Kaldor City
The Prisoner
Magic Bullet
The Actor Speaks: Paul Darrow
Written by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore
Directed by Alan Stevens and Alistair Lock
Sound Design by Alistair Lock

Paul Darrow (Iago), Peter Miles (Landerchild).

"I see your problem. It's a matter of faith." >P>When Kaston Iago is discovered wandering around the grounds of Landerchild's family estate, it looks like a simple case of political espionage. But is everything quite what it seems-- and who is really in control of the situation?

Set in the Kaldor City universe, "The Prisoner" explores the themes and ideas set forth in earlier CDs to explore the true relationship of Iago to his fellow citizens.

  • Set three days after the ending of Checkmate, this is a 20 minute play released on the CD The Actor Speaks: Paul Darrow produced by MJTV. The CD also features interviews with Paul Darrow, and short stories by Tanith Lee and Mark J. Thompson.
  • Released: 2004
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