The Judgment of Sutekh
The True History of Faction Paradox - Volume VI
The Judgment of Sutekh
Written by Lawrence Miles
Directed by Alan Stevens
Post-Production and Music by Alistair Lock

Gabriel Woolf (Sutekh), Wanda Opalinska (Cousin Justine), Jane Lesley (Cousin Eliza), Jet Taterstall, Alistair Lock, Tracey Russell, Robert Lock (Corwyn Marne), David Bickerstaff (Abelard Finton), Edward de Souza.

Trapped on Mars, two explorers find themselves pawns in a deadly power game between Faction Paradox and Lolita.

The final battle between Sutekh and Horus threatens to tear the fabric of space and time to shreds.

At the end of the day, one side will be victorious. but which will it be?

  • This is the sixth story in Magic Bulletís Faction Paradox audio series. It follows chronologically on from the events of the previous story, Ozymandias.
  • Released: November 2009
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