programming does not acknowledge any creature to be superior to the Daleks and therefore no other being could have created them. They must survive. The exit is blocked over 1000 yards. Sarah asks if the incubation room is destroyed and the Doctor tells her he did it, "With a little help from a Dalek." He thinks he's only delayed the Daleks evolution by about 1000 years.

In the conference room, the Dalek tells Davros that all creatures are considered to be an enemy of the Daleks. Davros pleads for the three scientists loyal to him. He wants them to live and asks the Daleks to spare them, "They can help you. Have pity!" The Dalek intones, "Pity? I have no understanding of the word. It is not registered in my vocabulary bank. Exterminate!" The Daleks kill the scientists. Davros tells them to obey him. "We obey no one! We are the superior beings!" Davros reaches for his destruct button but the Dalek exterminates him. Davros yells in pain. The Dalek talks, "This is only the beginning." He goes on to explain how the Daleks may be entombed but they will prepare, grow stronger, and emerge to take their rightful place as the supreme power of the universe! It says this as its voice gets carried away and louder and louder!

Sarah, Harry, and the Doctor say goodbye to Bettan and Sevrin, who leave. The trio hold onto the Time Ring and slowly start to turn in a circle. Sarah comments on the Doctor, "You don't seem too disappointed. We failed. Haven't we?" As they turn more and more, all three clasping the Time Ring and turning increased, The Doctor tells them not really. Even though the Daleks will create destruction and terror for millions of years, the Doctor knows that out of their evil must come something good. The trio are thrust into outer space, turning over and over again...

Source: Charles Mento

Continuity Notes:
  • The Time Lords later have far more devastating encounters with the Daleks, in the audio The Apocalypse Element and in the events leading up to the new series episode Dalek.
  • In the audio Terror Firma, Davros turns the Doctor’s hypothetical question about a doomsday virus back on him.
  • Although we have yet to learn what good will come out of the Daleks, there has been some moments where the Daleks haven't been too bad; the Second Doctor has already created an entire species of Daleks with human emotions in The Evil of the Daleks, in The Mutant Phase, a devastating virus is averted because the Emperor Dalek acutally listens to the Fifth Doctor, they are the species that sentence the Master to death for his crimes in the TV Movie, and in Jubilee and Dalek, the Sixth and Ninth Doctor's current companions (Evelyn Smythe and Rose Tyler) each, in their own way, have a profound effect on a Dalek.
  • Although his name is never given, the Time Lord who meets the Doctor after his arrival on Skaro is now thought to have been Ferain, the head of the Time Lord Celestial Intervention Agency, who tries to investigate the Doctor's past in Lungbarrow.
  • The Second Doctor has already used a Time Ring, as detailed in the flashback sequence in Players and in World Game.
  • The Time Lords foresee a time when Daleks become the dominant creatures in the universe and send the Doctor to Skaro to avert their creation or disrupt their genetic development.  Perhaps it is this potential or foreseen domination that cause the Time Lords to engage in the last of the Time Wars…
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