Executive Producers
Julie Gardner
Russell T. Davies

Richard Stokes

Script Editor
Brian Minchin

Written by Catherine Tregenna
Directed by Andy Goddard
Incidental Music by Ben Foster

John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper), Burn Gorman (Owen Harper), Naoko Mori (Toshiko Sato), Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones), Kai Owen (Rhys Williams), Bryan Dick (Adam), Demetri Goritsas (Jack’s Father), Lauren Ward (Jack’s Mother), Jack Montgomery (Young Jack), Ethan Brooke (Gray), Rhys Meyers (Young Adam), Paul Kasey (Weevil), Jo McLaren (Murdered Woman).

What's wrong with the Torchwood team? Jack has lost all his confidence, Ianto's become a murderous brute, Tosh is sexually voracious, Gwen doesn't even recognise her husband Rhys and the usually cocksure womaniser Owen has become a timid, cardigan-wearing geek. There's a new member of the team too - but everyone is treating him as if they've known him for years…

Original Broadcast (UK)
Adam			 13th February, 2008			9h00pm - 9h50pm
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The relationship between Gwen and Rhys has been strengthened by their recent experiences and they enjoy their time at home together more than ever before. Although Rhys is right when he says she’s itching to get back to work, she says that having him to come home to is the best bit.

In the Hub, Jack produces a case filled with unlabelled Class D artefacts. He asks Tosh and Owen to run a full check on them and asks Adam to do the audits as he knows how much he loves doing them. Adam hates it really, but he also knows it’s something that has to be done and it‘s always been his job, so he starts going through the investigation reports to see if he can find out when the artefacts came through the Rift. Gwen arrives for work, but she’s late because she and Rhys have only just got back from a holiday in Paris. She sees Adam for the first time and asks who he is, which surprises everyone as Adam has been member of the team for the last three years. Adam touches Gwen on the shoulder and she suddenly remembers what an important part of her life he’s been since she joined Torchwood. She apologises for teasing him and they hug warmly.

When no one is looking, Adam opens up the computer and creates a document on himself. The records now show that his name is Adam Smith, that he was born on 16 November 1982 and that he was recruited into Torchwood on 7 May 2005. Tosh joins him and asks what he’s doing on their personnel file, but he changes the screen and tells her he’s been updating the database on details of Rift activity. She hands him a sealed box covered with strange markings and tells him its emitting a low meson energy reading. She asks him if he has any idea when it came through but he doesn’t and says he’ll look into it. Adam touches Tosh on the shoulder and she suddenly remembers all the flirting they’ve done over the years and how it’s now developed into a proper loving relationship. They kiss passionately and she remembers how today is the one-year anniversary of their first ever kiss. They notice that Owen is watching them and Tosh asks if he’s okay. Owen, who is now wearing glasses and a dull grey cardigan, mumbles nervously and explains that he’s just a bit uncomfortable as he never expected to see anyone kissing at work. He turns away and Adam tells Tosh they should celebrate tonight.

Jack visits the lower cell area and is surprised when one of the Weevils throws itself against the reinforced glass. Jack ignores it and moves on - but in the next cell he stops in shock when he sees a small young boy inside staring back at him. He has a momentary flashback of two holding hands getting pulled apart, then his attention is distracted by Gwen at the door. He looks back at the cell but the boy has gone. Gwen asks if he’s okay and he says he’s fine. They tease each other and then leave, but Jack can’t help peering back into the room, a look of concern on his face.

Tosh has found evidence of Rift activity two days ago, but oddly nothing seems to have come through. Owen teases her with a screen-cleaner shaped like a cuddly toy and he offers it to her as a gift, but she tells him the last thing she needs is a small rodent looking at he while she’s working. Owen is evidently hurt when she decides to name the toy Owen and he returns to the medical area. Gwen laughs at him and likens him to a little puppy bringing back sticks. She wonders when he’s going to realise he’s got no chance with Tosh? Ianto tells her that love is blind and says Owen has idolised her for years. Adam says they should leave him alone as he thinks it’s quite sweet.

Later that night Gwen returns home, but she knows immediately that something is wrong and her home is not how she remembers it. As she looks around in confusion, Rhys emerges from the shower in a dressing gown and grabs her playfully. She screams in terror and backs away. He apologises for frightening her, but she demands to know how he got into her home. She goes to the kitchen and pulls out a massive carving knife - and Rhys knows she’s serious! He asks Gwen what’s going on, but she doesn’t recognise him and asks how he knows her name. She takes the gun out of her bag and orders him to stay back while she phones Jack and tells him someone has broken into her flat. Rhys tells her he lives here with her and has his own key, but Gwen thinks he’s a nutter and orders him to shut up. She asks Jack to get here as quickly as he can. She hangs up and tells Rhys he’s picked the wrong girl to stalk…

Jack and Adam arrive outside Gwen’s home and race inside, drawing their guns and expecting trouble. They burst into her living room and see Gwen pointing her gun at a confused Rhys. Jack looks around, expecting to see an intruder, but there’s no one else in the room. He asks Gwen what’s going and she shows him photos of herself and Rhys which are spread out everywhere. She’s convinced he must have broken in and left the photos here while she was away and he must be deluded because he keeps saying he’s her boyfriend. Jack confirms that Rhys is her boyfriend and when Gwen says she’s never seen him before in her life, Jack assures her they’ve been together for years. For a moment Rhys is relieved, but then he turns his anger on Jack and accuses him of doing something to Gwen. He knows they have pills that make people forget, so he concludes that Jack is playing sick games and trying to phase him out of Gwen’s life. Gwen still believes Rhys is mad - until Rhys points out that she’s wearing the engagement ring he bought her. She sees it and becomes even more confused. Adam steps in and suggests Gwen go back to the Hub with her and Rhys asks who the hell he is. Jack confirms that he’s one of their group and agrees to Adam’s suggestion that Gwen go back to be checked out while he stays here to sort things out with Rhys. Reluctantly Gwen agrees, but she warns Jack not to let Rhys go - adding that if he comes after her again, she’ll kill him! After they’ve gone, Jack asks Rhys to trust him. He had nothing to do with this, but whatever‘s happened, he‘s going to put it right.

Owen examines Gwen back in the Hub but can find no signs of any long-term damage or alien intervention. However, he accepts that he must be missing something because it’s a complete mystery why she’s forgotten Rhys even though everyone else remembers him.

Back at the house, Jack sets up a mini video camera to transmit pictures of Rhys back to the Hub. They need to help Gwen remember, so Jack asks Rhys where the two of them first met. Rhys says it was at college and he fancied her from the moment he first saw her. Gwen watches as Rhys recounts the first time they kissed. Adam crouches next to her and asks her if it’s bringing anything back. She says she can, but she can’t remember how she felt at the time. Adam touches Gwen on the shoulder and assures her that Rhys is her fiancée and her memory must just be playing tricks on her. She returns her attention to Rhys just as he talks about the moment he first decided he wanted to marry her.

Owen continues his scan on the sealed box but he still hasn’t been able to work out what it is. He asks Tosh to take a closer look at the detailed markings as they’re gorgeous, but he also takes the opportunity to take a closer look at Tosh herself. She asks if he’s worked out what the markings are, but he hasn’t and he’s forced to admit he’s not been doing very well today. It looks like it’s going to be a long night, which is why he’s brought some sandwiches for the two of them, packed nicely away in two colour co-ordinated Tupperware boxes. It’s her favourite - smoked salmon. She goes to get a beer, which surprises Owen as he didn’t think they should be relaxing while they’re working.

Ianto escorts Gwen home and Jack checks that she’s going to be okay before leaving her alone with Rhys. Outside, Ianto tells Jack that Owen is checking for the cause of Gwen’s amnesia. Just as Jack is about to get in the car, he sees the strange boy again, standing silently at the side of the road. Ianto calls Jack urgently and tells him he’s getting reports of a Weevil sighting nearby, and when Jack turns back to where the boy was standing, he’s gone. Jack asks Ianto if he saw anything, but he didn’t, so Jack decides to drop Ianto off and then check on the sighting alone. Ianto offers to go with him as it’s been a while since they went hunting together, but Jack says he’ll be fine on his own.

Tosh returns to the boardroom with beers for herself and Owen and tempts him into trying one. She suggests they call it a celebration to mark the fact that she and Adam have been together for one year today. She tells him she’s never experienced anything like it and the two of them just fit. Owen says he isn’t sure what she means and she promises he’ll meet the right girl one day. He asks if she really thinks he looks like a rodent, but she changes the subject and tells him they should get back to work on the strange box.

Jack climbs down into the sewer system near where the Weevil sighting was reported. He shines his light down the long dark tunnel and calls for the creature to come out. He hears a faint roar in the distance and warns the Weevil that he’s picked the wrong day. There’s a splash of water and he races around the corner - only to find himself facing a man dressed in futuristic white clothes who tells him to get out. Jack is stunned and stops in his tracks. The man is Jack’s father, who screams at his son to run. Jack races back to the ladder and climbs back up to ground level. He pauses to get his breath back and is surprised to find Adam standing behind him, asking whether he found the Weevil. He asks Adam how he got here but Adam touches him on the shoulder and reminds him that they both came here together. He asks Jacks what he saw that so unnerved him and he tells him it was his past.

At their home, Rhys is patiently showing Gwen some reminders of their time together. Rhys tells Gwen they love each other, but when he goes to hold her hand she backs away nervously. If this is all true, she can’t understand how she could have forgotten it, but Rhys doesn’t know the answer. He goes to get a beer from the fridge but there’s nothing there and he remembers they’ve been away and he was going to take her out for a meal tonight.

Jack strides off into the night and Adam chases after him and urges him to talk about whatever‘s bothering him. He asks about Jack’s past and childhood, then he touches Jack on the shoulder and tells him he’s always been here for him and he was the one Jack could confide in from the very beginning. Jack reveals that the memory was supposed to be buried - he buried it himself over 150 years ago - so why would he remember it now? Adam suggests that his subconscious might be telling him it’s the right moment and that he can’t block out the past forever. Jack insists that he can’t afford to remember. Adam assures him he can help and asks Jack to tell him what he can see. Jack closes his eyes and tries to think back…

…Jack is standing on a beautiful sandy beach. He’s a young boy, running across the sand dunes and looking at a futuristic city on the beach in the distance. This is the Boeshane Peninsula, Jack‘s home in the 51st century, where they lived under the threat of invasion. Jack’s people thought the invaders would pass over them like they always did, but not this day. They were the most horrible creatures you could possibly imagine and their howls travelled before them. Jack sees his father ordering his younger self to look after Gray, his little brother. The young Jack pleads with his father to come with them, but he has to find their mother. Jack and Gray run off with all the other people. Jack remembers that one minute he was holding Gray’s hand, but then he was gone. He never even noticed when Gray let go. He remembers running back the way he came, calling for his brother and ignoring all the dead bodies that littered the beach. Jack ran all the way home, where he found his father dead outside their house.

Jack tells Adam that he searched for Gray for years, but he never found a body. Adam assures him it wasn’t his fault, but he blames himself for letting go of his brother’s hand. It was the worst day of his life and it’s the last thing he wants to remember. Jack storms off back to the car.

Ianto watches as Owen examines the strange box again. Tosh reports that according to the molecular breakdown, this potentially complex alien artefact is, in fact, made out of wood. Owen wonders whether it fell into the crate of unlabelled artefacts by mistake and perhaps it just picked up the meson energy trace after being in contact with something else. Tosh dismisses this and Owen apologises for making a stupid suggestion. Ianto thinks Jack brought it in, but Tosh is sure Adam found it on one of his excavations a few months back, so Ianto decides to go and check his diary. He says he always likes to write about the more interesting artefacts…among other things. It looks like Owen and Tosh are finished for the night, but Tosh is disappointed that Adam hasn’t rung her yet. Owen says that if it had been their anniversary, he’d cherish her. Tosh thinks that’s sweet, but Owen says he really means it. He says he wouldn’t let her out of his sight because he loves her. Tosh looks at him in surprise and he repeats what he said. He adds that he’s always loved her, ever since they started working together and, if truth be told, he physically aches for her. Whenever she’s in the room, he just wants to reach out and touch her. He’s decided he can’t keep this secret any more. His mother told him to seize the day, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. He says he has so much love to give Tosh and she’ll never know that unless he tells her. He realises she’s with Adam, but he thinks the two of them could be amazing together if only she’d give them a chance. Tosh becomes frosty and tells him his behaviour is completely inappropriate. She insists that she’s happy with Adam and even if she wasn’t, Owen isn’t her type and never will be. With that, she storms from the room, leaving Owen looking crestfallen.

Gwen accompanies Rhys to the local mini-market where he stocks up on supplies. She thinks she ought to be on her own tonight, but he refuses on the grounds that she might forget who she is. He reminds her that she’s not the only one who’s lost something - he’s lost his girlfriend and his best friend. He goes to pay for his goods, but the young lad behind the counter takes a personal phone call and wanders off, ignoring the customers. Rhys is outraged and begins to rant about how he’ll never bother coming here again and how the goods are over-priced and how the lad should invest in some spot cream. Gwen can’t help laughing and she suddenly remembers what living with Rhys is like. He’s always ranting, whether he’s in a queue or driving or when he’s on the phone. She begins to cry and Rhys comforts her, then they leave the shop.

Ianto is sitting alone in the Hub, flicking through the pages of his diary and looking for any references to the strange box. But something very odd has struck him about the entries he’s made. He leans forward, a look of concern on his face, and when he sits back he finds Adam sitting next to him. Adam asks him what’s wrong and Ianto leaps to his feet. He explains that he can‘t find any reference to Adam in his diary even though everyone else is mentioned. He suddenly realises he’s been remembering a man who doesn’t exist. As he says this, Adam drops the diary and his hand starts to shudder and fade away. Ianto asks who Adam is, but Adam suddenly hurls himself forward and forces Ianto against the wall. He tells Ianto he can fill his mind with fake memories until his head is on fire. Ianto asks what happened to Gwen and Adam explains that memory is a very delicate thing and when he feeds himself in, it forces other things out. This is how he exists and Gwen’s memory loss was a side effect of what he has to do to survive. Ianto threatens to tell Jack, so Adam grabs him and begins to force new memories into his mind…

Ianto sees himself attacking a woman in the street at night. Adam says Ianto didn’t mean to kill her, but he couldn’t stop himself. Ianto breaks down and swears he didn’t do it, but Adam insists he did and she wasn’t the first. Ianto then remembers another woman crying and running into a dead end. Then yet another woman, this time walking the streets. Ianto used to roam the streets too, while looking for victims. Adam throws the diary away and says that all human record is a lie that can be twisted into what you want to believe. But there’s rot in Ianto’s heart and he craves flesh. Ianto sees himself killing victim after victim. Adam admits that he even helped him dump the bodies afterwards. Adam is starting to enjoy himself, as if he’d forgotten how much fun it was to feed in all the bad stuff. He leaves Ianto crying on the floor…but in Ianto’s mind all he can see is himself screaming as he backs away from his latest victim, lying dead at his feet.

Jack is also remembering. He remembers being a boy again, discovering his father’s dead body near their home on the Boeshane Peninsula. He remembers his mother calling for her husband Franklin to speak to her and then watching as she began to cry. He sees his mother hugging the young Jack and then asking where Gray is, then she breaks down completely when she realises she’d lost her little boy too. Back in the present day, Jack struggles to work out why he’s suddenly remembering all this now.

Back at home, Gwen and Rhys are preparing to go to bed. It’s a nerve-wracking experience for both of them and Gwen admits that everything is still a bit of a blur, but she thinks she’s getting there. Rhys says their memories are all they’ve got and it’s what brought them to this point, but Gwen knows they found it once before so they can do it again. Rhys tells her he’s always been worried that she just ’settled’ for him and that if she met him for the first time now, with everything else that’s going on in her life, she wouldn’t look twice at him. She tells him not to say that and they kiss. He asks if she remembered doing that before, but she says it felt like the first time. But it was nice. They smile and kiss again, then she asks him to remind her some more, so they lay back on the bed.

At Tosh’s home, Adam undresses and clinches Tosh passionately. She pushes him back on the bed and then lies on top of him, kissing his body seductively. He stops for a moment and asks her how far she’d be prepared to go for him. He says he needs to know whether she’d die for him and she says she would. They continue kissing.

Jack returns to the Hub and is about to retire when he hears his name being whispered. He sees Ianto sitting at a table and realises immediately that something is wrong. Ianto is in a state of shock and he pleads with Jack to lock him up in the vaults. He tells Jack he killed three girls and when Jack tells him to stop kidding around, he insists that he murdered them in cold blood, then dumped their bodies. He tries to leave, claiming that none of them are safe with him around, but Jack grabs him and demands to know what’s happened. He hugs Ianto, but his friend whispers in his ear that he’s a monster.

Later, Jack sets up some equipment in his office and turns it to face Ianto. He says it’s the best lie detector on the planet and it’ll indicate straight away if he says anything that’s not true. He asks Ianto to remember what happened and he describes his hands around a girl’s throat, squeezing the life out of her … and it felt so good. Jack looks at the device and is concerned that it shows Ianto is telling the truth. Ianto is devastated by the result, but Jack says he still doesn’t believe it. He asks Ianto about the second girl and he describes how she tried to get away, but found herself in a dead end. He says he was too quick for her and remembers her pleading, but at the time he didn’t care. He knows that something inside him wants to kill, but Jack knows this isn’t the real Ianto and he rips the device from the desk. He realises Ianto has been changed and he’s convinced his friend is not a murderer. Jack rushes to the main area and begins checking back on the old CCTV records. Before long, he finds footage of Adam attacking Ianto and implanting the memories inside his head. He checks further back and finds footage of Adam prompting Tosh with memories of the anniversary of their relationship. Further back still and he finds footage of Gwen meeting Adam for the first time and not recognising him, then he watches as Adam touches her on the shoulder and suddenly she remembers. Then Jack himself remembers being outside when Adam touched him on the shoulder and how he suddenly remembered his childhood. He drags Ianto over to the computer screen and shows him the images of Adam implanting the memories into his mind.

Jack goes to the medical area and checks through the blood samples taken from all of the group. Not surprisingly, there’s no sample for Adam. Ianto checks through the personnel database on the computer and everything seems to be in order. He finds a file for Adam, but when he checks the time of the last update, he discovers it was added just 24 hours ago.

Just then the lights in the main area come on and both Jack and Ianto adopt innocent poses as if they’ve been going about their usual business. Someone enters - but it’s just Owen, carrying a large bunch of flowers, which he places nervously on Tosh‘s work station. Moments later, Adam and Tosh arrive and they see the flowers. Tosh is nervous when Owen approaches and apologises for what he said last night. He says he thinks the world of her and he’s really sorry for jeopardising their friendship. Adam is watching them silently from his own work station, unaware that he in turn is being closely watched by Jack and Ianto. Owen tells Tosh that the most important thing is her happiness and she tells him she’s completely happy with Adam. Gwen returns and says her memories are starting to come back slowly, and although Rhys didn’t think she should come back to work so soon, she wanted to. Adam joins them and promises to look after Gwen. He tries to get everyone together for a group hug and puts his arms around Gwen, Tosh and Owen. Ianto brushes past them and Adam calls him back. He reaches out to Ianto, but Ianto pulls back, so Adam tells him he could murder a coffee.

Adam sits confidently back in his chair - and Jack places a loaded gun at the back of his head. The rest of the group turn in alarm and Jack explains that Adam has been feeding himself into their memories by touch and he didn’t even exist until two days ago. Tosh thinks this is some kind of sick joke and Owen tries to assure Jack that they’ve known Adam for years, but Jack says he just made them think that. Adam reaches out to Jack, but he orders him back at gunpoint. Adam insists that Jack recruited him three years ago, but Jack says that whenever he thinks of his team he can see Adam there, but he doesn’t feel anything for him. There’s no pride and no warmth for him, he’s just someone who unburies the dead. Gwen suggests that Jack might have forgotten him the way she forgot Rhys, but Jack says he should have spotted what was going on earlier. Her memory loss wasn’t down to stress, it was because when Adam made them think they knew him, he disturbed their real memories. He grabs Adam and forces him towards the vault - but Tosh suddenly whips out her own gun and orders Jack to back away. Gwen and Owen rush forward to calm Tosh down, but she turns her gun on them too. Jack assures Tosh that he’s just going to lock Adam up, but Tosh insists he let her boyfriend go. For a moment there’s a tense stand-off, then Ianto leaps forward and disarms Tosh. As Tosh struggles and screams, Jack accuses Adam of being responsible for all this. Tosh pushes the others aside and screams for Adam…

Jack throws Adam into one of the underground cells and slams the door closed. Adam pleads with Jack not to kill him and explains that he had to become part of their memories in order to survive. He says he didn’t mean any harm and in fact he’s actually changed them for the better. He says Jack didn’t even remember who he was until Adam helped him; and all Owen’s cynicism has gone, making him a selfless, happier person; and Toshiko has never been this confident. Jack asks him why he chose this group and Adam explains that they’re all unique - especially Jack with all the extraordinary memories he holds, some hidden and some absent. In fact, it was his singular mind that drew Adam here. Jack reminds him that what they do best is wipe out aliens.

Jack summons the entire group to the boardroom and briefs them all on what’s happened. He explains that their memories are what define them, but when Adam changed those memories he changed the kind of people they are. Now Jack plans to help them go back and find a memory that defines each of them so they can re-discover themselves. He lowers the lights and switches on the main screen which is now filled with a strange hypnotic effect. He plans to take each of them back to a time before they all met. As they fall into a trance-like state, Jack asks them all to think of a defining moment that makes them what they are. Gwen remembers when Rhys first sat next to her in the college canteen and started telling stupid jokes. Jack watches as she laughs out loud at the memory. Owen remembers his tenth birthday when his mother spent the whole day screaming at him, telling him she loved him because he was her son, but that didn’t mean she had to like him. Tosh remembers her time with the Maths Club and how there was something reliable about always being able to find the right answer. Ianto remembers meeting Lisa and falling in love. He never felt so alive. When Owen turned sixteen, his mother packed his bags - it was the nicest thing she did for him in years. Gwen remembers the look on Rhys’s face when she first kissed him. Tosh remembers her first flat, although she didn’t have a flat warming party because there was no one she wanted to invite. Ianto remembers losing Lisa and it was like his world had ended. Gwen thinks the way Rhys looks at her sometimes it’s like he’s scared of losing her. She loves Rhys - then she turns to Jack in the boardroom and tells him it’s not in the same way that she loves him! She thinks there has to be more to life than this.

Jack gives Gwen an amnesia pill and tells her to take it. He moves to Tosh, who is crying. She knows she’s special, but she’s still waiting for someone to see it. Jack tells her he saw it, and gives her a pill too. Owen has saved a hundred lives, but it’s not enough and he wonders who will save him. Jack tells him he will, and he passes Owen a pill. Ianto thinks that coming here and meeting Jack gave him meaning again. Jack kisses him and passes him a pill. Each of them now has a short-term amnesia pill that will make them forget Adam. Jack tells them they have to wipe out the last 48 hours from their memories and go back to who they all were. One by one they start taking their pills…and down in the cells, Adam’s entire body starts to shudder and vanish. When it comes to Tosh’s turn, she switches the screen back to watch Adam in distress. She tells Jack it hurts so much, but he reminds her that none of it was real. She remembers loving Adam and him loving her, and she insists that it’s no different from having a real memory, but Jack strokes her face gently and points out that Adam forced the memory on her. He tells her she has to let it go, so she fights back the tears and eventually takes the pill. She says goodbye to Adam, then goes to sleep. One by one, the others in the group go to sleep too, until the only one left standing is Jack.

Jack arrives outside Adam’s cell and tells him he’s the only one left. Adam says he knows what it’s like not to exist and pleads not to be sent back. Jack says he has to and shows him the amnesia pill. Adam says that even if it wipes out the past two days, he’ll still have all his bad memories because they were genuine. He asks him about the last good memory he has of his father. Jack tells him it’s lost and Adam offers to help him find it before he dies. Jack wonders why he would do that and Adam explains that he was in the Void for so long that the colours of this world almost blinded him. It was so beautiful after the darkness and the stench of fear that he feels he owes it to Jack to return the favour. Jack is tempted and although he seems to struggle with the decision, he eventually closes his eyes…

…Jack remembers being back on the beaches of the Boeshane Peninsula. It’s early evening and the young Jack is playing ball games with his father. His father realises that one day his son is not going to want to play with him any longer, but right now things are perfect. They’re both joined by Gray and the two boys greet each other warmly and then start a new game with their father. Outside the cell in the Torchwood Hub, Jack’s eyes fill with tears at the memory…and then the present-day Jack is there on the beach too, watching his younger self. The ball is knocked out of play and the young Jack races off to collect it.

Jack’s face becomes serious as his memory changes in tone. When the younger Jack finds the ball, it’s being picked up by a strange boy who he’s never seen before. The boy introduces himself as Adam and asks if he can play too, but the younger Jack is hostile towards him and aggressively pushes him to the ground. Just then, Jack’s father arrives with Gray and demands to know what’s going on. Adam explains that he just wanted to play too, but Jack says he doesn’t want him there as he doesn’t belong with them. Adam goes to shake the hand of Jack’s father, but Jack pushes him down again. Jack’s father shouts at him and then helps Adam off the ground. When he rises, he’s become the older Adam, the same person currently locked up in the cell. Jack’s father tells his son that if he isn’t willing to share, then the game is over and they’re going home. He turns to leave with Gray and the older Jack calls out to him. This isn’t how he remembers it. He knows they don’t leave yet and that they should have carried on playing until it got dark, then they would light a fire and his mother would join them. But now that memory has gone and Jack’s father is angry with him and is leaving with Gray. Jack turns on Adam and accuses him of spoiling things. The young Jack races after his father and calls out that he loves him … but in the vaults, the older Jack begins to cry and tells Adam he wants the real memories back. Adam smiles and tells Jack he has to let him live. He reveals that the strange box he found contains Jack’s last good memory of playing with his father and Gray, when everyone was happy and safe, not knowing what was ahead. Now Adam is a part of that memory and he’ll always live as long as Jack remembers it.

Adam is confident that he’s ensured his own survival, but the smile is wiped from his face when Jack stoically produces his amnesia pill. Adam becomes angry and says that if he dies, Jack will lose everything - including his last good memory of his father, who will effectively cease to exist for him. Jack simply says goodbye to Adam and then swallows the pill. Adam immediately cries out in pain and falls to the floor. Jack sees himself back on the beach calling for his father and Gray to come back, but as Adam’s body starts to shudder and vanish, Jack’s memory starts to disappear to. Jack slumps to the floor as Adam completely disappears, then moments later Jack is unconscious.

The next morning Jack wakes up, confused. He’s lying on the floor next to an empty cell in the vault, but he can’t remember how he got there. Later, he finds the group at their work stations trying to find out what happened. They tell him that they’ve all lost two days and no one can remember anything from the last 48 hours. Tosh says the computer system is blank, all the CCTV footage has been wiped and none of them has any idea what they’ve been doing during that time. Jack doesn’t know either, but he spots the flowers on Tosh’s desk and comments that she must have a secret admirer. She checks the card and sees that it’s a message of love and apology from Owen! Owen dismisses it as a wind-up and says he doesn’t do flowers - and he definitely doesn’t do apologies. But he notices that she looks sad and gives her a smile.

Jack goes to his office and returns Ianto’s missing diary. He smiles at Ianto’s embarrassment and points out, for the record, that measuring tapes never lie. He examines the box with the strange markings and asks about the name ‘Adam S’ that’s written on the plastic bag, but Ianto doesn’t know anything about it. Jack picks up a small piece of the box that’s dropped from the bag and inserts it into the appropriate slot on the box. Nothing happens at first, but then the box opens of its own accord. Jack looks inside, then tips out the contents. Some sand pours out and Jack cups it for a moment in his hand, but it means nothing to him, so he lets it pour out onto the table.

Source: Lee Rogers
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