Executive Producers
Julie Gardner
Russell T. Davies

Richard Stokes

Script Editors
Brian Minchin

Written by James Moran
Directed by Colin Teague
Incidental Music by Murray Gold and Ben Foster

John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper), Burn Gorman (Owen Harper), Naoko Mori (Toshiko Sato), Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Beth), Dyfed Potter (Mike), Doug Rollins (David), Claire Cage (David's Wife), Sean Carlson (Mr Grainger), Victoria Pugh (Mrs Grainger), Luke Rutherford (Burglar 1), Alex Harries (Burglar 2), Dominic Coleman (Police Officer), Paul Kasey (Weevil), William Hugues (Boy), Millie Philipart (Girl), Matthew Arwel Pegram (Driver), Derek Lea (Paramedic).

When some burglars meet with an inexplicably gory end, the police call in Torchwood. The men's injuries are extensive but there's no sign of a weapon. The chief suspect, a woman named Beth, is taken back to the Hub where the team resort to rather brutal interrogation methods in an attempt to find out what she knows. Then, similar attacks begin across the city, and Jack realises that the entire planet is in danger.

Original Broadcast (UK)
Sleeper			 23rd January, 2008			9h00pm - 9h50pm
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Torchwood. Outside the Government, beyond the police. Fighting for the future on behalf of the human race. The 21st century is when everything changes and Torchwood is ready.”

A young woman, Beth, is woken up in bed by the sound of a disturbance downstairs. She wakes her husband Mike and they both listen to the sound of someone moving around the house. Mike retrieves a cricket bat from under the bed and nervously heads for the door while Beth calls the police. She gives her address and says she thinks there’s a burglar in the house. Suddenly Mike is knocked back into the bedroom and two men wearing balaclavas burst in. Terrified, Beth throws the phone under the bed, then she tells the men to take whatever they want. The burglars can hear the voice of the police operator on the telephone and they turn to each other, unsure what to do next, and then the room is filled with screaming…

The Torchwood SUV arrives at the scene and Tosh briefs Jack that they’re dealing with two men, one of whom is dead and the other is seriously wounded after a fall from a first floor window onto a police vehicle. Owen rushes over to examine the man on the roof of the car and makes sure he’s in a stable condition. Jack asks Gwen and Owen to go with him to the hospital in case he says anything and tells them to interview the husband and wife while they’re there. Tosh joins Jack as he goes to investigate inside the house.

Inside, the bedroom is covered in blood and the body of the dead burglar is still slumped in the corner. The police officer in charge of the crime scene tells Jack he thinks the case might be one for them as it’s a bit weird, but in his opinion he thinks the husband did it as he was obviously expecting to be burgled and was probably looking for trouble. He points to the bloody cricket bat on the carpet and says he can’t think of any other reason why he would keep sports equipment in the bedroom. Jack suggests he come round to his house for a game of hockey sometime, but meanwhile he shows the police officer the door so he and Tosh can continue the investigation. Tosh has confirmed that the window was broken from the inside and the stab wounds on the dead burglar appear to have come from a long, narrow blade. It obviously wasn’t the cricket bat and there are no other weapons in the room, so Jack wonders how they did it. Tosh says the husband was already unconscious and his wife probably weighs less than she does, so it doesn’t seem likely that either of them were responsible. Jack knows that when you fear for your life there’s no telling what you can do.

In the hospital, Gwen and Owen are questioning Beth and Mike in one of the private wards. Beth tells them she didn’t see anything, but there was a weird noise and the next thing she can remember is being slumped in the corner and one of the burglars was dead and the other had gone. She says she just stayed there in shock until the police arrived and she regrets not checking on her husband. Mike tells her not to be silly and says she did the right thing. Gwen thanks them and tells them to get some rest. As they leave, Owen tells her he couldn’t find a single trace of blood on either of their hands. Neither of them can work out what happened and all the theories they come up with are so full of holes they can’t possible be right. Jack contacts them from the house and asks how they’re getting on and Owen has to admit they have nothing and both Beth and Mike seem to be completely in the clear. Jack insists that one of them must have done it, they just need to figure out how. He tells Owen to stay with the injured burglar all night if he has to and keep an eye on the couple too. Owen then tells Gwen that Jack asked her to stay with the burglar in case he says anything, even if it means she has to stay there all night. Before Owen leaves, the lights in the hospital dim for a second, as if affected by some nearby interference.

Later, Gwen is nodding off as she sits by the bed of the unconscious burglar. An empty plastic coffee cup drops from her hand and she wakes up with a start. She bends down to pick it up and when she sits back up she finds the burglar staring at her, with a terrified look on his face. She assures him he’s safe and asks who did this to him. He mumbles about the woman in the flat and begs Gwen to keep her away from him, then the strain becomes too much and he passes out. Alarms begin to sound and the room fills with doctor and nurses who desperately begin their attempts to resuscitate him…

Later, Beth is taken blindfold into the interrogation room at the Hub. Jack whips the hood from her head and orders her to tell him everything. She asks where she is and what’s happened to her husband, but Jack will only tell her he’s safe. Gwen watches as Jack demands to know what happened back at the house. He says he knows either Beth or her husband were responsible for the attack on the burglars, but he needs to know how they did it. Beth refuses to answer any questions and demands to see a lawyer and the right to a phone call, but Jack tells her he doesn’t have to do anything. There’s just the three of them in this room and they’ll stay there for as long as it takes. He starts shouting at her and when she assures him she doesn’t know anything, she seems genuinely frightened. Jack and Gwen show her photographs of the wounds inflicted on the burglars and tell her the second man has just died after begging them to keep Beth away from him. Jack accuses her of covering up for her husband, but as the interrogation becomes more intense, the lights in the cell dim for a moment, just as they did in the hospital. Jack leaves the cell and Gwen tries a more sympathetic approach. She tells Beth they know the men attacked her and says people will understand if she fought back, but Beth swears to her that she has no idea what happened. All she knows for certain is that it wasn’t her.

Jack returns to the main Hub area where the others have been watching the interrogation. Ianto congratulates him on his technique and says it was so terrifying it even sent shivers down his spine. Tosh has completed her body scan of Beth and found nothing out of the ordinary although there was an electro-magnetic build up around Beth at the time that the lights dimmed and she has no idea how the woman could have caused it. Owen remembers it happening at the hospital too, so it can’t be a coincidence. Jack is convinced Beth is responsible and orders a full series of tests to establish who or what they’re dealing with.

Gwen leads the frightened Beth into the main area and briefs her on the tests she’s about to undergo. She assures her they’re nothing unusual, just things like blood tests, but Beth insists she hasn’t done anything. Gwen says she believes her, but something really strange happened at the house and they’ve got to make sure she had nothing to do with it. She advises her not to make the tests any harder than they need to be. Beth is shocked to see the full extent of the Torchwood Hub and it suddenly makes her feel very small.

Beth is taken to the medical area and Owen prepares a syringe. He tells her they’re going to start with a few blood tests, but when he goes to insert the needle in her arm, it breaks off. Beth is worried about Owen’s competence, but Gwen assures her he’s a qualified doctor. Owen tries again with a new needle, but the same thing happens again and the instrument snaps as he applies it to Beth’s skin. To Beth’s horror, Owen tries a different approach and prepares to slice her arm open with a scalpel - but exactly the same thing happens! He casually asks her when was the last time she was in hospital and she tells him she can‘t remember. She thinks she might never have been to hospital, even for a check up. She doesn’t even think she’s ever had a cold or felt ill. Jack tells her she makes light bulbs glow and it’s impossible to break her skin, so it’s obvious she’s an alien and she might as well come clean and tell then what planet she comes from. She tells him there’s no such things as aliens…so Jack grabs her and takes her down to the cellars and shows her one of the Weevils caged behind the reinforced glass cells. In the main area, Gwen watches on the closed-circuit TV as Jack introduces Beth to ’Janet’, a genuine real-life alien! He asks her why she gives off electro-magnetic waves, but she says she really doesn’t know and she breaks down in tears. She tells him she wants to go home to her husband, but then suddenly the Weevil starts to back away from her, moaning mysteriously. Beth asks why it’s doing that, but Jack doesn’t know and says it’s never done anything like this before. For the first time, Beth realises that everything she’s being shown is real. She tells Jack she doesn’t know how she can prove to him that she‘s not an alien…

The group begins to set up some equipment in the main Hub area. Jack unpacks the mind-probe and Tosh reminds him that he previously said they were never to use it again. Ianto reminds him that last time they tried to use it, the subject’s head exploded, but Jack said that was different as that species has extremely high blood pressure. Gwen pleads with Jack not to go ahead as he could kill Beth if she genuinely is human, but Jack is certainly he’s right and they have to find out who sheh really is. Tosh finally agrees, but insists that they stop at the first sign of trouble. Jack asks Gwen to bring Beth up…

As Gwen is strapped into a metal chair, she asks Gwen again whether the experiment will be safe. Ianto offers her some water and warns her that the process will probably make her dehydrated. Owen places a metallic crown on top of Beth’s head and Jack explains that the probe will drill down through her consciousness, so if there’s anything hidden it’ll pop to the surface. Beth asks if it’s going to hurt, and after an awkward silence, Jack tells her it will. She tells him his bedside manner is atrocious, but Gwen says his manners in bed are pretty atrocious too. Apparently. So she’s heard. Ianto agrees and is about to give an example when Jack interrupts them. Gwen reassures Beth and tells her they’re going to do the process very slowly and Tosh will be monitoring the probe all the time so they can yank her out if things get dangerous. Everything is ready, so Jack gives Tosh the signal to begin.

Suddenly Beth cries out and her body arches as though hit by an electric shock. As the group keep a close eye on the monitor screens, Jack begins his questioning. He asks Beth who killed the burglars and she tells him she doesn’t know. Owen confirms the process is still safe, so Jack then asks her what planet she’s from. She tells him she’s human, but she’s in agony and begs them to stop. Jack insists on going deeper and Owen increases the power. Beth’s vital signs are all over the place and Tosh reports there are signs of electro-magnetic build-up, but Jack wants to go deeper still. He ignores Gwen’s protests and the power is increased even further. Suddenly an alarm sounds and the electro-magnetic pulse goes off the scale, causing the lights around the Hub to dim. Owen isn’t sure Beth can take much more and Gwen pleads with Jack to bring this to an end. Then Beth passes out and for a moment it looks like things have returned to normal - but when Beth wakes up a strange transformation takes place and her entire right arm splits open, taking on a ridged appearance with metallic implants. Tosh confirms there was a buried compartment locked away inside Beth that she wouldn’t have even been aware of. Jack starts to question Beth again, but her replies are in a totally alien language. She repeats the same words in response to every question and Jack concludes they’re the equivalent of a name, rank and serial number. But it doesn’t matter because he already knows who she is and why she‘s here. He tells Tosh to switch off the probe and then Beth’s arm returns to its normal human appearance. Beth revives, but she can’t remember anything and asks the group what they’ve discovered.

Later, in the boardroom, Jack explains to the others that Beth is a sleeper agent. It all made sense to him when he saw the implants in her arm. No one knows very much as they don’t leave survivors. Their official designation is Cell 114 and they infiltrate planets, adapting their bodies and watching, sometimes for years, until they’re ready to take over. Jack says if they’re lucky Beth may be the first. They send in an advance guard to gather intelligence, giving them false memories so they can blend in, which means Beth genuinely has no idea she’s not human. Her real alien identity must have taken over briefly and killed the burglars as part of her self-preservation programming, but by the time the aliens are ready to attack they’ll know every single thing about the planet. Tosh has examined the implant and discovered it’s used to gather information, but it doesn’t show up under x-rays and is hidden by a projected false image. She’s also discovered a force-field generator which creates an impervious layer, just a nanometre thick, above the skin which is why Owen was unable to get a needle in. Viewing the data stored within the implant shows that the aliens know more about Torchwood than even Ianto does, which he finds immensely irritating. Gwen wonders what they’re going to do if there are more of them, but Jack thinks their first job is to tell Beth the truth.

Locked in one of the cells, Beth watches in horror as the group play back a recording of her interrogation under the mind probe. She asks Gwen to switch the video off and then she looks at her own arm in disgust. She now realises she did kill the two men and that she’s a mass murdering alien. Her whole life and all her memories are fake, even though she’s sure she loves Mike and he loves her. Gwen confirms that this part is true and they both met and fell in love for real. She asks Beth is she still feels human and then argues that what makes people human is their minds, not their bodies. Beth asks what will happen when the disguise comes off - she wanted to have kids one day and “feeling” human won’t be enough. Gwen can’t answer that question, so Beth asks Jack if he can ’fix’ her and make her human, but he says he can’t. Eventually she’ll activate and her real alien memories will come back, making Beth disappear forever. As soon as she’s gathered enough information, she’ll send it back home and the invasion will start. Beth knows they can’t keep her locked up forever and asks if they’re planning to kill her, and although Gwen immediately says no, she can tell from Jack‘s face that he doesn‘t share her view. Beth asks if they’ve killed other aliens and Gwen says they have, but only when they’ve been forced to as a last resort. Beth is sure she’d never do anything and promises Jack she’s not the person they think she is, but he tells her she is.

Jack tells the group it’s too dangerous to let Beth go so Tosh suggests freezing her with the alien cryogenics and says they can wake her up when they’ve worked out how to stop her memories from coming back. Jack points out that her implant would still be gathering information and Tosh suggests isolating the transceiver and frying it with an EM pulse. She’s checked it thoroughly and is convinced it’s not sending or receiving anything at the moment, so if they freeze her now, she’ll never activate and the aliens won‘t know they‘re on to them. Owen wonders about Beth’s husband and Jack confirms that she’d have to disappear completely so there can be no goodbyes.

Jack and Gwen collect Beth and bring her back up to the main area. Beth asks if she’s ever going to see her husband again, but Gwen says she doesn’t know. Suddenly Beth is hit by a blinding flash of light and as she’s stumbles she sees terrifying flashbacks of the moment she attacked the two burglars. Then she has visions of huge explosions ending in mushroom clouds. Jack realises her real alien memories are coming back and they’re destroying her fake human memories. He tells her the sooner they can get on with freezing her, the better for everyone.

In the autopsy area, Owen is preparing a huge coffin-shaped device which is stored under the staircase. Beth is strapped to a table, awaiting the procedure. She asks Gwen to promise that if they can’t find a way to keep her human then they’re to turn the machine off without waking her up. Gwen says that’s a promise she can’t keep, so Beth asks Jack instead, confident he’ll have no problem with it. Jack gives her his word that he won’t let her harm anyone else. Beth admits that she’s always had a nagging feeling she never fitted in and she was always desperate to have a more exciting life. Tosh gets ready to hit the transceiver and the force-field with an EM pulse and she promises Beth she won’t feel anything. After that, Owen will sedate her and then she’ll be frozen. Beth says goodbye and then Tosh begins the procedure. Unfortunately no one notices that the scanner shows the implant in Beth’s arm is starting to become active…

A few miles away, a man called David is sharing an afternoon drink at home with his wife and is sharing an anecdote about his recent encounter with a fellow commuter who was hogging two seats on the train. Just as he reaches the punchline, his face freezes as he hears a faint bleeping noise inside his head. He puts down his drink and his entire right arm suddenly splits open, taking on a ridged appearance with metallic implants. He goes to leave, but his wife calls him back, concerned about his sudden change in character. He strides back over to her, grabs her head and twists it sharply. She dies instantly and he turns to leave again…

Elsewhere in Cardiff, two paramedics are treating an injured man in the street. As they try to revive the man with a heart massage, one of the paramedics suddenly stops and stretches out his arm, which splits open. The paramedic stands up and strides away, totally oblivious to his dying patient…

A young mother is pushing her baby in a pram through the main shopping area when she stops to examine her arm. She too walks off, oblivious to everything around her - including her screaming baby which is now hurtling down the street into the path of oncoming traffic. She ignores the sound of a car crashing into the pram and carries on regardless…

In the Hub autopsy room, Owen slides the cryogenic coffin containing Beth’s frozen body into the alcove and programmes it to be sent down to the vaults. Gwen goes downstairs to meet it and watches as Ianto silently transfers the coffin into the storage area marked 007. They pause for a moment and then leave. Moments later, Beth’s eyes flash open and she starts to revive…

In the main Hub area, the lights begin to dim and an alarm sounds. Jack rushes out of his office, demanding to know what’s going on. Gwen checks the closed-circuit monitor and sees that the storage area containing Beth’s body has been opened. Owen assures everyone that Beth was completely frozen and all her vital signs were at zero. Jack checks with Tosh to see whether the Hub has been infected with a virus or has gone into lockdown. Tosh discovers Beth has left the Hub via the tunnel system and Ianto decides it’s time he changed the locks again. Beth knew everything about this place including all the security protocols and the complete layout, so it’s a mystery why she didn’t shut them down or even blow them up. Jack asks Tosh to make sure she correctly switched off the alien’s transceiver and she begins to worry that she might have been tricked by another false image. Owen realises everything about Beth was a lie, designed to fool them and their equipment, including all her vital signs, but Tosh says simulating that amount of information would require a huge amount of energy. This explains why she had an electro-magnetic field and why the lights blew every time she got upset. Jack is sure Beth can’t have been activated or else they’d all be dead by now, but if she’s been taken off the network she must have another agenda.

Beth visits her husband in the hospital and asks him how he’s feeling. Mike is still very weak, but he’s still confused and no one is telling him anything. She says him she loves him and she needs to be sure that he loves her too. She tells him she has to go away, but she can’t reveal where. She says she has to stay away from him for his own good or else she could end up hurting him. He pleads with her not to go and promises that together they can get through whatever’s happened. He holds her tight and tells her he doesn’t care what she’s done - but then he feels a sudden sharp pain in his side and when they pull apart, they discover she’s impaled him with a huge alien spike emerging from her arm. They’re both as shocked as each other and as Mike fights for his life, Beth screams for help. Suddenly Jack and Gwen burst into the room and order Beth away at gunpoint. The shocked woman backs off and Jack realises she must have a weapons system built into her arm. Gwen manages to deactivate it and Jack tells Beth they need to get her back to the Hub fast. They carry her out as a group of medical staff race in to help Mike.

In a nearby house, the Grainger family are going about their normal everyday lives when there’s a ring at the door. The father, Patrick, opens the door to find David, the man who recently killed his wife, standing outside. David asks Patrick to confirm his name and then his arm transforms into a huge alien spike, which he then thrusts into Patrick’s stomach. Patrick’s wife goes to see what the commotion is and immediately she grabs her children and pulls them away. She screams at David to leave her husband alone, but it’s too late. David withdraws the spike and Patrick’s dead body falls to the floor. Without saying a word, David then turns and leaves the house.

A huge petrol tanker turns off the road and parks underneath a flyover, completely blocking the path of other vehicles. An angry driver gets out of his car and calls to the driver, who’s revealed to be the paramedic that abandoned his patient in the street earlier. Ignoring the abuse from the driver, the paramedic detaches a shell-like object from within his right arm and places it onto the petrol tanker. The driver, realising what’s happening, runs for his life…

Jack and Gwen are carrying the semi-conscious Beth down a hospital corridor when there’s a huge explosion which smashes all the windows and throws everyone to the ground. The tremors are heard and felt as far away as the Torchwood Hub. Tosh and Owen check their instruments and conclude that someone must have tried to completely take out the M4 link road for some reason. Tosh soon realises the road itself wasn’t the target, but an underground fuel pipeline which provides a special supply to the military in case of an emergency. Owen receives a report about the murder of Patrick Grainger, the leader of the city council, who’s been stabbed several times in the chest and once in the forehead. Ianto reveals that Grainger is also the city co-ordinator who takes charge in case of any major emergencies and who therefore has access to all the security protocols.

The woman who abandoned her own baby in the street strides down a main street in Cardiff, carrying a small device identical to the one placed on the petrol tanker. She calmly enters a building - and moments later there’s another enormous explosion which sends bodies flying into the air.

The team contacts Jack and Gwen back at the hospital and briefs them on what’s happened. All the pieces are starting to slot into place. Jack tells the others that the attack is happening right now. Suddenly the communications system linking Jack and Gwen to the others cuts out. Jack realises Beth is just part of a large cell and they’ve all been activated. He angrily turns on Beth and demands to know how they can stop it, but she can’t tell them anything and says she doesn’t know what the mission is. She reveals that the alien technology is part of her and she can switch it on and off, so Gwen asks her to use it to trace the other members of the cell. She’s too frightened to try in case something goes wrong, but Gwen tells her other people will die if she doesn’t. Reluctantly Beth accesses her own internal systems and eventually she concludes that there’s just one member of the cell left. She thinks she can track him, so Jack and Gwen help her to her feet.

In the Hub, Tosh tells Owen the entire telephone network has gone down. Nothing is working, not mobiles, landlines, or anything. Aboard the SUV, Jack has another idea. He pulls over and rushes into a nearby shop. He emerges with a CB radio and tells Gwen that the aliens might be able to knock out the phones, but they can’t stop the radio waves. Just as Tosh is telling Owen there is absolutely no way on Earth they can get in touch with Jack, their radio scanner activates and Jack calls out to them. He tells them the alien cell has become active. There were four agents, including Beth, but two of them are already dead and they’re tracking the last one now, hoping to stop him before he can do more damage. He tells Tosh the man seems to be heading for an abandoned farm just outside the city and he asks her to find out what’s there.

As David races towards his target - with Jack, Gwen and Beth following not far behind - the group in the Hub try to establish what’s special about the farm. According to their records there’s nothing there, but Tosh suggests looking beneath the surface. Jack and Gwen ask Beth how the alien sleepers get access to their heavy weapons, but she doesn’t know and she only used the weapons in her arm for the first time today. David accelerates his car when he reaches a sign up ahead that reads ‘Minefield Testing Ground’. He smashes through the security barrier and drives on as fast as he can.

In the Hub, Ianto has been checking their records as far back as they go. He discovers the area used to be a coal mine until the Army sealed it off in the 1940s, but he can’t find out why. Tosh tries to get into the military files and is disappointed at how easy it is to encrypt their authorisation codes. To her horror, she discovers the Army are using the mineshaft for storing nuclear warheads. There are ten of them there, but nobody’s supposed to know, not even Torchwood. Jack and Gwen realise the alien sleepers don’t need any heavy weapons - they can just use our own against us. Jack tells the others he and Gwen are getting there as fast as they can, but if they can’t stop it in time at least none of them will feel a thing as they’re all within the blast radius. He asks Tosh to have a little faith in him, but Gwen can see he’s nowhere near as confident as he’s making out. In the Hub, Owen suggests that he, Tosh and Ianto spend what might be the last few moments of their lives having sex, but Ianto says he thought the end of the world couldn’t get any worse!

The race is on as the Torchwood SUV speeds down the motorway towards the military base. The alien agent David pulls up just beyond the security barrier as he comes face to face with a squad of armed soldiers. They order him out of the car and tell him to lie on the ground, but he ignores them and strides towards them, his shirt still covered in blood from his last kill. The soldiers open fire but the bullets have no effect on him and bounce off his force-field and smash into the car behind him. One of the soldiers sneaks up and grabs him from behind, pinning his arms to his body with his machine gun, but David has superhuman strength and easily throws the soldier to the ground before impaling him with his retractable spear. The other soldiers continue to fire at him, but now David is armed with the dead soldier’s own machine gun and he shoots back at them, killing them one by one.

The SUV speeds into the base just as David finishes wiping out the last of the soldiers. Jack sees the agent in the distance, plugging himself into the security system and tapping in the codes that will open the base up. He completes the task and the base doors unlock. Gwen wonders whether Jack has thought this part of the plan through properly as they still have no way of stopping David - but Jack has one more idea up his sleeve. He puts his foot down on the accelerator and slams the vehicle straight into David, sending him flying into the air. The car screeches to a halt. David is lying on the ground and although he’s still alive, his body is badly damaged. Slowly, he starts dragging himself along the ground, inch by inch. Jack, Gwen and Beth jump out of the SUV and race over to him. Jack drags David over and thrusts his gun into the man’s face, demanding to know how they stop it. Suddenly David’s arm transforms into the giant spear and he plunges it straight into Jack’s chest and out the other side. David taunts Jack and tells him they can’t stop the aliens. They know all about Jack Harkness and Torchwood - they managed to get a lot of information from Beth before they switched her off and it’s already been factored into the aliens’ plans. Gwen manages to use Tosh’s device to deactivate David’s transmitter and Jack slowly pulls himself off the spear. He tells David his force-field has been switched off as well and he shoots the man in the shoulder to demonstrate, telling him to factor that into his plans. He asks the alien when the others are coming and David shocks them by announcing that they’re already here. He has no plans to let them take him alive, so he activates his own device, similar to the one that cause the earlier explosions. Jack orders everyone to run and they flee for their lives. Moments later, there’s a huge explosion and they turn back to see a plume of black smoke rising into the air.

Sometime later everyone is back at the Hub and making urgent preparations. Tosh is far from happy, but Jack tells her she has to go ahead with it. Gwen visits Beth who is sitting alone in a corner of the room. She tells Beth the cryogenics are ready and Tosh has reconfigured the casket so they’re confident it will work properly this time. Beth is still in shock, fully aware what would have happened if they’d been just one minute late getting to the base. Beth wonders what they’ll do when it’s her they need to stop, but Gwen assures her it won’t come to that - but Beth can already feel the effect taking her over and pushing her old memories out. Gwen assures her they‘ll figure something out, but Beth knows she’s too dangerous for that. She asks Gwen if she has someone waiting for her at home and whether she’s ever hurt them. Gwen admits that she has a fiancé and she has hurt him, more than once. Beth asks if she remembers how guilty she felt and tells her to imagine that multiplied by a million. That’s how she feels now, every second of the day, and the worst part of it is she knows that when she turns back into the alien agent, she won’t feel guilty any more. She’ll forget all about Mike and all she‘ll want to do is carry out her mission. Gwen tells her to think about the advances they might make in the next month or the next year, but Beth isn’t convinced. She thanks Gwen for caring and asks her to remember her the way she is now. The suddenly Beth forces her arm to transform into the huge spear and she holds it at Gwen’s throat.

Beth forces Gwen to back out of the room and into the main Hub area and she shouts out to the others that she won’t allow them to freeze her and she‘ll kill them all. The rest of the group spread out into the Hub and aim their guns at Beth, ordering her to release Gwen. Gwen calls back to her friends, telling them Beth is trying to trick them and that she doesn’t really intend to hurt her. Jack orders everyone to calm down, but Beth repeats her threat to kill them and then the rest of their miserable species. Gwen reminds Beth that she’s better than this and she’s already helped them stop the invasion, but Beth is convinced that she’s not human enough. She says goodbye to Gwen and then pulls back her arm as if to attack her. Instantly, the rest of the group open fire in unison and Beth is hit numerous times. Her body is flung to the floor and Gwen turns angrily to the others, insisting that Beth was deliberately goading them into shooting her. Owen tells her they couldn’t take that chance, but Jack realises Beth knew that all along and just wanted to make it easier for them.

Later, Gwen visits Jack in his office and asks whether he thinks they’ve stopped the invasion. Jack isn’t sure and says they don’t really know anything and they might just have put it off for a while. Gwen is convinced they know plenty - they know about the implant, they know they can disable the force-field, they know how the aliens attack, they know they can be killed, and while the aliens may think they have the element of surprise, they know they haven’t. Until that day, they can only keep doing what they do. Jack changes the subject and asks if she and Rhys have set a date for the wedding, but when she launches into a speech about how much interference her mother is causing, he tells her to go home.

Source: Lee Rogers
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