3rd Doctor
Day of the Daleks
Serial KKK

Barry Letts

Script Editor
Terrance Dicks

David Mysercough-Jones

Fight Arranger
Rick Lester [4]

Written by Louis Marks
Directed by Paul Bernard
Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson
Daleks Originated by Terry Nation

Jon Pertwee (Doctor Who), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) [1-2,4]*, Aubrey Woods (Controller), Richard Franklin (Captain Yates) [1-2,4], John Levene (Sergeant Benton) [1-2,4], Anna Barry (Anat), Jimmy Winston (Shura) [1-2,4], Scott Fredericks (Boaz), Wilfred Carter (Sir Reginald Styles) [1,4], Jean McFarlane (Miss Paget) [1,4], Deborah Brayshaw (Girl Technician) [1,3], Gypsie Kemp (U.N.I.T. Radio Operator) [1-2], Tim Condren (Guerilla) [1], Rick Lester, Maurice Bush, David Joyce [2-4], Frank Menzies [2-4], Bruce Wells [2-4], Geoff Todd [2-4] (Ogrons); John Scott Martin, Rick Newby, Murphy Grumbar (Daleks); Oliver Gilbert, Peter Messaline (Dalek Voices); Valentine Palmer (Monia) [3-4], Peter Hill (Manager) [3], Andrew Carr (Senior Guard) [3-4], George Raistrick (Guard at Work Centre) [3], Alex MacIntosh (Television Reporter) [4].

NOTE: Rather oddly, the reprises of Episodes 2 and 3 end with the electronic scream used at the end of episodes before the credits appear.
* Also in Episode 3, in the reprise from Episode 2, uncredited.

World peace hangs in the balance. Sir Reginald Styles, a high-ranking diplomat is the only person that stands between mankind and a third and final World War. But a mysterious and savage guerrilla force from the 22nd Century believe Styles is the agent that shaped their terrifying future and therefore must die...

The Doctor and Jo find themselves flung into the guerrillas' world; a brutal dictatorship policed by the merciless and ape-like Ogrons. The Daleks have invaded Earth, enslaved the population and face certain triumph unless the Doctor betrays all he believes in and condones the cold-blooded murder of Styles in an attempt to change the course of history... irrevocably.

Original Broadcast (UK)

Episode One1st January, 19725h50pm - 6h15pm
Episode Two8th January, 19725h50pm - 6h15pm
Episode Three15th January, 19725h50pm - 6h15pm
Episode Four22nd January, 19725h50pm - 6h15pm

  • Released on video and U.S. laserdisc as a movie compilation. Re-released in the U.K. on video and laserdisc in episodic format. [+/-]


    U.K. Video Re-release U.S. Video Release

    • U.K. Release: July 1986 / U.S. Release: March 1989
      PAL - BBC video BBCB2036  
      PAL - BBC video BBCV2036 / 4109  
      NTSC - CBS/FOX Video 5092  
      NTSC - Warner Video E1151  

      Movie Compilation format.

    • U.K. Release: February 1994
      PAL - BBC video BBCV5219  

      This version is episodic and unedited.

    U.K. Laserdisc Release
    • U.S. Release: January 1992
      NTSC - CBS/FOX Laserdisc 5092-80

      Movie Compilation format.

    • U.K. Release: December 1996
      PAL - Encore Entertainment Laserdisc EE1202

      This version is episodic and unedited.

  • Novelised as Doctor Who and the Day of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks. [+/-]

    • Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      Original Logo on Cover.
      First Edition: April 1974. Reprinted in 1974, 1975.
      ISBN: 0 426 10380 7.
      Cover by Chris Achilleos.
      Illustrations by Chris Achilleos.
      Price: 30p.

    • Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      Curve Logo on Cover.
      First Edition: 1976. Reprinted in 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982.
      ISBN: 0 426 10380 7.
      Cover by Chris Achilleos.
      Virgin Publishing Cover 3rd W.H. Allen Cover Illustrations by Chris Achilleos.
      Price: 40p.

    • Hardcover Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: August 1981.
      ISBN: ?.
      Cover by Chris Achilleos.
      Price: ?.

    • Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      Neon Logo on Cover.
      Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: 1982. Reprinted in 1984, 1987.
      ISBN: 0 426 10380 7.
      Cover by Andrew Skilleter.
      Dalek Omnibus Illustrations by Chris Achilleos.
      Price: ú1.35.

    • Paperback Edition - Virgin Publishing Ltd.
      First Edition: April 1991. Reprinted in 1994.
      ISBN: 0 426 10380 7.
      Cover by Alister Pearson.
      Price: ú2.50.
      Retitled: Doctor Who - The Days of the Daleks.

    • Dalek Omnibus.
      [Includes The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Day of the Dalek and Planet of the Dalek].
      Hardcover Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: 1983.
      ISBN: ?.
      Cover by Andrew Skilleter.
      Price: ú6.95.

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    • Poland, 1994. Doctor Who - Dzie˝ Dalekˇw. Publisher: Empire Books.
  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #301.
Episode One
(drn: 23'36")

At the Auderly Country House 50 miles north of London the sudden appearance of a soldier in the study of Sir Reginald Styles -- a British diplomat who is attempting to hold a peace conference to prevent World War III -- ends with the gun toting Guerrilla vanishing before Styles' eyes. His secretary, Miss Paget rushes in and seems to take stock of the situation: a ghost has visited him.

The next day, the Minister of Defense calls the Brigadier who has already received a report from Miss Paget. The Minister doesn't want anything to upset the peace negotiations, thus the Brigadier tells him he will put "his best man on it." Meanwhile, The Doctor is working on the TARDIS console which is now outside the TARDIS and in his UNIT lab. He wants to find a way to cut out the Time Lord's override on the dematerialization circuit. Jo thought the TARDIS was working perfectly since going 500 years into the future with the miners and the colonists and all that bit (Colony in Space). But the Doctor was sent on this and other missions by the Time Lords; he doesn't want to be their interplanetary puppet. Jo watches in fascination as when the Doctor bends down under the console, another Third Doctor and Jo Grant appear and walk in the door. When the Doctor does see himself and the other Jo, he is appalled, "Oh, what are you doing here?" This other Doctor says, "I am here but you are not there." He puts his hand on his neck, unable to explain the complication. The console blasts and the two others vanish. The Doctor tells Jo, "It's a complicated thing time." The two, he explains, went back to their own timestream, "Or is it forward?"

The Brigadier comes in and requests the Doctor's help -- the last minute peace talks may be endangered if Styles is upset and cannot fly to Peking. The Chinese have already dropped out of peace talks. The Doctor tells him that "Humans are always squabbling over something." But when the Brigadier mentions vanishings and World War III, the Doctor takes more of an interest.

The soldier reappears during the day but he doesn't get far: two soldiers with ape-like but human features -- Ogrons -- hit him and knock him out, thinking (dully) they have killed him. Inside Styles' estate, Jo, the Brigadier, and the Doctor are listening to him deny the ghost appearance but the Doctor finds muddy boot marks on the rug. A search of the grounds by UNIT turns up the fallen soldier, and Yates, the Brigadier, and the Doctor examine him. Benton arrives and gives them a strange box device which was found 50 feet inside the tunnel. In some futuristic type room, the two Ogrons report to a man in charge that the enemy has been destroyed and the menace eliminated. When Styles returns to his study, the Brigadier is pointing the same ray gun at him, asking questions about it, doing this to shock Styles, not menace him. The soldier was 35ish and of average build. Styles insists on going to the airport and the Brigadier insists on a military escort. Benton will ride with the soldier in the ambulance.

Not much later in the UNIT lab, the Doctor shows the Brigadier and Jo the ultrasonic disintegrator of the fallen soldier. He first thought it was not made on Earth but it has iron constituents found in North Wales, the Doctor commenting about the unimaginative nature of the military mind. The Brigadier is amused that the Doctor still can't get the TARDIS to work. The box device is a crude time machine and Jo notices it looks like a mini dematerialization circuit. The Doctor pushes it and when he does, the soldier in the ambulance with Benton, vanishes. In that future room, the leader in his big chair, is told about it by one of the female monitors. They seem able to track time travellers. He reports to Daleks, who are communicating via a screen.

The temporal feedback overloads the box and as the Doctor claims is the Brigadier's language, "It has blown a fuse." Benton reports the vanishing to the Brigadier and is told to report to Capt. Yates. The Doctor figures the center of all this is Styles's house. He turns to his assistant and asks, "Jo, how would you like to spend the night in a haunted house?"

That night, the Doctor raids Styles's food (cheese, crackers) and wine, as Miss Paget told him he could do. The rest of the staff were sent away. Jo is not hungry and the chiming of a clock scares her. The time tunnel reappears under the bridge -- an old railway tunnel. The Doctor is tasting the wine, "Sardonic but not cynical -- wine after my own heart." Benton checks on the pair, but not wanting to disturb the Doctor, catches Jo in the hallway and asks for some food, scaring her by mistake. Yates arrives, reprimands Benton for eating on duty and sends him out to check on Number Three patrol, then drinks some himself. Jo tells him that was not very kind. He exclaims to her, "RHIP -- Rank Has It's Privileges."

When Jo returns to the Doctor in the study, he talks about Napoleon. The Doctor told him that an army marches on its stomach! The Doctor tells Jo that there are all kinds of ghosts -- "ghost of the past and the future." The wind blows and opens the French doors. Three soldiers appear out of the time tunnel -- Anat, a woman in charge; Boaz, and Shura, all dressed like the first soldier and carrying the disintegrator guns. In the morning, they move toward the house and shoot two UNIT men, who vanish into nothingness. Inside, Jo just wakes up but the Doctor is awake -- probably not having ever slept that night.

In some command post, perhaps at the airport, the Brigadier wants some coffee but is told by a female radar watcher that it is closed. They receive a radio message that the international situation is growing worse: the Chinese are about to withdraw from the peace talks and their satellite troops have amassed at the Russian-Chinese border. Some fighting has already broken out. Styles is flying to Peking to ask the Chinese not to withdraw from the peace talks.

Outside the open doors, Shura points a gun at the Doctor but the Doctor moves out of target. Anat and Boaz move around to the other side of the mansion. The Doctor, checking out the box device, switches it on. In that future room -- the 22nd century -- the leader, the Controller, gets this signal via his female console operator. Shura sees the box operating again and bursts into the study and the Doctor uses his Venusian karate on him twice, calmly drinking some wine (or hopefully orange juice!). From the floor, Shura asks the Doctor to turn off that box device.

The Controller reports to the Daleks via the TV screen again that the signal coming in is from their enemies and soon they will be found. The Daleks intone, slowly, that whoever is operating it is an enemy of the Daleks. As soon as the Controller gets the space-time coordinates of the device, whoever is using it must be exterminated, "Ex-term-in-ate them!!!!!"

Episode Two
(drn: 23'52")

Anat and Boaz come into the study with Jo prisoner, demanding the Doctor turn off the machine which he does. Anat looks at the Doctor, "So you are the man." They think he is Styles. Boaz pushes to execute him now but Jo protests -- and is shoved back down into her chair. The Doctor refers Anat to the newspaper which tells that Styles in Peking. The Doctor happily suggests to make improvements in their crude time device. Shura points his gun at him and tells him to "shut up!" Anat stops Boaz from killing the Doctor and asks who he is.

Benton tells Yates that two of his men are missing. The pair head for the house since it is cold. At the same time, the Doctor and Jo are pushed around as they are brought to the cellar. Yates calls the Brigadier, who is on the phone telling the Ministry that in times of emergency UNIT will liaison with defense forces. The Doctor and Jo are tied up in the wine cellar but the Doctor immediately gets his gag off himself, telling Jo he wonders if he shouldn't leave her like that, "It would be more peaceful that way." Jo gets her gag off and they talk. She feels the thugs upstairs are criminals. The Doctor tells her she is prejudice and she shouldn't judge them until finding out why they are here. Their guns are 200 years ahead of Jo's time. Jo, as the Doctor predicted, asks a lot of questions but the Doctor asks a lot of his own. Jo figures they will just have to wait for the answers. The Doctor smiles, "You're learning, Jo."

The time travellers apparently want to change history. The Daleks tell the Controller in the 22nd Century to dispatch forces to the frequency and also to divert the module (the box) to them. The Daleks also activate the magnatron. Anat tries to contact her base but she cannot get through -- there is a disturbance in the vortex. Boaz wants to wait here and kill Styles but Anat rules that as too risky. She sends Shura to the tunnel to get more orders from their base. Boaz calls Anat too soft. Shura calls from just outside the tunnel using a hidden communication device. Before he can get through, an Ogron attacks and wounds him with its gun. Shura is able to disintegrate it and flees. Benton and Yates head to the Brigadier in a jeep, passing but not seeing Shura. Once there, the Brigadier tells Benton and Yates the conference is tomorrow night and Styles has convinced the Chinese to attend.

In the cellar, the Doctor tells Jo, "Every choice we make changes the history of the world." When Jo asks why the terrorists don't just go back to September 12th to try to kill Styles again -- the night the first soldier tried -- the Doctor tells her that is due to the Blinovitch Limitation Effect. Before he can explain further, the soldiers bustle him upstairs with Jo to force him to answer an urgent telephone call from the Brigadier. The Doctor tells the Brigadier it is not a good idea for Styles to come back right away and also mentions to alert the Marines. When he hangs up, The Brigadier decides to go back to the mansion himself. As Anat rejoices that Styles is coming, Jo has untied her hands and gets the box, threatening to smash it unless they let the Doctor go. Anat yells that she is stupid child. The Doctor tells Jo to put it down -- he's only just made it work. The man who the box belonged to -- the first soldier is back in the 22nd century and is now dead in their time zone. Before Jo can decide what to do, the box whisks her into the time tunnel vortex and she lands in the Controller's operation room where Ogrons are.

The soldiers tell the Doctor if Jo was unlucky she will have had her atoms dispersed around the time vortex but it not, she is in their time with THEM. Anat mentions she is better off dead.

The Controller dismisses the Ogrons, explaining to Jo they are from scattered communities on one of outer planets and are used here as policemen; they are simple, honest, and loyal. This is the 22nd century. The Controller acts nice to her, telling her the soldiers she met are dangerous criminals who have committed horrible acts. He has been tracking them down for years. He can save her friend but needs her help. She tells him exactly when and where the Doctor is -- the exact day: Sept. 13th. A female technician takes Jo to food, drink, and guest quarters but only after she tells the Controllers where she thinks the soldiers point of entry to her own time was... the tunnel by the house. After Jo leaves, the Controller tells the watching Daleks that she trusts him implicitly. One of the Daleks will lead the expedition to stop the soldiers.

The Doctor cuts his ropes on the pole of a cabinet holding wine and gets up again. Four or more Ogrons mash through the woods toward the house and fire at the study. Anat and Boaz return fire. The Doctor blunders into the middle of this and has to karate Boaz down. Ogrons enter the room. The two soldiers get out. The Doctor faces an Ogron and uses karate to knock it down and get its gun. He runs out as the ray gun battle escalates outside the manor. The Doctor shoots one Ogron, dissipating it into nothingness. Another is about to fire on him when machinegun fire from the Brigadier, arriving in a jeep, kills it. The Doctor hops in and takes the Brigadier's jeep. The Brigadier nods, "Doctor come back at once!" The Doctor drives to the tunnel and runs into it. He is just in time to see a Dalek appear out of the time vortex! It turns at him!

Episode Three
(drn: 24'18")

The Doctor, Boaz, and Anat time tunnel to the 22nd century, the Doctor telling Anat on arrival that travelling 200 years isn't really a shock to him. When they mention the Daleks and the Doctor seems to know of them, Boaz asks, "You know of the Daleks?" The Doctor answers, "Indeed I do-I know them only too well. They're my oldest and bitterest enemies." Ogrons come into the tunnel. Anat yells, "Run, Doctor, run!" The Doctor hides at a wall and closes his eyes but when he opens them, he sees a ladder up to the woods. Above, he hides at a stone -- which seems to be the wreckage of a building but in the distance away from the woods all he can see are huge skyscraper-towers. A deep voiced black Dalek calls Ogrons to exterminate the rebels. When the Daleks tell the Controller he failed, he complains that the Ogrons are useless, as loyal as they are stupid, he wants human soldiers, countering that the rebels are human and they've managed to steal Dalek time machine plans and parts to make their own time travel boxes. The Daleks tell him humans are treacherous and unreliable but the Controller feels not all humans are. He also mentions the Doctor to which one Dalek asks, "Did you say Doctor? The Doctor is any enemy of the Daleks. He must be found and exterminated!"

A round eyed camera is on the Doctor as he tries to find a way inside the complex of buildings. A Dalek voice alert sounds in area 117. The gold Dalek tells the Controller about a drop in productivity in that area and tells him to push the workers even if they die. When he leaves the Dalek room, a female technician tells him, "We have a tracking report on that stranger." He tells her he wants the worker figures brought to him from section 117. Anat and Boaz are joined by another rebel and some of his men. He seems to be their overall leader named Monia and tells them the strange girl is kept in Central Control. Boaz claims, "In the hands of Daleks, she won't live long." The Doctor sees workers in an open plaza type factory, slave labor and human guards. He runs from the guards...right into an Ogron.

In the meantime, Jo is finishing off her meal with grapes -- a fabulous meal, she tells the Controller who explains nowadays most have to do with pills and tablets. Jo is anxious to get back to her own time. The Controller tells her the Doctor is here but she must stay in this area for her own safety which is why the black garbed, helmeted guard stands watch over her...as she has noticed. A tech gives him the message that the Doctor has been found. The Controller tells Jo he is alive and well.

At that same moment, the Doctor has had his jacket and cape taken off and is dragged before an Interrogation Guard by two Ogrons inside the Work Centre. The guard wants to question him, "You're a spy." The Doctor says, "That's more of a statement, isn't it?" The guard tells him the Ogrons don't get much fun. As he sticks his baton at the Doctor, the Doctor moves it and yells at him that he is not a rebel. A moustached Manager of the Work Centre comes in and dismisses the Ogrons and the guard but the guard warns he will be right outside. The manager, secretly a rebel, asks which group the Doctor is from. Before they can really communicate much, the Controller arrives, apologizes to the Doctor, telling the Doctor he is an honored guest of their government. He will take the Doctor to Jo and has him sent ahead so he can stay and warn, threaten the family of, and persuade the Manager to increase productivity by ten percent -- an impossible amount. The Controller mentions it will not be good for the Manager's family if he cannot do it -- and tells him to consider this a friendly warning. When the Controller leaves, the Manager calls the rebels. They ask about the new prisoner -- "Highly intelligent, they call him the Doctor." An Ogron, springing out of hiding, hits the Manager down.

On the floor in the Control Centre, the Doctor lays out while Jo and the Controller sit. He drinks wine and tells the Controller, "I've known many times and some them much more pleasant than others." He mentions the factory which the Controller argues is a rehabilitation centre for hardened criminals -- even old men, women, and children. There are always those who need discipline. The Doctor refutes that, "That's a very old fashioned view -- even for my standards." The Doctor refutes all the Controller's arguments, "Who really rules this planet of yours?" Instead of answering, the Controller politely excuses himself and leaves. Jo tells the Doctor he shouldn't have treated him like that -- he doesn't know the whole picture. The Doctor tells she doesn't either -- the Controller is really just a Superior Slave. This world is ruled by "the most evil, ruthless life form in the cosmos -- the Daleks." The Controller and the Gold Dalek watch the pair on a viewscreen. The Dalek says, "The appearance of the Doctor has changed before." They will put him on the mind analysis to conclusively prove he is the Doctor.

Back in the control centre (really just a glorified cell), Jo yells her head off to bring in the Ogron guard which is somewhat resistant to the Doctor's karate. Jo hits it over the head with the long wine goblet. The Doctor says, "Pity, it was rather a good vintage." They run across the open compound area plaze and out to a motorbike. Human guards chase them but the Ogrons give more of a chase. With Jo clinging to the Doctor's waist, the Doctor tries to drive away from them but there are too many. The Controller, back at the Central area, convinces the Daleks that the Doctor and Jo are worth more alive -- they have information about the resistance. Ogrons surround the Doctor and Jo as they hit a small ditch trying to elude the many Ogrons around them.

In the tunnels, Monia tells Anat and Boaz they must rescue the Doctor. Boaz admits to being afraid, but Monia tells them, "The Doctor is the sworn enemy of the Daleks -- the one man they are afraid of."

At that moment, the Doctor is once more stripped of his red lined cape and purple lined jacket and strapped down to a table -- the mind analysis table. The Daleks look at a screen from which they get images from the Doctor's mind -- images of the first Doctor and the second Doctor. "You are the Doctor! You will be exterminated!!!"

Episode Four
(drn: 24'17")

The Controller stops the mind probe of the Doctor's mind, alerting the Daleks to the fact that the Manager that the Doctor was talking to was a rebel. The Doctor will not tell them anything and this form of interrogation will make him dead, then they won't learn anything. The Gold Dalek orders an Ogron to release the Doctor. A guard takes Jo to the Doctor and the Controller. The Daleks have discovered the secret of time travel and invaded the Earth again and changed the course of history.

In the underground tunnels, Anat and the rebels plan a way into the city. The Controller and a tech standing nearby are with the Doctor and Jo in the Control Centre. He urges the Doctor to tell about the criminals -- the rebels. If not, the Daleks will destroy both Jo and the Doctor. The Doctor explains they will do that anyway. While the Controller maintains he is a Senior Government official, the Doctor maintains he is a traitor. The Controller tells that at the end of the 20th century it started. The killing, destruction and the wiping out of seven eighths of the population. Humans were reduced to living in holes in the ground like animals. Then the Daleks came, the Doctor finishes telling the story, and turned the Earth into a giant factory with all the wealth and mineral gains sent to Skaro, their home planet. Stronger men work in the mines. The Daleks' empire is expanding and they need all the raw materials they can get. The Controller's family has served the Daleks for three generations. The Doctor calls them all quislings.

Meanwhile, the rebels attack the Ogrons outside the complex entrance. Two Ogrons vanish into nothingness from a blast from the guns. A rebel, Marc, is vaporized by an Ogron gun. Boaz jumps in front of a Dalek that was about to kill Anat. He uses fallen explosives to blow the Dalek up...along with himself. The guards all dead, the rebels enter and get the Doctor and Jo up. Before they leave, Monia wants to kill the Controller. The Doctor stops this, maintaining the Daleks are responsible for the deaths and of the Controller working for them, the Doctor comments, "They would always have found someone."

In the 20th century time, the Brigadier and Yates have had the tunnel searched. The Brigadier wants the exterior radius protected and searched. He will give Capt. Yates all the men he needs: the house is top priority since Styles and his delegates and officials from all countries will be arriving at RAF Manston Airport.

In the 22nd Century Dalek takeover time, the rebels bring the Doctor and Jo to the underground hideout. They tell the Doctor and Jo that Styles tricked everyone: he brought the delegates to the house and must have planted a bomb -- the house blew up and killed all of them, including Styles himself. He must have been caught in the bomb when he mistimed it. If this is true, Jo says, "...then Sir Reginald Styles must be around the bend." After the blast, there are accusations and eventually war. After the war, the Daleks moved in. Using the time machine, the rebels built from stolen Dalek plans, the rebels planned to go and change all that even though the transfer is not always stable, the tunnel is stable in both time lines -- it is as it was. Even though the plan failed, Monia tells the Doctor it can still work: they want the Doctor to go back in time and kill Styles!

In the 20th century, Shura hides from place to place as he makes his way to a lower door to the cellar of Styles's Auderly House.

In the 22nd century tunnel, Anat tells the Doctor he must kill one man to prevent the deaths of millions. The Doctor cannot do it -- it is murder. Jo cannot believe Styles is a ruthless murderer, nor can the Doctor, who admits Styles is a bit vain maybe and obstinate but "basically a good man."

Shura has a hidden bomb in the cellar in the 20th century and it is ready to be set off.

In the 22nd Century tunnel, Anat tells the Doctor that Marc and Boaz didn't die rescuing him so that he can be curious. Questioning her, the Doctor finds that the rebels, when they first came to the house, had with them Dalekanium -- a bomb that cannot be resisted by Dalek casings. The Doctor figures out what really happened -- "You didn't change history. You became a part of it." Shura caused the blast that killed the delegates and Styles! "You're trapped in a temporal paradox -- Styles didn't cause that explosion -- you did it yourselves!"

The Controller at the 22nd century control centre tells the Daleks he has an ambush set up at the disused tunnel -- that is where the Doctor will try to return to his own time. The Daleks threaten his life it fails. At this news, a Head Guard, listening in, is happy.

At the tunnel, Jo tells Anat, "Take care," as she descends with the Doctor to the railway tunnel. Ogrons chase Jo and the Doctor and surround them. The Controller arrives but the Doctor claims to be able to free the world from Dalek rule and needs his help. The Controller dismisses the Ogrons and lets Jo and the Doctor spirit away to the 20th century, Jo giving the Controller one last, worried-for-him-look. In hiding, the Head Guard overheard their conversation.

20th century at the house: Benton reports they found the Doctor and Miss Grant.

In the 22nd Century, the Controller reports the Doctor and Jo got away but the Daleks know the truth: the Head Guard told them the Controller let the pair escape. The Daleks shoot him with their negative inducing effect sticker guns and he falls dead. The Head Guard is now made Controller and the Daleks expect totally loyalty from him. The Daleks will follow the Doctor and Jo to destroy the peace conference.

20th century: news reporter Alex MacIntosh is reporting about the summit at Auderly House, a Georgian style house. Styles and the team arrive just after his 11th hour meeting in Peking. (It appears Libyans or Africans and Americans are at this summit.)

The Brigadier tries to tell Styles something once inside the house but Styles keeps interrupting him. Jo and the Doctor rush in and tell him to clear everyone out of this house. Ogrons and the Daleks arrive out of the tunnel. A black, grey, and gold Dalek are among them. There are many more! Two UNIT men are shot down by Ogrons and Daleks near the tunnel and a pond.

Back at the house, the Doctor tries to convince Styles, "Look, try to use your intelligence man, even if you are a politician." Styles turns to the Brigadier, "Brigadier, kindly get this lunatic out of my way." The Brigadier counters telling him that "the Doctor usually knows what he's talking about."

Not waiting any longer, the Doctor runs to the cellar and confronts Shura who wards him back using the explosives. Benton calls the Brigadier -- they can't hold the Daleks back. The Brigadier takes over and yells sternly at a protesting Styles -- he is under his jurisdiction, "Now be quiet, sir!" Styles will go with the soldiers but under protest. His papers and documents have already been taken to the car. UNIT men launch bombs and grenades at the Daleks which kill some of the lumbering Ogron but not more than one or two! Two more UNIT men are down and in all, we see at least four lying dead around the manor house.

Jo runs to the Doctor and Shura in the cellar, warning them, "The Daleks are coming into the house!" The Doctor tells Shura, "They've come back to make sure their version of history isn't changed." Shura tells them to go. Jo pleads with him to come with them. He can't: the Dalekanium is unstable and there is no timer or fuse. He must blow up the bomb himself. Jo gives him one last look but he yells at her to GO! The Doctor has already fled up the steps, "C'mon Jo!"

Outside, the Doctor runs to the Brigadier and tells him to order his troops to fall back, let the Daleks into the house, "I know it does not make military sense but it's the only way." The Daleks lumber through the house after the Brigadier orders a fall back and then a regrouping on the main road. Shura blows up the house. Styles watches it on fire. The Doctor tells him to make sure the conference is a success -- they have a choice now and must succeed. Styles says, "We all know what will happen if we fail." The Doctor says, "So do we," and looks at his companion, "We've seen it happen, haven't we, Jo?" Jo smiles.

Source: Charles Mento

Continuity Notes:
  • The Doctor deals with some after-effects of the Dalek timeline in Honest Living.
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