2nd Doctor
The Enemy of the World
Serial PP

Innes Lloyd

Story Editor
Peter Bryant

Christopher Pemsel

Written by David Whitaker
Directed by Barry Letts

Patrick Troughton (Dr. Who / Salamander)*, Frazer Hines (Jamie), Deborah Watling (Victoria), Henry Stamper (Anton) [1], Rhys McConnochie (Rod) [1], Simon Cain (Curly) [1], Mary Peach (Astrid), Bill Kerr (Giles Kent), Colin Douglas (Donald Bruce), Milton Johns (Benik) [2-6], George Pravda (Denes) [2-3], David Nettheim (Fedorin) [2-3], Carmen Munroe (Fariah) [2-4]; Gordon Faith [2-3], Elliott Cairness [4-6] (Guard Captains) [2-3]; Bill Lyons (Guard on Denes) [3], Reg Lye (Griffin the Chef) [3], Andrew Staines (Sergeant to Benik) [4], Bob Anderson (Fighting Guard) [4], William McGuirk (Guard in Corridor) [4-6], Christopher Burgess (Swann) [4-6], Adam Verney (Colin) [4-6], Margaret Hickey (Mary) [4-6], Dibbs Mather (Guard in Caravan) [5].

* Troughton is credited as Dr. Who in Episode 1 and as Dr. Who / Salamander in the others.

No sooner have the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria landed on a sun-kissed Australian beach than they are being shot at by murderous fanatics! A dramatic helicopter rescue places them in the hands of Astrid Ferrier and Giles Kent, two people intent on bringing about the downfall of the world's most dangerous man - who happens to look exactly like the Doctor.

This is Earth in the near future, and Salamander's Sun-Catcher technology has been hailed as the answer to all the world's food problems. Yet is there more to his prediction of natural disasters than meets the eye? Could it be that the death and destruction which he appears to foretell is in fact of his own creation? Jamie and Victoria infiltrate Salamander's Hungarian palace to gain proof of his misdeeds, whilst the Doctor must impersonate the dictator in order to stay alive. In doing so he witnesses the might of his brutish regime, and discovers the terrible secret which lurks beneath the Kanowa research centre.

One of the time travellers' most dangerous adventures ever takes place against a backdrop of volcanos and earthquakes, deadly high-speed chases, assassination attempts and spectacular explosions. Ultimately it will lead them to a climactic confrontation between the Doctor and his murderous double...

Original Broadcast (UK)

Episode 123rd December, 19675h25pm - 5h50pm
Episode 230th December, 19675h25pm - 5h50pm
Episode 36th January, 19685h25pm - 5h50pm
Episode 413th January, 19685h25pm - 5h50pm
Episode 520th January, 19685h25pm - 5h50pm
Episode 627th January, 19685h25pm - 5h50pm

  • Episodes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 were previously missing but have been recovered in 2013. All episodes have been released on itunes.
  • The soundtrack has been released as part of the BBC Radio Collection. [+/-]
    BBC radio Collection - The Enemy of the World

    • This audio release includes the original soundtrack of the serial with linking narration by Frazer Hines.

    • Released: August 2002
    • 2-CD Set
    • ISBN: 0 563 53503 2
  • Novelised as Doctor Who and the Enemy of the World by Ian Marter. [+/-]

    • Number 24 in the Doctor Who Library. Virgin Edition W.H. Allen Edition

    • Hardcover Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: March 1981.
      ISBN: 0 491 02972 1.
      Cover by Bill Donohoe.
      Price: 4.25.

    • Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: April 1981. Reprinted in 1982, 1983, 1984
      ISBN: 426 20126 4.
      Cover by Bill Donohoe.
      Price: 1.25.
      Also released as part of The First Doctor Who Gift Set in 1982 [ISBN: 0 426 19270 2].

    • Paperback Edition - Virgin Publishing Ltd.
      First Edition: May 1993.
      ISBN: 426 20126 4.
      Cover by Alister Pearson.
      Price: 3.50.
      Retitled: Doctor Who - The Enemy of the World.
  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #219.
Episode 1
(drn: 23'45")
The TARDIS materialises on a sandy beach. The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria emerge and the Doctor is thrilled to be at the seaside. Jamie and Victoria would like to know where exactly they are but the Doctor doesn't even care. He's already removing his shoes and socks, heading for the water. He calls back to his companions to try and find a bucket and spade in the TARDIS. Jamie is not amused at his wanting to play sand castles.

Not far away, a hovercraft floats on the water just off shore. Three men are on board, all rather rough looking. One of them, Anton, spots the Doctor jumping about in the water and gets a pair of binoculars with which to observe the "crazy nut" more closely. He is stunned by what he sees and can barely believe it. He shoves the other two men below decks, a serious look on his face.

Meanwhile, the Doctor continues dancing about in the water, unaware of being observed and beckoning his reluctant companions to join him. Victoria is not amused.

The second of the men on the hovercraft, Rod, stares at the Doctor through the binoculars as well. He is convinced, as was Anton, that the person dancing in the sea is someone they know. Both men seem very concerned about it. Anton makes a phone call.

That call is received by a small, tough-looking girl in a black jumpsuit. She sits in an office doing paperwork. Her name is Astrid Ferrier. Anton tells her where they are, 10 miles west of Cape Harod in Australia. She notes the location on a large map before she allows him to continue. Anton tells her, deeply serious, that "he" is here. Without his giving a name, she knows whom he is speaking of.

Astrid is stunned, thinking it physically impossible. She is still trying to get her mind around the idea that this man is on a beach in Australia when he should be elsewhere while Anton has already moved one jump ahead. He is certain this is their man and he is going to "take care" of him. Clearly the Doctor has been mistaken for someone else.

Astrid tries to stop Anton, asking him to wait until she contacts a man called Giles, but Anton says there is no time. There will never be another chance for them to reach this man and he refuses to wait. Anton disconnects, leaving Astrid fuming.

On board the hovercraft, the men all draw their guns.

She immediately contacts her boss, one Giles Kent, and relays what Anton has told her. Giles is certain that Anton is mistaken. The man that they think they've seen cannot possibly be on a beach in Australia. Anton is going to kill an innocent man! Giles orders her to get after them and stop them.

Back on the beach, the Doctor has finished his paddle and is putting on his socks and shoes. He is very happy. Jamie spots the hovercraft out on the water and is puzzled by the strange vehicle. The Doctor tries to explain but Jamie doesn't believe in boats that hover on air. Victoria thinks it looks like a sea monster.

The three travellers watch as the hovercraft approaches but the Doctor becomes worried when it doesn't alter its speed or direction. It is roaring straight for them. On top of that, he can see the three men on deck, all holding guns. He calls to his companions to run.

The men on the hovercraft begin shooting as their quarry runs away. Once the hovercraft lands, the men disembark.

The Doctor and his friends reach relative shelter further inland but there is very little cover. They cannot understand what is happening although the Doctor is sure there is little reason for it - just another example of humans trying to destroy each other. They cannot reach the TARDIS across the open beach and must find shelter elsewhere. However, as soon as they leave their cover, they are confronted by Rod, very near and ready to shoot them all.

Jamie leaps into action, shouting his clan's battle cry. Rod is startled by the action and Jamie is able to knock him out without a shot being fired. They are safe for the moment.

Jamie notices another strange machine approaching, this one from the sky. A helicopter is about to land on the beach.

Anton and his comrade spot the helicopter too. They know it belongs to Astrid and are angry. They don't know why she's here to interfere, but the two men redouble their efforts to kill the Doctor before she stops them.

The chase across the beach is long and arduous. The Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria can find no cover and are sitting ducks out in the open. Showing some impressing piloting skills, Astrid manages to land her helicopter between Anton and the Doctor, shielding the helpless prey.

Victoria is particularly reluctant to board the strange craft but the Doctor urges her forward. It is their only hope of escape. They clamber aboard and Astrid lifts off.

Anton and his men blaze away at the helicopter, astounded that Astrid has robbed them of their target. As it flies away, they stop firing and rush back to their hovercraft. But they have managed to do some damage. From a hole in the bottom of the fuselage, precious fuel leaks away.

The Doctor tries to thank their rescuer but she is single-minded, working with the controls. The Doctor tries to explain to his companions what manner of craft this is, with little success. At least they're safe, though. Astrid refutes that, her face grim. She tells them of the hole in the fuel tank and that the helicopter could blow up at any moment.

The helicopter at last touches down again, safely, at a small bungalow near the beach. They do not realise that they are still being followed by the hovercraft.

Astrid has also been hit in the gunfire, a wound to the shoulder. Jamie helps her inside the house and the Doctor sits down to treat her. Victoria goes to fetch water from the kitchen, Jamie to fetch a medical kit from the bathroom.

The Doctor is surprised when Astrid asks who he is. He assumed that she wouldn't have gone to the trouble of this dangerous rescue for a stranger. Jamie calls him "Doctor" and she wonders what sort of Doctor. She goes through a laundry list as he treats her wound, but he remains mysterious. Astrid identifies herself and tells the Doctor - to his amazement - that those men on the beach were trying to kill him because they hate him!

She clarifies this by saying that they hate the man that they think he is. And as she looks at him, she knows that it would be impossible to convince them of their mistake. He is a perfect double. But she is under no such illusion. The Doctor is not a man to be hated. In fact, she says that he is the most wonderful and marvelous man that's ever dropped out of the skies. She then asks him for a favour, a favour she says may cost him his life!

She wishes to take him to her boss, Giles Kent, so that he can explain whom the Doctor has been mistaken for and why it is so important. However, the Doctor refuses this offer. He realises that Astrid did not save him and his friends for their sake, but for her own. There is some ulterior motive with which he is not comfortable.

Knowing that she will have to be more forthcoming, Astrid explains that the Doctor very closely resembles a man called Salamander who is determined to be dictator of the world. He is ruthless and will stop at nothing to achieve his ambition. The Doctor seems intrigued enough to want to know more. She asks again to take him and his friends to Kent, but before he can answer, the sound of an approaching hovercraft fills the air. They have been found.

The occupants of the bungalow scramble to find an escape as Anton and his men converge on it. It is too late for them to get out and so they hide. The third man enters from the back of the house, moving stealthily, gun at the ready. As he reaches Astrid's hiding place, she leaps out and attacks him. Jamie joins in and together they knock him down. They all hurry out the back door as Anton and Rod burst in from the front.

In the chaos, Rod mistakes his own man for one of the fugitives and actually shoots him down man! He is stunned by the tragic mistake and ready to give up on the pursuit. Anton, however, is not. He sees the Doctor and the others through the back door and decides to try and reach the helicopter, which is closer to him and Rod. If they can get into the air there will be no place the fugitives can hide.

They reach the helicopter and start it up, not knowing about the damage to the fuel tank which they themselves did. Astrid watches in horror from below as the fuel continues to leak out. Anton aims his gun, not stopping to wonder why the fugitives are simply standing there.

When he fires, the spark ignites the fuel and the helicopter explodes. The Doctor and his friends are safe.

Some time later, Astrid has brought the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria to Kent's office. He too is stunned by the Doctor's resemblance to Salamander. It is a perfect likeness and Kent can't stop staring. The Doctor is not pleased with the attention.

Kent doesn't understand how the Doctor cannot know of Salamander. He is a very well-known figure on the world stage. The Doctor stumbles through an explanation that they've been "out of touch with civilisation" for a while. Kent buys this and shows the Doctor a video wire of Salamander addressing the United Zones Conference on World Food.

Leader Salamander is the perfect double of the Doctor. His hair is short and slicked down and he wears a neat black outfit with gold embroidery, but the resemblance is staggering. When Salamander speaks, it is with a confident and polished air and a thick accent that sounds vaguely South American.

He addresses a large crowd of dignitaries, reporting confidently - and with much applause - on the success of his Sun Conservation Establishment in Kanowa, Australasia. Canada's wheat plains are safe, as is the Ukraine, so recently devastated by a natural disaster. 50 million tons of flour will be produced there this year. The applause fades as the video ends.

The Doctor is puzzled as to why this man is such an object of hatred. He appears to be a public benefactor, and quite handsome if the Doctor says so himself! Kent agrees that Salamander is one of the most popular men on the planet. He is seen by many as the saviour of the world. This is of course at odds with what Astrid has said and he demands an explanation.

Astrid and Kent explain that the world was on the verge of starvation due to overpopulation. Salamander invented a sun store which can collect and store the rays of the sun in a concentrated form. With it, harvests can be tripled or even quadrupled in one summer. Jamie thinks it sounds like the ioniser used to stop the glaciers in the far future that they've just visited but the Doctor assures him it is a different type of machine. For the Doctor, there is a more important question. Why do people want to kill this Salamander?

Kent explains that Salamander is saving the world for his own ends. He wants power and step by step he is taking control of the planet. Kent was once a high official in the World Zone Authority, Deputy Security Leader for North Africa and Europe. But he was discredited and ruined by Salamander when he began to get suspicious. Many others were actually killed to make way for Salamander's loyal henchmen to take key positions. Even the man who took Kent's place, Donald Bruce, has risen to become overall Security Chief. Almost everyone in power who believed Kent and supported him against Salamander has been killed. Only Alexander Denes still retains authority but he is just one man. There is little he can do.

The Doctor is sceptical of this story. There is very little proof of Kent's suspicions about Salamander and no one to corroborate what he says. Victoria agrees, asking why he hasn't had Kent killed if what he knows is that dangerous. Kent says that attempts have been made, but Salamander is now afraid that Kent's knowledge might reach the world authorities if anything happens to him. He is safe for the moment. After all of this information, Kent and Astrid spring their idea on the Doctor: he will impersonate Salamander!

Jamie and Victoria agree that he certainly could do it even while the Doctor resists. However, his attempts to copy Salamander's accent are tentative but promising. The Doctor deduces just by his knowledge of phonetics that Salamander must come from Mexico, although there are strong influences of other areas as well. Astrid is astounded by his accuracy.

Kent's plan is to have the Doctor pose as Salamander and get into his research station at Kanowa to get proof of his plans for world domination. Before the Doctor can consider this, Kent receives a phone call. Security Chief Donald Bruce has quietly surrounded this building while they've been talking and cordoned it off. He is on his way up. The Doctor has about two minutes to master Salamander's accent before he is arrested for impersonation!

The Doctor tries to protest, saying it is impossible to achieve that accent in such a short time even if he wanted to, but Kent's argument is most persuasive. Bruce will arrest him as soon as he sees the resemblance, if only to forestall the possibility of impersonation. The only hope for them all is for the Doctor to become Salamander. Now!

Thinking quickly despite the chaos, the Doctor realises that Kent himself sent for Bruce to force the Doctor's hand. Kent admits to this and Astrid is horrified. He has put all their lives in danger for the sake of his own plans. But it has worked. Despite his anger, the Doctor knows that he must do as Kent asks for the safety of Jamie and Victoria, not mention himself.

The Doctor goes into a small back room where there are some more suitable clothes. He just gets inside when Donald Bruce bursts in. He is a large man, used to throwing his weight around and getting what he wants. He is a glorified thug. Ostensibly he is here about the dead bodies found at the bungalow, which is listed in Astrid's name. Apparently his spies are everywhere as he knows that Astrid was there at the time of the murders, as well as three other people.

He assumes that Jamie and Victoria are two of those people. He calls them "killers" and enjoys intimidating them, especially Victoria. The two young people hold their own against his rough tactics.

Bruce then turns to Kent and orders him to reveal the third person. Where is the man that was with the others in the bungalow?

No one answers and the silence is tense. Bruce finally decides to look for himself, going immediately to the only other door in the place - the room where the Doctor hides. Bruce throws the door open and is shocked by what he sees. Salamander!

The Doctor emerges, now completely changed and with his hair wetted down in a rough approximation of Salamander's style. He has the demeanour and the accent when he addresses Bruce.

Bruce is stunned to see his boss standing right before him, in the company of his enemies...

Episode 2
(drn: 23'48")

Bruce tries to regain his composure with his boss right in front of him. He cannot understand it. He believes that Salamander is supposed to be in the Central European Zone for a conference but the Doctor, pitch-perfect as Salamander, says that he has arranged this little side trip on his own. Bruce protests that he cannot provide adequate security for him if he goes off on secret trips but "Salamander" laughs him off, saying he likes to deal with things "in his own way".

Bruce suggests that Kent, whom they've both admitted is a dangerous enemy, is holding him hostage in some way. "Salamander" is livid at the implication - no one threatens him! Bruce has run out of possibilities and decides for the moment to accept his leader's story, although he would like an explanation as to why he wasn't told of this anomalous movement. "Salamander" says he shall get one, once he himself has returned from the Central European Zone.

Bruce turns his attention back to Astrid and the dead men at the bungalow. He still wants an answer. Kent steps in and says that they were after him. There are others - besides Bruce - who don't like him, Kent says pointedly. The barb doesn't go down well and Bruce becomes angry. The Doctor, desperate to end this dangerous charade, says that he accepts Kent's story and discounts Bruce's scepticism. When Bruce persists, "Salamander" becomes angry and demands that he leave. He says that Kent and his people have information that he wants and that is the end of it.

Bruce has been humiliated in front of his enemies but he has no choice but to obey his leader's orders. He leaves the building, but not without a warning. He addresses his "watch your step" comment to Jamie, but it is clear that he is talking to them all.

Once Bruce is gone, the Doctor relaxes. All of them can breathe again. The deception has worked and they are all safe. Astrid once again chastises Kent for putting them all in danger but he feels that it was worth it. The Doctor's impersonation was very good for such short preparation. He hopes that the Doctor is now on their side and will go on with the deception. However, the Doctor is still unsure. He believes that Kent and Salamander are on opposite sides but he cannot tell which is good and which is bad. He also is not convinced that he's the only person who can put an end to whatever evil may be threatening the world.

The Doctor notices Jamie standing off by himself and being unusually quiet. He asks the lad's opinion and receives an honest appraisal: the Doctor can't afford to ignore this opportunity to right a wrong, especially one that threatens the entire world. Clearly Astrid and Kent are concerned enough to risk their lives to bring the Doctor here. That's proof enough for him.

Victoria begins to debate with Jamie but Kent cuts through their argument. He insists that what he's said is true but suggests a new idea to get the Doctor the proof he wants. He suggests using Jamie and Victoria to infiltrate Salamander's inner circle, adapting a plan that Kent has already got in motion, and says that Astrid will help them. The Doctor is suspicious about all of this, especially when the powerless Kent says he can get travel documents and passes. Kent says that he still has one ally, Alexander Denes, the Controller of the Central European Zone. Jamie, Victoria, and Astrid can infiltrate Salamander's retinue while he's still in the zone and provide the Doctor the proof of Salamander's intention to take over the world.

The agreement is tacit, but it is clear. Jamie and Victoria rise to the challenge to help the Doctor and the world. Meanwhile, Kent will take the Doctor to Salamander's research station in Kanowa to observe. They will be ready to act once the proof has been obtained and once again the Doctor will impersonate Salamander.

After his confrontation with "Salamander", a confused Bruce has made straight for the research station. Salamander's number 2 is a weasly little man called Benik. He has risen through the ranks by being a complete toady for his boss. He does not appreciate Bruce's brusque manner nor his presumptuous intrusion but Bruce will not be put off. He demands to know if Salamander really is in the Central European Zone.

At first, Benik doesn't even understand the question. He says he saw Salamander board the rocket for his conference but that is all. He assumed the matter was closed and can't understand why Bruce is so concerned. Bruce finally tells him that he has just come from visiting Salamander in Kent's office here in Australia, not 200 miles away.

Benik is surprised and calls it impossible. Bruce agrees, and Benik now understands his concerns. Benik jumps to the same conclusion - that Kent could be holding him by force. Bruce thinks this unlikely, even though "Salamander" was behaving a bit oddly. He seemed in control and certainly could have gotten help from Bruce himself. He demands that Benik contact Salamander by radio at the conference site in the Central European Zone to see if he is there or if there is some problem. Benik resists, if only because of the presumption but says it's because the conference is too important to interrupt. Bruce accepts this with bad temper and goes off, saying he expects a report of the conversation once it takes place.

As soon as Bruce is gone, Benik goes to the communications unit and places a call. Salamander is unavailable but will be told to return the call as soon as he is free. Benik is as concerned as Bruce.

Of course, the real Salamander is in the Central European Zone, conferring with Zone Controller Alexander Denes, a distinguished-looking man with a thick accent, and his second-in-command, Fedorin. Both Denes and Fedorin are stunned by Salamander's news. He has just told them that the volcanic mountains which criss-cross Hungary are in danger of imminent and violent eruption. Denes finds this very hard to credit as the volcanoes have been dead since the 16th century and he sticks to his position that Salamander must be mistaken.

Salamander is quietly confident, not raising his voice at first but trusting in the truth of his predictions. He has never been wrong before, noting to the other two that he has made something of a second career in predicting natural disasters. When Denes does not respond to this fact with the proper respect, Salamander becomes angry. He demands that Denes and Fedorin listen to his predictions and take action to help the people who will be affected by the impending danger.

They are interrupted when the communication system rings. Salamander's personal assistant, a West Indian girl called Fariah, tries to get him to answer. He is angered at being interrupted and refuses. Salamander tries to lighten the tension by offering refreshments. Fedorin accepts but Denes starts to leave the room. He wishes to consult his own experts in regard to Salamander's predictions, refusing to alarm his citizens unnecessarily before he is sure there is some danger. Salamander scoffs, calling his experts "amateurs", but Denes won't be cowed. His resistance angers Salamander but he allows the man to leave.

Fedorin, a mousy fellow bread to be a bureaucrat, stays behind. Salamander is pleased, saying that they have much to discuss. Fariah is to see to him for the moment.

Jamie, Victoria, and Astrid have reached the Central European Zone. Jamie and Victoria are recovering from the harrowing trip by rocket as they walk in a small, pleasant garden. Astrid has arranged to meet them here after she has completed a few tasks.

Shortly, she arrives with some necessary supplies. She and Kent have been working on their plan for some time and most everything has already been arranged. Jamie and Victoria are just new faces in the plan. She has confirmed that Salamander is in residence at the President's palace and she provides Jamie with a card to get him through the front gate. He is to find the west-facing terrace and use that as his entrance.

Victoria wishes him luck as he heads out to try and infiltrate Leader Salamander's retinue. The entirety of the plan hinges on his success.

Astrid then contacts Kent via her communicator to update him on progress. There is some difficulty due to sunspots but eventually she reaches him.

Kent is ensconced in a small caravan just outside the perimeter of Salamander's Kanowa research station. The Doctor is with him. The connection is a bit weak due to the solar activity but Astrid manages to tell Kent that everything is going fine so far. Their rocket arrived in Hungary right on time and Jamie is already on his way to infiltrate the palace. Astrid is sure he'll do fine, but thinks that Jamie and his friends are "a pretty odd lot". Kent reminds her the Doctor is listening in and she quickly apologises.

Astrid says she's managed to make contact with Alexander Denes and have set up a meeting. They are to meet under a disused jetty near the river so that he can be updated on their plan. Kent thinks this a good start and wishes her luck. The connection is broken. All that Kent can do now is wait.

Fariah has taken the nervous Fedorin out onto the terrace. She pours a drink for him and he tries to make small talk with her about Salamander. It is clear that the girl does not relish working for the Leader, nor does she like him particularly. Yet she serves faithfully. She says that Salamander has a way of persuading people to do things they don't want to do, and punctuates that with an epithet in a foreign language Fedorin does not understand.

In fact, there is much that Fedorin doesn't understand. He is quite worried to have to speak to Salamander. He is purely a functionary, used to working through Denes. Why he should have been singled out by the Leader is a mystery to him.

Fedorin asks what Fariah's job is. It is clear to him that she is no ordinary servant, an observation with which she agrees. She does not reveal her true work - Salamander's food taster - until after he has helped himself to wine. Wine that she has not yet tasted! Fedorin becomes very worried, sure he's been poisoned. Fariah laughs at his discomfort but he is fine. There has been no attempt to poison Salamander's wine this time. Fedorin relaxes, but only for a moment. Shortly Salamander arrives, putting him on his guard again.

Fedorin chatters about Salamander's security measures when suddenly those measures are shattered. As Salamander calls over a guard, a young man leaps onto the terrace and knocks the guard out. He grabs the guard's gun and holds it on Salamander. The young man is Jamie!

Jamie sees Salamander moving a hand toward the telephone on the table behind him. He warns him not to touch it if he values his life. He then moves all of the room's occupants out of the way and grabs the telephone apparatus, tossing it off the edge of the terrace where it explodes. Only Jamie knows that this explosion was engineered by Astrid down below, but Salamander and his retinue believe - as they are supposed to - that the phone was booby trapped.

Jamie puts down the gun he commandeered as the guard regains consciousness and others arrive. Salamander chastises his guards for missing this attempt on his life. Jamie tells Salamander that he overheard two men talking about the plot against him and tried to warn the guards at the gate to the palace. They would not listen so he took matters into his own hands. He says that the Earth doesn't stand much of a chance without Salamander and he had to try and save him. He adds that his pretty "friend" distracted the guards at the gate to allow him to get in.

Salamander seems to buy this story and is impressed with the lad's courage and seeming loyalty to him. He offers Jamie a job on his staff but Jamie won't accept until there's a job for his "girlfriend" Victoria as well. Fariah suggests an assistant to Salamander's personal chef and Jamie thinks this will work. He leaves Fariah to attend to them. Jamie must get a uniform and Victoria must be brought to the palace.

As they all go, Salamander is left alone with Fedorin. Fedorin is a bit shaken up by the recent events but Salamander puts him at ease. He explains pointedly how much he values - and rewards - loyalty. That is why Jamie has a new job and why Fariah is so well treated. The message to Fedorin should be clear.

Fedorin asks for a translation of the Mexican word that Fariah used earlier to describe Salamander. He says it means "sorcerer". Fedorin is taken aback. Clearly Fariah is far from the faithful servant that she appears to be.

Salamander invites Fedorin to stay for dinner.

Back in the garden outside the palace, Jamie returns to meet Astrid and Victoria. He has managed to slip away from Fariah for the moment and reports that their plan has worked. He has gotten a place on the staff for both himself and Victoria. Victoria asks curiously if the real Salamander really looks like the Doctor up close and Jamie confirms that he does. The resemblance is uncanny.

Suddenly Astrid spots the Captain of the guards approaching, along with Fariah. Astrid beats a hasty retreat. She cannot afford to jeopardise the plan by being recognised. Jamie pretends that he's been telling Victoria about their new jobs. The Captain wishes to know who the other woman was and is also concerned that Jamie slipped away from the palace on his own, but Fariah cuts short the interrogation saying it is a waste of time. She has no official rank but her proximity to Salamander clearly allows her much leeway. The Captain protests a bit longer, but he knows that he does not have the authority to overrule her and eventually falls silent.

Jamie introduces Fariah and Victoria. Victoria is to work in Salamander's kitchens and she's none too pleased with that assignment. She comes from a very strict social standing where kitchen workers were far beneath her but she knows that she must go along with the plan. She tells Fariah that she likes to eat and that she's hungry so she'll gladly go to the kitchens. The young girl's spunk impresses Fariah. The group returns to the palace.

A short time later, Astrid waits beneath the disused jetty for Denes to arrive. He is an older man, not exactly built for clambering into closed-in spaces, but he seems to enjoy the illegal activity. Makes him feel young again. He has snuck out of the palace to meet Astrid and to get an update on the plan. She tells him that Jamie and Victoria have managed to get into Salamander's household, hoping to get enough evidence against him to convince the Doctor.

Denes says that it can't be soon enough for him. This is the first time he has met Salamander in person and now believes everything that Kent said. The power-hungry Salamander must be stopped. Denes is told he must sit tight until they get the information and he says he can. Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the jetty above them. It is a group of Salamander's guards.

Astrid raises her gun to shoot at them but Denes stops her. They must solve their problems without violence if possible. Besides which, killing the guards will only raise Salamander's suspicions. Astrid agrees and waits quietly. The guards are simply patrolling the area after the supposed attempt on Salamander's life. They do not check below the jetty and Astrid and Denes are safe.

Astrid wonders about Fedorin - whether he will stay loyal to Denes. Denes seems unsure but thinks that there is no reason for him to betray Denes.

Unbeknownst to him, Salamander is creating that reason at this very moment. Salamander has presented to Fedorin a file containing details of purported swindles perpetrated by Fedorin himself. Stunned, Fedorin protests that they are all lies. If any of this is believed in public, he will be ruined. Salamander laughs, but it is one without mirth. The lies were created by him in order to gain control over Denes' second-in-command. He has made them believable enough to ruin him should they get out. However, he says that he will not let them get out. The file is just "insurance", he says.

Salamander tells Fedorin that he will take over control of the Central European Zone from Denes very soon. He says there is going to be a natural disaster here shortly. Salamander cannot stop it, but he can come to the aid of the zone once it hits. Salamander's words are sugar-coated, but Fedorin knows what he means. All the rumours he has heard are true. Salamander is planning to take over this zone, as he has done in so many others.

Fedorin begins sweating, not sure what this means for him. Salamander says he means to share power with him, but Fedorin is doubtful. He is even more worried when Salamander "predicts" - in the same smooth voice - that Denes will soon die at the hands of an assassin. Such a pity. It becomes clear to Fedorin who that assassin is supposed to be: himself!

Fedorin loses his grip, breathing heavily and sweating harder. He cannot believe what he has heard, but Salamander assures him it will all come to pass. Just as he has "predicted".

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and massive explosions can be heard in the distance. The rumblings fill the room. Salamander is exultant. The mountains are experiencing a massive volcanic eruption, just as he predicted. All that he has predicted will now come true. Fedorin is awestruck and worried, but allows himself to be led to the terrace to look out over the distant eruptions. Salamander calls the devastation "pretty", despite the horrific loss of life that must be occurring as they speak, and he predicts that the history of Hungary is about to be rewritten...

Bruce bursts in, having gone straight from Australia to the Central European Zone after having heard about the "attempt" on Salamander's life. It was really just an excuse, but he is now satisfied that Salamander is actually here. Why he was in Australia with Kent is still a question on his mind but he has no time to ask. Salamander brings him over to the terrace to watch the volcanic eruptions.

Bruce's mind goes immediately to all the people in the mountains who have been killed by the sudden eruption. Salamander still does not seem to think of this. Suddenly Denes bursts in and angrily accuses Salamander of actually causing the eruptions. Somehow he has made this disaster happen for his own ends.

Salamander calls him mad and - much worse - negligent. He tells all those gathered here that he predicted these eruptions and warned Denes. Denes did nothing to warn the people. He says that Denes caused the deaths of all those people by ignoring his warning, his one and only mention of the deaths.

Denes tries to protest, appealing to Fedorin to support him, but Fedorin stays silent, his mind awhirl with all that has happened. Denes realises that Fedorin has hung him out to dry as Bruce moves forward to arrest him.

Salamander goes one further, triumphantly telling Denes that Fedorin will be the chief witness against him at his trial...

Episode 3
(drn: 23'05")

Alexander Denes is arrested and put under guard by Bruce. Bruce chafes a bit under Salamander's harsh and insistent orders, seeing how Salamander is not his boss nor is he even a governmental official. However, his name and success does carry much weight in the world and Bruce finally acquiesces.

Salamander leads Fedorin away to complete their report to the world authority chronicling Denes' negligence. Denes says the authorities will not believe Salamander, but he doesn't seem completely convinced of this. Bruce seems somewhat sceptical of Denes' guilt and tells him confidentially that he will "do what he can". Denes is content to await his day in court, ready to face Salamander as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

In Denes' former office, Salamander praises Fedorin for staying loyal to him and not speaking out in defence of Denes. However, both men know that that loyalty was purchased. Salamander still has the file of "information" about Fedorin's alleged swindling from the government. It is all faked, but it looks real enough so that Fedorin will be ruined if it comes out. Fedorin tries to protest, his voice breaking under the strain, but Salamander is far more clever. He tells Fedorin that he is not planning to release this information and is in fact suppressing it to keep Fedorin safe. Salamander places the file into a safe as if to emphasize this fact.

He turns back to Fedorin with a small box which he shows to the nervous man. It is the next part of his plan and says what is in the box can dictate Fedorin's future... and that of Denes. It is poison!

Bruce is attending to the details of Denes' arrest when he spots Jamie dressed in the black uniform of one of Salamander's guards. He remembers Jamie clearly from their meeting in Kent's office and is very surprised to see him as part of the leader's retinue. He sees this as an opportunity to question the lad about what Salamander was doing in Kent's office but Jamie refuses to answer. He is resolute and refuses to "betray any confidences."

Denes is being kept prisoner in a corridor of the palace, watched over by a stern guard. Denes wonders how long he is going to be kept in this odd location and is told they are waiting for a security hover-car. It is delayed due to the volcanic eruptions. The Guard Captain approaches and denies his request to be moved to one room or another, completely disregarding Denes' former status as Controller of this zone.

However, Bruce arrives and chastises the Captain for being so hard-nosed. The Captain says that Denes is easier to guard in the corridor so he will not be moved, but Bruce does tell the Captain to treat him well. He is not a convicted criminal and should be given whatever he asks for. Then he goes off.

The Captain and his guard are sarcastic but follow the orders given. Food and drink will be brought, as well as a book with which to pass the time.

Meanwhile, Victoria has begun her new job in the leader's kitchens. She is being welcomed gruffly by the chef, a hard-bitten man named Griffin. He is known as Grif. Fariah watches on as Grif badgers Victoria to produce a menu on the spot. She stumbles over an answer, trying to recall meals at home. Grif is unimpressed. He then orders her to relate a recipe. Again she stumbles over it, finally producing a very vague list of ingredients for a dessert concoction. She calls it "Kaiser pudding". Grif does not know if she is being deliberately abrasive, perhaps referring to Salamander with that unflattering title, but he doesn't like her attitude. He puts her to work peeling potatoes.

Fariah is concerned, appealing to Grif to give Victoria something constructive to learn so that she might learn from him. Grif is more concerned about the dangerous vagaries of working for a world figure like Salamander. He pulls Victoria from her peeling and sits her down to right out the menu for tonight's meal. Sarcastically, he says the first course will be interrupted by a bomb explosion, second course by earthquakes, and the third by "interference in the kitchen". He storms out to go for a walk, certain it will rain on him!

Victoria laments that Grif doesn't like her but Fariah assures her the temperamental chef is like that with everyone. Suddenly Fariah turns very serious, trying to warn Victoria to leave her and not get caught up in Salamander's world. Victoria tries to pump her for information on Salamander but they are interrupted by Jamie's arrival. Fariah leaves, saying little else.

Jamie has overheard the last part of the conversation and urges Victoria to work on Fariah. Both of them are certain she knows much that could be of use. Jamie explains that he has managed to slip out and tell Astrid what happened with Denes. A plan is already underway to try and rescue Denes from the palace and take him to the Doctor. He doesn't know the full details but he thinks that Astrid will try to gain entry to the palace by disguising herself as a messenger.

The two fall silent at the sound of voices just outside the kitchen. Jamie watches as two guards stroll past, conversing about what has happened to Denes and whether or not Fedorin will succeed him.

Once they are gone, Victoria tells Jamie she is sure that Kent was right about Salamander. She can just sense his evil from being in his world. Jamie agrees. He is certain that Denes' arrest was engineered and that Fedorin is a puppet. With the chaos caused by the eruptions, Salamander has managed to remove an enemy and put a weaker man in his place.

Jamie finds the volcanic eruption quite "convenient" and wonders aloud whether Salamander didn't have some hand in the creation of this chaos as well...

In Giles Kent's caravan in Kanowa, he and the Doctor watch televised reports of the eruptions in Hungary. Kent also believes that Salamander has created this disaster, as he has other disasters in other parts of the world. He has used them to create instability in several regions and has installed people loyal to him in their aftermath. The Doctor finds it difficult to accept that Salamander could have found a way to harness the natural forces of the planet, but not impossible. Kent insists it's true, especially from the man who invented the mighty sunstore which has nearly put an end to hunger in the world. He says the key lies in the research station here in Kanowa.

Kent explains that when he was Deputy Security Leader, he discovered evidence of massive spending on the research station, far above what could have been necessary to develop the sunstore. There were especially large requisitions for food stores which just didn't make sense. However, his espionage was discovered and all those requisitions and documents were destroyed, replaced by doctored ones. Kent was made out to be a criminal due to his snooping and he was discredited. Every accusation Kent then made against Salamander was ignored.

Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of a siren approaching. Security from the station. The Doctor is bundled into a small trunk just as Benik, Salamander's number two man, bursts into the caravan. Benik is not surprised to find Salamander's arch enemy here. He knows exactly what Kent is up to, spying on the station, but can do nothing to him...officially. He is not on research station territory and is doing nothing illegal. However, he decides to try and frighten Kent away.

He finds and destroys an old photo of Kent from his days as Deputy Security Chief. He then has one of his guards smash all the crockery in the caravan, leaving a mess of shards on the floor. Kent resists, but the message is very clear. First the crockery, then Kent. Benik and his lackey leave with a warning not to complain to the authorities.

Once he is alone, Kent helps the Doctor out of the trunk, hoping that this may be enough evidence to convince him of the type of people they are up against. The Doctor, however, is not convinced. Salamander's people are certainly destructive bullies, but they are not necessarily evil. Kent cannot understand the Doctor's reticence and tries once again to convince the Doctor that Salamander wants to destroy the world. The Doctor will not rise to his histrionics and demands facts. Hopefully Jamie and Victoria will be able to provide them.

Back in the Central European Zone, Astrid has disguised herself as a messenger and has managed to get into the Controller's palace. She hurries through the corridors but is stopped by Denes' guard. She says she has an urgent message for Salamander and produces an authentic-looking pass. The guard is satisfied but urges her not to run here. It is dangerous. He also introduces himself and invites her to come back and have some wine with him later, once she has delivered her message. The pretty young Astrid smiles winningly and assures the eager man that she will come back.

Astrid turns to continue only to bump into the Guard Captain, who has returned. He is not swayed by her pretty face, nor her pass. He wishes to see the message. She says it is private and personal but he insists. She finally produces a sealed message, which he accepts as genuine. However, he has been looking intently at her face all this time and is certain that he recognises her from somewhere.

Suddenly the Captain is distracted when Denes drops his book on the floor. The noise makes him start and turn. Denes apologises for "nodding off" and retrieves his book.

By the time the Captain turns back to Astrid, she is gone. Denes' distraction has worked.

Astrid makes her way to the kitchen, where she finds Jamie enjoying a meal with Victoria. She is nervous and checks all the windows and doors as she talks. She tells them that she is going to rescue Denes and she needs Jamie's help. He is to create some kind of diversion - any kind - at exactly 11:00 tonight. However, she is unable to provide any more information as Grif suddenly returns. Astrid immediately resumes her role as delivery person and acts as if she's getting directions from the two young people.

She disappears from the room even before Grif has fully entered.

The chef's attitude still has not improved, and the steady stream of strangers through his kitchen does not help. He tastes the food cooking on the stove and pronounces it "terrible". He is sure he'll get the sack tonight.

Fariah arrives to see if the food for Controller Denes is ready. Grif says it is but chafes at the growing crowd in the kitchen. Jamie offers to go but Grif decides he would rather go. After all, he's just the chef here!

While Fariah gets Denes' food together, Jamie and Victoria try to engage her in conversation. She is short with them but does reveal she doesn't really like working for Salamander. She says that sometimes we do what we have to do, not what we want to do. Jamie tries to tell her that she doesn't have to work for him, a claim which she vehemently refutes. She doesn't expect Jamie to understand. She is certain that he worships Salamander as a god like so many others - the saviour of the world. It is clear that she doesn't feel the same way.

When Victoria asks why she risks her life for him every day as his food taster, she repeats her assertion that she is doing what she has to do, not what she wants to do.

Bruce has brought his concerns about Denes' treatment directly to Salamander. He worries that something could happen to the man with him left sitting endlessly in a corridor. Salamander does not seem to care, assuring Bruce that he will be moved soon. He reiterates his claims of negligence against Denes, saying that he was warned in time about the impending volcanic eruptions and did nothing to warn the people. For that he must pay.

Bruce accepts this with a grain of salt. Nothing has as yet been proven. As he goes, Bruce asks Salamander in passing who will now control the Central European Zone. Fedorin? Salamander says this is a good idea, as if it had just occurred to him.

Victoria sets off from the kitchen with a trolley carrying Denes' meal. Grif sends it away with his usual sardonic comments. A short way from the kitchen, Victoria bumps into Fedorin, who has jumped nervously from a side corridor where he has - presumably - been waiting. He is very nervous and his fear rubs off on Victoria.

Fedorin makes a show of inspecting the food, chattering all along. While Victoria is distracted, Fedorin palms the salt cellar and then tells the girl that she must have forgotten it. She says she hasn't but cannot figure out where it might have gone. He badgers her into leaving to go and get salt. She runs away, more to get away from the antsy Fedorin than anything.

Fedorin produces the small box of poison that Salamander has given him. He opens it and takes a pinch of the crystals, looking round nervously to make sure no one is watching.

The Guard Captain reports to Salamander about the suspicious message delivery girl. He has realised at last where he knows her from. She was in the park with Jamie and Victoria when he and Fariah went to fetch them. She wasn't in a messenger's uniform then and now she is. It seems very suspicious. Even more so when Salamander reveals that he has had no messages delivered to him today.

The Captain wishes to alert the building to capture the young woman but Salamander decides otherwise. She should be located quietly and followed. He wants to know where she has come from. However, he will deal with Jamie and Victoria himself...

Victoria finally arrives with Denes' meal. Fariah waits impatiently with him. However, before Denes' can tuck in, he is stopped by the Guard Captain who has just arrived on the scene. He chastises his guard for not checking the trolley, especially when he realises there is a knife and fork on it. He confiscates them, leaving Denes unable to cut and eat his steak.

The Guard Captain heaves a heavy sigh and begins cutting the steak for him, causing Denes to laugh. When he is finished, he takes Fariah away with him to the kitchen. He wants to have a word with her and Griffin for breaking regulations and allowing dangerous weapons into the hands of prisoners.

Victoria asks if she can sit with Denes, and he is grateful for the company. It is six minutes to 11:00, nearly time for the rescue attempt. She wants to be with him when it happens, to help the plan along. Denes innocently begins to eat.

However, Denes' food is safe. Fedorin was unable to bring himself to use the poison and kill his former boss. He is with Salamander now, in the office of the Controller which was to be his, sobbing that he could not take a life in order to gain power. He gives the poison back, begging Salamander to find some other way to achieve what he wants here in this zone. At first, Salamander is angry that Fedorin has rejected his chance to "become somebody", but then he relents. He seems almost amiable, assuring him that his failure means nothing. He leads the distraught man to the table and has him sit.

Salamander pours some wine, continuing to reassure Fedorin. However, he puts a pinch of the poison into Fedorin's glass before handing it to him. Salamander chats about the wine, waiting for it to take affect. Shortly, Fedorin is gagging and clutching his throat.

Salamander's voice turns stern. One chance. That is all. Fedorin collapses to the floor and dies.

The Guard Captain enters, reporting some disturbance in the kitchens. The "new man" says he's seen someone lurking in the gardens outside. It is Jamie to which he is referring.

The Captain notices the body on the floor. Salamander's response is very mild indeed. Suicide, of course. Such a pity.

In the kitchen, Jamie has stirred Griffin up into a panic. He cannot see anything out the window, but Jamie insists there is a man out there, and he's armed. Grif takes cover under a table while Jamie goes outside. The long-suffering chef is certain they are gunning for him, for some unpardonable culinary sin. There is shooting outside and Grif wonders why he ever bothered to leave Wooloomooloo.

In the kitchen at least, Jamie's diversion is working very well.

Elsewhere in the palace, guards rush about, trying to find the source of the gunfire. Victoria whispers to Denes that they are going to try and get him away. Astrid arrives, telling the guard that the gunfire is an attempt on Denes' life. He must be moved now. The poor guard does not move fast enough and Astrid is forced to knock him out. Denes joins Astrid and they attempt to flee. But the Guard Captain arrives with some of his men. The fugitives do not heed an order to stop and a shot rings out. Denes falls, dead.

The guards go after Astrid, but Victoria thinks quickly and shoves the food trolley in front of them. They stumble and fall. Astrid gets away.

A short time later, the chaos has subsided and Jamie and Victoria are under arrest, facing an angry Salamander. Jamie and Victoria try to deny the allegations levelled against them, but Salamander has all the evidence he needs. They were seen colluding with Astrid in the park, and Jamie's "diversion" is proven to be a hoax. All the shots fired came from his own gun. Salamander admits that Jamie's plan to infiltrate his retinue was ingenious, but their ingenuity has apparently reached its end.

Salamander laments the chaos that has erupted around him since his arrival in the Central European Zone, including Fedorin's "suicide", but he believes that much of it will be put to rest with the capture of Jamie and Victoria. He orders Bruce to take them away.

Bruce orders his guards to do so, but he stays behind with Salamander. Bruce is confused and angry and confronts Salamander about his relationship with Jamie and Victoria, not to mention Astrid. He cannot understand how Salamander can be friendly with them in Kent's office one moment and then having them arrested in the next moment. He wants an explanation.

Salamander is of course confused. He was never in Kent's office and he never met Jamie and Victoria until they arrived in this zone. It has been months since he's seen Giles Kent in any capacity. Now it's Bruce's turn to be confused. He could swear that it was Salamander in Kent's office in Australia, being very friendly with all of his enemies.

Salamander seems to realise immediately what this means and is impatient to return to his research station. Bruce will accompany him for protection.

Bruce is a bit slower, but eventually sees what is going on. Someone is impersonating Salamander...

Episode 4
(drn: 23'46")

Back in Kanowa, Kent is getting anxious after not hearing from Astrid for some time. The Doctor speculates that she may have failed in her plan and been caught, but Kent thinks that Benik would have come after them again if the plan had been discovered. They are both worried about staying in one place too long, especially with the Doctor looking as he does. If anyone catches sight of him, their anonymity will be lost.

The Doctor suggests waiting another hour for Astrid to contact them. If they haven't heard from her by then, they will go looking for her.

However, Astrid is actually alive and well. She has made it back to the Australasian Zone and to Kent's office. She uses the communicator to contact Kent in his caravan. He is glad to hear from her but he doesn't forget security protocols. They switch their communications to scramble mode.

Kent's caution is for good reason. Salamander is returning to the research station in Kanowa and it is on high alert. Benik waits for his rocket to arrive while issuing instructions to the guards to search the zone for Astrid Ferrier. Her identity is now known and she is also a known associate of Giles Kent. A zone-wide hunt is on for her.

Astrid gets Kent up to speed on the tragic events in the Central European Zone. Denes' death puts a crimp in their plans to get the goods on Salamander. He's been very thorough. Astrid laments her failure but Kent puts her at ease. He tells her to stay in the office and he and the Doctor will come to join her as soon as they can.

As Astrid hangs up, she hears a noise outside the office. Someone has followed her! She waits in hiding until the door opens, then she leaps out, catching the intruder in a choke-hold. To her surprise, it is Fariah, Salamander's personal assistant.

Astrid keeps her in the grip, certain that Salamander has sent her for some reason, and threatens to kill her if she tries to escape. Fariah tells her that she came of her own accord, came to see Giles Kent. She bears some information and wants to help Kent destroy Salamander. She admits a fact which many had already guessed - she hates Salamander. Probably more than anyone else. And she cannot wait to see him destroyed. She simply wants to be there to see his face when he dies. Astrid is taken aback, to say the least.

At the research centre, Benik learns from the Guard Captain of Astrid's whereabouts. She was seen entering Kent's office not long ago. However, another person was seen entering shortly afterward - Fariah. Benik cannot comprehend this, but it doesn't matter. He orders the office surrounded; he himself will be there shortly to supervise Astrid's capture. He is puzzled and somewhat worried by Fariah's presence, but that will soon be sorted out.

The Doctor and Kent have reached the office before the guards arrive. They are unaware that they have been observed. The Doctor is questioning Astrid on the fate of his friends. She thinks they will be held in the Central European Zone until Salamander has time to question them, but Fariah says no. She knows for a fact that they have been brought to the research station. She tells the Doctor that Salamander will stop at nothing to find out who they are and why they infiltrated his organization.

The Doctor is curious about Fariah. He wonders why she has suddenly decided to betray her boss. She reveals that she was blackmailed into working for him. She does so because she must, despite her virulent hatred for the man. However, that does not answer the question of why she chose now to act. She says that she dared not without proof. But now she has some.

She produces Fedorin's file, stolen from the safe in the president's palace. It contains proof that Salamander engineered the details of embezzlement against him. Fedorin was slandered by Salamander in order to obtain his cooperation. The Doctor takes the file from a cautious Fariah and examines it. He is pleased with what he sees. Proof at last.

Meanwhile, the building has been surrounded by Salamander's guards. Benik liaises with the Captain. The fugitives are still inside, in an office on the second floor. Benik is impatient to begin the raid but the Captain holds out. The guards are still not in position on the roof.

The Doctor finishes reading the file. There is information enough in there to convince him that what Kent's been saying about Salamander is true. However, it is not enough to expose Salamander to the world authorities. There is no way round it - the Doctor must impersonate Salamander in order to get that hard evidence. He is worried that he can't pull off the impersonation, despite the presence of Fariah to help him.

Thinking that the Doctor might be ready to give up on the plan, Kent reminds him of his friends still held captive. He says that impersonation is the only way to get them released. His words and manner are callous and get the Doctor to thinking. He realises that Kent is not interested in just exposing Salamander. He wants the Doctor to get close enough to kill the evil leader. Kent admits this is the case, saying that the cause is just. Salamander's evil demands a response in kind.

The Doctor refuses, becoming angry at the lies that have led him here. Kent reminds him of Jamie and Victoria, saying that he will do as he is told or else he will do nothing to help rescue the Doctor's friends. The Doctor is livid at this.

Fariah cuts them off, drawing Kent's attention to the street below. Kent tells the Doctor that he'd better make up his mind quickly, pointing his gaze out the window. The street below them is teeming with security guards. They are about to be raided.

Out on the street, the Captain learns that the rooftop detail is in position. He is ready to move in. Benik tells the Captain to issue a shoot to kill order. The Captain balks at this and Benik is apoplectic. He repeats his order on the strongest possible terms, threatening the Captain's job. The Captain issues the order.

Kent, the Doctor, and the others scramble for an escape route. Everything is blocked, including the fire escape in both directions. There seems to be no way out. Looking around, Kent spies the ventilator shaft. He prizes off the cover and the fugitives begin piling in. Fariah makes sure she picks up Fedorin's file and brings it with her.

Benik and the Captain are now outside the office door. It is locked and the guard starts to break it down but Benik stops him. In his silkily acid voice, Benik tells Kent to open it and save himself so much "unpleasantness".

Fariah is gone down the shaft, followed by the Doctor. Benik's voice becomes more insistent on the other side of the door. Astrid urges Giles to go before her as he is more important. Benik becomes impatient and orders the door broken down.

Astrid is still in the office as the battering begins. She calls out to Benik to make him think they are all still inside. The battering becomes more severe as she finally escapes through the duct.

A guard reports to Benik that another guard is outside the office window now, ready to go in. When the shooting starts, the Captain completes his work and smashes in the door.

The Doctor and his friends emerge from the building at the street level. They scramble for freedom.

Benik is livid to find the office empty. He deduces quickly that they've escaped via the ventilator shaft and orders all the guards on the street to search for an outlet, unaware that their quarry has already gotten out. Through the captain, he repeats the shoot-to-kill order.

The fugitives have not gotten far enough away. When the shooting starts on the street, the bullets whiz dangerously close. Fariah is hit and falls. The others keep on running, unaware of what has happened. A guard is upon the girl instantly, ready to finish her off. The Guard Captain reaches him at the last second and keeps him from killing her, despite Benik's orders.

Benik joins them as Fariah struggles for breath, lying on the street. He badgers her with questions, especially on the identity of the man with Kent and Astrid. She refuses to name the Doctor, only telling Benik that he'll find out who the man is "soon enough". The venom in her voice is strong. She tells him that he can no longer threaten her now. She can only die once and someone has beaten him to it. With that small bit of joy, Fariah dies.

Benik is livid, but his anger subsides when he recovers what Fariah was carrying. Fedorin's file is now back in the hands of Salamander's men.

Some time later, Salamander is back at the research station with Benik and Bruce. They are going over the situation with Kent. Salamander is angry that Kent was allowed to escape and Bruce is angry that a woman was killed for no reason. Benik stands by his decision and says Fariah was resisting arrest. Salamander doesn't seem to give much thought to his former assistant. Bruce insists that Kent and the others were doing nothing illegal, to warrant the raid or the shoot-to-kill order.

Salamander insists that Kent is building up a resistance group, rebels to overthrow the government and a direct threat to him. He had not been truly concerned about them before, but now that they have someone in their group who can impersonate him, Salamander is worried indeed. He charges Bruce with finding and stopping them. When Bruce hesitates, Salamander becomes angry. Benik calms him be returning Fedorin's file before heading out with Bruce to discuss security arrangements.

When he is alone, Salamander announces to one of his guards that he is going into the "records room" and that it is out of bounds for as long as he is inside. All security locks are engaged and he is sealed in.

He activates a control and the door opens to a small alcove. In it are many files, but they are not his interest. The door closes behind him and another opens, leading to a hidden lift behind the records room. He enters and it descends, a very long, slow journey. As he goes, he dons a radiation suit...

Some time later, Bruce returns for a chat with Salamander and is angry to find that he has effectively locked himself in the records room and closed off all communications. To all intents and purposes, one of the most powerful men in the world is unreachable. Benik doesn't see the problem, but Bruce is quite concerned. If there is a fire in the building, they cannot get to him. If there is a world emergency, he cannot be reached. It defies logic for Bruce. This is just a records room, not a laboratory area. What can be so important?

Benik tries to smooth things over, asking if he can help, but Bruce refuses to talk to him. He says he doesn't like mysteries, but it clearly goes deeper than that. He contemplates ordering Benik to open the room, but it will do no good. Once the locks are engaged, only Salamander can release them... from the inside.

Salamander's lift finally comes to rest, many miles underground. The door opens and he emerges into a glassed-in anteroom overlooking a giant cavernous chamber. There are a group of people working below him. He announces via an intercom that he has arrived and that everyone should take "radiation precautions".

The crowd is thrilled to have Salamander back. They seem to be under the impression that it takes some great difficulty for him to go to and return from "the surface". Two men, Colin and Swann, discuss their hopes that Salamander has brought them food, fearing that they will all starve to death down here if he hasn't. It appears that these people are completely out of touch with the world above.

Colin turns to a young woman, Mary, who seems very worried about all of this. It turns out that Colin is going to ask Salamander to take him along on his next trip to the surface. He and the others have been underground a very long time and he yearns to see the sun and walk upon the earth again. He says he's sure that Salamander will take him and that is what Mary worries about. She is in love with Colin and fears for his life. No one else who has gone with Salamander has ever come back. She fears that he will face the same fate and tries to make her worries clear. Nothing else matters, though, for Colin. He must see the surface again.

Swann goes to help Salamander out of the anteroom. He has removed his radiation suit but says that he is not completely "decontaminated" yet. Salamander seems weak and out of breath, barely able to move on his own. Swann worries for him but Salamander thinks nothing of the "sacrifice" he undertakes to return to the surface for all of them and bring back food. Everyone here believes that the world above is awash in deadly radiation. Salamander knows the truth, but perpetuates the lie.

But it is not only his words that are deceptive. He scans himself with a radiation meter in front of Swann and it registers very high. One day, he says, it will register maximum as he absorbs too much. The meter must be rigged.

Mary, Colin and the others are very concerned over this, thinking that Salamander is killing himself for their safety. He laughs it off, saying he is exaggerating, and seems to regain much of his strength. He tells the gathered people that he has found a new store of food on the surface, completely undamaged by the radiation. This cheers them and he orders the last of their wine opened to celebrate.

Mary and Colin go to do this while Swann helps Salamander. He is going to address all the people, but not before he reinforces with Swann how "terrible" it is on the surface.

Salamander addresses his people with the same ease that he addressed the United Zones Conference in the video the Doctor saw earlier. He is a born politician, with an innate ability to say the right thing at the right time. He tells everyone of the new food stocks, news which is greeted by cheers. Then he reminds them that they are nearing the fifth anniversary of their decent into the "shelter". He calls them all "survivors". This leads several members of the crowd to lament the time and yearn for a return to the surface.

Salamander assures them they will regain the surface... eventually. But they must stay down here and continue to "fight the war". Their fighting consists of creating natural disasters: monsoons, earthquakes, and volcanoes. It seems that Kent was right all along - Salamander has found a way to affect the natural balance of the Earth and use it for his own ends. Unfortunately for his underground community, they do not know how their work is being used.

The outcry from the group to return to the surface grows louder but Salamander is unfazed. He tells them that he cannot allow them to go up until he is certain they can survive in the poisoned atmosphere. He asks them to be patient, his voice fading dramatically and his strength seeming to ebb. He leans on Swann for support.

This little show seems to work. Mary supports him, urging her fellow "survivors" to be patient as Salamander asks. Only her beloved Colin is unswayed. He is determined to go up to the surface with Salamander the next time he goes, even though he may not return. Mary sees the conviction in his eyes and vows to go with him as well. She'd rather die up there with him than be alone down here without him.

Salamander initiates a check of the power levels in the shelter, using this activity to keep the others' minds off what is happening. The check proceeds and all seems well. Salamander is pleased.

Kent, Astrid, and the Doctor have managed to reach Kent's caravan outside the research station. They are safe, but they lament the loss of Fariah. They do not know that she is dead and assume that she's taken a wrong turn. Hopefully she will reach the caravan as she was instructed as her information is vital.

Meanwhile, the Doctor has decided to submit himself to the plan of impersonating Salamander. Jamie and Victoria are uppermost in his mind, but he has likely decided that this is the only way out of this mess. Astrid is putting the finishing touches on his hair and skin-tone make up and is very satisfied with the result. Soon, they will be ready.

Unfortunately, their hand is suddenly forced. There is a noise outside the caravan. The Doctor's first thought is for Fariah. But it is Donald Bruce, Head of World Security. They are trapped...

Episode 5
(drn: 24'22")

Bruce is even more amazed than before at the Doctor's resemblance to Salamander. However, he is not amused. He reveals that he tracked the caravan by way of a radio tracking device attached to the vehicle by Benik when he was here last. He knew that they would make for it after their escape from Kent's office.

Bruce is full of questions, wondering why Kent wants to have the Doctor impersonate Salamander. Kent refuses to answer, but he has already guessed. He is certain the Doctor is to assassinate the leader and take his place. The Doctor resents this insinuation, as well as the suggestion that he is being paid for his work. He does admit that he was preparing to impersonate Salamander, but only to rescue his two friends. Astrid angrily says that they were going to get evidence to expose Salamander as a traitor, blackmailer and murderer!

Interestingly, Bruce does not refute the assumption that Salamander is all these things. He is a servant of the world government, not Salamander, and he has an open mind. The Doctor does not miss this distinction. Bruce, like the Doctor, mistrusts Kent due to his hatred of Salamander, but is interested to know that both he and Astrid are convinced that there is proof against Salamander in his records. The Doctor adds that they already have some damaging evidence against Salamander in the form of Fedorin's file and that piques Bruce's interest.

However, they learn from Bruce that Fariah was killed and the file returned to Benik. They are devastated but Astrid and Kent are determined to carry on with their plan. They must infiltrate the research station. But Bruce holds them at gunpoint. He admits he has his doubts about Salamander and his organisation but it will be him who does the investigating, not Kent. Kent is dismissive, certain that Salamander will find a way to cover his tracks and deceive Bruce. The Head of World Security is unmoved by this argument.

Suddenly, Astrid leaps forward and disarms Bruce's guard. She holds the gun on them both, chastising him for his poorly-trained guards.

Meanwhile, at the research station, Benik receives a delivery. Jamie and Victoria, unconscious, are brought to him for questioning. They have been drugged to keep them quiet on the trip from the Central European Zone. Benik can't wait to question them. He has a feeling they'll be stubborn...just the sort of challenge he likes.

Bruce tries to convince Astrid and Kent of the futility of their plan. Killing him won't do them any good. The caravan is surrounded by guards and they wouldn't stand a chance of escape. Kent, frustrated, threatens Bruce's life, but this provokes the Doctor's ire. He refuses to go on impersonating Salamander if there is any more violence. Even the threat of Jamie and Victoria's lives is not enough to sway him.

He has another plan. He manages to convince Astrid to hand over her gun to him. Holding it on Bruce, he reinforces the point that he holds Bruce's life in his hands. Bruce accepts them, not sure where he's going. Suddenly, the Doctor hands the gun over to Bruce. He is as stunned as Kent and Astrid.

The Doctor believes that Bruce is an honest and reasonable man and will not kill them out of hand. He has just enough doubt to accept some of what is being told to him and the Doctor trusts he will make the right decision. By this gesture, he hopes to gain Bruce's confidence in order to bring him into their plan. It seems he is right. Bruce is willing to listen.

The Doctor tells Bruce that he has seen enough to believe that Kent may well be telling the truth about Salamander. He just needs a bit more hard evidence - which can only be found in the research station. Jamie and Victoria may have found out something vital as well. With Bruce's help, the Doctor is sure that his impersonation will work. Bruce considers for a moment and then agrees, with the assurance from the Doctor that if no proof is found, Bruce can and will arrest them all for conspiracy. He also makes the condition that Kent and Astrid not be involved. They will be held here under guard.

Kent is livid at this but the Doctor accepts for him. Bruce is ready to go, but has a few doubts. He only hopes the Doctor's impersonation can fool Benik. Otherwise, they're done for.

In the underground shelter, Salamander brings the new food stores into the control room. A group of "survivors" is detailed to unload them, including Swann, Colin and Mary. Colin confesses to Swann his concerns over their ever reaching the surface again. What happens if Salamander goes back to the surface and never returns. They'll be trapped down here forever, starving to death. Swann dismisses the concern, as Salamander has always returned. He has faith and he berates Colin for negative thoughts like this which could erode morale. The argument threatens to escalate but Mary steps in and calms Colin. He continues working.

Mary apologises to Swann for the outburst. Swann seems to understand how he feels, but he knows that such negative thoughts will just as surely spell their doom. Colin must just be more patient. Things will work out in the end, just as Salamander says. They will all return to the surface one day. Swann breaks off and helps with the unloading as Colin returns.

Colin's negativity and concern are unabated. He likens their existence down here to that of worms. What's it all for? He says he doesn't doubt Salamander, but he just for once would like to see conditions on the surface for himself. He wants to know that the work they are doing here - creating natural disasters - is having the effect that Salamander says.

Swann joins them again, his voice more conciliatory. He understands Colin's depression down here. All of them have faced it. Best just to get on with the work at hand. Colin concedes this and returns to work.

The unloading of the food continues. It will clearly last them all for some time. However, during the unloading process, Swann notices something stuck in with the food tins - a scrap of paper. Unseen by anyone else, he pulls out the paper and unfolds it. It is a piece of newspaper. Swann's eyes go cold as he reads it and he breaks off from the work to go and speak to Salamander, his voice suddenly full of anger.

Salamander is at work alone in the control room and Swann must speak to him over the intercom. He demands to speak to their leader right now. Salamander opens the door and admits Swann, unaware of the problem. Even the fire in Swann's eyes does not alert him at first.

Swann thrusts the scrap of newspaper into his hand and asks for an explanation. Salamander feigns ignorance as he looks at it, but Swann knows exactly what it is. The dateline from the paper is last year, and the piece of headline announces the sinking of a holiday liner. A holiday liner! How can there be holiday liners if the world is supposed to be enmeshed in a global nuclear war?! Swann has thought it all through in one short moment. Salamander has lied to them all and he demands an admission. He is furious.

Salamander responds smoothly, with the practiced speech of a politician. He says that he did "mislead" them, but that he had to. He says that the war is actually over but the world is full of hideous mutants now. They have a sort of "society" that is somewhat normal, but the mutant creatures are evil and corrupt. He says that he had to keep them all down here to protect them from that evil. His voice becomes more impassioned as he speaks.

However, Swann is far ahead of him. He believes there was no justifiable reason for Salamander to lie about this, despite his assertions. Besides that, he realises that the natural disasters the "survivors" have been creating are not for any part of the war. They are being used to kill people on the surface, "mutants" or whomever. Salamander again tries to explain that the creatures are not worthy to live but Swann cannot justify wholesale murder for any reason. Salamander may want his people to "inherit the Earth", but mass murder is not the way to go about it.

Swann's anger is out of control and Salamander must think quickly. Nothing he is saying is having any affect on the man. The entire operation could be jeopardised and he must do something. Swann demands to go to the surface and see for himself. Salamander argues against this but Swann will not be dissuaded. He is willing to risk whatever radiation must be there, but he will not go without a fight. Knowing that the others will get wind of this if he doesn't placate Swann, Salamander agrees to take him. However, he asks that Swann not tell the others why he is going for fear of alarming them unnecessarily. Salamander agrees that Swann can report whatever he sees to the others when they return, but not before. He says that there is no way he can stop Swann at that point.

Reluctantly, Swann agrees. He knows that it is the only way to get Salamander to take him and he cannot get out on his own. Salamander tries once more to ask him to reconsider. He refuses, announcing their immediate departure to the entire group via the intercom. He does not reveal Salamander's deception nor his suspicions. Salamander is quite relieved.

Colin is devastated. He begged Salamander and was refused. Why now is Swann allowed to go. He becomes angry and begins shouting. He launches himself at the glass of the control room but it is too late. Salamander and Swann are already in the lift, ascending. Mary tries to settle Colin down but he will not let it go. He is becoming stir crazy down here. He must get out. Somehow he must!

Jamie and Victoria regain consciousness in the research station, both with headaches. A drink has been provided for them which helps alleviate the pain. Neither of them knows where they are, but they don't want to stick around. Jamie goes to open the door to the room, only to be confronted by Benik. He is deadly calm and menacingly pleasant. He tells them they are in the Australasian Zone, brought here to be questioned by Salamander.

Jamie becomes defiant, refusing to answer any questions. This actually pleases the sadistic Benik. He likes his subjects to have some spirit, some resistance. It makes the interrogation process much more fun for him. He seems to delight in intimating to Jamie and the silent Victoria the painful process he has planned for them. He wonders how long they'll last under the torture. Jamie is disgusted by his glee and makes a move toward him. Benik is much quicker and stronger than he looks and flattens Jamie with one punch. He is even happier at this. Then he turns his attention to Victoria.

She tries to be brave, but she's very scared. Benik's threats are getting through to her. Jamie vows to kill him if he harms her, but this only makes Benik happier. He pulls a gun and determines that he'll probably have to shoot one of them to get them talking. Something that will hurt and bleed, but not be fatal. The leg, perhaps.

Benik approaches Victoria menacingly. There is nowhere for her to run and he grabs her hair, yanking it viciously. Jamie makes a move toward Benik but the gun is still pointed at him. Benik pulls Victoria's hair again and she cries out. Jamie can see that there's nothing else for it. He'll just have to answer the questions and hope for the best.

Pleased, Benik releases Victoria and begins badgering Jamie to find out who sent them. He is sure it's Giles Kent. However, before Jamie can answer, Salamander barges in and sends him away. He himself will do the questioning, with the help of Bruce. Benik is angry at being interrupted, especially as he thought that Salamander was still in the records room, but he cannot disobey his leader. He stalks out of the room.

Jamie turns to Salamander, his will to fight still strong, and refuses to answer any questions. Unbeknownst to him, this is not the real Salamander, but the Doctor in disguise. The Doctor does not initially reveal himself.

To Jamie's amazement, "Salamander" says he knows everything. All about Giles Kent, Astrid, even the Doctor. Victoria and Jamie try to deny it but they can't. They explain that Kent told us a story about Salamander and the Doctor wanted proof before he'd agree to the impersonation. Their mission was simply to find out whether Kent was telling the truth. Jamie tells him distastefully that they have found their answer, too.

"Salamander" is dismissive, calling them petty terrorists. Bruce watches as Victoria and Jamie pummel "Salamander" with questions about his organisation. Why is everything so secretive? Why does he need guards and food tasters and high security? They accuse him of having Alexander Denes killed, which Bruce had not accepted before. Jamie suggests talking to Fariah for hard evidence against Salamander, but Bruce reveals that she is dead. Victoria and Jamie are angered, certain that Salamander had her killed. Victoria lashes out at "Salamander", physically attacking him.

The Doctor breaks character and identifies himself, frantically trying to free himself from the girl's attack. The chaos subsides but Jamie is still not convinced. The Doctor - looking for all the world just like Salamander - begins miming playing the recorder while whistling. He says he's sad because Jamie made him leave his recorder in the TARDIS before they left. Jamie and Victoria are convinced and welcome their friend heartily.

Bruce wonders what a "TARDIS" is and the Doctor evades the question. He thinks that fooling Jamie and Victoria is proof enough that he can proceed with his impersonation, but Bruce is not sure he wants to. The Doctor concedes that Jamie and Victoria added little to their knowledge of Salamander, but he knows that Bruce is still sceptical enough to continue with the charade. He still has doubts about the leader which must be put to rest.

Benik, still seething, races to Salamander's office and chastises the guard for not alerting him that Salamander had left the records room. The guard is confused as he has not come out. The doors are still locked. Now it's Benik's turn to be confused.

Salamander and Swann have ascended to the surface but instead of taking him out via the records room, Salamander has brought them out in a disused tunnel. It is dark and cavernous. Salamander says he did this because it's "safer". He doesn't think the radiation filters into this area. Swann no longer believes what Salamander says and demands once again to see the surface. Salamander is trying to work out a way out of this.

In the caravan, Kent is kicking himself that he didn't insist on going with Bruce and the Doctor. He feels helpless here. Astrid tries to reassure him, saying that they have made great progress against Salamander. With Bruce now openly sceptical about the leader, they are much farther along than they were before. Kent agrees that that is something, but he also knows that Salamander is a smooth talker, used to wriggling out of trouble.

Kent is determined to escape their guard and get into the research station. He must make sure that Bruce finds the right evidence and understands it. Astrid tries to talk him out of this foolhardy plan, but she knows she cannot. Finally, she decides to help him create a diversion and escape.

Swann is angry when he learns that the tunnel he is traversing is free of radiation. Why, he asks, could Salamander not have brought the people up from the underground shelter at least to this place. Even that little concession would alleviate much of the depression welling up among them. Salamander sticks to his story of mutants on the surface, reminding Swann that others have come up with him before. None has returned.

Swann will not be placated or frightened. They have reached a junction One way is a dead end, so Salamander says, and the other leads to the surface. Swann begins to lead the way toward the surface, refusing Salamander's final offer to change his mind. As Swann goes, Salamander produces a knife. He hopes he doesn't have to use it to solve his problems, but if he does have to use it, it will not the first time.

Astrid's plan is a simple one. Kent lays on the floor, playing dead. Astrid smashes the window, drawing the guard inside. She is hysterical, saying that Kent has been shot through the window. The guard is cautious, but knows he must do something for Kent. Just as he turns to go and summon a doctor, Astrid jumps him. She and Kent race out, leaving the guard to shout after them.

Moments later, Astrid is in a field adjacent to the research station. She is surprised to hear a voice calling weakly for help. It is coming from inside a cave and she goes to investigate.

Moving down the tunnel, she comes upon a man with a serious knife wound trying to crawl upward to the exit. It is Swann. Astrid tries to make him comfortable but there is little she can do. The man names his attacker: Salamander...

Episode 6
(drn: 21'41")

Swann struggles to get out his information, certain he has very little time. He points back toward the tunnel, saying "down there". Astrid cannot fathom what she has walked into.

Inside the research station, Bruce may be regretting his choice to trust in the Doctor. He - along with Jamie and Victoria - have just told him that they believe Salamander is creating the natural disasters from which he is benefiting. There is no proof, just a hunch, and Bruce cannot accept it. The Doctor is sure the proof is in Salamander's records room. But they cannot get in until he comes out.

Suddenly, they are interrupted by the return of Benik...

Astrid tries vainly to keep Swann alive. She knows he has valuable information against Salamander, if only he can tell it to the world authorities. She starts looking for some water to bathe his wounds and to slake his thirst.

Benik has entered the room with several passes for "Salamander" to sign. The Doctor cannot tell if this is a test of his identity, but he knows he cannot sign those passes without giving himself away. He tries to avoid doing it, but Benik reminds him of the high priority the hovertruck food supply was given...by Salamander himself. The Doctor holds on to the passes and does not sign. There seems to be something else the little man wishes to ask and he hovers.

Finally, he asks about the records room door. It is still locked and here "Salamander" is outside it. It must have jammed when he left the room. He asks "Salamander" for his key to try and fix it. Thinking quickly, the Doctor says he left his key inside and Benik says he'll use the emergency key. He does his best to dismiss Benik, telling him not to wait on the signed passes. Mercifully Benik leaves.

The Doctor breathes a sigh of relief but he cannot know if he's given anything away. For all they know, Benik was at the door listening long before he came in. However, the Doctor is pleased at the interruption once he looks at the passes he was given to sign. They are requisitions for food for the research station, catering for 30 people. Bruce is shocked - the station is almost fully automated. There are only a dozen people supposed to be working here. The evidence mounts.

Swann asks Astrid in a halting voice about the war. How bad was it? She does not understand and seems to have no knowledge of any war. Swann realises what she is saying and is now certain that Salamander has been lying to them all these years. It is too much for him and his life begins to ebb. With his dying breath he tells Astrid that there are others trapped underground. The entrance is further down the tunnel. He makes Astrid promise that she will free them, bring them back to the surface. Swann dies before he hears her, but her promise is loud and clear. She swears she will see Salamander's slaves freed.

The Doctor has decided that things are hotting up and he needs to take action. In Salamander's voice, he calls for an escort for Jamie and Victoria. He says he is releasing the prisoners. They are to head for the nearest public phone and dial a special code for Bruce's deputy in this zone, a man called Forrester. He gives them the emergency code word "redhead".

"Salamander" receives a call confirming the passes for the released prisoners but also a notification of a "visitor". The Doctor tells Bruce to help his friends escape while he tends to other matters. Jamie and Victoria are to make straight for the TARDIS after they call Forrester. Bruce agrees to help, despite their lack of information about this "TARDIS", but he still would like to know how the Doctor plans to get his proof against Salamander.

Down in the shelter, the lift is activated and everyone believes that Salamander is returning. Hopefully with Swann. Colin is still seething about being left behind again and is ready to have it out with their leader. However, none of them is prepared for what they see: a complete stranger emerging from the lift.

Astrid is equally stunned as she emerges from the control room. The assembled "survivors" are certain she is a radioactive mutant and panic. They surge forward, trying to force her back into the confines of the control room and/or destroy her. With unexpected strength, Colin forces his way to the front and holds everyone back. He has saved Astrid's life. Colin demands to know who she is and why she has come here. He reminds her that the radiation she carries could kill them all.

Astrid is confused, of course, knowing nothing of any radiation on the surface. Colin asks about Salamander and Swann. She tells him that Swann is dead, but not of radiation as they all seem to think. It was Salamander who killed him. And he has been keeping them all prisoners down here. Chaos breaks out again, but Colin keeps the others at bay. They do not seem to disbelieve her, but they still fear the radiation.

Colin is determined to hear what she has to say and asks her to return to the control room and undergo decontamination. Astrid allows herself to go inside. The radiation detector in the room registers high levels of contamination, triggering the decontamination machinery. Once he is satisfied, Colin allows her to come out. However, Astrid has taken in all of the equipment and realised that it is all fake. She puts several items from the shelter into the "detector" and they all register the same high levels of radioactivity. This is of course impossible. She shows Colin how the "detector" is simply light-beam activated to register whenever anyone or anything breaks it.

Colin, joined by Mary, realise that Salamander built everything they see here. He has used it. He has told them it was a radiation detector. It has all been a lie. Mary is the last hold out, afraid to believe that Salamander has lied to them about everything. But when Astrid once again professes ignorance of any war or radiation on the surface, the last illusion is shattered. A furious Colin wants to get his hands on Salamander. So does Astrid.

The Guard Captain stops Bruce and his prisoners near the main entrance to the research station. He has received no word that these prisoners were to be released and he asks to see some papers. Bruce is incensed at being questioned by this mere guard, but the Captain knows there are rules and regulations here. Bruce pulls rank and reminds him who he is. The Chief of World Security makes and breaks rules everyday. And he breaks men. The threat is clear and the Captain lets them pass.

However, as soon as they are gone, he sends one of his guards to find Benik.

Astrid has decided that she must get to the surface and fine Salamander. Colin and Mary will go with her. The others must stay because the lift can only fit three. She needs them to confront Salamander and to return to fetch the others once it is safe. They hurry away.

Benik is outside the records room, receiving the report from the guard. The records room door is still locked and "Salamander" has just gone back inside using the emergency key. However, there is no sign that he ever came out in the first place and should never have been in the interrogation room. It just doesn't make sense. Benik finally puts it all together, realising there is an impostor who has now gotten into the records room and locked the door. He leaves the guard on duty to deal with the situation himself.

However, inside the records room is not only Salamander but Giles Kent. He has snuck in as well, using his own key. Salamander is surprised to see him, to say the least. They are firmly locked in and Salamander does not like the desperate look on Kent's face. He seems hell-bent on destroying Salamander for good. Salamander tries to be dismissive, but Kent pulls a gun. He tells Salamander that the biggest mistake he ever made was in not killing him when he had the chance.

Salamander stares down the gun and calls his bloodlust "petty". He tries to make a move but Kent shoves him back, warning him not to test his shaky nerves again.

Benik has summoned Bruce, who decides that they must try to get into the records room. He orders cutting equipment brought in on the double. Benik doubts it will work but must obey.

Kent continues to mock Salamander, sounding more and more vindictive. He says that Salamander is eminently expendable and that the world will get along just fine without him. Suddenly there is a roaring sound from the other side of the door. Cutting equipment. Kent can only hope that the door will hold long enough.

Outside, there doesn't seem to be much effect, but Bruce won't allow the guards to stop to process.

Salamander chides Kent that he's trapped himself as well, but Kent knows of the secret escape route. He knows it very well. He operates a switch and a rear door appears. It leads into the tunnel and out into the fields around the research station. There he knows there is a cache of explosives which will put paid to Salamander and his thugs.

Suddenly "Salamander" isn't himself any more. Unbeknownst to him, Kent has been speaking with the Doctor all along! Even he was fooled. The Doctor, however, has not been fooled. Kent knows far more than he'd ever let on, and his knowledge is damning indeed.

From the open doorway, Astrid, Colin and Mary appear. They have entered from the tunnel. Kent is glad to see his loyal helper, but Astrid's face is hardened. Colin and Mary have told him everything. Kent is the man who took them down into the shelter in the first place. It was he who built the shelter, he who sent the people down for an "endurance test", and he who left them there. The next person they saw was Salamander, who told them of the "war" and of Kent's "death".

All of this story is relayed through a monitor to the people underground. They watch as Kent's bravado dissolves in the face of the truth. He and Salamander were in it together all along. Kent sounds like a madman as he explains the plan to create natural disasters and take over the world. He and Salamander were going to do it together, and they fooled the world.

The Doctor says calmly that he was not fooled. That is why he hung back before getting involved. He suspected Kent from the start. Anyone who resorts to murder as eagerly and rapidly as Kent must be suspect. He realised early on that Salamander's death was Kent's aim. And that he wanted to take over Salamander's operation for himself.

Kent is certain he can still succeed, despite these setbacks. He brandishes his gun and forces his way past Astrid and the others. Then he races off into the tunnel.

Having heard about the cache of explosives, the Doctor is certain Kent's plan is to blow up the research station. They must stop him. However, they cannot escape through the records room door as it is now red hot. They dare not go into the caves themselves as Astrid has deduced that Salamander must be in the tunnel system as well. She can only guess what will happen if he and Kent meet up.

The cutting continues on the records room door, but it is still having little effect. Bruce's assistant Forrester arrives and Bruce is now safe to act. As his first order of business, he takes Benik into custody. The weak little man demands a fair trial, despite all that he has done. Bruce's loathing comes through loud and clear. He orders all research personnel taken away, Benik first.

The video link to the records room activates and the Doctor calls to Bruce. He explains that Kent has escaped into the tunnels and is planning to blow the entire place up. Sadly, Bruce says he's doing his best to release the door but it doesn't seem to be working. The Doctor tells him he might have to stop and to leave with his men to ensure their safety.

In the tunnel, Kent has found Salamander... or vice versa. Salamander denounces him as a fool but Kent tries to find a bond between them once again. Salamander is dismissive, further angering the unstable Kent. Kent tries to reason with him, saying that with their explosives, they can destroy all the evidence against them and restart their plan to rule the world. Just the two of them.

Suddenly Salamander produces his own gun. Kent reacts far too slowly and Salamander shoots him. He is only wounded and staggers away down the passage. Kent never thought it would end up like this. Salamander pursues him and fires again. Kent staggers and falls near the tunnel wall. He is very near one of the activation points for the mines which he and Salamander placed throughout the caves. Grimly, Kent says that if he's going to die, they'll both go together. He activates the explosives.

The tunnels explode just as Bruce manages to get the records room door open. The Doctor, Astrid, Colin, and Mary tumble out as sections of the ceiling fall in around them. Astrid is certain that Kent and Salamander are now dead, but her main concern is for the rest of the people in the underground shelter. She made a promise to the dying Swann to get them out and she intends to keep it... if they are still alive.

The Doctor uses the video link outside the records room to look in on the shelter. Luckily, they are all still alive and safe, but getting to them is still a problem. Astrid is determined to lead the rescue attempt and Bruce agrees to help. He'll detail some of his men to join them. The Doctor offers to come too, but Astrid holds him back. It's far too dangerous with him looking like Salamander.

The Doctor agrees to stay behind but they must all get out of the research station quickly before it collapses on top of them. The Doctor is struck by falling debris and Astrid helps him out. Everyone else follows.

Some time later, Jamie waits on the beach outside the TARDIS. The Doctor joins them, still disguised as Salamander and looking much the worse for wear. Without a word to Jamie, he goes inside.

Victoria is glad to see him and helps him to a chair. The Doctor is badly battered and his friends assume it is from the explosion. They were still near the research station when the explosives went off. Not knowing what else to do, they came straight here, although Jamie had the strangest feeling that they were followed here.

Victoria is eager to get underway but the Doctor seems too weak to move. He gestures to Jamie and then the control panel, indicating that he should work the ship. Jamie is stunned. The Doctor has told him many many times never to touch the controls.

From the doorway, the Doctor tells him that he is quite right. The man in the chair is Salamander. He has barely survived the explosion set by Giles Kent and he followed Jamie and Victoria here, hoping to counter the Doctor's impersonation of him with one of his own. Salamander tells the Doctor that Kent did not survive the explosion.

The Doctor is done dealing with the petty would-be dictator and announces that he is going to put Salamander off the ship. Outside, alone, with no safety. He will be at the mercy of the world authorities for all that he has done.

Salamander is desperate to escape. He attacks Jamie and makes for the controls. He moves quickly, hitting the switch which Jamie was contemplating moments ago. The dematerialisation control!

The ship begins its flight with the doors standing wide open. The lights flash violently and the ship bucks and pitches. All its occupants are thrown about, desperately grabbing for any kind of handhold.

Salamander, not expecting anything like this, is in the open as the ship pitches. He is lifted off his feet by the power of the maelstrom outside and pulled out the doors.

Victoria cries out and the Doctor begs them to hold on. They must hold on for their lives...

Source: Jeff Murray

Continuity Notes:
  • Salamander isn't the only foe who ends up in the Time Vortex; in Goth Opera, the Fifth Doctor expels Ruath, a Time Lady who has become a vampire, into the Vortex, and in Sometime Never... Sabbath condems himself to eternal agony in the Vortex to save the Universe from the mysterious Council of Eight.
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