3rd Doctor
Colony in Space
Serial HHH

Barry Letts

Script Editor
Terrance Dicks

Tim Gleeson

Written by Malcolm Hulke
Directed by Michael Briant
Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson

Jon Pertwee (Doctor Who), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) [1,6], Roger Delgado (Master) [4-6], Nicholas Pennell (Winton), John Ringham (Ashe), David Webb (Leeson) [1], Sheila Grant (Jane Leeson) [1], Roy Skelton (Norton) [1-4], Helen Worth (Mary Ashe), John Line (Martin) [1], Mitzi Webster (Mrs. Martin) [1], Pat Gorman (Primitive and Voice / Primitive) [1-2,4,6]*, John Scott Martin (Robot) [1-3]; Peter Forbes-Robertson, John Baker, Graham Leaman (Time Lords) [1]; Bernard Kay (Caldwell) [2-6], Morris Perry (Dent) [2-6], Tony Caunter (Morgan) [2-6], John Herrington (Holden) [2], Stanley McGeagh (Allen) [3], Pat Gorman (Long) [3], John Tordoff (Alec Leeson) [4], Norman Atkyns (Guardian) [4,6], Roy Heymann (Alien Priest) [4,6], Pat Gorman (Colonist) [5].

* Pat Gorman was credited as Primitive and Voice for Episodes One and Two, and Primitive for Episodes Four and Six. (Although credited as a 'Voice’ for Episodes One and Two -- specifically, that heard accompanying a propaganda film watched by the Doctor on the IMC spaceship ­ it was apparently director Michael Briant who actually spoke this commentary.)

The Time Lords discover that the Master has stolen secret files revealing the location of the dreaded Doomsday Weapon. They summon the Doctor out of his exile on Earth and send him five centuries into the future to the planet Uxarieus to retrieve and safeguard this vital information.

Arriving on Uxarieus, the Doctor and Jo encounter a group of Earth colonists whose very existence is under threat due to failing crops and low morale. Representatives of the ruthless Interplanetary Mining Corporation are disputing the colonists’ claim to the planet.

Their only hope is placed on the imminent arrival of an Adjudicator from Earth to resolve the dispute. Meanwhile, the Doctor pursues his mission, but first he must deal with giant lizards, killer robots, and deadly primitive tribesmen – knowing all the while that the Master cannot be far away.

Original Broadcast (UK)

Episode One10th April, 19716h10pm - 6h35pm
Episode Two17th April, 19716h10pm - 6h35pm
Episode Three24th April, 19716h10pm - 6h35pm
Episode Four1st May, 19716h10pm - 6h35pm
Episode Five8th May, 19716h10pm - 6h35pm
Episode Six15th May, 19716h10pm - 6h35pm

  • Released on video in episodic format. [+/-]

    U.S. Release

    • U.K. Release: November 2001 / U.S. Release: January 2003
      PAL - BBC video BBCV7176
      NTSC - Warner Video E1728
      Released as part of Master Box Set in the U.K. [BBC video BBCV7175]. The tapes were packaged individually inside the tin box but were not sold separately.
  • Novelised as Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon by Malcolm Hulke. [+/-]

    2nd Paperback Edition 1st Paperback Edition

    • Paperback Edition - W. H. Allen.
      First Edition: April 1974. Reprinted in 1974, 1975, 1976.
      ISBN: 0 426 10372 6.
      Cover by Chris Achilleos.
      Illustrations by Chris Achilleos.
      Price: 30p.

    • Paperback Edition - W. H. Allen.
      First Edition: August 1979. Reprinted in 1982, 1983.
      Hardcover Edition ISBN: 0 426 10372 6.
      Cover by Jeff Cummins.
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    • Hardcover Edition - W. H. Allen.
      First Edition: March 1982.
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    • Portugal, 1983. Doutor Who E A Arma Total. Publisher: Editorial Presença. Cover by Shanti. Translated by Eduardo Nogueira and Conceição Jardim.
  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #238.
Episode One
(drn: 24'19")

A view of the universe. Stars and galaxies wheel by. A planet slowly swims into view.

Three mysterious figures stand before a large monitor, watching the planet. They know that only the Master could have stolen the files on the Doomsday Weapon. The Doctor could stop the Master from seizing the weapon, but they wonder if he will agree to help them. He is very bitter about his exile and inability to travel in time and space. They agree that they will have to restore his ability to travel if he is to help them.

On Earth, the exiled Doctor is working in his lab at UNIT headquarters. He is again engaged in the seemingly endless and hopeless task of repairing the dematerializaton circuit to his TARDIS. His young pretty assistant Jo Grant looks over his shoulder. She wonders why he doesn't just give up -- he's been working on it forever.

As the Doctor patiently continues his task, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart arrives. He tells the Doctor that they have not yet found the Master. The Doctor scoffs. He thinks the Brigadier is wasting his time. The Master could be anywhere in the Universe now that he has a working TARDIS.

The phone rings and the Brigadier answers. He tells the Doctor that one of his agents may have seen the Master. The Doctor testily replies that the Brigadier's agents are always finding traces of the Master. The Brigadier leaves in a huff and Jo playfully chides the Doctor for offending the soldier. The Doctor reminds her that the last time they thought they had the Master, it turned out they'd arrested the Spanish ambassador!

The Doctor straightens up and announces that his repairs are complete. He should now be able to bypass the Time Lord's control of his TARDIS. Jo is still skeptical so the Doctor invites her to step into the TARDIS with him. The girl follows him in and is stunned to see how massive the TARDIS is on the inside. As she gazes around in a daze, the Doctor fits the new circuit in. Suddenly the doors close and the time column starts moving. Jo asks the Doctor to let her out but he tells her they are taking off. As the grinding dematerialization sound rings out, he realizes with alarm that the Time Lords are operating the TARDIS by remote control.

In the lab, the Brigadier walks in just in time to see the TARDIS vanish. He commands the Doctor to come back at once.

Jo asks the Doctor where they are but he can't answer since the are "nowhere". He turns on the scanner which shows the swirling colors of the spacetime continuum. Jo asks if he knows where they are going but he doesn't. A planet swims into view on the TARDIS scanner -- the same planet seen at the beginning of the episode. The Doctor recognizes it as Uxarieus. Jo has had enough and tells the Doctor she wants to go back to Earth, but the Doctor doesn't think he can.

On the surface of the planet, a large clumsy robot rumbles about, touching a probe to the soil. As it trundles off, the TARDIS appears.

Inside, Jo is still skeptical. She doesn't really believe they're on another planet. She asks the Doctor to open the doors but he waits to make sure the atmosphere is not poisonous first. He checks and the air is fine -- rather like pre-industrial Earth. He opens the door and Jo, relieved, starts to walk out.

She stops dead in her tracks when she sees an alien landscape beyond the TARDIS doors. She suddenly realizes that all the Doctor's stories about traveling in time and space were true. At first, she is scared and wants to go back but the Doctor calms her and persuades her to at least take a quick look around.

Jo agrees and they step out into the gray rocky terrain. They find a strange flower. As they continue to explore, a small green humanoid -- holding a spear and bedecked with jewelry -- watches them.

The Doctor finds machine tracks and realizes that Uxarieus must be inhabited. Unseen by him, the green man cautiously examines the TARDIS.

The Doctor then sees metal domes in the distance -- surely the inhabitants of the planet live there. He wants to go to them but Jo insists on going back to the TARDIS. Still, the Time Lord is hesitant to head back into exile. He stalls for time by examining some rocks. But as he does, Jo sees a man standing over them, holding a rifle.

In one of the domes, a farmer named Martin is talking to the leader of the village -- Robert Ashe. He tells them he saw some creatures. Ashe insists that he thoroughly surveyed the planet before they arrived and found no dangerous life. Moreover, they've been on the planet a year without seeing any trace of the creatures he claims to have seen. Martin's wife supports him though, telling Ashe they heard a loud roar and saw a giant lizard attacking their dome. They scared it off with a few rifle shots. A frustrated Ashe tells his young security man -- Winton -- to check it out.

The Doctor and Jo are marched in by Leeson. He tells Ashe they were looking at rocks -- they must surely be mineralogists. The Doctor denies this but wonders why they would be so hostile to mineralogists. Leeson angrily replies that he knows what's about to happen -- their planet will soon be gutted for its minerals.

Ashe, apparently believing Leeson, tells the Doctor the planet has been designated for colonization -- the Doctor and his cronies have no right to reduce it to a slag heap. The Doctor asks if they have laws to protect them but Ashe scoffs. The law takes too long. By the time everything is worked out, the planet will be ruined.

The Doctor explains that he's an explorer who landed on the planet by accident. They ask him for his papers but the Doctor has none, of course. He asks Ashe to let them return to his ship but Ashe tells him that night is coming. It's too dangerous to go out at night -- they'll have to spend the night in the main dome. Jane Leeson leads Jo away to get some food and a bed.

The Doctor walks around and begins looking at crop records posted on the wall. Leeson -- still thinking the Doctor is a mineralogist - tries to push him away but the Doctor uses his Venusian karate to disarm him. He then notes that the colony appears to be close to starving to death.

Out on the plains, a group of green humanoids knock the TARDIS over and drag it away.

In the colony cafeteria, Jo can overhear the colonists' conversation. Some of them want to go back but others think the Earth is too crowded. Winton comes in and takes several men out to look for the Martins' monster.

Mary Ashe -- Robert's daughter -- arrives and sits down next to Jo. She's friendly to the nervous girl, asking if her clothes are the current fashion on Earth. She muses that the fashions were very different when they left -- back in 2471.

In one of the distant domes, Jane Leeson is getting ready for bed when her husband arrives. He's frustrated that the crops won't even start to grow. They should never have come to Uxarieus. Jane reminds him that at least they've got land -- they barely had a place of their own back on Earth. But her husband is unmoved, questioning Ashe's leadership. He still thinks Jo and the Doctor are spies for a mining company.

They suddenly hear a loud roar. Leeson hurries out and sees a giant lizard approaching the dome. He races back in and grabs his rifle while his wife gets on the radio. Shots and roars can be heard as she calls for help. Jane suddenly turns and asks who is there and what they want. She backs against the wall and cries out as something closes in on her.

In the main dome, Ashe has laid out the situation before the Doctor. The colonists have been on Uxarieus for one year. Ashe was convinced the soil could be reclaimed, but their crops just wither without explanation. The Doctor is puzzled. But before he can suggest anything, Mary and Jo bust in. They tell Robert that the Leeson dome is under attack.

Ashe hastily organizes the men to the Leeson dome. The Doctor decides to accompany him, much to Jo's consternation. As they leave, Jo asks Mary if they saw the creatures before and Mary replies that creatures only just appeared.

The Doctor, Ashe and Winton meet in the Leeson dome. The farming couple have been killed. Winton tells them he saw a giant lizard. He and his mean fired at it but it ran and disappeared. Ashe wants to follow its tracks in the morning.

The Doctor asks him to look at claw marks on the wall. He then asks Winton about the creature and the man tells him the lizard was at least 20' high. The Doctor asks him how a 20' high lizard managed to get in through a man-sized door.

In the morning, the colonists meet with Ashe. They now want to leave for Earth or another planet. But Ashe wants to keep at it and reminds them that their rocket is very old.

The Doctor supports Ashe. He tells them that some force must be keeping their crops from growing. It needs to be found and stopped. He also insists that the lizards, if they exist, can be found and killed. Mrs. Martin supports him and the colonists waver, finally agreeing to support Ashe for now. They'll start by organizing patrols for the creatures.

At this critical moment, a dirty bedraggled man in ragged clothing (Norton) staggers into the dome, exhausted, hungry and thirsty. All they can get out of him is that he is the only survivor of another colony on the planet. His fellow colonists were all killed by giant lizards.

The green humanoids are picking over the Leeson dome when the Doctor and Ashe arrive. One tries to knife the Doctor but Ashes stop him. He asks them to leave the Leesons' things behind. They are silent but appear to understand him. Ashe tells the Doctors they had a few fights with the "primitives" early on but relations are all right for now.

Ashe heads back to the dome to talk to the colonists while the Doctor stays to investigate. The Doctor is collecting some samples from the claw marks when he hears a noise. A huge robot rushes into the dome. The Doctor flattens himself against the wall as the robot advances toward him, its arms waving menacingly...

Episode Two
(drn: 22'43")

The Doctor is investigating a dome on the planet Uxarieus that was ruined in a mysterious attack by a giant lizard. He hears a noise and a huge robot rushes into the dome. He flattens against the wall as it advances on him, its arms waving menacingly.

But it suddenly stops. A kind-faced man in a black and red uniform (Caldwell) enters holding a remote control. He apologizes for the robot. He looks around at the ravaged dome and asks the Doctor what happened to it. The Doctor tells him the story. Caldwell seems surprised that the planet is inhabited and tells the Doctor that the planet isn't supposed to be colonized according to Earth. The Doctor asks him who he is and Caldwell replies that he's doing a mineral survey for the Interplanetary Mining Corporation -- IMC. They only just arrived. He's worried that there will be trouble with the colonists. The Doctor says that surely IMC will leave but Caldwell tells him that the situation will have to be sorted out.

Caldwell invites the Doctor to come back to the ship. At first, the Time Lord doesn't want to but the robot block his exit and he agrees. Caldwell is relieved that at least no one was hurt but the Doctor tells him that two people were killed. Caldwell is visibly shocked at the news. He and the Doctor climb into his IMC jeep.

Winton is talking to Norton in the main dome, asking if there are any other survivors from the other colony. Norton tells them the lizards killed most of them and the primitives finished them off. Jo is skeptical, but Winton explains that the primitives were hostile at first. Norton warns the colonists that the primitives will turn on them eventually. Winton again wants to leave the planet but Jo encourages him, telling him the Doctor could help. Norton suspiciously asks who Jo and the Doctor are but the girl evades the question.

Just then, a primitive arrives. Norton grabs a gun and points it at the green man but Ashe disarms him. He will not break their truce with the primitives. Winton reminds him that they only have a truce because Ashe is giving the green men food. Winton leads Norton away, but the latter can't resist a parting shot -- chiding Ashe that one day they'll wish they'd listened to him.

Winton tells Ashe they can't just keep feeding the strange green men but Ashe insists they need to stay on good terms with them. After he leaves, Jo reminds Winton that Ashe is his leader. Winton wonders if that's not been his mistake all along.

As the Doctor and Caldwell drive to the IMC ship, the Doctor notices that the TARDIS is gone.

Aboard the IMC ship, two men are working on the bridge. The young cocky second in command Morgan and the singularly cold Captain Dent. Morgan is reporting that the mineral survey indicates enough duralinium on the planet to build a million houses back on Earth. He's amazed the planet was designated for colonization.

They see the Doctor and Caldwell approaching on the bridge monitor and comment on how eccentric the Doctor looks. Morgan asks what Dent intends to tell the Doctor. Dent replies that they will tell the usual story -- they just arrived and are shocked that the planet has been colonized. Morgan wonders if the colonists will believe the story but Dent is sure they won't be around for long.

Caldwell leads the Doctor into a room on the ship and show him an entertainment console. The Doctor turns it on and it shows scenes of violence back on Earth.

Caldwell then reports to Dent. He tells him that two people were killed in the colony. He angrily insists that Morgan is supposed to scare people not kill them. Morgan replies that they shot at him. The IMC captain is annoyed with the killings but completely unremorseful. He shows Caldwell the mineral reports and explains that the planet will make him extremely rich -- if they get rid of the colonists. The captain then goes to meet the Doctor.

The Doctor is watching reports that show the Earth to be extremely crowded when Dent arrives and introduces himself. He notes that there has apparently been a mistake. The Doctor is delighted that IMC will leave but Dent replies that the planet is apparently not suitable for colonization, given the hostile life. The Doctor replies that the lizards -- if they exists -- can be dealt with.

Dent tells him that IMC has been given the mineral rights. With 100,000 million people back on Earth, minerals are desperately needed. The Doctor testily replies that the people don't need new houses - they need more planets to live on. Dent can only reply that it is his job to find minerals for Earth.

The Doctor asks Dent about his TARDIS and Dent leaves to find out if his people have seen it. He returns to the bridge and tells Morgan that the Doctor is not a colonist. Perhaps he's a government agent. He then instructs Morgan to take the Doctor back to the colony. If the Doctor were found dead in the destroyed hut, it would be obvious the creatures had come back. He'll make sure a robot is waiting for them.

Caldwell returns and tells Dent that no one has seen the Doctor's blue box.

In the entertainment room, the Doctor is trying to open the door when Morgan arrives. The Doctor is annoyed at being locked up. Morgan tells the Doctor that he will escort him back to the colony. The Doctor asks if they intend to meet with Ashe and Morgan hesitates but then says he is supposed to arrange a meeting between Ashe and Dent. On the way, however, he would like to see the wrecked dome. He wants to know about the creatures in case IMC is attacked.

On the way back, a few primitives blocks the road. Morgan pulls a gun but the Doctor stops him, then fights off the green aliens.

In the main dome, Jo and Mary are cooking for the colonists. Robert arrives and Jo asks about the Doctor. He promises to look for the Doctor if he doesn't turn up. He then goes out to find Winton, who is showing Norton around. Jo notes that Norton has made a remarkable recovery.

Jim, their mechanic, is working with a primitive on a rackety power generator when Norton and Winton walk in. The mechanic explains that the primitive is his assistant -- he seems to always know which instrument Jim needs. Norton asks where the power comes from and Winton explains that it draws nuclear power from the rocket and beams it to the domes. It's been acting up but Jim is confident he can keep it going.

Winton and Norton return to the cafeteria. Norton asks if Jim is the only engineer and Winton replies they'd be lost without Jim. Mary tells Winton that her father wants him and Winton leaves. Norton leaves to take a nap but Jo is suspicious of him.

In the power room, Jim has just finished his repairs when Norton arrives. He knocks out the primitive with a wrench and then takes the spear and attacks Jim.

Mary and Jo are talking to Robert when the power goes out. Norton comes in, agitated, and drags them to the power room. They find the primitive and Jim dead. Norton explains that the primitive suddenly killed Jim and then came after him. Norton then killed the primitive in self defense. Ashe can't believe it but Norton insists that this is the way the planet's native work. Robert examines the machine. He realized that the relay circuits have been destroyed and no one else know how to fix them.

On the ship, Dent radios IMC. He confirms a rich strike and assures them that we will deal will the colonists. Caldwell arrives, excited over the mineralogy report. Dent tells him to get more equipment in preparation for mining. He reiterates that the colonists will not be a problem, but Caldwell wonders if they will be as stubborn as the Doctor. Dent explains that Morgan will handle the Doctor. Caldwell realizes that something fishy is up. He is about to run out and stop it but Dent threatens him, reminding him that as captain of the ship, he could execute Caldwell if he strikes him.

Caldwell is still unhappy and Dent tries to explain that the Doctor is surely a government agent. One man's death is nothing and beside, they are about to get rich. Caldwell is not convinced and Dent again threatens his the mineralogist's career, intent on his most skilled miner in line.

The Doctor and Morgan arrive at the Leeson dome. Morgan asks a few questions and the Doctor explains that he thinks the incident was faked. Morgan asks about the claw marks but the Doctor insists a mechanical device could have created them. Morgan then brings in the IMC robot, with huge claws affixed to its arms. The Doctor turns around only to find the IMC man holding a gun on him.

Episode Three
(drn: 23'47")

The Doctor has returned with Morgan to the Leeson dome to inspect the damage from an attack by a mysterious creature. He believes the incident was faked. Morgan then summons a lumbering MC robot with huge claws attached to its arms. The Doctor turns only to see the IMC man holding a gun on him.

Thinking fast, the Doctor tells Morgan that he'll ruin the entire story if he shoots him. Morgan reaches for the remote to make the robot attack but the Doctor lunges at him, knocking both remote and gun from his hands. Morgan flees as the out of control robot surges forward. The Doctor backs away against the wall, just out of reach of the flailing claws. He slowly reaches for the remote. Once he has it, he deactivates the machine.

In the main dome, Mary Ashe is telling the colonists it might be some time before the power is restored. Her father reports that they only have power for a few days. If the machine isn't repaired, they will be finished. Jo thinks that the Doctor could repair the generator and asks Robert if they can look for him. Ashe is hesitant but assures her he'll find someone to send out. Winton reports that Norton thinks the machine damaged beyond repair.

Suddenly, they hear the sound of an approaching spacecraft. The IMC mining ship descends from the sky and lands next to the colony. Dent leaves to talk to colonists, leaving a troubled Caldwell behind.

Captain Dent meets with Ashe. He feigns surprise that the colonists are on Uxarieus. Clearly, they will have to send for an adjudicator to straighten the mess out. Winton angrily responds that by the time that's done, IMC will have ripped up the planet. He wants them to just leave.

The Doctor arrives in the middle of this conversation. He tells the colonists that the monster is a fake and is eager to testify to the Adjudicator about IMC's tactics. A infuriated Dent stomps out, refusing to acknowledge the Doctor.

Winton insist that he saw the monster with his own eyes but the Doctor explains that it was a trick. He tells them about the robot at the dome although he's sure IMC has removed it by now. Ashe then asks if the Doctor can repair their power unit. The Doctor can but first wants them to find the TARDIS. Jo is alarmed to hear that it's missing. Ashe promises to look later but urges the Doctor to repair the power unit as their need is desperate.

As they leave, Norton shakes his head, insisting that he was hunted for weeks by the giant lizards but Jo is equally adamant that the Doctor is right. Winton equivocates, wondering if they could get some real evidence against IMC. Jo suggests they sneak aboard the IMC ship to search for it, but Norton overhears them.

Morgan and Dent are trying to figure out their next move. They aren't sure the colonists will believe the Doctor's story. They are cut off by the arrival of Caldwell who asks if they've sent for the Adjudicator yet and how they will respond to the Doctor's story. Just then, the communicator rings. It is Norton, informing them that Jo and Winton are coming.

Jo and Winton find their way into one of the rooms on the IMC ship only to find themselves surrounded by IMC men with guns.

In the dome, the Doctor has successfully restored power. He wonders what Norton was up to as his "repairs" seem to have only damaged the machine further. Mary then tells him a message has arrived regarding Jo.

The Doctor returns to the IMC ship to confront Dent. Dent tells him that Jo is under arrest and he could have her executed for breaking into the ship. But he won't if the Doctor withdraws his allegations. The Doctor presses him for information on Miss Grant and Dent explains that Jo is chained to an explosive survey charge and could be killed with a mere press of a button.

In a cave-like house, an IMC man chains Jo and Winton to a bomb. He warns them that the bomb is very sensitive and might go off if they try to break free. Jo wonders where they are and Winton explains that they are in a primitive dwelling.

The Doctor has returned and explained the situation to Ashe. The colony leader is appalled. He wants to reason with Dent but the Doctor insists this will only endanger Jo. Ashe then suggests a search for Jo but the Doctor reminds him that search parties would be seen from the IMC ship.

Winton realizes there is some shipping grease left on the survey charge. He puts some onto Jo's hands and she manages to squeeze out of the handcuffs. Winton tells her to head back to the colony but she won't leave without him. She gets a rock and hammers at his chains. This causes the bomb to start flashing.

Back on the ship, an alarm sounds on Dent's desk. He calls the security guard and tells him to check on the hostages. He arrives just as Jo breaks Winton's chain. A struggle ensues and Winton escapes. But the guard manages to grab Jo and blazes away at the fleeing colonist. He then lets Dent know one of the prisoners has escaped. Dent orders Morgan to find Winton. They chase him through the rocky terrain, firing away with their machine guns.

Winton comes over a hill and sees Caldwell. The miner draws his gun and slowly approaches the colonist. The searching guards hear shots and see Caldwell, who tells them "I got him for you." After they leave, Winton gets up from the ground.

Caldwell helps Winton into a shelter. He removes his handcuffs and treats his wounds, explaining that he's no killer, he's a miner. Winton tells him the story of his escape. Caldwell then urges Winton to return to the colony and leave. He shows him a rock and explains that the planet is the richest strike of duralinium they've ever found. IMC will get the planet one way or another. He urges the colonists to leave before someone else gets hurt.

Night falls and Ashe prepares to send out search parties while IMC can't see them. But before he can get going, Winton returns. He hurriedly gets a rifle and starts loading. Ashe wants to search for Jo but Winton is determined to attack the IMC ship. Robert thinks this would start a war but Winton insists that, as far as he is concerned, the war has already started. The Doctor urges Ashe not to attack IMC -- the colonists are sure to be massacred.

As Winton calls the colonists to the dome, the Doctor heads out to talk to Caldwell. Perhaps he can help Jo from the inside. At first, Caldwell resists the idea. He optimistically believes that Dent is bluffing. The Doctor tells him that the colonists are planning to attack the IMC and Caldwell is shocked. He is sure the colonists will be killed. The Doctor explains that he could prevent the attack by releasing Jo. Caldwell says he will try but begs to the Doctor to stop the attack -- it will be a pure slaughter.

On the IMC ship, a message arrives informing them that an Adjudicator is on his way. Caldwell then returns and demands Jo's release or he will stop the survey. Dent reluctantly agrees but tells Caldwell that he's committed professional suicide.

The IMC guard comes in and wakes Jo. But before they can leave, the primitives arrive. The guard shoots one but the others kill him with spears. They then march Jo away.

The Doctor forcefully explains to Winton that if they attack them IMC ship, they will all get killed and Dent will be able to justify it as self-defense. Winton will not be dissuaded, however, so the Doctor reluctantly agrees to help. He first advises Winton to keep a close eye on Norton. He then proposes a better plan of attack.

In the morning, Mary approaches the guards and asks about Jo. As they talk to her, Winton and the Doctor sneak up behind the guards and knock them out.

Aboard the ship, Dent tries to contact the guards but gets no answer.

The Doctor and Winton sneak aboard in IMC uniforms. But when they pass Morgan, he recognizes them and raises the alarm. The colonist surge aboard and the shooting starts.

The Doctor and Winton march Morgan into the control room and the Doctor asks about Jo. Dent tells him that she's missing. He then tells them that they've committed piracy, an act punishable by death. Winton, however, demands that he order his guards to surrender and Dent complies.

The Doctor and Ashe go to the primitive ruins and find the dead guard. Robert worries that Jo may have been taken to a native city and is nervous because no colonists who have gone to the city have ever come back.

The primitives lead Jo to a rocky hill. A hole opens in the ground and they force her through into the darkness.

Episode Four
(drn: 24'20")

Jo has been captured by primitive natives of Uxarieus. They take her to a rocky cliff and force her through a door that opens in the side of it -- a door from which no previous prisoners have ever returned.

The Doctor tells Ashe that he will go to the city and look for Jo. Ashe replies that the primitives may just be holding Jo for ransom to try to get food from the colonists. The Doctor insists that he can't just wait around for them to bargain and, besides, the colonists are short of food. Ashe reluctantly agrees to let the Doctor go to the city but reiterates that he will give the primitives food if necessary.

As they are talking, another spaceship roars overhead and lands near the colony. It is the Adjudicator's ship.

Winton is searching the IMC bridge over the objections of Captain Dent. He finds a projector that creates an image of the giant lizard. Caldwell laments that it was only meant to scare them away. Winton then find a huge claw that was used to make the marks in the Leeson dome.

Mary is on the radio with the Adjudicator, who wants the parties to prepare for his arrival. Robert returns and takes over. He agrees that both parties will attend the Adjudicator's hearing. He worries that they are going to look bad for attacking IMC. Mary asks him about Jo and Robert tells her that the primitives have taken her.

The primitives take Jo into a room which has some sophisticated equipment in it. A short gray-white cowled creature with a massive head -- a priest -- approaches and looks her over.

Ashe radios Winton and tells him to bring the IMC people into the dome. Winton start to untie them but a farmer named Leeson -- the brother of the dead man -- doesn't want to wait for a trial. He wants to kill them now. Morgan craftily promises to cooperate -- to provide evidence of past incidents from a secret compartment in Dent's desk.

Dent starts yelling at Morgan and Winton turns to silence him. But while he's distracted, Morgan takes a gun out of Dent's console and puts it to Winton's head. Dent then orders the colonists to release his guards.

The Doctor arrives at the city but can not open the door. He turns to see four primitives standing behind him, spears poised. He tells them that he will give them food if they release Jo. They open the city door and let him in.

The Adjudicator arrives at the colony and enters the dome. He turns and is revealed to be the Master.

The Doctor is brought to the room with Jo. The primitives lock him in and Jo wonders if they've gone to get the priest again. The Doctor realizes that there must be two races on this planet. He explains to Jo that he's come to buy her back and then looks around at the machines in the room. He realizes that the natives must once have had a mighty civilization.

Jo shows him some drawings on the wall. The first show a highly advanced culture. But they are followed by images of ruined building and dead people. The figures then become primitive with the last showing a man being thrown through a glowing hatch as though in sacrifice.

The door opens and the priest returns. He gets very close to them and the Doctor realizes he must be very nearly blind. The Doctor again promises to exchange food for Jo but the creature ignores him. It points to the Doctor and Jo and then to the picture of the hatch. The message is clear enough to Jo -- they are going to be sacrificed!

The Adjudicator aka the Master is holding the hearing. Ashe lays out his case and the Master asks if they have proof of IMC's malfeasance. Robert and Winton explain that IMC has destroyed the evidence. They then close their presentation and it is Dent's turn.

The primitive return to take Jo and the Doctor. The Doctor uses a magic trick to distract the primitive. While he's doing so, Jo grabs the native's spear and the Doctor knocks him out. They try to sneak out, evading the blind priests.

The priests return to the room and find the unconscious guard. They start a search and eventually corner the Doctor and Jo. They drag them into a room with massive machines. They open a hatch and the Doctor and Jo realize they will soon be pushed through it. The primitives start shoving them forward.

But a panel opens just above the glowing hatch and a small pale wizened creature emerges -- the Guardian. He asks why they have come. They explain the situation and the Guardian tells them that they must die -- that is the law. The Doctor chides him, arguing that it would not be justice to kill innocent people. The Guardian hesitates and then notes that the Doctor seems to be very intelligent. And while it sees little value in Jo, it will spare them both. But it warns them not to come back. The Doctor respectfully agrees, saying he is overjoyed to see that justice prevails in the Guardian's city.

The Doctor and Jo are shown out of the city. Jo asks the Doctor what the Guardian was and he theorizes that it was the ruler of the city. He marvels at their being three intelligent races on one planet.

The Master is moving toward the conclusion of his hearing. He notes that the planet has indeed been designated for both mining and colonization. But before he can render his decision, the Doctor and Jo appear. The Master, flustered, hurriedly adjourns the meeting, saying he needs to consider the facts before rendering a decision.

He retreats to Ashe's office followed by the Doctor and Jo. Each wants to know what the other is doing on the planet but both are evasive. The Doctor promises to stop the Master but the Master reminds him that while his credentials as the Adjudicator are forged, they are immaculate whereas the Doctor has no credentials at all. He could, if he wanted, have them both sent back to Earth as prisoners. But he promises not to so long as the Doctor keeps silent.

The Master returns to the hearing. He decides that the planet seems unsuitable for colonization and allocates it to the IMC.

That night, on the IMC ship, the crew are having celebratory drinks. Caldwell asks what they will do if the colonists refuse to leave and Dent tells them they would be rebels then.

Norton tries to persuade Winton and the colonists to leave. Ashe wants to file an appeal, but Winton realizes it will take too long. Ashe reminds Winton that his previous actions only made the situation worse. Winton won't listen. He wants to raid the IMC ship, send them off and declare independence from Earth. Ashe forbids it but Winton tells him he's not making the decisions anymore.

A dispirited Ashe returns to his office and tells Jo and the Doctor what they colonists are planning. He then decides to try talking to the Adjudicator again. After he leaves, Jo asks the Doctor why he hasn't denounced the Master. The Doctor explains that he can't but wonders why the Master is there at all.

The IMC crew get a radio call from the Adjudicator. There is a lot of static but it is clear that he has to leave the planet and wants them to return to the dome to sign the agreement. But it is not really the Adjudicator, it's Winton setting up a trap.

The Doctor and Jo go into a storage room adjacent to Ashe's office. They use a bug to listen into the conversation in the next room. The Master is explaining to Ashe that an appeal will certainly fail -- unless there are some special circumstances such as historical interest. Ashe excitedly tells him about the city and the Master listens eagerly.

In the main room, Winton is organizing his ambush, placing the armed colonists in the upper catwalks of the dome. He wonders where Norton has gotten to.

Norton is, in fact, using his IMC radio to warn them. Leeson comes in and sees the radio. He pulls a gun but Winton attacks him. The gun goes off and Leeson slumps dead to the ground. But the IMC radio has been smashed in the struggle. Norton takes the gun and head outs to the ambush.

The IMC crew arrive. As they enter the building, Norton shouts out a warning and Winton shoots Norton. The IMC crew take cover and return fire. Only Caldwell doesn't join in, sneaking out through the door.

The Doctor and Jo hurry out of the storage room to try to stop the fighting. But the Master comes up to them, holding a pistol. He tells them they are about to become the victims of stray bullets.

Episode Five
(drn: 25'22")

A battle has broken out between the colonists and the IMC for control of the planet Uxarieus. The Doctor and Jo hurry out to try to stop the fighting, but they are stopped by the Master. He aims a pistol at them and tells them they are about to become the victims of stray bullets.

But just as the Master is about to squeeze the trigger, Ashe hurries out of the office and begs him to stop the fighting. The Master quickly hides his weapon. Meanwhile, Winton sneaks around behind the IMC people and puts his rifle in Dent's back. He orders IMC to surrender. He then sends his men to lock up the IMC crew in their ship while Mary and Jo tend to the wounded.

Winton is overjoyed at their victory but Ashe and the Doctor caution him that he may have only made the situation worse. Winton giddily suggests that others will join their rebellion but the Master scoffs that no one will want to join them in starvation. He offers to help them, pretending to be impressed by their courage. He explains that if the planet had some historical significance, he would be willing to argue with Earth on their behalf. His attention is particularly focused on the city.

The Doctor can't wait any longer and tells Ashe that the Master is not the real Adjudicator. But the Master simply turns the tables, asking if the Doctor can prove his own identity. When the Doctor can't, Ashe and the others realize they don't really know anything about the Doctor. The triumphant Master escorts Ashe back into his office.

The Doctor tries to warn Winton about the Master, but the young man doesn't trust either of them. All he is concerned with is getting IMC off the planet. Jo returns and is distressed that no one would listen to the Doctor. The Doctor then realizes that the Adjudicator's spaceship must be the Master's TARDIS. He decides to investigate it using the key he copied while the Master was on Earth.

Winton leads the IMC men back to their bridge and tells them to leave. Dent threatens to send a fleet to wipe the colonists out but Winton confidently tells him that the Adjudicator has changed his mind. After he leaves, Dent tells Morgan to check on the Adjudicator. Winton then calls from outside the ship and tells Dent that they have put mining charges around the ship and will blow it up if IMC doesn't take off at once. Dent grudgingly cooperates as he knows that Winton wouldn't bluff.

The Doctor and Jo arrive at the Master's TARDIS and open the door. But before they can go in, they hear a ringing sound. The Doctor realizes that there is an alarm beam in the door. He uses his sonic screwdriver to find it and then he and Jo slide under it.

Out in space, the IMC ship is orbiting Uxarieus when a message from Earth arrives. It tells Dent that whoever the man on the planet is, he's not the Adjudicator. He sends the ship back toward the planet.

The Doctor searches through filing cabinets in the Master's TARDIS. He finds mining reports on Uxarieus and several nearby planets, as though the Master is looking for something. Jo finds the real Adjudicator's credentials -- just the proof they need to expose the Master! But in her hurry to leave, Jo breaks the alarm beam.

In the colony, the Master retreats into Ashe's office and pulls out a small device. He can see the Doctor and Jo in his TARDIS. He presses a red button as Ashe enters.

In the Master's TARDIS, a vent opens and gas begins to pour in. The Doctor realizes that Jo has tripped the alarm but the doors close before they can escape. They collapse choking to the ground.

Ashe shows the Master the map of the city, but cautions him that it is quite dangerous. The Doctor is the only one who has actually been inside. The Master belatedly realizes that the Doctor could still be of some use to him.

The IMC ship lands 50 km from the colony. Dent gathers the security guards, despite Caldwell's objections. He taunts them about being disarmed by bunch of farmers. Now that the colonists are rebels, they can just wipe them out and end the problem.

The Master uses an oxygen mask to revive the Doctor. He explains that the Doctor has been spared so that he can show the way to the city -- with Jo to remain aboard the TARDIS as a hostage.

Winton asks Ashe where the Adjudicator, the Doctor and Jo have gone but Ashe doesn't know. Winton then asks that the IMC guns be issued to his men, but Ashe refuses since both the lizards and IMC are gone. Winton wonders what they will do if Earth sends troops but Ashe tells him that the Adjudicator is going to argue on their behalf.

On his way out, Winton checks on the guards, who are falling asleep at their posts. After he leaves, the IMC guards sneak up and knock the guards out. They then creep into Ashe's office, hold him at bay and take the guns. Winton returns to find the guards unconscious and raises the alarm.

Another gunfight starts but Dent seizes Ashe and Morgan threatens to kill him. The colonists surrender, with Winton lamenting that they didn't distribute the guns. Dent tells them they will have another trial -- this time on a charge of treason.

The Master has placed Jo in a small booth. He holds a laser gun on the Doctor and shows him a small control device that will flood Jo's tube with lethal gas if the Doctor tries anything. The Doctor tries to tell him that the city is dangerous but the Master is confident he can handle it. As they leave, the Doctor drops the Master's TARDIS key on the ground.

Dent starts a trial of the colonists as governor of the planet. Morgan presents the charges while Caldwell looks on unhappily. Ashe and Winton are defiant, refusing to participate in the farce. Winton openly laments that they didn't kill the IMC people.

Dent finds them guilty in a few minutes and sentences them to execution. But he offers to remit the sentence if the colonists leave the planet immediately. Ashe tries to reason with him, explaining that their ship is old and may not make it off the ground, but Dent is unmoved.

The Doctor and the Master travel toward the city in an IMC jeep while the primitives watch them carefully. They find a pipe blocking their path and the Doctor gets out to move it. But as he does, a boulder is sent tumbling down toward the jeep. The Master jumps out just before the vehicle is smashed, then shoots a spear-wielding primitive with his laser gun. He mocks the Doctor for being afraid of "savages with stones and spears".

Mary summons the colonists to the ship, telling them to bring a minimum of luggage. Caldwell returns from having inspected the ship. Mary is furious with him, telling him that the ship is old and won't make another journey. Caldwell, with great reluctance, tells her the engines will be fine but Mary challenges him, asking him if he would fly in it. She bitterly tells him that they will all die if he doesn't help them.

Dent and Morgan return, having failed to find the Adjudicator. Dent starts to worry about the Adjudicator's true motives and orders Caldwell and Morgan to find a way into the Adjudicator's ship. But before they leave, Caldwell tells Dent that the colonists' ship is in very bad condition. It might even explode on the ground. Dent's only response is to make a note that IMC people should be clear of the launch area.

The two Time Lords arrive at the Uxariean city. The Doctor can not figure out how to open the door, even when the Master threatens Jo.

Caldwell tries to break into the Master's TARDIS but can't figure it out. But just as they are about to leave, Morgan finds the TARDIS key on the ground where the Doctor dropped it. They try it and the doors open. But this triggers the Master's alarm. He looks at the device to see the IMC men trying to rescue Jo from the cubicle. He tells the Doctor he warned him and puts his thumb over the red button that will kill the young woman.

Episode Six
(drn: 25'22")

The Doctor has led the Master to a mysterious alien city with Jo being kept aboard the Master's TARDIS as a hostage. But as they arrive, the IMC miners break into the TARDIS, triggering the alarm. The Master reminds the Doctor that he warned him and moves his thumb over the button that will kill Jo.

But as the Master presses the button, the Doctor attacks, kicking at his hand. The alarm device goes flying and in the struggle, the Master also loses his laser gun. At the same moment, the green-skinned primitives swarm out of the city entrance. They quickly subdue the Doctor and the Master and drag them into the city.

Morgan and Caldwell manage to get Jo out of the cubicle before it's too late. Morgan angrily shakes her and demands to know where the Adjudicator is but Caldwell stops him and asks gently. Jo tells them he went to the city.

The alien priest leads the Doctor and the Master to the waiting room, ignoring the Master's demands to meet their leader. The Doctor then shows the Master the frieze on the wall.

Jo is trying desperately to explain to Caldwell who the Master is. Morgan wants to go the city to look for the Adjudicator but Dent is eager to get the colonists away first. He instructs Caldwell to put Jo on the ship with the colonists. When Caldwell hesitates, Morgan bullies him until he drags the protesting girl away. But when they get outside, he quickly tells Jo to hide in his jeep.

The Master begins to tell the Doctor about what he learned from the stolen Time Lord files. Apparently, the city was once the center of a great civilization. They created a super-race by genetic engineering and an amazing super-weapon that was never used. Shortly after, their civilization fell apart. The Master now plans to hold the Galaxy to ransom using the weapon.

When the priest returns, the Master uses a gas bomb and a mask to escape. The Doctor follows him, using a handkerchief to keep from choking. He and the Master run out into the alien city as their captors fall to the ground.

Morgan asks Mary where Winton is and she explains that he has been on the ship for some time trying to get the engines working. Dent then wonders where Caldwell has gotten to. Robert Ashe arrives and tries once more to reason with Dent, telling him he is sending the colonists to their deaths. He asks what IMC will do if they simply refuse to take off and Dent coldly replies that they can rot on their ship as far as he's concerned. They'll be shot if they try to leave the rocket. He then instructs Morgan to leave a lookout to make sure the colonists stay on their ship.

The Doctor and the Master continue to wander through the city, following the Time Lord map.

The colonists takes the last cargo aboard and close the airlocks.

Dent is in the office and starts ripping down the colony records. When Morgan lets him know the colonists have finished boarding, they leave to stay out of the potential blast area. Unseen by them, Winton appears in the top of the dome, emerging from a hiding space.

An IMC guard is watching the ship through binoculars when Dent checks in. After he signs off, Winton attacks him. The two fight and wrestle in the mud for some time before Winton finally knocks him out.

On the IMC ship, Dent is impatient for the ship to leave. He calls the ship and asks what is taking so long. Ashe tells him they've had a fault in life support but it's fixed now and they will soon blast off. Dent says goodbye.

Jo and Caldwell find the wrecked jeep but are relieved to find no bodies. Suddenly, with a tremendous roar, the rocket takes off. It climbs high into the sky on its pillar of flame and looks like it will make it after all. But it suddenly explodes, showering debris over the planet. Jo is devastated and Caldwell is wracked with guilt that he told them the motors were all right.

The Doctor and the Master finally arrive at their destination -- the sacrifice room. The Master explains that they are now at the heart of the weapon, which stretches for miles. He activates a scanner and shows the Doctor the Milky Way. They focus in on Earth's sun and the Master tells them that the weapon could turn it into a nova. The Crab Nebula was a result of the weapon's first test.

Jo and Caldwell arrive at the city but can't figure out how to get in. But right as they are about to give up, a door opens and a primitive comes out. Caldwell jumps him and then the pair hurry into the city.

The Master now surprises the Doctor by offering to share the power with him. He could be a benevolent ruler of the Galaxy - ending war, suffering and disease. But the Doctor is not tempted, convinced that absolute power is evil.

Jo and Caldwell find themselves lost in the vast city.

Dent and Morgan are wondering where Caldwell is. Morgan notes that he was last seen headed toward the city and Dent instructs him to retrieve Caldwell as he's their only mineralogist. When Morgan asks about the Doctor and the Adjudicator, the IMC captain icily responds that they only need Caldwell. Morgan then asks what they will tell Earth about the colony ship and Dent replies that their official story will be that they offered to check the motors and the colonists refused.

The Master is growing frustrated that the Doctor won't take his offer, unable to believe that someone would turn down so much power. The Doctor tries to explain that he wants to see the Universe, not rule it. The Master finally gives up and is about to shoot the Doctor, when a panel opens and the Guardian appears. He demands to know why the Doctor has come back and who the Master is. The Master explains that he's come to restore their civilization to glory and to bring peace and order to the Galaxy. But the Doctor argues against him, asking the Guardian if the weapon ever did any good. The Guardian sadly remembers that once the weapon was built, their race decayed and the radiation ruined their planet. The Doctor urges him to destroy the weapon.

The increasingly flustered Master boasts that they could be gods with this weapon at their disposal, but the Guardian tells him he's not suited for such power. The Master then aims his laser at the Guardian but the weapon vanishes. The Guardian then solemnly instructs the Doctor to activate the self-destruct. The Doctor does, please to see that infinite compassion prevails in the city as well as justic. The city starts shaking and the Guardian tells them to run for their lives.

On the way out, the Doctor tries to get the natives to leave but they are disoriented, stumbling around. They then run into Jo and Caldwell and the four head out together, hurrying through the twisted rocky corridors and getting out just before the city goes up in gigantic explosion.

But the IMC crew are right there waiting for them. Morgan orders Caldwell to step away. The Master tries to bluff his way out but Morgan gloats that they already know he's a fake. They will now shoot all three of them. Caldwell tries to reason with Morgan but the only response is that he'd be with the others if they didn't need him.

But before they can fire, a voice rings out, demanding their surrender. It is Winton and the colonists! A last furious gun battle rages with members of both sides falling in the hail of bullets. But the colonists have the high ground and the advantage. In the confusion, the Master sneaks off. After a while, the surviving IMC crew surrender to the colonists while Jo and Doctor jump into an IMC jeep and chase after the Master. But the crafty Time Lord reaches his TARDIS well before them and takes off.

Some time later, the Doctor explains to Winton that the super-weapon's radiation was killing their crops. They should do fine now. Winton then explains how they escaped the doomed rocket. Jo presses him, wondering how the rocket took off. The Doctor realizes that Ashe must have flown it alone, sacrificing himself for the colonists. Winton - clearly having matured through his experiences -- solemnly confirms this.

The other colonists call out to the Doctor. They've found the TARDIS in a primitive dwelling. Winton asks what it is and the Doctor hesitates, telling him it is a sort of antique. He and Jo excuse themselves and while Winton makes plans with Mary for the future of the colony, they sneak into the time machine.

Caldwell returns and tells them that Earth has now sent a real adjudicator. Winton asks what Caldwell's plans are -- he's certainly finished with IMC. They offer to let him stay and he happily agrees. As they continue to plan, the TARDIS takes off.

Back on Earth, the Brigadier call out for the Doctor to come back at once. The TARDIS rematerializes in the opposite corner of the office and the Doctor and Jo sheepishly step out.

The Brigadier comments that it was a short trip and then explains that his agent had not found the Master after all. Jo is puzzled by the soldier's behavior but the Doctor explains that the TARDIS returned to Earth only seconds after taking off. The Brigadiers asks what they're talking about and Jo is about to respond when the Doctor cuts her off. The Brigadier would never understand.

Source: Michael H. Siegel.
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